Is the bad news that e-cigarettes are harmful to health true?


I’m using e-cigarettes recently. Today,I watch TV news that “the United States has stopped selling e-cigarettes, and domestic sales are still hot”. It means that the e-cigarettes contain carcinogenic ingredients. Looking at the Internet, there are also much negative news about e-cigarettes. I don’t know if it is a malicious attack by the traditional cigarette manufacturer or if it’s true. I hope the majority of internet users to give me authoritative answers.

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I work on foreign trade, and exports often, especially to the United States. I exported the e-cigarette recently, so I have done a thorough understanding of e-cigarettes, both  in domestic and abroad market.
Let me tell you about the cause and effect. Just last year, the United States did prohibit e-cigarettes, but due to the collective appeal of the Electronic Cigarette Association, the United States finally lifted the ban. However, the United States doesn’t recommend electronic cigarettes at present because the reason is very simple. This involves the interests of the traditional tobacco industry.

Whether the E-cigarettes is good or bad, you can think like this. Generally speaking, people who attacks electronic cigarettes is saying that it has nicotine, and if people understand nicotine in a little bit, they know that nicotine is not carcinogenic. As long as the amount is proper, it is absolutely not harmful, and the nicotine content of vape is very small when vape one mouth by ono mouth. So people can’t be poisoned by nicotine.And if you look at cigarettes again, the real harm to cigarettes is the tar and carbon monoxide and these carcinogens produced by tobacco combustion.

Therefore, people who attack electronic cigarettes have nicotine harming human health. This is totally untrue. And if you know more about it, there are almost all nicotine in smoking cessation products, such as smoking chewing gum and smoking cessation stickers. Both contain nicotine. This is because the most common method of quitting smoking in the world is nicotine replacement therapy. And why do other smoking cessation products have nicotine, why not be exaggerated? Because the success rate of smoking cessation products for those smoking cessation products is indeed very low, only e-cigarettes have the exact smoking cessation effect. This is why the tobacco industry is so nervous. Now foreign electronic cigarette vendors are using facts to speak, they track the use of customers and statistics.

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Finally we come to the conclusion that e-cigarettes are indeed of very high success rates for smoking cessation. So in foreign countries,e-cigarettes have a very large number of people who are very much in favor of e-cigarettes. At this time, the government wants to ban but is powerless. Let’s give you an e-cigarette history. E-cigarettes were all invented by China and should have been invented in 2004.
In 2006, it began to be commercialized. At that time, a certain brand of electronic cigarette was advertised on a certain TV station in Shanghai. This was the first time that the electronic cigarette met with the public. It caused a great sensation at that time. Because people thought that nicotine was a highly toxic substance at the time, they didn’t understand nicotine at all. After the e-cigarette’s temporary sales were booming, it stopped short. Moreover, the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency conducted a sample survey of e-cigarettes. At the time of 2007, it was explicitly stated that nicotine inhalers weren’t included in the supervision of medical devices. It shows that e-cigarettes are not drugs, which also gives e-cigarettes a chance for rebirth.

As people get to know nicotine. And electronic cigarettes have also been changed to introduce zero concentration vape cartridges, which are e-cigarettes that don’t contain nicotine. E-cigarettes have gradually emerged in Shenzhen. And to the export, and constantly updates its technology.

Now the most advanced and best quality electronic cigarette are produced in Shenzhen. And in the past two years, e-cigarettes have welcomed the climax of e-cigarette development. As of 2008 and 2009, electronic cigarette exports were very hot. There was a time when dealers lined up at manufacturers to pick up goods. Many times are rich and can not mention goods, and some foreign customers are also buying electronic cigarettes.

At that time, as long as the vape can produce smoke, they are sold out shortly, and many countries have also developed into specialized electronic cigarette retail stores in these two years. Some friends will certainly ask. Is e-cigarette not banned by many countries? This is indeed true. E-cigarettes have indeed been banned in certain countries, but why don’t you investigate them carefully? Many of the bans were implicated, and many countries banned cigarettes. By the way, electronic cigarettes were also banned. For example, Turkey is like this. They just banned cigarettes. Smoking is illegal, just like anti-drug.

