A Shanghai vape/ e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police

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A Shanghai vape e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police

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A Shanghai vape e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police

Recently, the popularity of e-cigarettes has led some to target the business by packaging the smoke from e-cigarettes into home crisps, avoiding customs regulation and tax regulation, and selling them privately in the country without the necessary selling qualification. A few days ago, the Shanghai Minhang District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest of five criminal suspects for alleged illegal business operations of e-liquids.

A Shanghai vape e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police

Last December, Gu noticed that all the friends around him were vaping e-cigarettes. They said it was cheaper than abroad market. Gu thought about it for a long time and thought it would be profitable to sell it.
But Gu found that a person can only carry 5,000 yuan in the regulations for the entry and exit of tobacco products that can be carried. If you take a trip with 5,000 yuan, you won’t make money at all, and you’ll have to find a few people to do it.
Therefore, Gu considered everyone in his relationship and found that Sheng and Chan were best suited for each other. Chan owns a logistics company, usually collaborate with other businesses to provide international logistics, customs and other business. He also provide international logistics and transportation, customs and other business for other merchants usually.
On the other side, Sheng loves to travel and has more free time, so it is the most convenient for carrying out of the goods.
Therefore, Gu found the opportunity and contact Sheng and Chan, then expressed the thoughts to the two people, and both agreed.

A Shanghai vape e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police
Mix it in a crisper, put it in a box and get out of supervision.

Follow the three-person plan, they paid 200,000 yuan each, and when Gu contacted a foreign seller, Sheng went abroad to talk to the seller about the price and collect the goods in person, After that, Chan would be in charge of clearance of goods, transporting the e-juice from abroad to the domistic country.
Mid to late December 2017, Mr. Sheng went abroad with the 600,000 yuan he had prepared with three people. Sheng agreed to a price of 240 RMB for each bottle of Marlboro e-juice after meeting with the seller and bought 2,500 Marlboro cigarettes in four flavors. Later, he gave the seller the address of a Japanese company and let the other party carry the e-liquid to the site.
After the e-juice were sent to the company, Chan contacted his Japanese friends to help pack the juice into a home crisper and smuggle it back in the name of the Crisper in the company’s crisper container. Mixed into the company of Shanghai fresh-box Container, and return it in the name of the crisper.
After the goods were shipped to Shanghai, Chan took the e-juice out again with the customs clearance of the imported crisper. Then he contacted the transport company to send the e-liquid back to the company’s warehouse.

A Shanghai vape e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police
It was sold in bulk and caught in the process on WeCHAT

Meanwhile, Gu connects with a buyer named Gu B. The price agreed between the two parties is 280 yuan each, Gu calculated, found that after the removal of Labor, customs, transportation, and other costs, and money to make. After the goods were cleared out, Gu contacted Gu B and asked him to pick up the goods.
The other party Gu B himself vapes e-cigarettes on ordinary times, and does wholesale tobacco business without a license, and he also posts messages on Wechat and sells large quantities of e-cigarettes.
According to his statement, he saw his friends smoking e-cigarettes before that. So he thought it was fresh and could be sold on Wechat. So every time a friend went abroad, he asked his friends to bring some by themselves and then he posted on Wechat that imported e-cigarettes and vapes for sale.

I want to buy e-cigarettes. Do you have any goods?

At first, few people contacted the third person Gu A to buy e-liquid. But in one or two, he found that he was often asked if there were any e-liquid for sale. After the other paid for the cigarette,  Gu A let the hired Gu B send it to the other by express delivery. So Gu A began to start the business of e-cigarettes rods and e-liquid. This time, the flavors and quantity of the cigarettes purchased by Sheng were pre-ordered by Gu.
As usual, in March of this year, the hired Gu B arrived at the address provided by Gu A, counting the quantity of e-liquid in front of him, to make sure that the goods were the ones he had ordered. After that, Gu A directed the trucking company to move the liquid to a car that the hired Gu come from. At this time, the police and the law enforcement officers of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau arrived on the scene, caught them and seized 2500 electronic cigarettes and e-juice. In addition, a total of 560 e-cigarettes were checked in the warehouses.

