What to Vape This Easter

Easter is here this weekend. Religious and secular Easter celebrations will be taking place right across the US, but however you’re celebrating, we’re sure you are looking forward to spending some time with friends and family.

From fresh fruit juices to crunchy brunchy favorites, this blog post will talk you through the best e-liquids to vape this Easter.

Fresh fruit

Coming in the Springtime, Easter brings with it a sense of freshness and new life. And e-liquids don’t get much fresher than Vaping.com’s unique Watermelon and Strawberry blend.

Gushing with flavor, there is a reason this fruity juice is one of the top reviewed e-liquids on our site.

If you want to blow away the cobwebs and give your taste buds a spring clean then we can also recommend this Sweet Peppermint e-liquid.

Cotton candy

Propaganda The Hype - Pink & Blue 60ml

The Hype – Pink & Blue 60ml


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$4.00 (20.01%)

What Easter celebration would be complete without a little candy?

Cities across the United States will fill up with lots of well-dressed men and women happy families this weekend the Easter Parades come to town.

What makes a great parade? The atmosphere, the entertainment, the clothes and, for me at least, the hard-working street vendors selling salted nuts, flowers and great hunks of silky popcorn.

Those pink balls of delicious candy are what Propoganda has tried to capture with this extra premium Cotton Candy e-liquid.

Basic brunch

Like brunch, but don’t take yourself too seriously? Cereal Killa Duchess is a fruity cereal/cream cake crossover juice that’s perfect at any time of day.

And any basic bruncher will love the fact that you can have two courses in one delicious mouthful.

If cereal and tres leches aren’t your things, there are lots of other great cereal flavors in our e-liquid range, including Berry Cereal Milk and fruit loop flavored Nora’s Dream.

Home baking

Does your kitchen smell like delicious home baking for the entire Easter weekend? No mine doesn’t either.

But believe me when I say that this delicious Key Lime Cookie dripping e-liquid is the next best thing. A thick VG-heavy e-liquid, it has a full on key lime tang complete with a buttery cookie aftertaste that will leave you salivating over your drip top.

Other dessert flavors include Solace’s saucy Butterscotch flavor and Cream Team Buttercream from King’s Crest.


Would it be a holiday without a little drink? I don’t think so.

There aren’t that many alcohol-flavored e-liquids out there, but one of the best is undoubtedly Castle Long, a dark Kentucky bourbon juice from Five Pawns.

This bourbon juice has a robust set of flavors including toasted coconut, roasted almond, vanilla and caramelized brown sugar.

If you’re looking for a more refreshing beverage-based vape, why not try a Blue Slushee or a Blood Orange Lemonade.

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