Industry Leaders Convened to Discuss the Future of E-Cigarettes in Indonesia

Press Relase

At the recent Indonesia exhibition, Geekvape collaborated with Indonesian industry leaders to discuss and reveal future trends in the market.

Below is a summary of their key views and insights on future industry trends:

Q1. Can you tell me about the current trends in the Indonesian market by category?

Wholesaler Santo (Jualvape):The current trend is towards POD, AIO, and MOD systems. And for disposable in market maybe good but only in Bali and center Jakarta.

Retailer Dewi (6V9 Bali): In my area, POD and MOD systems are popular but disposable products are emerging. Although not a professional field here, I am ready to enter the disposable market.

E-liquid dealer Paiy (Clouds Heaven Makassar ): For the Indonesian vape market, especially in Makassar, POD systems are currently booming.

Q2. What do you think of the future of different segments – eg disposables vs pods vs advanced open systems?

Wholesaler Budi (vapebay): The high tax and lack of customer education make it difficult to sell disposable products this year.

Retailer: Esji ( Oracle vape store Bali) : I believe that in the future, pod and disposable systems will achieve a balance in the market due to their simplicity. If the liquid runs out, just replace it; if the cartridge tastes bad, just change it.

Indonesian people prefer simple things over complicated ones.

E-liquid dealer Andri (Vapehitz): No matter which kind, let the customer choose for themselves, it is the user’s choice. In my store, we still don’t sell disposables because they are expensive and wasteful. Disposable products may not be popular in some cities but could be more common in larger ones.

Q3. In your opinion, what are Indonesian consumers’ purchasing habits and considerations to be taken into account?

Retailer Andy(Vapestore Pekalongan): For first price, next service to customers, must think about customer satisfaction.

Retailer: Aji and Nunu (Agata vape)

Aji: First, Whether there are new devices, second, there are cheap ones, and the newest and viral.

Nunu: usually cheap, new, viral, and good colors, where I really like bright colors.

Retailer: Sandi and Riki (GM Vapor Palu)

Sandi: First cheap, which is again a trend, and color models
Riki: Usually price, the second is the color model, the third is product durability.

Q4. Do you have any knowledge and insights to share with those who work in the Indonesian e-cigarette industry

Wholesaler Budi (JVS): He should be consistent and work hard, manage his new store well, and focus on it.

Retailer Juna (Junavape Bali): If you want to start your business in this industry, you need to fully understand your products. It’s not just about selling them, but also educating your customers. Make sure your customer is your best friend and not the other way around.

E-liquid dealer Adit (Tokovapeku/preva): Don’t open new store if u don’t have prepare, Knows market in your location first, which product your area love it, don’t be people pleaser.

Q5. How exactly does vaping help people quit smoking cigarettes?

Retailer Wayne (SarangVape): We can’t blame smokers or vapers for their choices in life, let’s not make them different from each other and respect what they like.

Retailer Tyo (DaggerVape): It depends on the individual, as vaping can be helpful or not.

Retailer Algus (vapormania medan): The cost of vaping is mostly cheaper than smoking cigarettes, and it’s also a healthier alternative. If smokers knew this, I believe they would switch to vaping.

According to the analysis of industry leaders, in Indonesia’s e-cigarette market, the current trend is still dominated by POD system, followed by MOD. Disposable are only popular in central Jakarta and some resort areas like Bali. In the future market, pods and disposables will maintain a balance, and the Indonesian e-cigarette market is booming.

Geekvape Sea sale director Alan Wong said Indonesia is one of the largest e-cigarette markets in Southeast Asia, which has achieved rapid growth in the past few years and is expected to continue to expand in the future.

The Pod will remain a mainstream product for a long time to come, To meet market trends, Geekvape introduced the Q series, designed specifically for Indonesian users’ preferences in appearance, taste, cartridge compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.

With its superior product strength, GEEKVAPE is able to gain a large market share by 2023. According to his estimates, GEEKVAPE should be in the top five in the Indonesian market.