A Shanghai vape e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police
Unauthorized wholesale of e-cigarettes and e-liquid in China was arrested
On May 20 last year, The State Tobacco Monopoly administration stated in the notice on strengthening supervision of tobacco monopoly market “Heating non-combustion cigarette like IQOS is itself a tobacco product and does not change the nature of the tobacco.” In accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, such as the law of the People’s Republic of China on Tobacco Monopoly. Such products shall be included in the supervision according to law and to belong to the raw material tobacco heating non-combustion products, should be investigated and dealt with according to law. That is, the use of e-cigarette as tobacco products into the regulatory scope. No tobacco monopoly license, no sales.

A Shanghai vape e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police
The Office of the prosecutor considers that Gu, Sheng and Chan are engaged in profit-making activities to purchase tobacco e-liquid from abroad for profiting, which had identified the Marlboro brand in the present as tobacco products, the sellers should at least have a license to sell tobacco. None of the three had a license to sell it, but they sold it in bulk without authorization and were found to be illegal.
In addition,  Gu A and the hired Gu B were selling without a license and their conduct was suspected of illegal business. Recently, the Minhang Prosecutor’s Office approved the arrest of the five men on suspicion of illegal business operations of tobacco products.
Note: The source of the content is the voice of the law in Shanghai. The title has been revised for reference only.

South Korea’s Food and Drug Safety Department released a research report on the heating non-burning products!

It is reported that the Korean Food and Drug Safety Department released a study to analyze the health risks of heating incombustible vapes like IQOS in early June, claiming that such equipment is not safer than traditional cigarettes.

With the Korean market launching a number of heated incombustible devices in 2017, the Korea Food and Drug Safety Department announced the safety analysis of such products. The main purpose of the study was to test the standards for nicotine and tar to test whether it’s true that such products reduce about 90% of hazardous substances compared to flammable cigarettes as claimed by the manufacturers of heated incombustible equipment.


The Korea Food and Drug Safety Department conducted research on three heating incombustible equipment from Philip Morris Korea’s IQOS, BAT’s Glo and KT&G’s lil,and announced that these products are as harmful as traditional tobacco products.


According to industry analysts, this is foreshadowed in the Korean government’s decision to list non-combustion products as tobacco products and impose tobacco taxes for the next step.

Tobacco companies have expressed that the research is biased


Both British American Tobacco and Philip Morris South Korea have pointed out that the study was inaccurate and cited their own research showing that such products are much safer than ordinary cigarettes.


The Ministry of Safety countered that the study adopted an internationally recognized testing system, namely the testing system for traditional cigarettes by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Health Canada (HC).


The researcher Jin Dahuan said,  “The methods we used are recognized not only in South Korea but also in other countries including Germany, China and Japan. Tobacco companies say their methods are correct but it is absurd. Furthermore, Moreover, no other entities approve Philip Morris’ test method.”


Third-party research institutes say heating incombustible products is indeed safer than cigarettes


However, the Food Safety and Environment Independent Committee (COT) recently evaluated two “heated but unburned” products, which are consistent with the tobacco company’s argument and found that their risk is lower than ordinary cigarettes.


COT evaluated PMI’s IQOS and British American Tobacco’s iFuse. The evidence collected by the committee shows that although this type of product may also be at risk. COT says that the risk is much lower than traditional cigarettes, although it is impossible to quantify the exact level.


Prof. Alan Boobis, chairman of the COT, said: “There is evidence that heating unburnt products still pose a risk to users. However, cigarette smokers are relatively safer to switch to heating non-burning products, but smoking cessation is the best option.


