EVOVE gives away 100,000 vape pods in China

EVOLVE, aka 亿雾 has given away 100,000 vape pens in China. In order to test if the campaign is honest or not, the author filled in its official form for the gift. Luckily, he got a small vape pod in this campaign.

evcve evove

The delivery package arrived at the home of the author then found a ¥ 30 coupon for buying a ¥ 999.00 vape pen.  However, not disappointed at all, he got a bottle of Mung bean paste taste e-liquid vape pod worth 70 yuan.

evcve evove evcve evove evcve evove

evcve evove

This vape juice is 100% like Mung bean paste taste. When the author opened this box, box is full of Mung bean paste smell and when he vapes it, the room is full of Mung bean paste smell. And he becomes a vaping Mung bean.

You have to admit its smell is really delicious that you even want to drink it up before you know its a bottle of vape juice. The nicotine quantity is 50mg and its nicotine smell is as strong as a real cigarette.

It must have some advanced technology to produce this vape pod. Awesome!

The downside is the vape pod’s smoke or vapor is not enough. You need to vape hard to produce enough vapor, not like the traditional cigarette, with only light inhalation and you get a large quantity of smoke.

What’s more, it has e juice leakage problem like Relx. After 1 day normal use and carry it in the pocket, the author’s pocket is full of Evove e juice, awful!


This Evove vape pod is worth tasting though it has some defects.

English site: https://evovevape.com/

To get the latest trends from Evove, please scan the code of the vape juice packing box above.

SMOK Cracks Down Counterfeit and Inferior Products Significantly in 2018

Recently, SMOK released a message on the company’s official website that in 2018, a heavy blow was made to crack down on counterfeit and inferior products and significant results were achieved. At the same time, we call on agents and retailers to say no to fake goods, not to sell fake goods for temporary benefit!

Smok official site: https://www.smoktech.com/

Counterfeiters use inferior materials to manufacture products in workshops that do not meet the hygienic standards, label LOGO, and then flow to the market. These fake and inferior products do not have any quality testing, once problems arise, it will bring great security risks to the vast number of users.

In response to the rampant sale of counterfeiting in the market, SMOK acted quickly and set up a counterfeiting project team to cooperate with the professional knowledge property rights protection company and the public security department.

Through a variety of channels of investigation and evidence collection, a number of sham-making and selling holidays in Shenzhen and Dongguan were raided. The case of fake and inferior products for sale was seized on the spot, which was worth millions of yuan. Several computers were seized to record the purchase and sale of raw materials. During the search, we also found a complete range of factory production tools, including radium carving machine, packing machine and so on.

A large number of SMOK electronic cigarette products, SMOK core products and packaging boxes with SMOK trademark were searched on the spot. The large number of counterfeiting categories is astonishing. The products manufactured by these counterfeit stores are sold to major markets at home and abroad, disrupting the market at very low prices, and the behavior is rampant.

The anti-counterfeiting activities carried out in Shenzhen and Dongguan destroyed a total of four counterfeiting sites and arrested 10 suspects.

SMOK said that the anti-counterfeiting campaign in 2018 has made a major breakthrough, which effectively protects the rights and interests of consumers, with practical actions to safeguard the brand value of SMOK. At present, the electronic cigarette market is still mixed, counterfeit and inferior products are rampant, SMOK’s full crackdown on counterfeiting has also sounded an alarm for illegal electronic cigarette enterprises on the market.

What’s New for SNOWPLUS Lite?

SNOWPLUS Lite launched last week (16st January 2020) at the incredible price of $14.99 USD! Now, the choice is yours – keep smoking cigarettes a pack at a time or get days of use from a better alternative with a single SNOWPLUS pod? This wallet-friendly little vape can give users what they’re looking for without all the downsides of smoking.

SNOWPLUS Lite Review
Let’s take a closer look at what SNOWPLUS Lite can do.

SNOWPLUS equips advanced atomization technology.

A Next-generation TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic coil affords a smoother draw and better taste for a more refined mouth feel.

SNOWPLUS Lite provides an impressively powerful hit.

Advanced AeroFlow air intake technology packs a strong throat hit for ultimate indulgence. With 30mg or 50mg nicotine strength (depends on the region) buzzes available, SNOWPLUS Lite gives you an ultra-pleasurable experience.

SNOWPLUS Lite is extremely light and portable.

