PLY ROCK ZILLA 60W Review – Convenient – All in One

All in one kit aims at convenience. And it frees newbies from a series of technical problems after purchasing the vape mod. For example, whether to purchase the model18650 battery or the 26650? What is the difference between a capacity battery and a power battery? Charger and electricity safety problems and so on… Therefore, the development of electronic cigarette equipment will be optimized according to the user experience of the market, and at the same time, the players will have fun with it more easily.

ZILLA 60W KIT is the hero today. It combines American aesthetic standards with the size of Asian palm.

ZILLA kit has a built-in 60W power battery, and 1700MAH capacitor that supports 0.1 ohm -3.0 ohmic resistance range.

By making the operation of replacing the battery as simple as possible, you only need to use the Android USB data line to replace the professional charger, and the player doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance of the battery.

Because of the diversity of the vape kit system, the function key set by ZILLA, in the middle of the “+” and “-” key, the diamond “function key”, one key switch voltage adjustment, NI200 temperature control, TI01 temperature control to SS316 temperature control multiple modes, free the user from tedious custom setting operation.


The overall design of the kit is decent, the ignition button is designed by 4-division-button, pressing at any button or pressing them at the same time, which means that the player can unlock more handheld postures of the kit.

The 510 interface means that ZILLA can provide more space for players to personalize and replace atomizer in the future, allowing players to have their own atomizer.


The icon set in the system is also one of the highlights, the screen icon is clear and lovely, although there is no technical reform leap, this little detail changes capture the heart of a lot of vape players.

Because ZILLA is a 60W kit,  the smoke bursts are needless to be demonstrated here. In a word, ZILLA is adequate for daily needs.

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The Smoking Quiter’s Experience Share – The Feeling of 3 Month Vaping

After 3 months of vaping,  I have five or six of the vaporizer, 4 smoke poles and boxes, and a few piles of e-cig oil. There are too many oils that I can not count up them by the bottle. Many of them have been dropped away, both imported and domestically made. It may be insane to spend over 2000 dollars on electronic cigarettes in three months. I pursue the feeling of smoking tobacco at the beginning.

After trying dozens of kinds of vaporizers and oil, changing different vaporizers, poles, boxes, the reality proved that no vaporizers and oil are same as tobacco taste, so I give up pursuing the true cigarette taste.

This process to find out that is rather expensive, 2/3 of the money is spent on the vaporizer and the oil, and I tried to manufacture my own DIY oil. Finally, I give up. Why, because after serious study of the DIY oil and oil manufacturing process, the key process is “waking oil“. That’s too big and a lot of toss and toil. Meanwhile, I worry about the safety of raw materials much.


As the time went on, I slowly felt disgusted with the smell of real cigarette, and then I had no interest in tobacco. At current, I constantly smoke the LIQUA standard mixed traditional tobacco, 1:1 mixed, sometimes I’m tired of it, then I drip a few drops of mint.  Besides, my favorite one is the Smok coffee flavored mint.

Best Vaping Girls 2019 Vape Hk

Later on, I see people make big smoke, and I did not idle. I own the Atlantis and Kanger vaporizer kit immediately and toss for a period of time with it. I think big smoke is only good for showing off sometimes. It scares others and makes myself sick. Because the thick smoke does not add in nicotine usually, or the body can not suffer that big dose. Without nicotine when smoking, I can’t get over the tobacco addiction. So after think it over and over again, this play is not interesting, because my ultimate goal is to quit smoking, I should gradually reduce the content of nicotine. So I put 6mg and 0mg vape oil  in two separate atomizers,  when I go out, I take it in my pocket, mainly with 0mg as the staple food. I smoke the 6mg one when I can’t stand the addiction. I persisted it for more than a month and finally, the nicotine dependence was significantly reduced because there was less awareness of smoking.


I use the Nautilus atomizer daily. When it’s free, after a few mouthfuls of tea after dinner, I smoke the vape three months. Except a dry mouth and oral ulcer, there is no change in the gums. Everybody may have a different feeling and the performance is not exactly the same. I only talk about it on me.


My goal now is not to smoke even electronic cigarettes. There are different opinions about the dangers of electronic cigarettes. When others talk about it, I quit my smoke. Only depending on the electronic cigarette is not good, but also should have the plan and willpower. Otherwise, the result is having quitted the tobacco but becoming addicted to the electronic cigarette. Originally I planned to smoke the vape for a year, and then gradually quit vaping. Currently, it seems that the time is shortened, because sometimes when I look at the fog out of the “smoke” spit on the table, glass, the color white is a bit horrifying.

I see a layer of oil is left on the surface. They are all into the lungs, especially the thick smoke player, that’s even more frightening.