A Billion Lives has unveiled the unknown side of e-cigarettes

Global e-cigarette / vape sales continue to increase

Some time ago, countries such as Thailand, Seychelles, Brazil, and Argentina banned the sale of electronic cigarettes. However, sales of electronic cigarettes have continued to increase worldwide. This article describes the story of a growing e-cigarette industry through some charts – but how many people understand the e-cigarette’s consumption and why people buy e-cigarettes?

1.Vape is increasing in popularity

According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, since 2000, the number of smokers in the world has been small but steadily declining, from the then 1.14 billion to the current 1.1 billion. However, the vape situation is completely different.

Number of adults using vape products worldwide (million)

The number of vape users is increasing rapidly, from about 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016. The Orie International Market Research Group estimates that the number of adults using vape will reach 55 million by 2021.

2.The cost of people spending on e-cigarettes is gradually increasing

As the number of people who vape increases, the e-cigarette market is expanding. The global steam product market is currently estimated to be worth $22.6 billion (£17.1 billion), up from $4.2 billion five years ago.

The United States, Japan and the United Kingdom are the largest steam smoke markets. In 2016, three countries spent a total of US$163 billion on smokeless tobacco and steam smoke products.

Vape Products Top 10 Markets in the World

The USA is the main market of vape, Japan second and  UK third.

2016 Market Size of Smokeless Cigarettes and Vape Products (Millions of U.S. Dollars)

European countries such as Sweden, Italy, Norway and Germany also rank among the top 10.

3.Open system e cigarette is the most popular

There are two main types of electronic cigarettes: open systems and closed systems.

In open systems, atomized cigarette oil can be manually refilled by the user. There is also a removable filter.

Vape Products: Global Market Development

Closed-type electronic cigarettes are replaced with ready-made ones and screwed directly onto the electronic cigarette battery. Since 2011, the gap between the open electronic cigarette and closed electronic cigarette has gradually widened.

It is estimated that this year, steam smoke users will spend 8.9 billion US dollars to buy open electronic cigarettes – also known as pen electronic cigarettes, more than twice the number of closed e-cigarettes.

4.Most people buy e-cigarettes from stores

According to a report released by Ernst & Young, most e-cigarette users purchase the device at professional stores.

According to the survey, in 2015, 35% of e-cigarette users in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, and South Korea purchased e-cigarettes at the e-cigarette store.

Out of 3,000 users surveyed by Kantar for Ernst & Young, 21% said they have purchased e-cigarettes online.

People think that consumers may personally purchase their first electronic cigarette to become familiar with new products or seek advice to purchase the product that best suits them.

The UK is Europe’s largest e-cigarette market, with an estimated 2,000 vape shops.

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5.Why do people vape?

Among the countries surveyed by Ernst & Young, the most common reason for using e-cigarettes is that they are “less harmful than ordinary cigarettes.” About 49% of ordinary users said that using electronic cigarettes can help them.

A recent report on vape from the Department of Public Health in the UK highlighted evidence that e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes, and so far there is no evidence that e-cigarettes may encourage young people to smoke. The agency also recommends the use of e-cigarettes based on prescriptions as they help people to help tobacco smoking and help stop smoking.

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A Billion Lives has unveiled the unknown side of e-cigarettes

Today I will introduce a movie to you, and its name is A Billion Lives. This is the first movie about e-cigarettes/vape in the world, it is also a documentary film and won many awards. So I firmly introduce to you guys all!

1 Prophecy

The documentary film shows that there will be a billion people died of smoking according to WHO.

The film director and producer, Aaron Bibert, has visited four continents, interviewed the doctors, scientists, technical experts and policymakers of the major international health organizations, and answered questions about the safety and health of electronic cigarettes.

The independent film aims to emphasize that tobacco substitutes can save lives.

The film published notable results recently, which mentioned that e-cigarettes and steam products are 95% safer than smoking and could reduce about 21% of the deaths associated with smoking.


