April 12 local time, as a leading disposable e-cigarette brand, ZOVOO states full support for the new measures announced by the UK government to combat rising levels of youth vaping.

The UK government has announced a series of new measures aimed at reducing the appeal of vaping to young people. A new illicit vapes enforcement squad that is backed by £3 million of government funding will be formed to enforce rules on vaping and tackle illegal sales of vapes to under 18s. As a responsible company, ZOVOO is committed to promoting responsible vaping habits among customers, and in compliance with TRPR&TPD regulations.

ZOVOO will continue to work closely with the UK government and regulatory bodies to ensure that the product is safe and high-quality. ZOVOO will also continue to educate customers about the potential risks of vaping and the importance of responsible use.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of ZOVOO and its customers and partners, hereby declare as follows:

1、ZOVOO will be in compliance with all regulations relating to prevention of making illegal sales of vapes to under 18

2、ZOVOO will resolutely implement government supervision measures as required by the government and comply with market norms

3、ZOVOO will always put compliance and social responsibility first

ZOVOO firmly adheres to the principles of “being user-centered, compliant and technologically innovative”  to provide better vaping experience to customers.

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FDA bans Juul from selling its vaping products in the U.S.

The axe has fallen for e-cigarette maker Juul.

The FDA ordered the company to stop selling and distributing its ubiquitous vaping devices in the U.S. Thursday, a dramatic end for a company that dominated the e-cigarette market and was valued at $38 billion at the top of its game.

Juul will no longer be able to sell its vapes nor its 5% or 3% tobacco and menthol-flavored pods in the U.S. without “risk[ing] enforcement action” from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Retailers will also be prohibited from stocking Juul products in the U.S.

The FDA’s ban against Juul came after the company failed to provide consistent evidence about the safety of its vapes and tobacco pods.

“As with all manufacturers, JUUL had the opportunity to provide evidence demonstrating that the marketing of their products meets these standards,” Acting Director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products Michele Mital said. “However, the company did not provide that evidence and instead left us with significant questions.”

In a statement to TechCrunch, Juul’s Chief Regulatory Officer Joe Murillo said that the company would pursue a stay and is exploring its other options to counter the FDA’s ban on its products. The company pushed back against the FDA’s characterization of the information it provided to the regulatory agency.

“In our applications, which we submitted over two years ago, we believe that we appropriately characterized the toxicological profile of JUUL products, including comparisons to combustible cigarettes and other vapor products, and believe this data, along with the totality of the evidence, meets the statutory standard of being ‘appropriate for the protection of the public health,’” Murillo said.

The FDA clarifies that its actions don’t directly restrict individual possession or use of Juul products, though obtaining the company’s vapes and pods is about to be much more difficult for U.S.-based users.

Regulatory woes had already cut deeply into the company’s valuation, but the FDA’s actions spell outright doom for its U.S. operations. Juul competitors Reynolds American and NJOY Holdings previously received authorization and will be allowed to continue selling their own products, though the FDA maintains that tobacco is harmful and addictive even when vaped.

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A Comprehensive Guide for Traveling with Disposable Vapes • VAPE HK

Traveling with disposable vapes can be confusing, especially when navigating the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding air travel. In this article, we will explore the current guidelines regarding disposable vapes on airplanes, how to pack them correctly, and introduce an online shop called DispoMode to enhance your vaping experience.


TSA Guidelines for Disposable Vapes


TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers during air travel. According to TSA regulations, vapes are considered electronic devices and must be packed in your carry-on luggage only. Passengers are prohibited from packing vapes in their checked baggage.


How Many Disposable Vapes Can You Bring?


While TSA regulations allow passengers to bring vapes in their carry-on bags, they do not specify a limit on the number of disposable vapes allowed. However, it’s essential to exercise common sense and avoid carrying an excessive amount, which may raise suspicion and lead to additional security checks.


Understanding the 3-1-1 Rule for Liquids


Although disposable vapes do not contain liquid like traditional e-cigarettes, they do contain a small amount of e-liquid inside. It is important to be familiar with the 3-1-1 rule for liquids, which states that passengers can carry containers holding 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item, in a single 1-quart (1 liter) clear, resealable plastic bag, and one bag per passenger.