All things have two sides, vapes for the people who quit smoking, is really a very good substitute for tobacco, it is very helpful to quit smoking. But the other side is not clear, mixed, domestic also has no relevant laws and safety quality testing standards about the vape in China when there are in USA, Japan and Hong Kong and so on. It makes us smokers very confused. These are the personal feelings that I’ve been walking through all the way.

Best Vaping Girls 2019 Vape Hk

Jimmy Grace

I have been smoking the vape directly without smoking the tobacco, for three months, I have become the same disgusted with those who smoke in the room like other people. I feel that smell is really bad with a spray core burning smell. So quit smoking is about the perseverance, mainly your subjective consciousness. I quit smoking and gained 20 pounds in 3 months. The amount of food eaten increased greatly. Now it is not the problem of smoking cessation. I should lose weight. I wish you all quit smoking at an early date.



I am a developer of vape oil, and I developed food flavors before developing the tobacco oil. In my experience, except the composition of nicotine in the vaporizer oil (tobacco extract also contains tobacco extract, etc.), other ingredients are food grade monomers or natural extracts, all of which can be found at 2760 (at least from my hand). The ingredients in the formula, except for nicotine, are found in 2760, and these ingredients exist in all the foods we usually drink, eat candy, biscuits, and so on.

Vape or Cigarette, Which is More Harmful?

The dangers of cigarettes are well-known to everyone. Smoking is harmful to health and is marked on every box of cigarettes. The harm of cigarettes is mainly reflected in two points:


Nicotine (salt and alkali) in tobacco combustion produces physiological dependence, which makes smokers who smoke frequently.vape girl show


The mixed smoke produced by tobacco burning has a large amount of tar and other harmful substances. Tobacco smoke has long been infected with lung, which can easily lead to lung and respiratory diseases, and may even induce malignant diseases such as lung cancer. Compared to true cigarette, vape is less harmful.

vape girl

The principle of smoke produced by vape kit is different from that of cigarettes. It does not need to burn the leaves at high temperature, but vaporize the oil through an electronic heating device. The special smoke oil releases a lot of smoke from the heat to simulate the effect of the burning of tobacco. Electronic cigarette can provide users with more smoke and more flavour, and consume only liquid cigarette oil. The composition of the smoke and oil is scientifically deployed, healthy and harmless. Through the atomization device into smoke, inhaling into the lung will not have particles residue, no stimulation to the lungs, and no second-hand smoke harm.

Top 10 Vape/Electronic Cigarette Companies in the World 2018

There are over 460 e-cigarettes brands worldwide and most of them are packaged brands. The author as the electronic cigarette expert located in China that manufactures over 90% of e-cigarettes in the world and exports, selects 10 most reliable and best quality vape brands for his loved readers.

1. OVALE / Chinese name: 欧凡尔


Ovale has ten major brands of electronic cigarettes, is a multinational enterprises dedicated to the R & D / production and sales of electronic cigarettes. Name: The Changzhou Ovale Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  Website

2. Crentia / DAS VAPE / Chinese name: 康诚一品


Subsidiary of Heyuan technology group, a well-known electronic cigarette brand, professional health and environmental protection electronic cigarette manufacturer. Name: Shenzhen Kang Cheng Yi Pin Technology Co., Ltd. Website

3. SMOK / Chinese name: 艾维普思


Specializing in the R & D / production / sale of electronic eyes / smoking sets / nebulizers and other products, its XPRO BT50 is well known in the industry. Name: Shenzhen ivex Technology Co., Ltd. Website

4. SIGELEI / Chinese name: 思格雷


Under the control of Deep brook group, integrated enterprises with electronic smoke R & D / production / sales / services, famous brands of domestic electronic cigarette industry. Name: Guangdong Gray Electronic Polytron Technologies Inc  Website

5. HANGSEN / Chinese name: 恒信

The world-famous electronic cigarette vape kit and vape oil producers, engaged in the research and development / production / sale / service of the vape kit series. Name: Shenzhen Hsiang Xiang Technology Co., Ltd.  Website

6. KIMREE / Chinese name: 吉瑞


Focusing on the modern R & D / production / sale of vape mods, it owns KIMREE/ Washang/JAI brands, the three largest electronic cigarette brand in China. Name: Huizhou Jirui  Website

7. Kanger / Chinese name: 康尔


Dedicated to the R & D / production / sale of electronic cigarette, the famous fashion trend brand in the domestic electronic cigarette industry。 Name:Shenzhen Yun Hua Technology Development Co., Ltd.  Website

8. Joyetech / Chinese name: 卓尔悦


Domestic vape kit industry famous brand, focus on the electronic cigarette product R & D / production / sales enterprise, the recognized electronic cigarette brand with great network popularity. Name: Shenzhen Joyetech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  Website

9. itaste /Innokin/ Chinese name:艾塔


The famous innovative electronic cigarette manufacturer in China, early explored the safety battery / closed smoke and oil system and other technologies. Name: Shenzhen Xinyi Kang Technology Co., Ltd.  Website

10. IJOY / Chinese name:爱卓


Domestic famous vape kit fashion brand, electronic cigarette product R & D / production / sales / operation all in one high-tech enterprise. Name: Shenzhen Ijoy Technology Co., Ltd.  Website


Conclusion: Above brands are the true root manufacturers and factories of vapes

certificate goverment

rather than trading and OEM companies who take the product and paste their own brand on it, then raise the price again. The author has inspected all their factories and checked their official certificates of its assets issued by the government.