2 Real Murderer

Bibert, the director of the film, became an advocate of “smokers’ choice” after witnessing his friend died of lung cancer. The movie also shows that nicotine is not a killer, tar and burning tobacco are real murderers, and e-cigarettes can help people to replace and control smoking.

E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, also non burning, but pharmaceutical enterprises, anti-smoking groups, tobacco enterprises and even the government authority accuse it as a rumor and take excessive regulatory measures to ban e-cigarettes worldwide.


3 The truth

Why do so many operations and organizations take various measures to suppress and prohibit e-cigarettes?

Take China as an example.

The famous Chinese brand cigarettes pay more than 120 billion yuan a year.

In contrast, HUAWEI, the highest paid high-tech private enterprise in China, paid 33 billion 700 million yuan in 2015, accounting for less than 1/3 of Chinese cigarettes.

This is just a brand of cigarettes, if we count them all together, the annual tax trillions of “painless” fund-raising is a fairly generous source of fiscal revenue.

Internationally, tobacco trade is dominated by several major Security Council countries.

Because of climate reasons, Russia’s local tobacco production is not high and quality is not so good, because large quantities of tobacco can only be imported.

4 Are you the one in 1 billion?

At the beginning of the film, it says ‘All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;the point is to discover them.’

Truth is to be discovered, but it takes plenty of insight and knowledge to discover a lie. It takes a lot of guts and courage to fight with a lie.

Truth is often naked, but lies wear gorgeous clothes with a lot of bewilderment.

Have you been confused the direction when smoking?

How much is the ‘a billion lives’?

I calculate approximately: If we hand in hand, it can circle the earth 40 times.


Director Bibert said: “Not every film maker has the opportunity to tell people a story which can save hundreds of millions of lives.

A Billion Lives is such an opportunity. We will not waste this opportunity.


We will do our utmost to allow this movie to influence all generations and let hundreds of millions of smokers put their cigarettes down. ”


Vape / e-cigarettes have the same expectation as Bibert.


Every one of these millions people can keep their health in the right manner.

The movie trailer

RHBVE launches a heat but not burn special zone seriously

Recent days, we have been told that the RHBVE will launch a heating but not burning special zone in Shenzhen, China, October 1st-3nd, which arouses many people’s attention.

Some professionals seen this news and said: ‘This special zone is well-setup, and will continue to remain the cornerstone. Since IQQS first introduced in Japan and brought out the heat but not burned products, it would soon spread to the world. The reason why IQQS is so popular is the demand of replacing cigarettes in the public area is increasingly boosting. Under the rigid demand of market environment, many heat but not burned products come into being. But we still have no business special exhibition zone.

Recently, the sponsor visited many companies such as Bodie, Kamry, Saensi, Smoking-frog Technology and IUOC. It is reported that the great smog products is gradually confined to players market in China. The existing 300,000-400,000 professional players is far more enough to support the development of e-cigarette in China. Two years ago, the entity shops which were focused on players market are hard to survive now.

500 million cigarette citizen markets are the key to China’s development in the e-cigarette industry. Now the technology becomes ripe, the market has the strong rigid demand, it is the excellent opportunity to make our efforts to introduce the products.  The sponsor RHBVE follows the market trend and introduces the ‘heating but not burning special zone’.

It is known that the heating but not burning special zone is set up in the No.7 Exhibition in Shenzhen, China, October 1st-3nd.

The sponsor has reported that, for the special zone, we will recruit the buyers by RHBVE international platforms, including: Japan-Korean business channels, ISG international buyers pairing and present channels introducing.

How to do it? The sponsor has shared the specific three methods as follows.

In the most popular IQOS market region, such as Japan and Korea, through the help of the group buyer data, the accurate launch of the promotion, recommended heating non burning products, in order to exploit the business super channel of Japan and South Korea.

Through the ISG Department of Reed group, the international buyers of international demand for tobacco products are invited to match at the exhibition site.

Through the call center, short message and email group, the buyers who are interested in the vape product are selected from the database of 500 thousand gift buyers to promote the non burning products.