Editor comments: Not only the heating of non-combustion products, but also the controversy over the use of vape over traditional cigarettes hasn’t stopped. The official vocalization of this time is different from that of the Italian audience, but in fact, the sales impact of heating unburned products in South Korea has already appeared. If the e-cigarette wants to gain recognition in the Korean market, it also needs more favorable academic achievements and the influence of the “stones from other hills” in the mainstream countries of Europe and America.

Note: The graphic content is originated from E-cigarette online for reference only.

The global e-cigarette online star Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen and cooperates with Reed Huabo exclusively!

See you at Reed Huabo Vape Expo in Shenzhen, China!

Michael Lee says hi to his Chinese fans in advance

Reed Huabo will hold an e-cigarette exhibition in Shenzhen in October

The signed online star appears formally: Michael Lee

Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen

Michael Lee

Canada’s e-cigarette online star, who has been an entertainer for more than 10years since his debut and his large smoke and fancy smoke show videos have become popular all over the world. He has credibility in the field of e-cigarette evaluation. Lee once took to the stage of the French talent show and pushed e-cigarettes into public view. Therefore, he went viral almost overnight Burst and caused a sensation. Committed to the promotion of Vape culture, millions of fans on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other platforms, and his Youku videos have over one million fans in China.

Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen

Lee boarded the French Talent Show and caused a sensation in the global ecigarette industry

Lee has millions of fans on Facebook and Instagram, and has a huge fan based in 80 countries and regions including Europe, the US, Russia, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. LEE’s video of Vape shot every time will cause a new trend in the world.

Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen

Renowned internationally, Lee hasn’t had the opportunity to come to the global e-cigarette production base – Shenzhen, China. Earlier this year, Reed Huabo E-cigarette Show threw an olive branch to Lee and held a meeting with fans at China (Shenzhen) International Electronic Cigarette Show in 2018, and invited Lee as a global e-cigarette influence figure to attend China E-cigarette Industry Summit Forum.

Lee and Reed Huabo Electronic Cigarette Show will conduct exclusive cooperation at China exhibitions. And Lee will parachute into Shenzhen on 1-3 October 2018. This will be Lee’s first visit to China, and he will also meet with fans.

Michael Lee lands in Shenzhen

Exhibitor Consultation (Overseas)

Celicia +86-755-33989225

Elsa   +86-755-33989237

Two methods of using salt nicotine e-liquid | INFZN series e liquid review

If the birth of e-cigarettes has changed the fate of millions of vapers around the world, the emergence of salt nicotine vape juice has further promoted the healthy development of this smoking cessation wave. Unlike traditional nicotine e-liquid, salt nicotine vape oils have a more comfortable inhalation and detoxification capabilities, and proper use in low-power devices can achieve rapid detoxification. What’s more, the small vaping action does not the people around you.

INFZN series vape oil/ e-liquid

Once the explosion phenomenon of salt nicotine vape oil just emerged. One wave after another wave of new products enter the users’ vision, the products in current market are mainly 50MG, 35-38MG, 20MG type. However, so many new electronic cigarette users do not understand how to use such high concentrations of e-liquid in our vape pen. And it is the main information we’ll share today.

INFZN series vape oil/ e-liquid

The popularity of small vape low-power device helps the cigarette quitters inevitably. Less steam is more convenient, and the nicotine is absorbed more rapidly and cease more addiction. However, such high nicotine concentration vape oil is not suitable for use in common finished cores and large vape devices. It is suitable for high-impedance, low-output devices of mouth-inspired style. That is, our common “small vape” is the best use solution.

INFZN series vape oil/ e-liquid

Ready-to-use vape | Recommended Index ★★★★★[Easy to use]

Various types of self-injected small vape devices can be found on the market, such as Smoant S8, SmokInfinix, Suorin Drop, etc. The device is empty and has no juice, requiring the user to add vape oil to use. vape cartridge shell is a common small diameter small loop diameter traditional heating coil with cotton oil guide design, and it can well restore the taste of vape oil, the biggest advantage of finished vape cartridge shell is ready-to-use. You needn’t think about matching coil data and rebuild operations.