Does the 3-1-1 Rule Apply to Disposable Vapes?


Since disposable vapes contain a minimal amount of e-liquid, they do not typically fall under the 3-1-1 rule. However, it is always a good idea to place them in a clear, resealable plastic bag to ensure they do not leak and potentially cause damage to other belongings.


Airport Security Measures


While the TSA has set clear guidelines regarding disposable vapes on planes, individual airports may have additional security measures. Always check the specific rules for the airport you are traveling through, and arrive early to allow time for potential security checks.


International Travel with Disposable Vapes


When traveling internationally, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the local laws regarding vaping in your destination country. Many countries have stricter regulations on e-cigarettes, and disposable vapes may be treated differently than in the United States. Do your research before traveling to avoid any surprises.


DispoMode: Your Online Shop for Disposable Vapes


DispoMode is an online store dedicated to providing a wide selection of disposable vapes. They offer popular brands and a variety of flavors to satisfy every taste. By shopping with DispoMode, you can ensure that you’ll have a reliable and enjoyable vape supply for your travels.


Advantages of Shopping with DispoMode


DispoMode offers several benefits to customers looking to purchase disposable vapes:


Wide Selection: DispoMode carries an extensive range of brands and flavors, so you’re sure to find the perfect vape to suit your preferences.


Competitive Pricing: By focusing solely on disposable vapes, DispoMode can offer competitive prices to keep your vaping experience affordable.


Fast Shipping: With prompt order processing and shipping, you can expect your vapes to arrive in a timely manner.


Excellent Customer Service: DispoMode is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that your shopping experience is smooth and satisfying.


Packing Your Disposable Vapes for Air Travel


Properly packing your disposable vapes for air travel is essential to avoid any issues during your journey. Here are some tips to help you pack your vapes securely:


Carry-On Luggage Only: As per TSA regulations, pack your disposable vapes in your carry-on luggage to avoid any potential problems.


Protective Cases: Consider using protective cases for your disposable vapes to prevent damage or accidental activation during transit.


Separate Battery: If your disposable vape has a removable battery, consider carrying it separately in a clear plastic bag or battery case. This can help avoid short-circuits and other battery-related issues.


Prevent Leaks: Place your disposable vapes in a clear, resealable plastic bag to prevent any potential leaks from damaging your other belongings.


Check Local Regulations: Ensure that you are aware of the vaping regulations in your destination country to avoid any legal issues upon arrival.


Keep Your Boarding Pass Handy: Having your boarding pass easily accessible can help you explain your travel plans if airport security personnel question you about the number of disposable vapes you are carrying.


Traveling with Disposable Vapes: Tips and Tricks


To make your journey with disposable vapes smooth and enjoyable, consider the following tips:


Research Your Destination: Familiarize yourself with local vaping regulations and customs in your destination country to avoid any issues while enjoying your disposable vapes.


Be Courteous: When vaping in public spaces, always be respectful and considerate of those around you. Some people may be sensitive to the smell or vapor produced by your disposable vape.


Carry Extra Vapes: Bring a few extra disposable vapes in case one malfunctions or runs out of e-liquid during your trip. This will help ensure that you have a continuous supply to meet your vaping needs.


Follow Airline Policies: Pay close attention to the policies of the airline you are flying with, as they may have additional rules regarding electronic devices and vaping.


Charge Your Devices: If your disposable vape requires charging, ensure it is fully charged before your flight to avoid any potential issues with onboard power sources.


Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with changing regulations and policies regarding disposable vapes and air travel. This will help you stay prepared and avoid any surprises during your journey.


Understanding Vaping Etiquette on Planes


While the TSA permits passengers to carry disposable vapes in their carry-on luggage, using them on planes is generally prohibited. Airlines often have strict policies against vaping on board, and failure to adhere to these rules can result in severe penalties, including fines and even being banned from the airline. It’s essential to respect the rules and regulations of your airline and refrain from vaping during your flight.


In Summary


Traveling with disposable vapes requires an understanding of TSA guidelines, airline policies, and local regulations. By following the tips provided in this article, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey with your disposable vapes. And don’t forget to check out DispoMode for a wide selection of disposable vapes to satisfy all your vaping needs while traveling.