We’ll see that this multidimensional buyers introduction creates opportunities for cigarette replacing markets in China!

Electronic cigarette? Heat not burning cigarette? Traditional tobacco? How Japanese deal with IQOS

A heartbeat choice– The Review of Aslan Vape Juice

What kinds of vape juice can be called as a good one? Indeed, not merely its palate, but also its fog volume, layering, the feeling that hit the throat as well as carbon deposit will affect the direct representation of the vape juice. A good vape juice should have a balanced quality in all respects.

Aslan vape juice e liquid

Today’s hero product is Aslan. Its palate is cherry and kiwi, which has a high freshness.

Aslan vape juice e liquid

The outer packing is very simple, the vape juice’s name is on the dark background. The glass dropper bottle has 60ml, the nicotine content is 3 mg, the proportion of smog and oil is 30/70.

Aslan vape juice e liquid

The bar code on the outer packing can check the authenticity of the product, which means it is very reassured for the players.

Aslan vape juice e liquid

When opening the bottle, you will feel the strong cherry aroma.

The cherry and kiwi smell is quite light.

When tasting, you will smell full fruit flavor.

When vaping, you can feel the flavor are mixing.

The whole layering is pretty good.

The restoration of the taste is in place.

The smell is very strong under the continuous vaping.

The flavor of kiwi can be felt in the last process.

The fog volume is pretty good.

Aslan vape juice e liquid

The palate of Aslan is pretty good, the smell is very strong under the continuous vaping, the palate of anterior-posterior part is very good. The restoration of the smell has no sense of derealization. This sample has already been vaped for a long time by me, the carbon deposit is very rare, all factors are pretty balanced. If you like it, you can have a try!

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A new way to aproach MTL | ADVKEN MANTA RTA

The fashion of vaping has been returned again, and many brands are beginning to go online to absorb the positioning style of RTA products. In the vape circle, it is called MTL RTA. MTL is the same as our common RDTA positioning mode ,which was named for the usage mode . The atomizer displayed on the market is RDTA, which can be liquid or stored. MTL is the product of the e-liquid storage atomizer.

The MANTA RTA (devil fish),introduced by ADVKEN, has been on market for a long time, and in the future, with the MTL upsurging, the MANTA RTA’s version of the mouthpiece again – MANTA MTL RTA, this 24MM diameter MTL atomizer is the hero to share with you today.

Materials in the factory packages are as follows: the body of the atomizer X1/ wiping cloth X1/ compatibilizer X1/ cotton X1/ spare seal ring a number of spare screws X2/ finished product Clapton coil X1/ screwdriver. This atomizer has five color matching, and can change the storage capacity of 2ML and 3ML through the replacement of glass storage.

The bottom intake regulating ring can be dismantled independently, but the plant’s damping seal is slightly tightened. If you can run a little bit of oil, the sealing ring will be more handy when it is adjusted. Judging by the span of the inlet, the MTL is a “microporous” intake suction setting is different from the market. It does not seem to be reconciled to the use of tight suction only using a fine line.

Although many friends hold the opinion that the use of KFLP remains enduring, the principle of buying new and not buying the old is not groundless. Like the evolution of the oil injection, KFLP needs to rely on a screwdriver or a specific tool to open the oil storehouse, and then to the MANTA MTL RTA, the unleaking risk of the top oil injection structure today, which is an indication of a new era.

The operational convenience mentioned above is the user experience of today’s nebulizer design, and MANTA MTL RTA uses three component components, and the convenience of daily cleaning is obvious. At the same time,after the 510 thin suction mouths are removed, the structure can also see that the atomizer is still at rest, and the lossless core changing operation can be realized.

The position of the air hole is clearly visible on the electrode table, which is similar to that of the Bumblebee we used to touch. MANTA MTL RTA is a direct way of side inlet coil, which is approximately similar to the WOTOFO SMM RTA intake design route, and it can basically exclude some fine lines from 28G and other ports in the actual data use.