INFZN series vape oil/ e-liquid

Mouth reconstructed atomizer | Recommended index ★★★☆☆[High playability]

In addition to the finished cartridge shells, the MTL type RTA began to rejuvenate in 2018 has also become one of the important equipment on market. In this type of equipment, due to the small intake air suction feature structure, we can use high-resistance coil data to use salt nicotine oil, for example, the GOTANK RTA in the above picture is a 30G wire A1 coil, and in The ring diameter can refer to such parameters as 2.5/2.0. The actual ring diameter is determined by the compatibility of the atomizer’s cotton tank.

Compared with the finished cartridge shell method, the use of MTL RTA requires some manual reconstruction of the basic and atomized core data experience. If the resistance of the coil cannot be matched, the taste reduction of the cigarette oil will be greatly affected. Not suitable for new users, but it has more playability.

INFZN series vape oil/ e-liquid

The quality of the e-juice produced by BREWELL is undoubtedly a benchmark in the industry. It is well-known that PHIX’s finished cartridges use Brewell’s special-purpose e-liquid. We’ll simply share three flavor reviews of BREWELL’s INFZN below:


The coolness of peppermint is clear with inhalation, and the slight sweetness of the fruit is followed by the aroma of the green apple. The crisp and sour taste of the green apple blends with the cool taste. It’s a refreshing choice for the vape in the summer.


Almost same as PHIX’s honey-melon vape cartridge, the moist honeydew melon of the juice is almost the same, you need to taste careful to be able to feel its minimal fruit sweetness. It is a good choice of non-sweet and not greasy fresh fruit taste with the deployment of coolness.


The flavor is also the same as PHIX buttered tobacco. The buttery aroma is already clear and direct when inhaled. The baking-style food tobacco flavor and butter flavor are blended with each other. You can also feel the slight nutty smell during use, which is very American style.


The development of salt nicotine vape oil is rapid, and all kinds of using methods for cigarette replacing and smoking cessation have prompted more targeted equipment to be born. But before this large classification is clear, novice gamers should pay attention not to apply the salt nicotine vape oil into the conventional finished large smoke vape device. The high power vape pen not only destroys the smell of vape but also make a physical discomfort of nicotine overload.

INFZN series vape oil/ e-liquid

Back to this set of INFZN salt nicotine vape juice, it is produced by the experienced manufacturer‘s special technician to ensure a higher quality. The appearance of such vape oil is not the terminator of the vape cartridge. There are different advantages between the vape oil and the finished vape cartridge. Because of the use of customized vape oil like PHIX, you can use more different smoking replacement equipment. As to the finished product vape cartridge, although its flavor is fixed, its biggest advantage is zero-based, ready-to-use, portable and fast. The appearance of the salt nicotine vape oil only provides the user a new choice.

Where to buy

Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passed the Law Baning Vape and Cigarette Completely

The Health Affairs Committee of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will meet in the afternoon to discuss proposals for regulating the management of e-cigarettes,Wen Wei Po reported.

The Hong Kong Academic of Medicine, the university of Hong Kong and the university of Hong Kong medical college and the Chinese medical association held a joint press conference on May 19. Urging the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to ban e-cigarettes and other new types of tobacco products, and to criticize the assertion by the tobacco industry that “the harmful effect of e-cigarettes are lower than conventional cigarettes” is a quibble and there is no evidence that e-cigarettes can be used as a choice to smoking cessation, it also supports a big increase in tobacco taxes. After that The Health Affairs Committee of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passed the motion “to impose a total ban on electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products as soon as possible”.

Western Nic E Liquid

Experts say e-cigarettes can also be addictive and carcinogenic.


