The Best Pod Flavors We’ve Vaped This Year

A few years ago, everyone was talking about huge clouds and sub-ohm devices that could push hundreds of watts in a single fire. For many vapers, vaping is about big devices, multiple batteries and power – but that isn’t the goal for every vaper. In fact, there is a growing number of vapers who simply just want an easy and reliable vaping solution. They don’t care for huge clouds, they just want to satisfy their desire without having to put much effort in. For those who want a simple vaping device that delivers a fulfilling amount of nicotine with each pull without huge vapor production there’s a new option – the pod system; and the wide variety of new and awesome pod flavors that come along with them.

What is a Pod System?

Vaping pod systems are gaining steam and becoming much more popular today. They are a step above normal e-cigarettes, but not as complex or powerful as box mods. Pod systems are designed for ultimate simplicity – most of them don’t have screens, and some don’t even have firing buttons. For those that are just transitioning to vaping, these devices provide several benefits including:

  • Ease of Use: Many pod system kits provide an all-in-one vaping solution. Just pop in a flavor pod and you’re ready to vape, right out of the box. Other vape systems like box mods require many more steps – assemble the device, prime the coil, insert the battery, fill the tank with juice and etc.
  • Familiar Experience: Instead of firing buttons, many mods only require for you to take a pull on the device to activate the vapor. For those who previously smoked cigarettes, this is a more familiar experience which makes for a smoother transition into vaping.
  • Stealth Vaping: Let’s face it, even when we’re proud of our vaping – sometimes we don’t want to blow huge clouds and haul around a humongous device. Pod systems give us the ability to draw a powerful hit from a compact device, satisfying our craving, without advertising our experience or drawing curiosity from those around us. Staff Favorites: Awesome Pod Flavors

Some pod system kits come with refillable pods that can be filled with your favorite vape juice flavors. Other devices accept branded pre-filled pods that are made for that specific brand’s devices. However, most brands often only offer a limited number of pod flavor options – so what are the best ones? At Vaping, we tried every pre-filled pod flavor we can get our hands on from three top pod system manufacturers – PHIX, SMPO and BO. Here’s our staff favorites from each brand.

Pod Flavors for PHIX Devices

Cool Melon

This cool and refreshing pod flavor is a 5% nicotine salts-based liquid that has been carefully formulated by Brewell Inc. A cool melon treat, this flavor combines the iciness of menthol with the succulence of melon to create the perfect summer day vaping option. Refreshing, cool and crisp, Phix Cool Melon is a pod flavor you’ll never get tired of.


For those looking for an awesome classic tobacco flavor, this option by Phix is a crowd favorite. Made to work with Phix’s highly-acclaimed pod systems, their pod flavors are in a class by themselves. With a patented 1.5 ohm ceramic coil, Phix pods provide a bold and strong vaping experience from the first puff to the last. This ‘Original Blend’ is a complex and advanced re-creation of the flavor of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Original Blend provides the tobacco satisfaction you remember without the smoke, chemicals and other dangerous additives found in traditional cigarettes.

Hard Strawberry

Another awesome pod flavor produced by Brewell Inc. is Hard Strawberry; a scrumptiously sweet flavor that captures every flavor tone of traditional strawberry hard candies. Bold flavors, smooth hits and sweet sensations are qualities often associated with Phix’s Hard Strawberry pod flavor. When you need sweet flavor and ultimate convenience – Phix’s products and pod flavors are sure to suit your needs and provide an ultimate vaping experience each and every time.

Butterscotch Tobacco

As a leader in the vape pod system market, Phix is one of the top innovators in pod flavors. For those looking for a traditional tobacco with a twist, Phix Butterscotch is a delicious option. Butterscotch delivers complex notes of tobacco with a delightful accent of creamy sweetness that can be compared to a rich creme brulee. Butterscotch gives you the same rich tobacco flavor you may remember from smoking, but without the smoke and with an amazing sweet aftertaste that you’ll appreciate on every pull.

Pod Flavors for NexLabs SMPO Device


This prefilled pod option was made specifically for SMPO pod systems, ensuring a mess-free always enjoyable vaping experience. This flavorful option has the overwhelming awesomeness of succulent mangos, with tropical backtones on every pull. When you want a Hawaiian twist on life without visiting the islands, you’ll want a few of these pods in your collection. SMPO has a wide variety of awesome pod flavors, and they scored big once again with their amazing Mango flavor.


If you’ve got a SMPO device and you’re a menthol lover, you’re in luck – SMPO Menthol is one of the most satisfying menthol pod flavors on the market today. This cool and icy flavor is one you should definitely keep in your collection. A cold inhale with a minty exhale that is sure to keep your breath sharp at all times. Each flavor pod contains 1.8 mL of fantastic vape juice and is made for a convenient vaping experience.

Summer Taste

What does summer taste like, you ask? Well, it’s the taste of sunshine, green trees and liveliness – and of course, watermelon and menthol. This awesome pod flavor is one that can both cool you down on a warm summer day, or give you a quick taste of summer on a cold winter night. Summer Taste pods were made specifically for the SMPO device and has been one of their top selling flavors since its inception.

Pod Flavors for Bo Vaping’s Bo One Device

KiwiBerries Ice

Produced specifically by Bo Vaping for their Bo device, KiwiBerries Ice is a cool treat that will make your taste buds jump. Bo Vaping makes it easier to customize your vaping experience by offering KiwiBerries Ice in both 35 mg/mL and 55 mg/mL. What are Kiwiberries? It’s an intense strawberry and kiwi blend enhanced with an arctic kick. If you want a relaxing vape – like sipping an ice-cold fruity smoothie – you’ll love Kiwiberries.

Mango Caps

Bo Vaping’s Mango Cap is like sipping on an exoctic drink after a long day of hard work. This pod flavor is a sweet tropical mango chock full of awesomely refreshing and exotic blasts of flavor. If you have one of Bo Vaping’s pod system devices, Mango is a pod flavor that is sure to compliment your pod collection and deliver the perfect flavor profile every time.

A Final Word On Pod Flavors

The great news for pod system fans is that pod flavors have really come a long way. Sure, most pod systems offer refillable pods that you can fill with any vape juice; but that can take away from one of the biggest advantages of using a pod system – convenience and no-mess refills. Over the next few months, you’ll see many new pre-filled pod flavors hit the market, which will allow you to keep a nice varied collection of pods and have more options than ever! Vape on!

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