The cotton grooves are very wide, and the newcomers often have oil leaks or oil guide speeds on the almost open cotton grooves, and here are three reasonable priorities for novice friends:
1. The cotton feet should not be too long, just touching the bottom of the cotton through with a slight allowance.
2. cotton feet must be arranged to fluffy state, the more fluffy the better (Fluffy is not equal to sparse loose)
3. two side guide holes are held up by loose cotton (not tight), and there is no gap between the oil guide hole and cotton.

If newcomers do not have enough confidence in cotton craftsmanship, it is recommended that you use the 3 circle path on the atomizer. ;

The overall workmanship quality of MANTA MTL RTA continues the solid level of ADVKEN. After the disassemble of the base table is completely visible, the simple and clear structure can be disintegrated after the bottom electrode screw is disassembled, which is beneficial to the cleaning of the condensing in the bottom air intake space for a long time.

The original Clapton coil is about 0.45 euro, using 3 circle /4 circle. But in the use of air intake even in the 50% closed state is still larger, the 20-30% closed intake condition can achieve a comfortable light lung absorption experience, so this MANTA MTL RTA does not belong to the common “MTL” style, it is more biased towards the use of light lung absorption.

The two large orifice of the atomizer can meet the fuel consumption of about 0.5 European Clapton coils. This atomizer, which does not have the bottleneck of the oil guide, has enough taste. As a common 6MG, the full throats caused by the use of light lung suction also make the atomizer not limited to the present. Salt nicotine juice.

The span of the inlet is too large for the original Clapton coil, and the inability to use more than 50% of the intake air on this atomizer is in most cases the excess intake. But looking at this structure in a different way, it may be set up for a Clapton coil with a higher heat, after all, how fast the heat span is determined by the large intake of the air.

For single line heat coil, because the positioning of the atomizer intake, it is doomed to not be associated with the common “taste data”, such as the players commonly used in the MTL RTA 26G and 28G even the 30G line diameter, these slow heat resistance data will appear to lose the whole sense of tight and full taste. In the experience of using 24G diameter A1, the air inlet is basically closed to the small circular hole, which is softer than Clapton.

Although the MANTA MTL is positioned for mouth suction, the MTL is not MTL through its product structure dismantling and actual experience. It does not pay attention to the traditional style of the use of suction, instead of the whole structure of the design of the light lung suction direction. We don’t discuss whether a MTL is is good, bad or exclusive to traditional mouth suction performance, our actual experience tells the user, MANTA MTL RTA is a perfect match of the traditional 6MG concentration of vape juice, which meets 70%VG  viscosity of the daily amount of RTA vaping needs .

Where to buy: Vapesourcing


ADVKEN solicits a new LOGO globally, and a cash prize of 6666 yuan will be presented to the finalists!

The world’s first vape E-liquid anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling verification system was officially released!

On June 1st, the non-profit organization,National E-liquid Association of America held a news conference in Los Angeles and launched the E-cigarette E-liquid anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling verification system to the world


The system tracks the flow direction of cigarette E-liquid through the unique verification code of each bottle, eliminating the occurrence of counterfeit and smuggled cigarette E-liquid from producer to retailer, and further regulate the global cigarette E-liquid market, ensuring the health of consumers.

E-liquid anti-counterfeiting

The newly released E-cigarette E-liquid system consists of a database terminal and a mobile phone communication terminal and other terminals. It is open to mobile phone APP downloads for IOS and Android multi-platform users. Users can directly scan and verify the unique verification code of each bottle of cigarette E-liquid by the mobile phone APP. Through the verification code we can understand all the point-in-time of the smoke E-liquid from the factory production to the wholesale distribution, and then to the retail outlets, which makes us achieve the full tracking of electronic cigarette E-liquid production.

Dave Barela, president of the National E-liquid Association, said that vapes were first invented by the Chinese and have grown rapidly in recent years. Currently, in the global E-liquid market, the United States and Malaysia are the most important production areas, especially the United States, has the best quality of E-liquid,  which has also led to a large number of counterfeiting and smuggling of US E-liquid. Many counterfeit goods are of inferior raw materials, and in order to pursue profits,companies smuggle cigarette E-liquid often dilute E-liquid for extending capacity. They pursue greater profits.