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2800mAh super large battery in a slim body • VAPE HK


LUXE XR MAX endurance

LUXE XR MAX portable design

LUXE XR MAX ease of use

LUXE XR MAX leakage-proofness

LUXE XR MAX adjustable airflow and power

The VAPORESSO LUXE XR MAX delivers accurate flavor, longer battery life, and customizable vaping. It has an adjustable airflow, compatibility with different pods and coils, and is perfect for vapers on the go. Although it produces more noise and may experience occasional leakage, its unbeatable taste makes it a excellent device overall.

User Rating:
( 1 votes)

Great news for VAPEHK enthusiasts! VAPORESSO has just launched its latest product, the LUXE XR MAX, and we can’t wait to try it out. This device was previously announced at the Total Product Expo, and now we finally have the opportunity to explore its new features. Let’s dive in and see what this exciting new device has to offer.


First up, let’s talk about the battery life. The LUXE XR MAX boasts an incredible 2800mAh ultra high density battery that’s 40% longer lasting than similar products. Despite the bigger battery capacity, this device remains compact, slim and easy to use, making it perfect for vaping on the go.

Next, we have the smart operations and smart recognitions feature. The device comes with a screen and touch buttons that make it super easy to adjust the wattage. Plus, with the Smart Mode in the AXON CHIP, the device recognizes the resistance of your coil and recommends the best wattage for your vape. It also limits the device to its max wattage to ensure safety.

LUXE XR MAX, SEEING THE FUTURE, 2800 mah ultra high density battery, max 80w, sss tech, corex heating tech, gtx coil platform

If you’re all about accurate flavor and longer lasting vaping, the LUXE XR MAX is the device for you. Thanks to its COREX heating technology, the device heats up and vaporizes your e-liquid super quickly, resulting in accurate flavor reproduction and longer lifespan. We’ve also included 0.2Ω and 0.4Ω pods with adjustable airflow for RDL to DTL vaping. Be sure to check out our video to see how they perform.

Lastly, the LUXE XR MAX is fully compatible with LUXE X PODS, LUXE XR PODS, and GTX coils. You can use it with LUXE XR POD with GTX coils, MTL POD, RDL POD, and DTL pod to match different GTX coils. It’s also compatible with LUXE X pod with built-in coils.

The user manual on how to use the buttons on the VAPORESSO LUXE XR MAX

The user manual on how to use the buttons on the VAPORESSO LUXE XR MAX

One of the standout features of the LUXE XR MAX is its adjustable airflow, which you can control by sliding a button on the side of the device or by rotating the pod. You can choose between a smooth and resistance-free airflow or a mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

And if you’re looking for even more customization, the power of the device is also adjustable. Simply press the fire button three times and use the touch buttons on the bottom to increase or decrease the power. The author recommends using 40-50W power for nic salt vape juice to achieve the best and most natural taste, which is set automatically already for the 0.2 Ohm coil.

While the LUXE XR MAX is a regular pod mod that is button-activated (rather than draw-activated), it does produce more noise when vaping than low-wattage pod systems or disposables. However, the taste is unbeatable when compared to those options.

The only downside the author experienced was some leakage during use, which may be due to a faulty silicon cover on their cartridge. But don’t let that discourage you – the LUXE XR MAX is still a top-notch device that delivers a powerful and customizable vaping experience. Just make sure to carry a napkin or tissue for occasional wiping!

VAPORESSO LUXE XR MAX specifications/ parametersDimensions: 106.5 x 32.1 x 26 mmPOD Capacity: 5mlBattery Capacity: 2800mAhOutput Power: 80W MAXCharging Current: DC 5V/2A,Type-CDisplay: 0.54“ OLED Screen, 2 * RGB LED LightCompatible POD:LUXE X 0.4Ω MESH PODLUXE X 0.6Ω MESH PODLUXE X 0.8Ω MESH PODLUXE XR POD (DTL)LUXE XR POD (RDL)LUXE XR POD (MTL)VAPORESSO LUXE XR MAX kit includes1x VAPORESSO LUXE XR MAX Battery.1X VAPORESSO LUXE XR POD (DTL)1x VAPORESSO LUXE XR POD (RDL).1X GTX 0.22 MESH COIL1X GTX 0.42 MESH COIL1x TYPE-C Cable1x User Manual & Warranty CardVerdict

The VAPORESSO LUXE XR MAX delivers accurate flavor, longer battery life, and customizable vaping. It has an adjustable airflow, compatibility with different pods and coils, and is perfect for vapers on the go. Although it produces more noise and may experience occasional leakage, its unbeatable taste makes it a excellent device overall.