Alan Wong emphasised the importance of the Indonesian market to Geekvape and plans to increase investment in R&D, design, marketing, sales, and warehousing. The focus is on improving user experience, benefiting partners, promoting industry growth and healthy development.

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Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilities • VAPE HK

Product Preview

Welcome back, friends! Today, Captain is here to introduce you to the latest offering from BPmods, the AMPBB. This product is a “BB” box specifically designed for the “BB” type products and accessories on the market. Can its lightweight design win your hearts? Let’s find out.

Product IntroductionProduct Overview

The AMPBB Boro Mod comes with an internal battery of 2000mAh rated capacity and 2075mAh typical capacity, delivering a maximum power of 60W.

Its unique design points, windows, visible electronic components, and light tubes draw inspiration from vacuum tube power amplifiers, thus the mod’s name, AMP. It is accompanied by a Flush Drip Tip logically named DAC (Digital-to-Analog).

Included are light tubes for those DIY enthusiasts among you. This product also features anti-condensate compressed cottons that are washable and reusable. However, note that rubbing the cottons or washing them with ultrasonic machines may damage the cotton fibers, reducing their lifespan.

The BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilitiesThe BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilities

Product SpecificationsMax Power: 60WBattery Capacity: 2000mAh (Rated), 2075mAh (Typical)Charge: 5V 2AThe BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilitiesProduct ListDACBB Fast Flush Tip KitO-Ring 8*1.5mm (3 spare)Light Tubes (4 spare)Anti-condensate Cottons (5 spare)Engraved Flush Nut Spanners (2 spare)T5 Screws KM1.6mm*5, 6mm (4 spare)Type-C Cable

The BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilities

Product HighlightsLight tubes for DIY projectsVisible electronic components60W max power with an Aluminum alloy bodyInsulated carbon fiber for Gunmetal, glass fiber for silverIndependent real boost chipsetType-C 5V 2A quick charging20A max discharging Li-Po battery2000mAh rated capacity, 2075mAh typical capacityAnti-condensate compressed cotton

The BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilities

Color Options

The BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilities


DirtyCheck (Captain’s Personal Opinion)The intuitive and superior chip provides an excellent vaping experience, making the AMPBB stand out with its stable output power and swift response.The BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilitiesImpressive minor design features, such as the engraved flush nut spanners, not only add aesthetic appeal but also greatly enhance the product’s practicality. The use of anti-condensate cottons is a friendly gesture for users of BBmods products, substantially reducing condensate leakage and being reusable.The BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilitiesThe high-quality lightweight design, around 90g when not using the sleeve, provides great convenience, especially in the hot summer.The diversity of DIY possibilities is vast, including interchangeable parts like light tubes, panels, etc. Future official accessories are said to be available, but users’ DIY projects also add potential to this device.The BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilitiesVerdict

The impressive practical performance and diverse DIY possibilities of the AMPBB have made me a fan. Although the chip lacks temperature control and my preferred curve mode, it doesn’t detract from my positive review. The small design details are very thoughtful, making this product a great option for BB enthusiasts. I hope in the future there can be settings for changing LED colors to enhance the device’s playability and compatibility. The feel in hand is a bit sharp; if the chamfer could be smoother, it would greatly improve the grip.

Overall, as the first “BB” sleeve machine from BPmods, the AMPBB is quite impressive. I look forward to future decorative accessories and more practical features. Remember, VAPE HOW WE ROLL, ALL IN TRUE TOY. This is Captain Dirty, see you next time!

Where to buy BPMODS AMPBB 60w mod @$59.99
The BPmods AMPBB 60wMod review: Lightweight box mod with diverse DIY possibilities


BPMODS AMPBB 60w mod design

BPMODS AMPBB 60w mod craftsmanship

BPMODS AMPBB 60w mod features

BPMODS AMPBB 60w mod experience

BPMODS AMPBB 60w mod price

BP Mods AMPBB Boro 60W Mod is lauded for its excellent performance and DIY features. Despite lacking temperature control, it impresses with its detailed design and potential for customization. Its slightly sharp grip is the only noted drawback in an otherwise positive review.