E-liquid anti-counterfeiting

Erwin Erwin, vice president of the National Vape Oil Association of the United States, said: Last year, Brazil, China, France and other places successively exposed smoke smuggling and counterfeiting cases, many of which were based on US-originated vape oil. The Vape Oil Association paid close attention to the progress of the follow-up case and also assisted law enforcement officers in multiple regions in providing professional guidance on the identification of vape juice.

E-liquid anti-counterfeiting

Irwin Erwin emphasized that E-cigarette E-liquid enters the lungs and other organs after combustion, and the quality of the ingredients has a significant impact on the health of users. Effective technical measures must be taken to supervise the entire production and sales process. The system will achieve this goal very well. The first launch of the verification area will cover areas such as South America, Asia-Pacific, and South Europe, where counterfeit E-liquid have accumulated for years. It is believed that the confusion in the local market will be alleviated to certain extent by this system.

Smok Launched the Voice Control Vape – I – PRIV

SMOK launched a high-power electronic cigarettes on its blog—-the “I – PRIV”.It’s time for the ai smart mini-cigarette.

The most amazing specialty is that the I – PRIV electronic suit has the voice control function. It was equipped with 16 instructions words, and each instruction corresponds to a specific action. In the state of power-on, it can not only understand instructions,but also talk with us after receiving instructions words. Consequently, On the official poster, as their slogan, we can see the words “Just Obey you”.

Looking at this kind of electronic cigarette, (we) exclaim for the speed of electronic cigarette innovation! From touch screen to full screen, and then to the AI, this vape is more and more similar to the smart phone in function.

In the introduction, as the official propaganda saying, “covered with the exoskeleton armor from the future science and technology”, I – PRIV is made of the new type of alloy, and  the whole body seems to be full of power. From the photos, it really looks like iron man, and especially, the HD-TFT screen inlaid into the body,is so similar to the energy ball in the chest of iron man, which is full of sense of science and technology

Besides, the UI is replaceable. I – PRIV design has the new dynamic user interfaces. You can see the output from the interface mode, smoke effects, working voltage, battery, resistance, etc., the steam data becomes more intuitive. Three models: the model of power (W)/memory (M), temperature control mode, six kinds of display colors.


It is understood that besides the voice intelligent identification function, the electronic cigarette can perfectly hold 20700, 21700 batteries, but if you don’t want to let the 18650 abandoned in the home, you can get directly the section double batteries of 18650 adapter in the negative direction, then the adapter into the host cell slot!


The function of the electronic cigarette equipment also gradually become abundants nowadays with the vape industry development. Though the intelligent voice control function of I – Priv  isn’t like SIRI as you think, it’s regarded as a big step forward in the development of the industry. The future of the electronic cigarette industry will be developed toward the direction of more intelligent, more convenient in life for consumers.

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Riding a white horse is not necessarily the same as a prince, a flash of sparkling crystal is not necessarily a star, hello, everyone, I am Jesse, today I’ll share a glittering gadget, the last time I said it’s a pity that the vaporizer didn’t flash, and made me lose face. SMOK’s TFV12 BABY PRINCE vape has greatly made up for my traumatized mind, and the nebulizer has other black technology, and let’s take a look at the vape.

1. Packing

Well, it’s still the packaging we are still familiar with, the familiar taste, drawing type + space cover paper box, the front is the SMOK brand LOGO, looking at the picture and color of the nebulizer on the box, I know the nebulizer is absolutely purple before unboxing, below is the nebulizer name, the back is some products information and accessories, the side are some anti-counterfeit letter. The same packaging style hasn’t been changed for 10 thousand years, if I said I did not see the above picture of the above introduction,no one will believe it. Haha, then the familiar actions: tear film, open the box.