Where to buy VAPORESSO LUXE XR MAX kit

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Australia’s Health Minister Arrogantly Dismisses The UK’s Successful THR Strategy

The greatest irony is that actual cigarettes are fully regulated and available, while their proven safer alternatives are restricted to the point of being inaccessible.

The UK’s tobacco control approach has always been progressive. Local authorities have taken science based decisions and embraced tobacco harm reduction strategies, such as endorsing the use of safer alternatives such as vaping products. This has led to the county’s smoking rates dropping twice as fast as the ones across the rest of Europe, and the country boasting the lowest smoking rates ever recorded locally. To this effect, the WVA (World Vapers Alliance) has recently named the UK as one of the tobacco harm reduction champions in the Tobacco Harm Reduction Policy Primer.

On the other hand, Australia’s smoking cessation rates have dropped. Many tobacco harm reduction experts have urged Australian authorities to relax vape laws so that the devices are available for smokers wishing to use them to quit. However local regulators do not want to hear it and remain arrogantly adamant that their chosen strategy is the correct one. Meanwhile, youngsters have turned to the back market to purchase vapes.

Last week, the UK announced that one million smokers will be given free vape kits to encourage them to give up combustible tobacco products, while pregnant women will also be offered up to £400 to stop smoking as part of the campaign. Health minister O’Brien said that the “swap to stop” free vape policy is the first of its kind. He said that policies will focus on “helping people to quit” rather than imposing bans. In fact, a Norfolk pilot distributing vape vouchers to smokers, resulted in four in 10 people quitting within a month.

In response to this news, Australia Health Minister Mark Butler arrogantly said that there is no chance they will follow a “swap to stop” policy. Despite the scientific data indicating their benefit to public health, Butler called vaping a “public health menace.” Interestingly he added that “the tobacco industry has found a new way to develop a generation of nicotine addicts, and we will not stand for it.” This is ironic given that actual cigarettes are fully regulated and available, while it is their proven safer alternatives which are restricted to the point of being inaccessible.

Australian regulators have their head firmly stuck in the sand

Discussing this tragic state of affairs, tobacco treatment specialist Dr. Colin Mendelsohn has recently published a blog addressing Mark Butler’s Misinformation. Titled, “Why is Australia’s Health Minister misinformed about vaping?” the blog reveals that the health minister’s advisors seem to be a small group of “ideologically-driven tobacco control academics and health bureaucrats with extreme anti-vaping views.”

Mendelsohn added that sadly not only does Butler fail to acknowledge the effectivity of vapes for smoking cessation, but he is also inaccurately convinced that these products are nothing but a “tobacco industry ploy” to get a new generation addicted to nicotine. In a recent communication with the smoking cessation expert discussing this sad state of affairs, Mendelsohn explained that local health authorities and political parties are set on defending their stance even if it is failing. “There has been some interest from individual politicians,” he added, “and we are working with them.”

Is there a tiny glimmer of hope?

Opposition leader David Littleproud has recently emphasized the importance that vape laws are relaxed and the products regulated in order to protect both adults and minors. In fact, the Nationals leader has recently said that despite existing measures, vaping in schools is on the increase and which clearly indicates that former health minister Greg Hunt’s prescription model has failed. Interestingly, the TGA has also recently admitted that the current tobacco control plan in place is not working, yet it insists of enforcing it further.

Australian Political Party Announces Plan to Legalise Vapes

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ZOVOO Builds Partnership With One Motorsport in the UK

Press Release

World’s leading compliant disposables brand, ZOVOO, is kicking off its second consecutive year as a partner of One Motorsport , which is one of Britain’s most prominent motorsport organizations best known for its title-winning success in the prestigious British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

Enjoy the Joy of Speed! During the 22th-23th April, over 40000 audience showed at the first 2023 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship race day at Donington Park, immersing in the fierce and wonderful competition.

