Will electronic cigarettes be popular on a large scale?

First of all, let’s take a look at Japan and South Korea. At present, the penetration rate of e-cigarettes in Japan (mainly referring to heat not burn) has exceeded 30%. If we go to public research in Tokyo now, it is estimated that more than 50% of the data obtained on the streets may be possible. In Korea, the penetration rate is over 10%. In just three years since its landing in Japan in 2015, the penetration rate of heat not burn has soared directly to 30%. In addition to the situation in the United States, the current penetration rate of e-cigarette in the United States is 13%, but there is no heat not burn products in it.

Some people are still questioning the harm that heat not burn to smokers, so they need FDA certification, but this is a question of time (why, maybe PMI, a company with more money and power, is also related to the fact that the harm of e-cigarettes is less than that of traditional tobacco?).

How to view the emergence of electronic cigarette, especially the heat not burn products? I will use a deeper dimension to think that the origin of tobacco has been for thousands of years, and Chinese people have a history of smoking for hundreds of years. We all know that this thing is a double-edged sword, good and bad, but it still can’t stop. Now a new way of smoking can give people the same feeling, and e-cigarette has reduced the harm by more than 95% compared to conventional cigarettes, click here to view the source from Science magazine. Why don’t I smoke e-cigarettes? From this point of view, e-cigarette is the change of human consumption habits for hundreds of years. (many people question that e-cigarettes can’t satisfy 100% taste of flue-cured tobacco at present, and can’t prove harmlessness at the same time. Here’s my understanding: if we can’t make 100% real tobacco taste, then how long have e-cigarettes came out now? Just like cell phones 10 years ago, technological progress will take time. As for the harm, people have proved that the biggest harmful substance in flue-cured tobacco is tar, so does the removal of this thing reduce the harm.

Say China again: because of China’s special national conditions, the profit and tax of e-cigarettes is 1.1 trillion a year, nearly 8% compared with the total tax of 13.8 trillion. This is not just the tobacco industry chain or tens of thousands of farmers upstream. In essence, the tobacco tax is just a medium of transfer payment. Since more than 1 trillion yuan of tax revenue has to be spent on education, infrastructure, people’s livelihood and other fields, in fact, those 350 million tobacco brothers and sisters have created 16.5 million jobs for China with their own consumption on average (here is the assumption that tax = investment = employment * GDP per capita), So the tobacco industry has a huge impact on China.

Will China’s electronic cigarette be released? Yes! Definitely! The general trend is unstoppable. At present, 19 domestic tobacco companies are stepping up their research on electronic cigarette products, but the current products, especially the heat not burn products, are sold overseas. Why not sell it at home? Because the policy has not been liberalized, why the policy has not been liberalized, for fear of affecting profits and taxes, and because China’s e-cigarettes started late, there is no way to compete with foreign giants. In the future, the electronic cigarette, especially the heat not burn type, must be made by China Tobacco. This is the fundamental interest and cannot be released. But devices and appliances should be liberalized, although there are no clear policies and regulations. To sum up: e-cigarettes will be popular on a large scale.

If you see it as a fundamental consumption change in the world’s smoking history, you won’t doubt it. As for when it will be popular, it depends on when the policy will be loosened. Will the tax be reduced? Don’t worry about it at all. Referring to the practice of Japan and South Korea, we started to release e-cigarettes. Three years later, we found that the penetration rate of e-cigarettes was too fast and the collection of taxes was too small, which led to the decrease of the total tobacco profits and taxes. However, in 2018, Japan revised the tax law and increased the tax rate. Overall speaking, one general principle should be stick to, that is, ensure that the total profits and taxes remain unchanged.

Should the vape flavor ban take effect?

After cracking down illegal e-liquid with cannabis additive, the U.S. health officials on Tuesday reported no new deaths from the mysterious respiratory illness tied to vaping after their last update on Jan. 16, keeping the total deaths at 60. It’s obvious that vaping is not the reason to cause the lung disease, and the flavor ban should be reconsidered.

80% of adolescents in the USA don’t use vape.

A recent report from Futurity says that most minors never use any tobacco and vaping devices at all. Besides, most youth who vape are also current or former smokers, which means that the flavor ban cannot stand with its intension for minors.

CBD & Cannabis thickening agent is the main culprit to cause EVALI lung disease.