The Health Affairs Committee of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region discussed legislative proposals to regulate the control of e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products on the 19th. At the press conference, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) said that e-cigarettes were not a substitute for conventional cigarettes and did not help to stop smoking, and he said  the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been implementing measures to control smoking, which has led to a significant decrease in smoking rates in recent years, but the approval of the introduction of e-cigarettes will be a “driving backwards”.

Related news: http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/health-beauty/article/2103998/vaping-and-e-cigarettes-hong-kong-dangerous-gateway-or-safe

Professor Liu Zexing of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine believes that the tobacco problem in Hong Kong stems from the fact that the ban on smoking in Hong Kong has been inadequate for decades, but normalizing e-cigarettes would also increase the chances of future smoking for the younger generation increased the chances of future smoking for the younger generation. Citing the findings of the study that people who smoke e-cigarettes are two to three times more likely to smoke conventional cigarettes in the future, and the government of the HKSAR is should prohibit all tobacco products in the long run without any compromise.

Mr Chan ka-leung, the dean of the CUHK school of Medicine, stressed that the use of e-cigarettes, should be completely banned, as they can also be addictive and carcinogenic and should not be taken lightly by changing the name of e-cigarettes.

Irwin Erwin

They pointed out that e-cigarettes had a significant impact on the health of children and young people. Studies in Hong Kong have shown that e-cigarettes contain toxic substances that are indistinguishable from conventional cigarettes. E-cigarettes also do not help to quit smoking. Some e-cigarettes are packaged in a variety of colours and flavors to attract children and teenager. HKSAR should make reference to countries and areas that have successfully banned e-cigarettes.


The Dean of the Faculty of CUHK school of medicine, Mr Chan ka-leung, said that a number of medical bodies had expressed confidence that the government and the political parties in the government of the HKSAR would hear the noise, but he was cautiously optimistic that the government would change the way it was regulated.


Asked whether “a complete ban on traditional cigarettes is required” , Mr Liu said it would be better to ban all cigarettes altogether.


At the afterwards panel on Health Affairs of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, members of different political parties expressed the view that electronic and thermal cigarettes should be completely banned. Finally, the meeting adopted the motion that the government of the HKSAR should ban the sale of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products as soon as possible with 5 votes in favour, 3 against and 1 abstention.

Top 10 Popular American E-liquid Brands – Does anyone suit your taste

As e-cigarettes become a healthy way to quit smoking and live a lifestyle that is widely recognized, the choice of what kind of oil becomes a problem for vapors.

In the motley brand of e-liquid, imported oil, especially American oil, has become the preferred choice for many vapors because of its sophisticated market norms, superior products quality and a rich selection of flavors.

Here, a selection of 10 popular American oil flavors for vapors reference.
Of course, “ A thousand men have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts ”.
Therefore,everyone has his own taste for the e-liquid, For reference only, the rankings come in no particular order.

1. Ripe Vapes
VCT Mixed Tobacco Vanilla Almond Cream

vct e liquid
CONTENT : 30ml 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Ripe Vapes was founded in 2013. It’s based in Ventura County, North of Los Angeles. That’s a handmade vintage cigarette oil!Ripe Vapes only uses the best quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials. All the hand-made oil comes from the patent formula. 99.9% Kosher ( kosher food certification) grade glycerol and propylene glycol as well as natural and synthetic flavors. Where to buy


2. ANML ( The Animal World)
Classic series, White Octopus, Fruit and Grain Milk

octopus vape juice
CONTENT : 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: The ANML is made by the Electronics Distiller Phillip Rocke. ANML series of e- cigarette oil has been carefully handcrafted from the brand to the level of the Artwork. Phillip Rocke pushed the industry’s standards to a higher level once again as it launched ANML. Where to buy

3. Beard
No. 00 Coffee Tobacco

coffe vape juice
CONTENT : 30ml 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Beard was founded in 2014 by Bates brothers and friends. Among thousands of U.S. producers, Beard’s iconic symbol and best-selling flavors are stand out. For customers are used to the taste number, they name them by numbers. Beard is a simple name that resonates with them and can also be associated with different cultures and people. Where to buy