A successful merger, a fresh start. This is not the first time that ZOVOO has collaborated with racing teams. Last year, ZOVOO proudly announced its support to Will Powell, a budding British touring car champion that recently saw the championship-winning team of One Motorsport merge with his own successful Motus One sports car squad.

On the day of the competition, ZOVOO set up a stall in front of the stadium to showcase its highly anticipated star products DRAGBAR Z700 SE, which has won the ecigclick award, which is issued by one of the most authoritative and influential e-cigarette websites in the UK.

Fans gathered and experienced the eye-catching DRAGBAR Z700 SE with beautiful appearance and rich taste on the scene.

Relying on the cutting-edge technology and R&D strength of its sister brand VOOPOO, ZOVOO’s DRAGBAR Z700 SE stands out with its puffs and consistent flavour.

It is the first fully visible oil tank disposable, which is armed with Gene Tree Ceramic Coil solution offering the technical advantage of ultra-high performance conversion, while achieving the largest puff(700) among those TRPR&TPD- Compliant vapes.

The spirits of motor racers are somehow like that of ZOVOO, which has always adhered to the concept of “user-focus” and constantly develops new disposable vapes to meet the ultimate needs of users all over the world. Its star product line, DRAGBAR, is famous for its compactness and great taste.

Partnership with One Motorsport is an important step for ZOVOO’s co-branding strategy, demonstrating the brand’s ambition for a global strategy.

For more information, please visit: https://www.izovoo.com/

Follow ZOVOO on:

*During internal testing, Dragbar Z700 SE can support 700 puffs at maximum. (The actual number of puffs will be affected by personal vaping habits)

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Puffs Increased By 42%! UPENDS UpBAR GT Is About To Dominate The Global Disposable Vape Market

SHENZHEN, China-UPENDS, an e-cigarette brand that prioritizes users’ experience and aims to become the favorite brand for vapers, is recognized and widely appreciated in Europe for the UpBAR GT, its annual flagship disposable vape. Powered by innovative FRESOR technology, the UpBAR GT shows the potential of dominating the global disposable vape market.

When some vape brands retreated under the shadow of being taken off the shelves due to the excessive nicotine, UPENDS push its annual flagship disposable vape UpBAR GT to the market with all efforts, and received massive praise from consumers, professional reviewers, local distributors, etc. Why does the company dare to take the risk? The reason is that, according to official information, UPENDS has made a breakthrough in mesh coil technology which brings a significant puff increase under the same standard e-liquid capacity.

Next-Gen Mesh Coil Brings 42% More Puffs

“We have successfully upgraded not only the mesh coil, but also the atomization space and airflow channel, which improves the atomization efficiency and ensures that puffs of UpBAR GT be increased without adding more e-liquid”, said Doctor Wu, the Chief Product Officer of UPENDS. Compared with other 2mL e-liquid products, based on the laboratory data, the puffs of UpBAR GT have increased by 42% without taste fade, and the e-liquid splash has also been reduced. “This is not the performance of a purposely selected UpBAR GT, but all of them have such excellent performance.”, added Dr. Wu, “UpBAR GT is produced on a fully automated production line so that each piece will have the same consistency and reliability”.

Innovative FRESOR Technology For Fully Automated Production

Fully automated production is the best way to ensure product consistency and reliability. As traditional cotton rolls are too hard to manufacture automatically, UPENDS brought the FRESOR technology to UpBAR GT, allowing the flat mesh coil, cotton and other components to be assembled layer by layer. In addition, the company has patented the V-shaped air channel and Tesla valve, invented for stronger airflow input and better leakproof. “Integrating several patented technologies, UpBAR GT achieves the best of all disposable vapes currently, and can be produced with over 99.9% consistency”, said Dr. Wu.

Appreciation From All Over The World

It seems that UpBAR GT is not only excellent in structures and design, but its actual performance is praiseworthy. Allegedly, one of the head agents in Europe has ordered more than 3,000,000 pieces only after trying it for the first time, showing their extremely high satisfaction with its taste and design. Moreover, an investigation of UpBAR GT vaping experience also showed its popularity among customers, who expressed a high willingness to repurchase. “The draw is smooth and warm, and the flavors are reproduced really well because of its innovative vertical mesh coil design. To be honest, UpBAR GT did an excellent job and is far above average disposable vapes”, reviewed by DJLsb Vapes, a professional vape reviewer, showing a similar opinion as other reviewers on YouTube. It is evident that UpBAR GT has the potential to be one of the best-seller disposable vapes around the world.

