The Biggest Mistake New Vapers Make

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So, you’ve just settled on which device you’re going to get. Bought some vape juice to start trying out, and maybe got some replacement coils and even a spare tank. When it all arrives, you’ll be ready to start the vape journey!

And the vape journey is going to be fun. I envy you! But, from one vaper to another, in the spirit of friendship, I do need to warn you about the biggest mistake new vapers make.

OK, so you’re a smoker and and you’ve run out of cigarettes. What do you do? There might be a 711 nearby you can pick some up at, so you jump in your car and pick some up. Maybe there’s that crushed soft-pack in your glovebox with a couple of bent joints that are just about smokable? Or perhaps you ask someone if you can have (or purchase) one of theirs? Come on, we’ve all done it! Whatever, it usually feels like there’s a solution.

Vaping’s a little different. Firstly, it’s not as easy to find vaping supplies as it is to find smokes. For most people the vape store is a little way away compared to the c-store. So if you run out of liquid you’re going to have to find somewhere that stocks it. Out of hours this could be hard.

Secondly your vape is a battery powered device. If your battery runs out, you’re going to have to charge it up. This won’t be a problem if you’re by your computer or near a power socket, but if you’re out and about it can be a pain.

Realistically, you can’t bum a vape off someone. Sure, you might get a couple of toots on a close friend’s device (which is probably not a great idea, unless you carry alcohol swabs), but you’ll have to give it back. Also, this is assuming you have a close friend that vapes.

The biggest mistake new vapers make is not carrying a backup.

Without a backup, you WILL find yourself panicking, maybe buying a pack of smokes.

But, forewarned is forearmed, so what kind of a backup vape should you buy?

OK, so, you have two options: either you carry the supplies you need to service your device, or you carry another device. Let’s look at each in turn.

Carrying additional supplies.

Many vapers do this as a matter of course. They carry a small bag with spare batteries, spare liquid and spare coils. Simple! If your device doesn’t have a removable battery you could carry a powerbank. That will do the job, but it does take some time to do the charging.

NOTE: If you do carry spare batteries with you, please, please remember the first rule of battery safety: Don’t keep them loose in a bag or your pocket. Vape batteries can short and cause fires or excessive heat. Keep them in a case or in a sleeve.

But, if you’re like me, you really don’t want to carry around all this junk, so you might want a separate device instead.

Carry a backup vape

I’m assuming that you’ll want a backup that’s smaller and lighter than your current vape.

Now, here’s the thing. I think a backup should be just that – it shouldn’t be about trying to match the performance you expect from your existing vape. So, if you typically vape at 30 watts on a 6mg vape, consider carrying a backup which fires at 10 watts but contains an 18mg liquid. The reason for this? You’re able to carry a smaller device which will have less battery power, but the additional nicotine will see to it that you can vape longer until you can get your main vape back in action.

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