Bitcoin is the name of the e liquid

When the oil and oil homogenization is very serious, I see a sudden appearance of a very new oil, the name is very interesting, the name is BTC.

BTC is the English alphabet for bitcoin. The Chinese name of this cigarette is called Bitebi.

Observing this vape packaging found that it is not called bitcoin, its so simple, packaging is also directly linked to bitcoin. The golden background is the electronic circuit in the background. Look, it’s a full bit of bitcoin.

This kind of play is the first time not only in the electronic cigarette industry, but also in other industries.

Not only is packaging linked directly to bitcoin, but also playing is directly linked to bitcoin.

It is understood that this cigarette oil each package has put a collection card, saying “set 6 coins, get 50 thousand yuan worth of bitcoin!”

Which 6? The 6 most popular digital currencies were selected: bitcoin, ether currency, world currency, Monroe currency, Wright currency and Ruby money.

When you buy the oil, disassemble the package and get the coin card. Just scrape out the image of a coin, take the coin card in the opposite direction by sharing the photos with the bitcoin oil photos and share the information in the circle of friends.

Bitcoin treasure

Set up any 4 different coins, you can exchange 60ML bottle of a bottle! Together with 6 coins, it can be exchanged for a bitcoin that worths 50 thousand yuan. This is not a bitcoin. It’s a real bitcoin.


Is the coin card hard to scrape out the coin? After detailed researching, it is not difficult. The general dealer steamed library technology of this kind of vape oil tells us that every coin card can scrape out the image of the coin.


The design is very good. How about the taste of the oil? Do you have a good smoking? I began to think that this vape oil was just a good concept, and the smell of vape would not be amazing. But after the test, it was found wrong.

Often vaping electronic cigarette has a similar experience that the vape oil tastes not good, especially the fruit flavor oil, 20ML, 30ML, after half a bottle or a bottle, they are enough of that, and do not want to vape anymore.

But it was found that the oil was very worth vaping. In order to verify the resistance to the intolerant, the oil is 60ML, I have finished 3 bottles, now vape the fourth bottle, and found it not greasy, and has the desire to continue to vape it.

The taste is clear and refreshing, like the entrance of wine,  more delicious, more tastes, like the fresh taste after rain. It smells refreshing.

It seems that this kind of vape oil will become the popular hit product.

Warning! Vaping artificial cannabis oil is dangerous. 93 American soldiers have been suffering

According to foreign media reports, the United States military warned that artificial cannabis oil is dangerous, and said in January, about 60 soldiers and marine fighters in North Carolina and 33 soldiers in Utah suffered serious medical problems.

The U. S. Army public health center Monday public health warning said that soldiers have a headache, nausea, vomiting, heart palpitations, pupil expansion, dizziness, excitement or spasm, and other health problems. All these diseases are related to the use of cannabinoids.

cannabis oil
Since the US Army has banned the use of the so-called CBD oil or cannabis products, some soldiers have replaced synthetic oils.

Chanel S. Chanel, spokeswoman for the US public health center, said Chanel S. is the top priority to stop this trend.

Correction: the army public health department has corrected their reports and indicated that no deaths were attributed to synthetic cannabinoids.

IQOS is meant to collect user information in software

According to the daily mail, iQOS is meant to be able to collect personal data about users’ smoking habits, saying the tobacco giant has established a database of iQOS customers registered in the company.

The company has developed a software application that can extract information about users’ smoking rules from the iQOS device and use it for marketing purposes when users plug them into the USB charging system. Data collected included daily number of aspirated and average consumption.

TechInsights, Ottawa, Canada, is a company specializing in reverse engineering technology and equipment. The company investigated the internal structure of iQOS and pointed out to the Reuters that iQOS is equipped with two microcontroller chips, one of which is responsible for upgrading the device to support the storage and use of information and then send it back to the philipmo company.

From the chip product description, the data may include detailed information, such as the number of times the user sucked, and the number of times a person smokes on the designated date. The company inspected hardware and components, and did not test the software function.

