Why Are JUUL Pods so Expensive?

The JUUL website lists a pack of four pods at $20.99. Each pod contains 0.7ml of nicotine salt e-liquid, which means you are getting a total of 2.8ml of juice.

On vaping.com, you can get a wide range of 30ml nicotine salt e-liquid bottles at about $15.

If we discount the cost of the pods, that means that JUUL e-liquid is more than eight times more expensive per milliliter than comparable e-liquid sold in a bottle. But this price difference isn’t the end of the story.

How to save money in under 10 mins in 3 simple steps:

  1. pick from our list of the Best Pod Vape Systems for 2022
  2. choose a few from our Best Salt Nic Vape Juices 2022 (so you can find one you really like)
  3. come back and lets us know how you got on in the comments

We’ve also put together a comprehensive guide to the best JUUL alternatives for 2022 – go check it out.

Eight times more expensive per milliliter

JUULpods are proprietary, so they can only be used on JUUL devices. And they aren’t refillable.  Most JUUL users will simply throw a pod away when they’ve finished the juice inside and buy another four pack.

There is a way of ‘hacking’ the pods so that they can be refilled, but it’s messy and hacked pods are prone to leaking.

The more economical choice is to get a big bottle of your favorite nic salt e-liquid and a system with pods the are designed to be refilled.

Some JUUL users claim that the salt-based nicotine e-liquid used in JUULpods is worth the extra money.

Nicotine salt e-liquids have revolutionized pod vaping. On lower output devices like pod mods and mouth to lung e-cigarettes, nic salt juices deliver nicotine more effectively than freebase nicotine juices.

They also taste smoother and deliver a more satisfying throat hit, which ex-tobacco smokers crave.

JUUL were the first to use nicotine salt e-liquid in their pods, but there are many other suppliers now creating nic salt juices that are comparable to what’s inside JUULpods. And it works out significantly cheaper when you buy juice by the bottle.

Aqua Salts Fresh Drops Salt 30ml (Tobacco-free Nicotine)

Fresh Drops Salt 30ml (Tobacco-free Nicotine)

Aqua Salts

Regular Price:


Special Price


You Save:

$3.00 (21.44%)

Beard Vape Co. No. 05 NY Cheesecake Salts 30ml

No. 05 NY Cheesecake Salts 30ml

Beard Vape Co.

Regular Price:


Special Price


You Save:

$4.00 (26.68%)

Some of the most popular nicotine salt e-liquids on vaping.com

Other JUUL users will tell you that they use the products because they are convenient. But this convenience comes at a high price.

JUUL have profited massively from selling proprietary pods. Tobacco giant Altria in December 2018 purchased a 35 percent stake which is worth $12.8 billion, valuing Juul Labs at a cool $38 billion. Think about that when you put down your 16 bucks for 2.8ml of vape juice.

But this does not mean that the company makes the best devices and pods. We see it as a reflection on the company’s marketing and distribution strategy. Unlike most vape products, JUUL is sold in gas stations and regular stores instead of vape shops.

Cheaper alternatives to JUUL

JUUL is not the only pod mod available. There are many refillable pod mod systems that are cheaper and more powerful than JUUL products.

Here are just a few of our favorites.

UWell Caliburn A2 Pod System

UWell Caliburn A2 Pod System

The UWell Caliburn A2 pod system beats the JUUL in every imaginable way. It has a 530mAh battery which can be charged up to 90% in 35 mins thanks to the Type-C USB port.

Pods have a 2mL vape juice capacity and feature integrated coils so that you don’t have to worry about leaking. Refilling is super easy thanks to the top fill system, just snap off the top cap, refill and replace the cap.

You don’t even have to remove the pod to fill!

The pods have Pro-FOCs technology which enhances the flavor and lifespan of the pod. A vape juice window helps you easily monitor your levels so that you can keep it topped up and avoid drying out the coil.

It features an indented firing key but it also draw activated which makes life easier.

Quite simply UWell Caliburn A2 offers everything that a JUUL does but it’s better in every way. All you need is to pair it with some 50mg nic salt and you’ll soon wonder why you didn’t make the switch earlier.

Suorin Air V2

Suorin Air V2 - Small Vapes Pod System

The Suorin Air isn’t just a great pod mod, it’s also a stylish pocket accessory that will draw lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from your friends.

One of the most popular pod mods on vaping.com, the Air is almost exactly the same size as a credit card. It also has a nice tight mouthpiece that mimics the pull on a tobacco cigarette perfectly.

With a 400mAh internal battery, this pod mod should last twice a long as a JUUL between charges. It’s also significantly cheaper than the JUUL, which retails for around $35.00.

You only get one 2ml refillable cartridge in the pack, but the flavor and vapor performance is excellent given the size of the device.

Suorin Edge

Suorin Edge Pod System

Looks like a JUUL, vapes like a JUUL but it’s cheaper and better. It’s under $20 for the kit but it does NOT INCLUDE PODS.

Suorin Edge Replacement Pod (x1) is just $4.99 in our vape shop. It has a bigger battery and vape juice capacity is 1.5 ml vs the pathetic 0.7 ml of the JUUL. Pods are refillable so all that’s left is to pick up a nicotine salt vape juice and you’re already saving!

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