The Number 1 Vape Kit Using AA Battery Joye ECO D16 Kit

Most vape kits in the world are using the built-in rechargeable battery, until the Joye ECO D16 Kit comes out. Joye ECO D16 Kit and its brother product BATPACK are launched at the end of Aril.

This vaporizer use AA batteries as the power source and saves millions of people who are waiting for the vape to be charged a full battery. It saves the time of meaningless waiting.

AA batteries have been a long accepted safe power source and it only made sense to utilize them in a vaporizer. You can not only use the normal AA batteries but also use the AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, which are all very convenient to buy in the supermarket. The Batpack is incredibly simple and convenient to use and now with ECO technology. ECO Tech still provides the best vaping experience but allows the battery to have a very low output. This extends the battery life by almost double.

The AA batteries are common in most small stores & the big supermarket.  And it’s cheap that everyone can afford. What’s more, the technique of AA batteries are mature so the safety is insured for both the vaporizer and the user.


All types of AA batteries including normal AA battery and NIMH rechargeable batteries are all OK for the vape.

The low voltage makes it ta low output. Therefore, there won’t be any Vape explosion anymore.

To get more information about the vape, watch the video:

Top 10 Vape Shops in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place for shopping including buying the vapes. As the local Hong Kong electronic vape lover, the author is recommending a few reliable shops in Hong Kong.

1. Vape Shop Hong Kong

vape shop hong kong

About the shop: This vape shop is the most popular one for its great user experience and creative internal decoration. It feels like in heaven when in the shop.

Slogon: Promote the true and accurate electronic cigarette culture, to promote electronic-cigarette is not equal to traditional cigarette . we aim to provide high quality ,legitimate goods and professional knowledge in e-cigar. lets get rid of traditional cigar under an easy and fun way . Lead a better life.  推廣真正和正確的電子煙文化,傳達電子煙不是香煙的信息,提供高品質而合法的商品和專業的知識,以輕鬆和有趣地玩樂的方式達致戎除有害的傳統香煙效果,提升人們身體的健康。

Address: Vaporizer Store
Yin Chong St, 9號, Prosper Commercial Building, 13樓
+852 6653 2261
Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

2. Vape City Hong Kong

vape city

Vape City Hong Kong is a nice choice for its high-quality vapes from the USA and UK. Meanwhile, the aspire vape there has great aroma taste.

Address: Vaporizer Store
Unit 504, 5/F, Lee Wai Commercial Building, 1-3 Hart Avenue
+852 9229 2833
Open ⋅ Closes 10:30PM

3. IDVAPE Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀電子煙專賣店


Address: Vaporizer Store
Shop 21, G/F, Rise Comm Bldg, 5-11 Graville Circuit, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
+852 5116 5064
Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

4. Cloudy |香港水煙專門店| Hong Kong Top Smoke Shop inc Shisha, Hookah, Pipe, Bong, Paper, Vape & etc. (HK))

Address: Store
+852 9352 9417
Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Mon Website

5. VAPERA HK 電子煙專門店


Address: Vaporizer Store
麼地道75號南洋中心 UG47號舖
+852 9288 3134
Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

6. E-Land Vape Shop Hong Kong

vape land

Address: Shop 217, Island Beverley Centre, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Phone: +852 6130 5933


vape iyes

Address: Vaporizer Store
Fa Yuen St, 2-16號, Ho King Commercial Centre, 13樓07室
+852 9146 6901
Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

8. VapeBullHK


Address: Vaporizer Store
彌敦道608號旺角 Wplaza 1 樓 103 舖
+852 9277 7134
Open ⋅ Closes 10:30PM

9. VAPE PARTY Hong Kong

vape party

Address: Electronics Store
Unit 504, 5, Lee Wai Commercial Building, F, 1-3, 1-3 Hart Ave
+852 9229 2833
Open ⋅ Closes 10:30PM


10. Hookah Hutt – Buy Hookah / Shisha in Hong Kong, Guide to Hookah / Shisha Bar HK

vape hutt

Address: Hookah Store
Hart House, 12-14 Hart Ave
+852 2366 7588
Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

Top 10 Popular American E-liquid Brands – Does anyone suit your taste

The Vape Shop Hong Kong brief introduction – Vape shop Hong Kong price

US regulatory authorities warn of electronic cigarette packaging

In order to protect minors from tobacco products, the United States Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a joint warning to 13 manufacturers and distributors of electronic tobacco liquid to prohibit the packaging of electronic tobacco liquid to mislead minors on May 1st.

