WVA Calls for Vaping Endorsement in Beating Cancer Plan

The World Vaper’s Alliance (WVA) is calling for MEPs to back vaping as part of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

On Tuesday 27, the Special Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA) identified that ‘tobacco use, in particular cigarette smoking is the main risk factor for cancer death in Europe.’

WVA director, Michael Landl said that the BECA committee and European Parliament should be ‘brave enough to endorse new approaches’ like vaping for harm reduction.

Landl said:

“Vapers across Europe are calling on policymakers to recognise the benefits of vaping, and its potential to massively reduce the harm of smoking.

“Policymakers cannot ignore the facts any longer.”

The new Beating Cancer Plan document, presented by the Committee’s rapporteur, MEP Véronique Trillet-Lenoir, states that tobacco use is ‘the main risk factor for cancer death in Europe.’

It explains that measures to fight smoking vary across the EU and are ‘inconsistently implemented’:

“Overall, the WHO Europe region is the global area with the highest tobacco consumption, with major discrepancies between Member States, as the proportion of smokers varies by a factor of up to 5 from one country to another.”

Landl is ‘convinced’ that that vaping can save lives if it is added to the European Beating Cancer plan.

He said:

“Our goal is to get the European Union to include the concept of harm reduction and to understand that vaping is one of the most effective tools for this.

“We want them to encourage smokers to quit or switch like other counties have done such as the UK, Canada or New Zealand.

“We would also like to guarantee free access to vaping products too.”

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