Suffolk Smokers will Vape to Quit

A health resort in Suffolk will be cooperating with a local vape shop to offer a group program for smoking cessation through vaping. Press releases on the workshop call it the first of its kind in the UK.

The six-week program will be conducted by Live Well Suffolk at the E-Cig Emporium in Felixstowe, and will include not only behavioral support but carbon monoxide monitoring to measure progress (and no doubt to monitor compliance with program recommendations as well).

Buzz Seager of LWS will manage the program, which aims at total cessation for participants, over time. Dual users are also invited to participate.

Says Seager: “We know that 35% of people who stopped smoking last year quit using e-cigarettes and we are having more and more people asking about using them as a smoking cessation tool.”

Of course the issue is a thorny one, rife with controversy and misinformation. Although a growing number of reputable population studies continue to show that vaping IS effective for smoking cessation, nonetheless e-cigarette manufacturers and distributors (including vape shops like Felixstowe’s E-Cig Emporium) are still barred by law from advertising their products in this way. But there is no law prohibiting a health organization’s promotion of this feature of the product.

Seager calls the program a “healthy lifestyle service”, and notes that health maintenance organizations like Live Well Suffolk need to have knowledge about e-cigs in order to help people make informed choices.

“For example,” he says, “it’s important that people consider the quality of the e-cigarette they are using and choose a product that regulates the amount of nicotine it releases, and also opt for lower-strength liquid capsules.”

Not to mention the need to advocate for quality products whose batteries won’t explode in your face. Since regulatory agencies worldwide have dragged their heels on demanding quality control, it behooves organizations in the public sector to take up the slack.

The opening session is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31, from 5.30 (17:30)-6.30pm, and contact information is in the linked article.


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