Now more and more people found out that they are misled by irresponsible media and policymakers, and the real culprit is low quality & fake marijuana e-liquid. And the authority starts striking down illegal marijuana cartridge dealers & manufacturers. According to Marketwatch, marijuana vape cartridges were seized in illegal shops in Los Angeles contained potentially dangerous additives by California officials, including a thickening agent blamed for a national outbreak of deadly lung illnesses tied to vaping. And the nicotine e-liquid produced by famous brands never have this problem.

Vaping is more healthy than smoking

Vaping is better than smoking, and helps them to gain better health. According to Turnto10, Vape shop owners and customers took to the State House Wednesday to put pressure on legislators to do what they can to remove the ban on flavored vape sales. There are also a number of people who oppose the ban who said they actively use vape products. They said it saved them from long years of cigarette addictions. Now not only shop owners, but also vape shop customers are starting fighting for their appropriate right to vape.

Vape industry needs to survive and make a living.

Under the flavor ban, vape shop owners live a hard life and their legal rights are infringed. Those people provide something beneficial to the public but were treated unfairly. The authority should do what’s right after the truth of vaping is revealed by the scientific report on vaping and realistic of millions of true vapers. A dozen of vape shop owners said that ban means ‘bankruptcy across the board’ if not overturned. Now it’s time to save them from hell. Every happy home makes a happy & strong country.


The vape flavor ban shouldn’t take effect. Vape than smoke.

Japan IQOS3 DUO 5th generation review & comparision

This is the new IQOS 3 DUO. And there will be an upgraded version of “IQOS3 DUO” in less than a year. I was surprised by its release to sale.

Although this is the new IQOS3 DUO, the appearance completely inherits the appearance of IQOS3 and the performance has also been improved.

This time, I will give you the first appearance from the details to the iqos review.

IQOS 3 DUO release date: November 5

Color: warm white, golden light, star blue, grey wool, warm copper

New style features are easy to understand!

Support continuous use → can be used continuously 2 times
Shortened charging time → 1/2 of the previous
For IQOS3, you must charge the device every time you smoke, but the IQOS3 DUO mouthpiece can be used twice in a row.

The charging time is from 3 minutes and 40 seconds to 1 minute and 50 seconds. Shortened to 1/2.

The packaging and form are largely the same as IQOS3, but there are some differences, so I will introduce more details.

Accessories when IQOS 3 DUO is opened

This time, I chose the warm color of the new color that appeared in DUO. It is very beautiful from the physical point of view, so it is recommended.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

This time, we chose new colored warm copper from DUO. I recommend it because it’s beautiful when viewed in real life.

When the door box is opened, the accessories are beautifully stored.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

It’s exactly the same as IQOS3, but no matter how many times you watch it, it’s OK to have a sense of quality.

This is exactly the same as IQOS3, but it feels very advanced no matter how many times I watch it!

I lined it up

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

The device, Type-C charging cable, charging head, maintenance tools, instruction manual.

What’s changed? The appearance and content of DUO

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

Number of continuous smoking ~~~~ 2 times

Draw times ~~~~ 20

Smoking time ~~~~~ 6 minutes / 14 draws

Warm-up time ~~~~ about 20 seconds

Device charging time ~~~~ 120 minutes

Charging time of device ~~~~ 1 minute 30 seconds

Price ~~~~ 10,800 yen

Considering that the previous models can not be used continuously, it takes 3 minutes and 40 seconds to charge, so the new model is very easy to use.

Although it is easy to explain clearly, it is obvious that continuous use is very important. Supporting two consecutive use can satisfy many people’s desires. (Of course not many.)

Support continuous use of large-capacity type IQOS3 DUO; 10 small models of continuous use MULTI; low-price IQOS2.4Plus, clear characteristics and easy selection.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of warm copper.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

The lower part of the device is equipped with a USB Type-C interface from IQOS3. Please do not mind the direction of the charging port.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

The LED indicator and power button are on the top.

Press the side door and it opens.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

Only the door cover is made of metal. This part can be replaced by a magnet. Can be customized using separately sold accessories.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

For IQOS3 DUO / IQOS3. By the way, the size and appearance are the same.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

So far, the models that support continuous use are still scarce. Although the capacity is different, it is different from the small multi.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

21g of heating rod is very chic when smoking.

IQOS3 looks slightly different

IQOS3DUO and IQOS3 are not exactly the same because they are almost the same.

The difference is the status light,

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

The status light of the new charger has been added.