4. Mad Hatter
The nicotine salt line, mixed fruit

ilove salts vape
CONTENT : 25ml
BRAND FEATURES: Mad Hatter brand was founded in Los Angeles, California, USA, and it is a company known for its food series, including I love doughnuts, I love cookies, nicotine salts, and other series. Where to buy

5. Cuttwood
Unicorn milkshake Strawberry Milk

unicorn vape juice
CONTENT : 16.5ml 30ml 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Cuttwood was founded in 2014 by the company’s founder, Jerry·Ange . It was founded on a simple belief that he believed he could make better e-liquid flavors.(“I can do better.”) As soon as he inhales the new recipe, he knows immediately that this is what he wants, “Never Settle ” (this is the Unicorn’s milk shake from the famous cigarette industry) At the time, Jared did not think that the e-cigarette that touched him would be beloved by thousands of vapors around the world. Where to buy

6. Black Note
Quartet, Latakia Tobacco

four vape juice
CONTENT : 10ml 30ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: The mission of Black Note is to create a smoke-free world by providing the most authentic and interesting alternative to smoking. It means that Black notes obey the highest standards of quality– you won’t find any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or chemical additives. Black Note rely on natural flavors, not artificial harmonies. Where to buy

7. Charlie’s Chalk Dust
Black ice blackberries cucumber mint

blakc ice vape juice
CONTENT : 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Charlie’s chalk dust is based on a dreamer and his life experience to create a unique and profound taste formula, it is far more than the rival. It was founded in southern California, Charlie’s chalk dust is about a man’s dreams and his recipes, serving all e-cigarette users with his handmade taste. Designed beautiful bottles, extraordinary brands and marketing have made Charlie’s chalk dust a household name in the United States, sold in more than 300 U.S. stores. Where to buy

8. Pacha Mama
Apple, strawberry, nectarines

CONTENT : 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Pachamama is Charlie’s Chalk -gray sub-brand, and the name “Pachamama” comes from the goddess of the adoring Andean natives, also known as the Earth Mother and Time Mother. Pachamama of tobacco and oil, mixed rich earth plants and fruits, is a reference to the mother Earth, which is responsible for planting and harvesting. Where to buy

9. Cosmic Fog
Passion fruit pineapple kiwi

pine apple vape juice
CONTENT : 30ml 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg 12mg
BRAND FEATURES: It is founded in Orange County, California, the highest motto of the “Cosmic Fog” brand is that it is the industry’s highest quality of production and the most though-paced product testing. Based on this craftsman spirit, it takes an average of 7 to 10 months for “cosmic fog” to develop a e-liquid flavor. Each new flavor is tested by the company’s founders in himself for weeks to ensure that the products they produce can stand the test of time. Where to buy

10. 13th floor
Diago, Vanilla, milk, Caramel, tobacco, Nicotine Sea Salt

nic salt vape juice
CONTENT : 30ml
BRAND FEATURES: The 13th Floor brand was founded in Sunny Southern California. A team of industry experts has developed the full-day smoke-free oil that every vapor would expect. 13th Floor, insisted manufacturing processes, best-tasting research and development, and top-level brand design and development. The team of experts of 13th Floor has received better customer service training, speeding up transportation times and strict inventory control. Where to buy


Cross-field Crystallization | WOTOFO FLUX Rainbow Tower 200w Package Experience

E-cigarette equipment brands begin to exhibit their own personality traits, such as the king of cost-effective SMOANT, street brand ASVAPE, creative player BLITZ, cross-border famous cast WOTOFO and so on. In today’s market with a wide range of products, only tap the value of their own brand feature constantly can attract the love of more and more discerning players.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

The FLUX KIT shared today is the cross-border cooperation result between WOTOFO and RIG MOD.

The product uses a giant acrylic box. The detailed information of this cross-border product can be clearly seen on both sides of the box. RIG MOD brand is no longer familiar for the old players who love machinery and equipment.