“The software that controls temperature and time in the device” is not used for marketing purposes, “the company said.” the data in the device is not related to a particular consumer, only related to the device. ”

Gregory Connolly, a professor at the Northeastern University in Boston, studied iQOS technology and patents, saying that the ability of Philo international to collect user data can bring a significant advantage.

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Japanese electronic cigarette lovers create the world’s first girl body flavour e liquid

Recently, in a Japanese VAPE circle, a Japanese electronic cigarette lover’s tweets quickly became popular. A new study found that the unique aroma of girls indeed exists, and it is a mixture of lactone C10 and C11. There are even research reports.

A Japanese electronic cigarette lover released a unique twitter of girls.


In many natural products, propanone and butanlactone are very important sources of aroma. The two kinds of lactones mentioned above, C10 called “decanaltone”, have a strong smell of coconut – peaches and diluted with peach flavor; C11 is called “propane eleven lactone”, with strong fats and peach – almond odors, and the taste of peach after dilution. In fact, these two kinds of lactone taste quite rich, and can show a variety of tastes at different concentrations.

vape hk

Do you think things are going to end in such a simple way? As an electronic cigarette lover, he personally turned on the e liquid to see if he could test the right formula. If you succeed, you can suck the fragrance of your sister anytime and anywhere.

From right to left, from right to left, is a very strong coconut milk flavor, pure coconut oil (which looks a bit like essence), and nicotine – flavored peaches (wow… Death, you know), used for dilution of peach flavor. Before long, “sweet sister” flavor tobacco oil was born.


In the mood of excitement and apprehension, the big brother dropped the smoke into the nebulizer. After a while, the elder brother sighed with emotion.

“Then the expert said,” the direction of the human race is going to come out. It is the same. It is the most important thing. It is the same. It is the same. キモくてすみません。”

Top 100 Most popular Instagram vaping hashtags

Here is our pick of top 100 most popular Instagram vaping hashtags. Vaping has become a worldwide phenomenon. Not only is it a lifestyle but vaping has also changed the lives of many people who have committed to smoking e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. Advocacy and promotion are a huge part of being involved in vaping and what better way to do that than through social media. There are many ways to interact on social media and many platforms to do so, one being Instagram. In order to increase a following on Instagram, users must be aware of the various hashtags that can be used to garner attention. We have compiled a list of the top 100 most popular Instagram vaping hashtags爏o you can use them to get more attention on your feed!