There are also concerns.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

The new model can keep track of the number of consecutive puff number by LED lights. This is a small thing, but it should be the only big difference 🙂

How to use IQOS3 DUO

Here are the differences between the two. First, let’s charge it well the first time.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

The long and narrow LED light is divided into 4 parts. One light is below 25% of the charge.

2 lights 50%
75% remaining is 3 lights
100% full 4
Light up 2 and it can be used continuously [Change Points ①]

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

From here is the biggest charm of the new style.

Because it lights up two, it supports the power used twice.

First press and hold the button to turn the power on / off. When this button is pressed, the remaining charge and status can be confirmed.

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

Even if the heating rod is removed, the charging status can be confirmed. If used once, only one LED will light up.

This is a major feature now.

How to use

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

Insert the cartridge straight. Long press the power to start heating, and the warm-up time is about 20 seconds. (Vibration means ready to use)

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

After use, lift the lid of the heating rod and remove the cartridge. This is important, if you remove it directly, the tobacco leaves will remain inside.

In this cycle, clean the inside with maintenance tools after 1 box of catridges are consumed. (Lazy manners will lead to burnt and smelly!)

Shortening of charging time [change point ②]

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

Control the focus of charging,

The heating rod is magnetic in the charger and can be done without worrying about direction
After storage, the main body will start charging automatically
One to two LEDs → Turns off when two are on.
If the charge is full, you can use more than 20 catridges.

IQOS3 duo charging time ~~ 1 minute 50 seconds

IQOS3 charging time ~~ 3 minutes 40 seconds

By the way, it takes about 4 minutes and 10 seconds to charge the IQOS2.4 Plus.

IQOS3 DUO is about 1 minute and 50 seconds. Although overwhelming changes have been achieved, I think there will actually be some differences

Why is there a difference in use time

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

The use of IQOS is 6 minutes, or 14 puffs.

For example, what if two people use it this way?

1. A Mr. A completed in 3 minutes
2. Mr. B who used up 6 minutes
In this case, I think the battery consumption is completely different.

Actually, no matter how many times I measure, I can’t get the same result

PS: (This is my opinion, not the official announcement)

IQOS 3 DUO summary

Japan IQOS3 DUO fifth generation review & comparision

1, easy to use. Only 1/2 charging time in normal use! Without a doubt the best result in IQOS history.

2, support continuous use. 1/2 charging time becomes so usable! This is by far the best IQOS

Where to buy IQOS 3 DUO

Best online vape store in 2020 – Top 10 vape shop list

There are thousands of online vape stores and every store has its own advantages compared to others. Today we are going to list the top 10 online vape stores in 2020 to help you buy the most cost-effective vapes with best service.

Top 1 Vapour2


Vapour2 is one of the most mature vape stores in the UK. Most of its consumers are users of e-cigarettes for many years. While retaining new brands such as Smok and Innokin, its own brand products are also excellent. Vapour2’s e-cigarettes are mainly targeted at new E-cigarette players, in addition to being used as e-cigarettes, it can also be used as simple evaporation devices for drying herbs and e-cigarette juices.


1. Free shipping

2. It can be used as a dry medicine evaporator

Top 2 VapeClub.co.uk

Vape Club

One of the oldest e-cigarette stores in the UK, mainly engaged in e-liquid and vaping utensils, with rich varieties and high verticality of categories. There are more than 4000 different e-cigarette related products available on the website.


1. First-class air delivery for orders over £ 1.20

2. One of the oldest e-cigarette stores in the UK, started in 2012

Top 3 ApolloEcigs.com


ApolloEcigs has online businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom, mainly selling products produced by its own factory. These products are excellent in quality and performance, with e-liquid sales service, providing various options for different types of e-cigarette users.


1. Free shipping option

2. High reputation and trustworthy

3. Suitable for beginners

4. Top customer service

Top 4 [eafl id=”15090″ name=”VaporDNA.com” text=”VaporDNA.com”]


Most e-cigarette users who use Vapor DNA value the resettable products on the website. Their RDA and RTA products are highly appraised in the industry. At the same time, they also have their own high score series: Project Sub Ohm.

In addition, vapor DNA also contains many electronic cigarette solutions and devices.


1. Use coupons to get 10% discount

2. Electronic cigarette equipment can be reset

3. Free shipping for costs over $49 (US customers only)

4. The freight for international customers is US $29.95

Top 5 Vapour.co.uk


It provides e-liquid from British and American brands, and won the title of “e-cigarette online store of the year” of Ecigclick Awards awards in 2016.