The body is just 82mm*20m*12mm (without pod inserted). It’s about as small as a USB drive and shorter than the JUUL, which runs over 87mm in length (without pod inserted). It can be slipped easily into your pocket and go with you anywhere, for totally discreet, elegant vaping.

SNOWPLUS Lite technology boasts even bigger cartridge volume for long-lasting enjoyment.

Each pod contains 1.5ml of e-liquid, an extra 50% for the same price when compared to the JUUL pod. That means you can vape more for less. A nice little perk for vape fans!

SNOWPLUS Lite Review

Dependable power is key for vape users, and SNOWPLUS Lite certainly wont be letting you down with its 400mAh lithium battery, allowing you to enjoy two days of normal use before recharging. Most people may be wondering how a device this small can pack so much energy? It all comes down to integrated technology design.

The beautiful and iconic smart light indicator on the SNOWPLUS Lite is also worth a mention. This plus-shaped LED light comes on when you take a draw and flashes when the battery is low. A little reminder for you to charge.

So, SNOWPLUS Lite is light-weight and comes at a super competitive price with a performance that stands up to other big pod vapes.

Besides SNOWPLUS Lite, SNOWPLUS Pro is going to launch on 21 January 2020, a device that is going to level-up your vaping experience. Stay tuned for more information about this release!

Click the link here to get your SNOWPLUS Lite order!

SNOWPLUS Excutive Bios

Derek Li, Head of International Business
Derek Li, Head of International Business

Derek graduated from Northwestern University with majors in mathematics, economics,
and social sciences. He has worked for Citi Investment Banking and Bain Capital Private
Equity and has assumed managerial positions at a number of invested companies. He
helped multiple over US500 million worth companies develop their strategic blueprints
and facilitated their implementation. Derek has extensive management experience and
profound insights into corporate operation, international business development, and
cross-border cooperation.

Frank Wang, Overseas Marketing Lead
Frank Wang, Overseas Marketing Lead

9 years’ experience in branding and marketing communication, former PR head of OPPO
Europe, used to work for branding campaigns of Samsung, IKEA, Tiffany Co., Vera
Wang, etc. Frank is a PhD candidate at Communication University of China (CUC).

Police Rush Over 30,000 Kilometers to Seize 200,000 HNB IQOS Products

Harbin Public Security Bureau’s Food and Drug Environment and Tourist City Guard detachment successfully cracked a crime of operation of huge electronic cigarettes products, seizing four suspects and 200,000 illegal HNB electronic cigarettes, involving more than 100 million yuan.

In March 2018, investigators learned in their work that the suspect Wan, together with many others, bought a large number of foreign brands of electronic cigarettes at low prices from smugglers Kong, Wang (female) and Sun in portal cities of Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and then smuggled them into the country at large quantities through online trading platforms and software. Recruit wholesale and retail agents and sell them to more than 30 cities in more than 10 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government.


The Food and Drug Ring Detachment mobilized elite soldiers to form a special team. It traveled more than 30,000 kilometers in many cities throughout the country, and through more than 150 days and nights, it carried out continuous investigation work. After careful investigation and hard work, it successfully locked the relevant suspects involved in the case, and mastered the detailed context of illegal business, as well as the relevant situation of illegal business points.

On August 27, 2018, under the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department, the special task force organized the collection of networks in many places throughout the country. At one stroke, the suspects Wan, Sun, Wang and Hu were captured, more than 200,000 electronic cigarettes were seized, and a number of illegal electronic cigarette outlets were destroyed.

In September 2018, four suspects, including Wan, were arrested by the procuratorial organs according to law on suspicion of illegal business operations and transferred to the procuratorial organs for review and prosecution in November of the same year. At present, the case is still in further work.

After investigation, the electronic cigarettes involved in the case, commonly known as “IQOS tobacco bomb”, are heat not burn cigarettes produced by a tobacco enterprise abroad, which are flowed into China through abnormal channels by overseas operators in the name of cigarette substitutes, and spread and circulate in China. The electronic tobacco product was identified by the State Administration of Tobacco Monopoly as a tobacco monopoly product and was not included in the scope of imported tobacco monopoly products.

The police reminded the public that:

Electronic cigarette bombs of MARIBORO (Marlboro), PARLIAMENT (Bailemen), HEETS, FIIT and other brands appearing in the market have not been introduced into China through legal import channels for sale. They are all illegal smuggling. Please do not buy or vape.