  1. #vapelife ?This one refers to those who embrace vaping as a lifestyle. You might put this on an image of you smoking your vape.
  2. #vapeporn ?This one sounds a little crass but it might be used to get some attention if you have a really amazing vape cloud when you first take a puff. It can be used to exemplify any post that is aesthetically pleasing.
  3. #vapelyfe ?This hashtag is exactly like the first but it uses different spelling.
  4. #vapecommunity ?This hastag speaks to the notion that there is a community involved in vaping. There is a large following of people who are invested in vaping.
  5. #vapefam ?The hashtag is used by those who consider their vaping community as an extended family. It speaks to the idea that people who vape truly do build community around the piece of equipment. It is more than a pastime.
  6. #vaping ?This hashtag is pretty self-evident but it might be used by someone who is just getting used to using instagram and is unfamiliar with all the hashtags that can be used.
  7. #vapor ?This would be the same as the above comment.
  8. #vapeon ?This one refers to the common phrase, 揔eep calm, carry on?in other words 揔eep calm, vape on?
  9. #vapestagram and #instavape ?These tags are a on words combining vape and instagram.
  10. #ejuice ?This one refers to the liquid that is used in a vape. Someone may use this to designate the fact that they are trying out a new type of e-liquid.
  11. #subohm ?Subohm refers to the process of vaping that increases the size of the cloud a vaper produces. It can also result in a better, stronger flavour from the e-liquid. People will use this tag to indicate that they have produced a large cloud and taken a picture of it.
  12. #eliquid ?Synonym for e-juice.
  13. #cloudchaser ?A cloud chaser is someone who enjoys producing large clouds with their vape.
  14. #vapedaily ?This tag would be used by an avid vaper to indicate that they vape regularly.
  15. #vapenation ?A tag that refers to the communal aspect of vaping.
  16. #ecig ?This tag refers to the device that is used to vape.
  17. #clouds ?Again this is another reference to large clouds producing by vaping.
  18. #coilporn ?This hashtag refers to the modifications that people do to their coils to enhance the look of them.
  19. #calivapers ?The hashtag calivapers refers to the idea that the vaper in question is from California.
  20. #vapehooligans ?Vape hooligans are a group of hard core vapers.
  21. #vapers ?This tag simply refers to those who vape.
  22. #cloudchasing ?Again a reference to people who love to create large clouds with their vape.
  23. #vapepics ?This tag refers to picture of vaping.
  24. #vapelove ?This tag is used for those who enjoy vaping.
  25. #girlswhovape ?In a male dominated industry this tag is used by women who vape.
  26. #vaper ?This tag denotes someone who is a vaper.
  27. #dripclub ?This tag refers to a popular vape and e-liquid distributer.
  28. #handcheck ?This tag refers to an image of a hand holding a vape.
  29. #notblowingsmoke ?This tage refers to the idea that vaping allows people to not blow cigarette smoke around, rather it is vapour.
  30. #repost ?This means that another posted has posted something that is being reposted.
  31. #vaporizer ?Referring to an e-cigarette.
  32. #rda ?This tag refers to a Rebuildable Dripping?strong>Atomizer- You directly drip e-liquid on the wick/coil, it does not hold a lot of liquid at a time.?/li>
  33. #mod ?Refers to a vapourizer that has been modified.
  34. #vapefriends ?Again this is a reference to the ever-growing vape community.
  35. #vapeshop ?Referring to a store that sells vaping items.
  36. #vapefamily ?In reference to the vaping community.
  37. #westcoastvapers ?Refers to a group of vapers who live on the West Coast.
  38. #improof ?This tag refers to the idea that people can quit smoking. People that write this would be indicating that it is possible to quit using a vape.
  39. #vapes ?Referring to an e-cigarette.
  40. #boxmod ?This refers to a type of vape modification that is in box form.
  41. #driplife ?This refers to the process of dripping e-liquid onto the vape.
  42. #vapesociety ?Referring once again to the vaping community.
  43. #vapefamous ?This tag refers to those who have become somewhat famous on social media for vaping and doing reviews of vapes.