1. Free shipping for orders over £ 30, customers can receive real-time delivery details via email or mobile phone. (other online websites do not have this function)

2. Order before 2:00 p.m. and arrive the next day

3. Rich product categories, vertical product classification

4. Excellent customer service

Top 6 Vaporfi


Vapor FI is a private brand online store with a series of electronic cigarette devices and starter kits. What they are really good at is their Vaporfi e-liquid series.

In addition to the existing high-quality juice, they also provide a service, consumers can create their own electronic cigarette e-liquid, custom mixed e-liquid, and the website provides 30000 flavor combinations!


1. Automatically deduct discount when checking out

2. The quality of e-liquid meets the highest standard

3. Global transportation

Top 7 DirectVapor.com


Direct vapor provides one-stop service for electronic cigarette products. They provide the best electronic cigarette device, box mod and atomizer, as well as all kinds of vape juice. The products of the website are guaranteed in quality.


1. Free of freight, no minimum consumption standard

2. High quality customer service

Top 8 Vapesourcing.com


Vape sourcing is one of the latest vape stores in China, which provides the latest electronic cigarette device, only including the top brands with high popularity, and no small brands.


1. Obvious price advantage

2. Brand authorized seller

3. Reasonable selection of transportation price

Top 9 HeavenGifts.com


The most famous online shopping station of China’s e-cigarette, HG focuses on e-cigarette devices only, and provides competitive prices for products of highly praised brands in the market.


1. Obvious price advantage

2. Brand authorized seller

3. Free global delivery (it is recommended to choose expedited transportation and pay extra fees)

4. Wholesale available

Top 10 Vapewild.com


Vapewild is a brand that would provide creative, delicious flavors, a unique approach to customer service, and a price point that you wouldn’t believe.


  1. Low price
  2. Good customer service

MOTI donates cash for fighting Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

The pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection in Wuhan and other places has become increasingly serious recently, and it’s still in short supply of human protective stuff in epidemic areas. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the entire MOTI company closely monitored the progress of the epidemic.

The management committee of MOTI Company decided to donate 100,000 yuan to Wuhan Charity Federation for urgent use. The donation will be used for the procurement of hospital protection and treatment of urgently needed supplies under the guidance of the Charity Federation to support the new coronavirus pneumonia Prevention and control work. At the same time, through multi-party coordination, MOTI urgently prepared protective materials worth 30,000 yuan and donated to Wuhan Jitong Hospital. MOTI hopes to contribute something to winning this battle without gunpowder.

MOTI donates for Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

We pay tribute to all the medical staff and unknown heroes fighting on the front line, and we hope you overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and return safely! With firm confidence, mutual help, scientific control, and precise policy, we must embrace the spring blossoms after the storm.

MOTI donates for Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

PS: According to China news media Dingxiangyuan Doctor, the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic is still spreading fast.

Wuhan Coronavirus

Currently, 2823 cases have been confirmed, suspected cases are reaching up to 5794. And 81 died already. Only 55 are healed.

This epidemic might origin from wild animals, especially Chinese chrysanthemum。

Its transmission routes include human-to-human infection, medical staff infection, and community-based spread.

What’s more, it has 10 days’ latency. You can only know this after infected for a long time.

Yellow color: Suspected cases; Red color: Confirmed; Green color: Healed
Yellow color: Suspected cases; Red color: Confirmed; Green color: Healed

And observing from the disease spreading trend, it’s soaring insanely.

Last but not least, there is NO CURE to Wuhan coronavirus at the moment.


This new lung disease is super contagious. Stay at home and be safe.

Donate for fighting the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic

U.S. media malfeasance and political speculation caused vaping panic

The vaping “epidemic” is actually a typical moral panic. The media ignores the evidence reports in a sensational way. In addition, politicians opportunistically make the electronic cigarette panic even worse.

The data shows that the legal nicotine e-cigarettes are irrelevant to the successive vaping-related diseases last year. At the same time, the overall rate of cigarette smoking among adolescents has also dropped significantly from 28.8% in 1976 to 3.6% in 2018. A great victory in the field of public health.

A reasonable discussion of e-cigarettes seems too late, as the full implementation of the e-cigarette ban has had a negative impact.

The e-cigarette panic is leading to a new “prohibition crisis.”

Click here to view the full article.



Don’t be scared off by those unreasonable points of view from the irresponsible media and policymakers.

Vaping is definitely better than smoking. Make the switch early for better health.