User Rating:

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Hong Kong is The Next Country Proposing a Generational Tobacco Ban

The public consultation consists of a nationwide survey which started last Wednesday and ends on September 30th. Health minister Lo Chung-mau said that the consultation is based on four anti-smoking strategies, among which a lifetime ban on cigarettes for locals born after a set date.

In New Zealand, a similar ban is in the works. This would come into effect in 2027 and ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone born in 2009. While last year, Malaysia’s health minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced a ban on the sales of cigarettes and safer nicotine alternative products to anyone born in 2005 and beyond.

About the new trend of generational bans

Renowned international public health experts believe that such bans would eventually just create a large black market and fuel the illicit trade of the products.

Tobacco harm reduction experts have warned that such bans, which fail to differentiate between cigarettes and safer alternatives, are detrimental to public health. In fact renowned international public health experts had written to Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob warning him that the vape bill would eventually just create a large black market and fuel the illicit trade of the products. In the letter, academics and tobacco harm reduction experts David Abrams, Clive Bates, Ray Niaura and David Sweanor, said that prohibitionist approaches may have unintended consequences.

Earlier this year, David Sweanor, told Vaping Post that such measures, which on top of everything are tough to enforce, may be just a strategy used by policy makers to look committed without actually “changing the status quo.” “As has been repeatedly pointed out, the prohibition of psychoactive substances has a very poor track record. It is particularly questionable when the substance in question (nicotine) has negligible health risks and there are clearly viable low-risk alternatives that empower consumers rather than punishing them,” he added.

Another Asian nation’s fears about teen vaping
Meanwhile, Vietnam has been the most recent Asian country raising the alarm about teen vaping. In 2020, the Ministry of Health’s Legal Department Tran Thi Trang, said that the department would be proposing a ban on the sale, production and import of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

Subsequently last March, the Ministry voiced its concern about an increase in use among minors. The Vietnam News Agency added that among 13-15 year olds, 3.5% reported vaping, up from 2.6% in 2019.

Vietnam really cannot afford to ban safer nicotine alternatives

In Vietnam, almost one in two adult males are current smokers. In fact the nation is ranked third among South-East Asian countries with the highest smoking prevalence. In light of this, would argue THR exerts, local authorities should really consider the fact that worldwide increases in vaping rates are parallel to decreased smoking rates.

A recent review of randomized controlled trials and network meta-analysis of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation, found that smokers assigned to use nicotine e-cigarettes were more likely to remain abstinent from smoking, than those assigned to using licensed NRTs.

Titled, “A systematic review of randomized controlled trials and network meta-analysis of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation,” the study compared the effectiveness of nicotine e-cigarettes for smoking cessation with licensed nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) and nicotine-free based control conditions.

Sifting through data from thousands of studies, the research team identified that smokers who turned to vapes stayed off cigarettes significantly more than those in the control condition. “Smokers assigned to use nicotine e-cigarettes were more likely to remain abstinent from smoking than those assigned to use licensed NRT, and both were more effective than usual care or placebo conditions,” the concluded.

Philippines Vape Bill: “One of the Most Progressive” Vape Laws in Asia

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ANDS SLIX Recyclable Disposable Vapes Review

Device Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 110 x 16mm
  • Material: Plastic, Metal, Silicone, Cardboard – FULLY RECYCLABLE
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • E-liquid ratio: 50VG/50PG
  • Nicotine strength: 20mg (2%) salt nicotine
  • Number of puffs: Up to 600


ANDS recently launched a new single-use vape product solution called SLIX along with a new recycling programme in partnership with Waste Experts.

This new disposable vape range claims to be 99.29% recyclable and recoverable. Currently, the ANDS SLIX disposable vape comes in eight flavours including blue raspberry lemon, cream tobacco, grape, kiwi passion fruit guava, mint, pink lemon, sour raspberry and watermelon.