2. Structure

Like the previous SMOK products, the main body is the body of the atomizer, the manual, the warranty card, the spare glass bin (thin warehouse), the apron, the spare atomizer, and so on. There are 2 spare atomizing cores, and there is one in the atomizer. This time SMOK actually gave three atomizing cores, and I was scared. The big smoke pressed the shock. The main body of the atomizer is stainless steel material, high 53.7mm, base diameter 22mm, thin warehouse diameter 22mm, fat bin diameter 26mm, bare weight 55g, fat storage capacity 4.5ml, thin warehouse capacity 3ml. You see, I said it was purple, and I predicted it. Please call me the wizard.

The disassembly of the atomizer is really simple, mainly the 5 parts of the base, the atomization core, the fat glass bin, the drop mouth, the integral oil injection top cover, and the novice can easily complete it. In order to prevent the scratching hands from making the design of chamfering or curling, there was no hair removal and no hand cutting in the process of disassembly

In the most concerned oil leakage problem of the newbies, it can be said that the treatment is quite good, in every need to seal the parts, all have a rubber ring seal, the rubber ring material is very wide and thick, especially the base of L type rubber ring, not only prevent side leakage and leak proof, I have used for two days, no leakage of oil.

The TFV series representative revolving top cover structure, the small button that prevents misopening through the inner clasp on the oil cover. When pushing the top cover, it is necessary to press the button to push the cap open. In the position of the injection hole, a rubber pad is used to prevent the oil leakage. A small modification is used to prevent the rotary junction very effectively. It is easy to be mistaken for oil. The drop mouth is still a snakes drop mouth with a 510 universal interface with a rubber ring with a smooth touch. The inside of the mouth is a funnel – like structure that prevents condensation from being sucked directly into the mouth. Of course, if you don’t like or don’t worry about this structure, you can change the other 510 drops with a rubber ring.

3. Atomizing core

It says the nebulizer is in addition to a 4 – hair 0.4 – European nebulizer core, and there are 2 other atomizing cores. Before the core has been built, many people have used it. We look at the spare core, which is the 12 core of 0.15 o, and the 12 hair sounds scary, but it is also a common atomizer for the SMOK brand. What’s the difference between this one?

Did you see? This is a luminescent core, matching the luminescent host, is not more forced, this is still in the light of the situation is not too obvious, if it is in the case of weak light, such as the X store, the effect will not need me to say it? This is the core of the red light. It is said that there are green light and orange light core, which can be purchased separately.

In addition to the luminous atomization core, another spare atomizer is not simple, 0.15 European net nebulization core, the net nebulizer has several products, like CETO, MESH, but these are all DIY nebulizer, I used in the finished product for the first time, I heard there is another finished nebulizer called the Skynet, but I did not use After a while, I’ll try the taste of the net nebulized core.

4. Use

First from the 12 emitting 0.15 European core of luminescence, the best power recommended by the official is 60-80W, and then we push it directly by 80W. The smoke and oil are my favorite red wine ice. My grain grade tobacco oil is basically used on all my atomizers. The taste is very familiar to me and the main flavor is the strong flavor of the grape. Medium cool, like drinking a cold grape juice, no wine taste, of course, I did not feel the taste of alcohol on the other atomizer, and I was satisfied with the degree of reduction, the power of the 12 core 80W is still less than 528, but it is more than the amount of oil and oil smoke in my hand. Big, of course, big smog means fuel consumption is just the same.

The final show is the net nebulization core, 0.17 o official recommended the best power is 60-70W, according to the usual use of 70W to push, heat quickly, feeling faster than that 12 hair fever, smog is delicate, grape flavor is slightly lighter than 12 hair, cool taste is similar, the sweetness is a bit heavy, in general, I’m satisfied, smog The quantity is almost the same as that of the 12, but it is still stronger than the ordinary single drop oil. The fuel consumption is still moving.

Well, it’s time to sum up again. Through the experience of a few days, SMOK TFV12 BABY PRINCE nebulizer set up all the advantages of SMOK in front of the nebulizer, no oil leaking, excellent technology, simple and convenient way of refueling, high reduction, big smoke, and now add the more forced light fogs. The black technology of the core, and the nebulization core of the net, is more playable, and the nebulizer can give you the desire for the taste and the smoke performance you want, whether it’s entering a pit or a step. Finally, thank you for your view and support, bye bye.

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