SNOWPLUS Pro review – An interactive & ergonomic starter kit

SNOWPLUS Pro comes with 18 min super-fast charge function, 450 mAh battery, dynamic USB Type-C charging port, Ultra-silky texture and high-strength zinc alloy & ergonomic streamline body, IPX5 waterproof and dust resistant coating for any condition. Meanwhile, it takes the use of the ground-breaking smart-touch interaction module complete with colorful RGB lighting effects providing the most interactive & vaping experience, ever.  Moreover, TrueFeel technology provides a smoother and stronger throat hit & vaping experience.

18 min super-fast charge vape

SNOWPLUS Company Introduction

SNOWPLUS is the fastest growing e-cig brand in the world with a mission to improve 1 billion smokers’ lives through the most innovative technology

SNOWPLUS Pro Material & Design

Ultra-silky touch and high-strength zinc alloy body IPX5 waterproof and dust-proof coating.

Ultra-silky touch and high-strength zinc alloy body IPX5 waterproof and dust-proof coating.

  • High-strength zinc alloy device with graceful curves
  • Super skin-friendly coating combined with meticulous metal finish achieving an organic silky touch
  • Special waterproof coating
  • Excellent anti-scratch, oil-repellent and dustproof performance; safe from impact, oil, dust and corrosion

Revolutionary technology increases vapor amount

*Vapor amount increase was measured by comparison testing with previous products conducted by SNOWPLUS internal lab.

*Vapor amount increase was measured by comparison testing with previous products conducted by SNOWPLUS internal lab.

  • 1.2Ω resistance for a smoother inhalation, bigger vapor volume compared to previous products
  • Brand new TrueFeel atomization technology for unrivaled smooth experience
  • Aeroflow air intake technology captures the throat-hit pleasure of tobacco without harm
  • State of the art pod design with quadruple sealing ensures extremely low leakage

Safely simulates 95% of the smoking sensation

  • Authentic tar-free formula and mild nicotine salt minimize the harm and maintain the pleasure of nicotine intake
  • Flavors are developed through 89 processes supervised by 120 world-class perfumers. 95% reproduction of the sensation of smoking
  • Meticulously produced taste for a rich vaping experience
  • Certified by over 60 professional tests, in accordance to strict health and safety standards

18-minute supercharging and super long battery life for your supreme enjoy

18-minute supercharging and super long battery life for your supreme enjoy

  • Just 18 minutes to fully charge your device
  • Brand new reversible Type-C port
  • 450mAh large battery capacity, safer and more durable, battery lasts all day long

Intelligent management module enables smart vibration and touch interaction

  • Smart monitoring and regulation of voltage output to ensure consistent vapor amount
  • Touch interaction: double-tap the device to view battery life
  • Automatic pod insert with vibration reminder
  • Device actives sleep mode when pod is removed
  • Automatic self-examination whenever a pod is inserted. Always ready to use
  • Long vibration to remind user when battery is low

SNOWPLUS Pro Smart Interaction

Dazzling party mode with RGB lighting effects

Multi-color RGB light indicator: Seamless switch in six main colors; display up to 31 colors
Multi-color RGB light indicator: Seamless switch in six main colors; display up to 31 colors
What’s new: Tap the device five times to activate “Party Mode”
What’s new: Tap the device five times to activate “Party Mode”


8 Color Options

Classic Black Pearl White Space Grey Red Mineral Blue Midnight Green Rose Gold Neon

SNOWPLUS Pro Flavor Options
New flavors to be released every 2 months

4 Classic Flavors 

(Also smokeless edition is also available)

Mint Classic Tobacco Ice Cola Mung Bean Sorbet

Popular Fruit Flavors

Minty Lemon Pineapple Coconut Watermelon Grapefruit Lychee Orange Soda Peach Tea Lemon Tea

Zero Nicotine

Cappuccino Gloden Energy Ice Matcha Latte


[table id=5 responsive=scroll /]

SNOWPLUS Pro Comparisons

[table id=4 responsive=scroll /]


Where to buy SNOWPLUS PRO

MOTI Donated Generous Help to Paraguay’s Fire Department to Help Them Enhance Their Fire Fighting Capability

Las Vegas, USA, Jan 2020 – MOTI, a leading e-cigarette company, the customers with best flavors, pleasurable experience and environment friendly technology in the e-cigarette market. To achieve these milestones, the company is constantly trying hard to use the best raw ingredients, coupled with cutting edge technologies and the best designs. To provide the ultimate experience in taste, the company subjects its products to a rigorous process, carefully selecting the best ingredients and working hard to develop new flavors of e-liquids. These measures have given MOTI’s products a distinguished position in the e-cigarette market.