UpBAR GT Will Make Its Debut At Major European Vape Exhibitions

Now there comes the chance for you to experience UpBAR GT for yourself. According to UPENDS, the company will be exhibiting UpBAR GT in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain in May and June. You can come to their booth to get your hands on it, taste it, talk about it and even order it on the spot. In addition, UPENDS will exhibit more new products like UPENDS GTR – the closed pod version of UpBAR GT, offer additional deals and discounts, and host fun events, so wishing you a wonderful experience at these UPENDS shows!


Founded in 2019, UPENDS is an e-cigarette brand dedicated to the field of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems. The good reputation of UPENDS as a leading e-cigarette brand in Europe attributes to its excellent manufacturing technology and quality, simple design, and cost-effective features. Currently, UPENDS is expanding its global development. UPENDS persistent pursuit is to prioritize users’ experience and to be Vaper’s favorite. For more information, please visit www.upends.com.

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Review: Xros 3 Nano – Vaporesso

Simple and direct

The Xros 3 Nano is the latest masterpiece from manufacturer Vaporesso – and it is ready to go right out of the box. It’s a compact pod that lets beginners start vaping with ease and avoids any disappointments. Its small size means you can take it anywhere. It’s discreet and practical. A simple but effective pod.

Technical specs

Pod dimensions
69.9 x 51.2 x 14 mm

Pod weight
53 g


1000 mAh

Range of use

Tank capacity
2 ml

What’s in the box?

USB cable
User guide

Mini pod

The Xros 3 Nano is a lightweight, rectangular, relatively flat pod. On one side, the brand name is engraved in a parallel design, and a large Xros logo covers the other side. At only 14 mm thick, it will fit easily into a pocket or bag. Weighing it at barely 50 grams, you might forget it’s even there. The top corner has a loop for the neck strap it comes with.

A USB-C port on the bottom of the Xros 3 Nano allows fast charging of the built-in 1000 mAh battery. You can also vape while it’s charging. A small LED, tucked into a slot on one side, lights up during charging to show the battery level. The battery capacity is as you’d expect for this small size of pod.

Along one edge, above the USB-C port, there’s a button to adjust the airflow that cools the coil in the cartridge. It does change the draw sensation slightly, but you’ll notice a bigger difference when you change between the cartridges and feel the effect of the other coil.
To get a tight draft, you need to really restrict the air intake. The Xros 3 Nano has no buttons and no settings to adjust.
It makes vapour when you inhale. During our tests, we found the pod to be responsive and there was no noticeable lag.

Cartridges that do the job

As with most pods, the cartridge sits on top of the battery. It’s held in place by two magnets that really do a great job. We didn’t notice any side-to-side play or looseness. The 2 ml tank volume is average for pods of this size on the market right now.
It detects the coil value automatically and there’s nothing to do except fill the cartridge as necessary with your favourite e-liquid.

You fill the Xros 3 cartridges as you’d expect, and they’re compatible with the brand’s other models ( Xros 3, Xros 3 Mini). To access the filling hole, just remove the flattened mouthpiece. It’s easy to do – pressing the sides of the mouthpiece releases it from the cartridge. We recommend using only the thinnest e-liquid bottle tips for ease of filling and to avoid any annoying spills.

Two cartridges are supplied in the box. This is a real advantage for new vapers, so they can experiment with different sensations without buying anything extra. One cartridge has a value of 0.6 ohm and is made of mesh. It offers very responsive indirect inhalation (into the mouth then the lungs, like a tobacco cigarette) or a very restricted direct inhalation vape (directly into the lungs).
The flavours are pleasant and reasonably true. The amount of vapour is what you’d expect for the size of this pod. It delivers better flavours with fruit-flavoured e-liquids, and these come through better with the mesh coil.
The Xros 3 Nano is a good spare vape or a good one to start with. The only thing we dislike is the use of disposable cartridges, which are worse for the environment than conventional coils.


 What we like

No settings to adjust
2 cartridges in the box
Small size

 What we don’t like

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