We were given the opportunity to try the full product flavour range out. Here’s what we thought…

Kiwi Passion Guava

Each pull produced a delightfully sweet yet crisp fruitiness without leaving a sickly aftertaste like some of the other variants I have tried.

This flavour takes me back to a beach-vibe and is a perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Out of the three flavour profiles, the guava comes across as being more dominant in both the inhale and exhale – however, this didn’t come across as overwhelming but quite the opposite.

Sour Rasberry

This is almost a palette cleanser which I particularly enjoyed after some of the sweet and creamier flavours from ANDS.

There’s a definite if subtle sour flavour at the back of the nose on exhalation which is refreshing.

Nice enough flavour, but not my favourite. I get fed up with it after a while, but that’s just my opinion.

Pink Lemon

have purchased this flavour from elsewhere before so I have no doubt it’ll be exactly the same.

The flavouring is nice and smooth but it hasn’t got a similar taste to pink lemonade, it’s more sour than sweet but still amazing taste and product in itself.

ANDS SLIX disposable vape in mint flavourMint

With a very distinct taste, this disposable hit the exact spot for a strong mint flavour without an overbearing sweetness like other mint devices.

The vape provided a great cooling sensation to the throat as it was not overbearing and had a subtle hint to it.

The aftertaste of the vape was incredible as it was such a smooth pull and left a distinct mint flavour in your throat.

ANDS SLIX creamy tobacco flavour recyclable disposable vape Cream Tobacco

I was slightly apprehensive when first trying this flavour, as I have never been the one to choose a tobacco-styled taste.

I must say, this flavour was the perfect mix of providing that tobacco-like flavour for ex-smokers to enjoy but with a subtle sweetness of a creamy caramel toffee.

ANDS SLIX grape flavoured recyclable disposable vapeGrape

Have had this flavour in other brands and found them a bit hit and miss so was wary to try this flavour from ANDS.

I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the taste, with a good grape taste without being too sweet and sickly.

I normally find these grape flavours usually lose their taste towards the end, but this kept up right until the last puff.


One of my favourite flavours is Watermelon, and all I can say is that this disposable from ANDS definitely didn’t disappoint.

Although no brand has ever replicated the true taste of a watermelon, I have loved the artificial flavour that you normally find with chewy sweets.

From the first to the last puff, I enjoyed the mouth-wateringly sweet taste that was so moreish that when the device’s life ended, I was very upset.

Blue Rasberry Lemon

Brilliant blueberry flavour, hard to pull off flavour but ANDS has definitely succeeded.

Alongside the lemonade flavour the overall experience develops with a large hit of blueberry which fades slowly, giving way to the citrusy lemonade which accompanies the flavour nicely.

Discover more reviews from Vapouround

Enjoyed this review on the ANDS SLIX disposable vapes? Why not take a look at our other vape hardware and e-liquid reviews by visiting the ‘review‘ section of the Vapouround website.

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FDA bans Juul from selling its vaping products in the U.S.

The axe has fallen for e-cigarette maker Juul.

The FDA ordered the company to stop selling and distributing its ubiquitous vaping devices in the U.S. Thursday, a dramatic end for a company that dominated the e-cigarette market and was valued at $38 billion at the top of its game.

Juul will no longer be able to sell its vapes nor its 5% or 3% tobacco and menthol-flavored pods in the U.S. without “risk[ing] enforcement action” from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Retailers will also be prohibited from stocking Juul products in the U.S.

The FDA’s ban against Juul came after the company failed to provide consistent evidence about the safety of its vapes and tobacco pods.

“As with all manufacturers, JUUL had the opportunity to provide evidence demonstrating that the marketing of their products meets these standards,” Acting Director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products Michele Mital said. “However, the company did not provide that evidence and instead left us with significant questions.”

In a statement to TechCrunch, Juul’s Chief Regulatory Officer Joe Murillo said that the company would pursue a stay and is exploring its other options to counter the FDA’s ban on its products. The company pushed back against the FDA’s characterization of the information it provided to the regulatory agency.