Electronic cigarettes consist mainly of batteries, evaporator and smoke pipes with cigarette smoke. Among them, the electronic cigarette contains a certain amount of nicotine, by adding flavor to produce different tastes, such as herbal flavor, fruit flavor and so on.

Some of the electronic cigarette packaging boxes sold in the US market are much like juice boxes, or wrapping paper, which is similar to the common candy and biscuit wrapping paper. Scott Gottlieb, director of the US administration of medicine, said in a statement that any tobacco products should not use marketing ways that might be harmful to children, especially using patterns that may mislead children, making them mistaken for the food they have eaten or drink.

Maureen Ohlhausen, the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, said the joint warnings from the two agencies suggest that marketing means that children may face nicotine hazards is unacceptable.

The US Drug Administration also said that although it supports the development of alternatives to traditional cigarettes, it will not allow children to be healthy at the cost of promoting this work.

Electronic cigarette? Heat not burning cigarette? Traditional tobacco? How Japanese deal with IQOS

Inose Naoki, a former Tokyo director, has recently publicly supported the heating of non – burning tobacco on its Twitter, and hopes that the new products will be treated in Japan for tax reduction in the future to affirm their contribution to the public environment.

vape japan

On the same day, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun, the largest news agency in Japan, about whether the heat-non-burning tobacco to be treated as a traditional cigarette, the Tokyo municipal government recently collected public opinion. After receiving 2000 people’s feedback on the legal constraints on the non-burning heat as a traditional cigarette, the government of Tokyo said that They can’t ignore the opinion of the 2000 citizens, and because the hazards of the so-called “heated” non burning tobacco are not completely confirmed by science, they should be treated differently from the heat burning products and the traditional tobacco products. According to an analysis of the Philip Moelis Company, which sells the “iQOS” of the non-burning product, the analysis of the Philip Moelis Company reports that the content of the harmful ingredients is reduced 90 percent compared to the traditional cigarette. The Japanese tobacco companies (JT), which sells the same product “Ploomtech”, also said, “there is little concern about health hazards, so it should not be compared with traditional cigarettes.”

As the capital of Japan, the regulations on the prevention of passive smoking in children were set up in Tokyo in October. The regulations containing punishment measures were put into effect in 2017. In order to deal with the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chiba, which is next to Tokyo, has also formulated regulations on the prevention of passive smoking. The regulations on passive smoking prevention in all levels of city, village and village are also in the city of Hokkaido, but not for restaurants and customs shops.

In view of the passive smoking prevention Ordinance, the public is familiar with the harm of traditional cigarettes to health. However, there is a lot of controversy about whether the new type of tobacco such as heating and burning should be treated differently. There are two main arguments.

1. is heat-non-burning tobacco harmful to health?

2. is it still harmful to second hand smoking?

In response, Ishida Masahiko, a medical researcher at the Yokohama Municipal University of Japan, proposed that:

“The passive smoking prevention Ordinance is based on allowing smoking to be free while limiting the health hazards of cigarette smoke to non-smokers. That is to say, if the smoke and steam coming out of heated tobacco will do the same harm to health, it should be restricted like cigarettes. If not, heating and burning tobacco should be excluded from the target.

In view of whether heating does not burn the same harm, although the current amount of sound is still large tobacco companies, public health researchers and research institutions have begun the study of the health hazards of heating-non-burning products to human health. At present, in the paper on the analysis of the substances produced by heatingnon-combustion products, the mainstream of the paper is the opinion of Swiss researchers on the product iQOS of heating non-burning products. According to this paper, the nicotine, formaldehyde, and toxic acrolein produced by iQOS are about 84% less than that of traditional cigarettes.

But it is still not comprehensive to compare the effects of traditional tobacco and heating non – burning tobacco on the health of the users. For non smokers, no tobacco can be called completely healthy, but for smokers who are unable to quit or are not ready to quit, there is no doubt that it will be transferred to the smokers. The new type of tobacco products such as heat and non combustion can reduce the harm of smoking.

Ishida Masahiko believes that carcinogens are in fact universal, and there is not a completely healthy world without any carcinogenic substance, so it is often time to set a safety threshold for different substances.


In a home wine house, a total ban is imposed, but it is not relevant to use vapes that do not release second-hand smoke. Because it does not burn without fire, the ashtray is also made of paper, which is a good way to solve the problem.

The group of the smoking Japanese people is really big enough. In order to smoke and being healthy,  they have taken all kinds of means and attempts. I wonder if we can learn from them or learn from them. How do you think about this new vape pen?