  44. #cloudporn ?This tag is again used to distinguish clouds that are large and impressive.
  45. #420 ?This refers to the date in April when smoking cannabis is celebrated. Many vapers use their devices to smoke cannabis.
  46. #vapetricks ?This refers to when people make large clouds or do other nifty tricks with their vapes.
  47. #vapehard ?This refers to the idea that someone is really invested in vaping.
  48. #smoke ?Refers to the vapour that is expelled from a vape.
  49. #vapesociety ?Refers to the vape community.
  50. #vapeaddict ?This tag refers to people who are avid vapers.
  51. #vapersunite ?This refers to people who gather to advocate for vaping.
  52. #vapeaholics ?People who enjoy vaping more than other activities.
  53. #vapeworld ?This refers to the global scale of vaping.
  54. #vaperussia ?This tag refers to those in Russia who vape.
  55. #vapingindonesia ?It is evident that this also applies to those who are from Indonesia.
  56. #vapeculture ?Refers to the community surrounding vaping and the culture that has emerged.
  57. #like4like ?This is common lingo on social media where people give a like to someone for them to like their page in return.
  58. #likevape ?This is used by people who are truly passionate about vaping.
  59. #vaporwaveaesthetic ?This is used by those who see the beauty in vaping and try to capture it on camera.
  60. #keepvapingalive ?This is in response to the dwindling nature of vaping and the desire to keep it going.
  61. #premium #premiumejuice ?These two hashtags refer to the concept of premium products which are the aim of most distributors.
  62. #vapersofinstagram ?This tag would be used to group together all the instagrammers who discuss or take pictures of their vapes.
  63. #vaperscommunity ?Again this is referring to the burgeoning community that is evolving around vaping.
  64. #vapershouts ?This tag pertains to the notion that posters are doing shout outs on social media regarding vaping.
  65. #vapingisnotacrime ?Denotes the idea that vaping is stigmatized and resists that notion.
  66. #smoothie ?This tag refers to the flavor of a particular e-liquid.
  67. #nice #tasty #flavor- These tags are all flavor related.
  68. #cludhousereviews ?This refers to a specific review platform for how large clouds can form.
  69. #cloudsfordays ?This is another reference to large clouds.
  70. #vapin ?Short hand for vaping.
  71. #vapinggood ?Slang for enjoying vaping.
  72. #premiumeliquids ?In reference to the premium e-juice.
  73. #liqua ?Refers to e-liquid in short hand.
  74. #vapeaconestilo ?Refers to those who know a lot about vaping. #vapingcolombia ?Another reference to location pertaining to vaping.
  75. #vapingmode ?References the modality that people use to vape.
  76. #smoke #smokey ?Draws attention to the smoke in the picture.
  77. #latenightvape ?Refers to going out to vape in the night time.
  78. #morningvape ?Refers to going out to vape in the morning.
  79. #vapeandcoffee ?Play on the traditional idea of coffee and cigarette.
  80. #vapeuk ?Used by vapers in the UK.
  81. #ukvapers ?Same as above.
  82. #vapersgonnavape ?Play on the phrase 揌aters gonna hate?implying that people will continue to vape despite critiques.
  83. #vapingstory ?People will share their personal stories and journey with vaping on social media.
  84. #vapingisart ?Some people use social media playforms as a means to promote their art. Vaping is considered artistic for some.
  85. #vapingmilitia ?Refers to a group of people who vape.
  86. #vapingtruth ?Again this refers to people who share their stories on Instagram.
  87. #vapingfresh ?This positions vaping as a fresh option as compared to smoking.
  88. #vapingsaves ?References the health impact of switching to vaping.
  89. #vapingape ?This is a rhyming play on words.
  90. #clean – This refers to the cleanliness of vaping when compared to a cigarette.
  91. #rigpig ?This title refers to those who work in the oilfields or on the rigs because many of them smoke vapes.
  92. #rdabuilder ?This refers to some who builds their own RDA
  93. #ohmslaw ?This is in reference to ohming
  94. #vapecheck ?Refers to checking your vape for issues.
  95. #ohms ?As noted before ohms are large clouds of smoke.