“In our applications, which we submitted over two years ago, we believe that we appropriately characterized the toxicological profile of JUUL products, including comparisons to combustible cigarettes and other vapor products, and believe this data, along with the totality of the evidence, meets the statutory standard of being ‘appropriate for the protection of the public health,’” Murillo said.

The FDA clarifies that its actions don’t directly restrict individual possession or use of Juul products, though obtaining the company’s vapes and pods is about to be much more difficult for U.S.-based users.

Regulatory woes had already cut deeply into the company’s valuation, but the FDA’s actions spell outright doom for its U.S. operations. Juul competitors Reynolds American and NJOY Holdings previously received authorization and will be allowed to continue selling their own products, though the FDA maintains that tobacco is harmful and addictive even when vaped.

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Australia bans recreational vaping in major public health crackdown

Australia has set out its plans to ban recreational vaping and introduce a tobacco tax in a major public health crackdown. The new reforms proposed by the Australian government will see a nationwide disposable vapes ban.

This would result in a major crackdown on the import of non-prescription products, amid fears of an ‘epidemic’ issued by health experts. Mark Butler, the health minister for Australia, is the man behind these radical changes, following fears that vaping products are creating a new generation of nicotine addicts across the country.

In a press release, Butler said:

“I am determined to stamp out this public health menace because that’s what I think it genuinely is.

“They should only be available in therapeutic settings, which is essentially pharmacies.

“It was not sold as a recreational product — especially not one for our kids. But that is what it has become: the biggest loophole in Australian history.”

Those relying on vapes to help curb their smoking habit will find e-cigarettes restricted to pharmacies, with harsher quality standards being introduced for vaping products.

These minimum quality standards will limit flavours, colours, nicotine concentrates and other ingredients in vapes that are currently designed to act as cessation tools.

Nicotine vapes already require a prescription in Australia, but the industry remains so poorly regulated that the country’s black market is still thriving.

Colin Mendelsohn, the founding chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association said:

“The vast majority don’t have a prescription, less than ten percent in fact.

“So the response has been we’ve created a huge black market which is filling that gap and supplying illegal, unregulated products freely to young people.”

Despite the concerns of underground selling, Mark Butler has insisted that the government will make it easier for people to get a prescription for ‘legitimate therapeutic use’ following the reforms.

At current, in order to prescribe vaping products, a medical practitioner must apply to become an ‘authorised prescriber’.

Not only will pharmacies be the only place where vapes are available, all products will require pharmaceutical-like wrapping following Mark Butler’s concerns surrounding ‘shiny packaging and added sweet flavours’. These reforms have been met with an influx of backlash, with tobacco companies, vaping lobbyists and even harm reduction experts believing the new rules will mount to prohibition.

Christopher Snowdon, a vaping and harm reduction advocate said:

“Australia is not a leader in tobacco or vaping control. It is an international laughingstock that has created a massive unforced error and is too proud – or too stupid – to back down.”

Anger has been intensified by the fact that tobacco tax is only being raised by five percent over the next three years, with no talk of a cigarette ban in the health minister’s reforms. Vaping Bogan, an Australian Youtuber, said in a video addressing the issue:

“Their idea is that a more expensive cigarette is a less attractive cigarette, which we all know is rubbish.”

The vaping personality also said in the same video:

“If history has taught us anything about prohibition, it’s that it doesn’t work in shutting down a black market.”

Other countries have taken different approaches towards the future of vaping, with the UK introducing the world-first ‘swap to stop’ scheme and New Zealand regulating vapes like cigarettes.

David Littleproud, the National Party leader, has previously argued that Australia should go down the same route as New Zealand, but Mark Butler has confirmed the government have no intention of following suit. As it stands, disposable vapes will vanish from the country outside of pharmacies, whereas the only impact on cigarettes will be a slight increase in price over the next three years.

An outright ban will see millions of vapers reverting to combustible tobacco, ironically creating a worse ‘epidemic’ that will likely be met with even more prohibition by the Australian government

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