It is said, rather well said, that if charity prevails, earth would be a heaven and hell a fable. MOTI’s products are not only environment friendly but the company also strives hard to protect the environment from any possible disaster. Unlike e-cigarettes, traditional cigarette filters are full of tar, nicotine, and other toxins that leach into the ground, potentially affecting any organism that comes into contact with them. Butts pushed by rain into storm drains can make it into the ocean, where they can release their toxic chemicals, or get eaten by fish or birds. Most electronic cigarettes are reusable, meaning only a tiny amount of vapor needs to be refilled for each use. They are typically powered by reusable batteries, and are often charged via USB ports.

On August 20, 2019, the world was shocked by the fire reported by mainstream western media. Many rainforests were burned and rare animals and plants were burned. In addition, it caused a lot of pollution and chain ecological damage.

MOTI learned of this news and decided to help the South American firefighting operation. Subsequently, MOTI found the Paraguayan fire station that needed the most help through various channels and provided them with fire equipment support.

See the support video here:

Coincidentally, a series of disasters such as forest fires, Amazon fires, Australian fires, etc. have also occurred recently in Australia. Littering cigarette ends is a big reason. Every year, more than 4500 fires across Australia are caused by cigarettes and at least 77 people lost their lives in fires started by cigarettes between 2000 and 2005[1].

Record reveals that carelessly discarded cigarette butts are a frequent cause of fires. Over seven billion cigarette butts are discarded just across Australia every year. These carelessly discarded butts have potential for causing fires including bushfires that claim innocent lives and pose a perpetual threat to environment. It is frequently observed that the threats from fires increase manifold when people from all walks of life participate in firefight operations that are not professionally trained and well equipped.

MOTI is deeply concerned about fires and therefore donated a batch of fire helmets to the Paraguayan Fire Department to help fire fighting operation and equip the participants with reliable and effective equipment. MOTI aims to improve risk management, save humanity from the scourge of fire and conserve environment for living species. The donated equipment, no doubt, are overwhelmingly supportive to firefighters as well because the equipment enable them to work effectively and safely.

President of Paraguay Fire Agency, Mr. Andres Fernandez, expressed his gratitude in these words; “We thank MOTI for their generous help, this is the first time we have received help from a foreign company since the fire started. Your supplies will be very useful for our work. Thanks again MOTI for your attention and help”.

The recent fires in Australia were horrendous. It taught us, “If you play with fire, you will get burned”. Avoid carelessly discarding cigarette butts as they are potential hell and can be catastrophic and disastrous. Today, risk management demands to rely more on safe products of MOTI. MOTI’s products offer a variety of flavors, keep the environment safe, thrive for mitigating the harmful effects of cigarettes and above all generously help those who are active in keeping this planet an abode worth living.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any query about MOTI’s products.

For more information, please visit: www.nowmoti.com
[1] Related statistics are quoted from www.fire.nsw.gov.au

MOTI Donated Generous Help to Paraguay’s Fire Department to Help Them Enhance Their Fire Fighting Capability

Did VOOPOO submit a PMTA?

VOOPOO is a popular mod vape brand in USA and many dealers are starting asking about the PMTA of VOOPOO. Then, does VOOPOO have plans for PMTA?

According to online information and reply from VOOPOO official, sadly, VOOPOO seems to have no plan for PMTA because PMTA costs too much money.

It’s Chinese New Year Holiday now so we don’t expect their detailed reply yet. And we’re reaching out to VOOPOO official for future updates about the PMTA. Stay tuned with VAPE HK and follow the VOOPOO PMTA updates


Why do vape shop owners care PMTA so much?

Some vape shop owners in the USA said, “Being in the industry myself, I’ve been advised against the PMTA by my lawyers. Currently, it’s too big of a gamble and in the end, the PMTA will be useless for e juice since most stores would be gone. If the FDA does approve a PMTA, where would I sell? Vape shops will not survive with 5-10 flavors since customers will transition to online stores which most likely will continue selling until forced to stop.”

Only With a PMTA, you can be safe from the flavor ban and any other political regulations.

Therefore, PMTA is the admission of a brand to sell in USA legally and reduce the law risk of vape sales to a minimum degree.