UK TPD Vaping Laws

Below, we bring you our interpretation and a summary of the UK TOD Vaping Laws. In Europe there are many laws that have been recently put into place that restrict the freedoms of vapers. The biggest regulations in regards to restricting free vaping are the TRPR (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations) and TVPD (Tobacco Products Directive). Both are very similar with TRPR having been put into place around the time of brexit which lead to the creation of TPD for the UK. The way we vape is in danger because of these new regulations and it is important to understand what is happening so that you can keep vaping.


One of the most upsetting restrictions in both the TRPR and TPD is the size restrictions. European cloudchasers are going to have major problems with the new refillable tank size being dropped down to a puny 2mL. With this size it is going to be both incredibly difficult and draining to puff out giant clouds, and speaking of draining the legal size for refillable containers has been restricted to a maximum of 10 mL. These containers are going to be burned through quite quickly and the user is going to have to buy many of them if they want to continuously vape. Not only container sizes are being limited however the regulations limit the maximum strength of nicotine that can be present in e-liquids has been restricted to 20mg/mL. These restrictions are outrageous in how they limit the potential in our vaping.

Vaping is having problems differentiating itself from the more well known smoking of cigarettes and tobacco in general, which were popularized for many older generations by movie stars and other celebrities. This is especially evident in how they are being referred to in the Tobacco Products Directive, and Tobacco and Related Products Regulations. It is not enough for smoking tobacco to shadow over vaping the TPD and TRPR are limiting the ways in which vaping can be advertised. Vaping products cannot be advertised in 4 areas: in the press, on television programs children may see, in information services, or in sponsored events. These restrictions on advertising are bordering on ludicrous. No advertising of vaping products in the newspaper would simply be a minor inconvenience but in the press also includes publications like magazines which will impact the ability of companies to spread word of their new products that could improve your vaping. The real heavy hitter in these restrictions is the ban on advertising in sponsored events. This restriction is outright ludicrous, and causes many problems for those who wish to create large gatherings of vapers. Not being able to get sponsorship for an event will also restrict how you can advertise for the event, as you will also need to ensure that you are not creating problems with how you are advertising by making it look like you are promoting products in a way that would be illegal such as in a magazine. The governments restrictions on advertising demonstrate that they think that if no one can hear about vaping no one will get into it in the same way that people have gotten into smoking.

The next regulations being added are for the most part a mild inconvenience or a relatively reasonable safety measure. TPD and TRPR have made it so that packaging for products containing nicotine must be child-resistant and tamper evident, which all things taken into account is not a very large deal, but the TPD and TRPR also demand that loads of information be crammed into the labels of cartridges which leads to questionable legibility especially when added to a cartridge that is meant to hold 10mL of fluid in the best case scenario. Chemicals claimed as capable of causing harm in heated or unheated forms there is also a ban on which may be a problem for some thrill seekers. Even despite these new regulations however many companies which provide vaping products seem to be optimistic that they will not have to heavily change the prices of their products.

The TPD and TRPR create restrictions that are seemingly attempting to stamp out vaping before it can gain a larger following. The restrictions on size and packaging are for the most part inconveniences but the restrictions on advertising are simply draconian. Stay strong vapers and brace yourselves for the changes on May 20, 2017 when the TPD and TRPR are fully in place. We hope you have found our summary of UK TPD Vaping Laws helpful and we welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.?/p>

Crash Course to Choosing your Juice at our Online Vape Juice Shop

Welcome to our Online Vape Juice Shop. Here, you will find some of the leading e-juice brands and many exciting flavours. As an Online Vape Juice Shop, we specialise in premium high-VG e-juice which is more suited for Sub Ohmers and more advanced vapers. Choosing your e-liquid flavour and brand can indeed be an overwhelming task. It is important to note that taste is subjective and you should therefore look for flavours that you like in life. For example, if you do not like a certain fruit, then do not bother at looking for at e-juices containing those flavours.

When choosing your e-juice flavour, ensure that you read the flavour profiles of juices to get an idea what the flavour is about. It is also advisable to read up on each brand as this will give you some information about the e-juices and provide you with a sense of what you can expect. There are many variables that impact on the quality and taste of e-juice some of which include steeping process, e-liquid flavourings, base ingredients and production methods. Below, we will explore how these variables make each e-juice brand what it is.

Size of the E-Juice Company

Since vaping is a fairly new phenomenon, there are a lot of small e-juice start-ups, which means that they may not have the resources to invest into state-of-the-art facilities and may instead outsource the e-liquid production to a bigger manufacturer. Being small, is not necessarily a bad thing. One of the advantages of less known e-juice companies is that they pay a lot of attention to the quality of their e-juices and most of the time, the e-juices are produced in small batches. Usually, you may find that artisan e-juices are on the pricier side and this is not necessarily because the e-juice company is adding an extortionate mark-up. The basic economic reason may be that smaller e-liquid companies are not able to achieve the same economies of scale as larger companies. In fact, larger companies should be more competitive on their price since they most certainly achieve great economies of scale since the more e-juice bottles they produce, the cheaper each bottle becomes to produce. When choosing an e-liquid brand, you may also pay attention to other aspects such as test results. Do not take the word of e-juice companies alone. A lot of vape shops will tell you what you want to hear just to make you buy their e-juice.


When choosing your e-juice brand and flavours at our online vape juice shop, it is important to note that there are many flavour concentrate providers dotted across the world such as Flavourahh, Flavour Art, The Flavour Apprentice (TFA), Moms & Pops, Pink Spot, Capella and many more. If you were to try the flavours from each e-liquid flavour suppliers, you will find that there are many variations for the same flavour and that each flavour is distinctly different. E-juice manufacturers combine flavouring from one or sometimes more manufacturers to achieve their flavour. This means that each flavour is very unique and distinct. There are many people on vape forums who are attempting to replicate the flavours of many prominent vape companies but do not always get the exact match. The reason for this is that in order to achieve the same flavour, amongst other things, it is important to know the source of every flavour. If you are to use the same flavour but from a different manufacturer, then you will not achieve the same e-juice flavour. When choosing your e-juice brand at our online vape juice shop, you should pay attention to the origin of the brand. For example, if the e-juice brand is from the United States, then it is more likely than not that every e-juice manufacturer is sourcing the flavourings from US companies and the e-juice flavours may therefore share a common denominator. If, you are ordering e-juice from the UK for example, then it is more likely that the flavourings were sourced domestically in the UK. This is by no means a definitive criteria to choosing your flavour and just because an e-juice brand is manufactured in the UK, it does not necessarily mean that all the flavours are from the UK and may well be from multiple countries.


Steeping is basically a way in which different e-juice ingredients combine together. Each e-juice manufacturer will use a different steeping method. Some vape companies will shake their juice for a period of time whilst other will leave it in the dark for a few days or even weeks. Steeping plays an important role in how the VG, PG, flavourings and nicotine combine together and will definitely reflect in your vape. A lot of e-liquid vape shops will not disclose their steeping methods as this is considered to be a commercial secret that gives a company a competitive edge. Others may be more open and share their steeping methods with you.

Base Ingredients

A very similar point to the e-juice flavourings. Whilst the ingredients in essence remain the same, the quality of PG, VG, flavouring and nicotine will vary across the board. It is paramount that you ensure that the e-juice company can prove to you that they are using the highest-quality base ingredients to make their e-juice. The quality of the base ingredients is important not only for the quality of your vape, but also for your safety. Whilst some juice companies provide testing and quality reports and certificates on their websites, in due course, this information may well need to be provided to regulating bodies.

Production Facilities

When reading up on the e-juice brand, take a mental note of whether the e-juice brand is large or only a small start-up. Whilst a larger e-liquid brand may appear to be more attractive in terms of their state-of-the-art facilities, this does not always translate into a higher quality e-juice. In fact, larger companies work to tight deadlines and it is common for the quality to be overlooked in an effort to save costs. Smaller e-juice companies form an attractive proposition because their e-juices tend to be less widely available and therefore more exclusive. Most of us have tried the big e-juice brands. However, trying something new and potentially from across the seas should be every e-juice connoisseurs intention.

Online E-Juice Reviews

If you like a certain e-juice brand but cannot pluck up the courage to buy it, go on youtube and find an e-juice review. Almost all e-liquid companies aim to have their e-juices reviewed by popular youtube reviewers as this helps them to gain exposure.

PG:VG Ratio

At our online vape juice shop, juices come in different PG:VG ratios. When choosing your PG:VG ratio it is important to proceed with the guiding principle that more VG gives greater vapour clouds whilst PG gives you a throat hit and more flavour. If you are a cloud chaser dedicated to Sub Ohming, opting for higher VG e-liquids is sensible. If you are a beginner, you should consider going for lower VG juices. Pay particular attention to your e-cigarette device since not all personal vapourisers can handle high-VG e-liquid as VG has a propensity for clogging up coils, especially in less advanced personal vapouriser.

Have you chosen your E-Juice brand?

Choosing your favourite e-juice brand or flavour is a bit like choosing a book at a燽ook store. It is enough to take one look at the blurb on the back to see whether it is something you would enjoy reading. Equally, choosing your premium e-juice brand is very similar. Since flavour is subjective and insufficient to decide whether to purchase a certain brand, do try to take onboard our advice above. In a nut shell, look at the flavour profile at our online vape juice shop. If you like it, look further into the brand and if it ticks your boxes, take the plunge and place an order. Vaping e-juice is not like picking a football team for life. You may find that your flavour and brand preferences will change over time.