Body, nebulizer, expansion chamber, spare atomizing core and sealing ring, USB charging cable, manual, FLUX KIT has eight colors in the official display, and the body only has power output mode:

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

Body size: 91.6X50.8X30.3MM
Body material: Zinc alloy / paint surface
Battery Type: 18650X2
Output Range: 5-200 W
Taste Mode: Standard/Violence/Super Violence
Resistance range: 0.1-3.0OHM

The FLUX KIT packaged in the form of a package is combined with the finished net core FLOWPRO TANK, which can achieve a 4-5 ML oil storage capacity changing through the replacement of the glass housing and supports the SMOK BABY series of finished cores:


Product diameter: 25MM
Product height: 41.1MM (no suction nozzle)
Core parameters: 0.18OHM (40W-60W) compatible SMOK BABY series
Product material: stainless steel
Vape oil capacity: 4ML (standard warehouse)/5ML (capacity warehouse)

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

The original glass warehouse has a clear sticker indicating that it is a nebulizer with a push-top oiling design. The large bottom air inlet and the large diameter arc heat insulation nozzle also show that it is the identity of the large smoke type to the lung. The surface paint of the atomizer and the body will have slight discoloration effect under sunlight, and it is very cool.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

This is a simple structure of the finished atomizer, it is well known that SMOK’s BABY series vaporizer has a large number of different data atomization core options, the official revealed that the biggest advantage of compatible SMOK BABY series atomization core is to make this atomization that  isn’t limited to the limited resistance of its own core, allowing the finished core users to select more data.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

Netzine is a hot spot for the finished atomization core. A considerable number of manufacturers have already joined the related products and have released the net atomization core. FLOWPRO TANK doesn’t use the traditional heating net, but has an integral mesh similar to that of NOTCH COIL. The characteristics of uniform heat generation and large face value also determine that the core has four large oil guiding holes to satisfy the oil guiding.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

FLUX MOD uses a symmetrical appearance design.

Two pieces of “armor” are wrapped around the body. This full-strength muscle sense completely reveals the American origin of RIG. The designer cleverly arranges the ignition button in the “armor” on the left side of the screen to realize the use of a large area ignition button, but the display brightness of the body computer is a little dark, and it is difficult to quickly read the information under sunlight.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

In the home 510, USB interface, with the appearance of the left and right symmetry of the body line, it does not violate the sense, coupled with the overall arc around the contour makes FLUX MOD an excellent sense of palm grip. The blue part echoes the vape’s kit assembly using a glitter pearl blue and it glows purple in the sunlight, while the highly polished black part is delicate, but it also has the disadvantage of easy fingerprint collection.
WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

The bottom battery cover has a clear symbol of blessing. After opening the bottom cover of the battery, you can see the fine workmanship. WOTOFO and RIG MOD are complementary ways of cooperation, and mutual cooperation in the development of this model can maximize the advantages of their respective brands and improve their own shortcomings, so that the quality of the product is more perfect.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

The biggest advantage of the large ignition key is that it can achieve the whole holding ignition in use. Whether the position of the body is in the palm of the hand is positive or negative, the user only needs to grasp the handle to achieve the purpose of ignition. In addition to the discoloration of the blue part of the paint under sunlight, the LED light is hidden at the bottom of the display, and the user can also change the blinking color and blinking of the LED light by switching the gadget command.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

The adjustment button is located at the bottom of the display. The function of this chip is relatively simple, but the operation is not in accordance with the routine. The command is implemented by the combination of the ignition key and the adjustment button:
1. Press the “Ignition key” + “-” to achieve the LED lamp work mode change command;
2. Press “Ignition Key” + “+” to change three kinds of hot taste patterns;
FLUX MOD only has power mode, completely abandon the proliferation of temperature control, curve customization, continuing the concept of RIG MOD at the same time also compared to pure mechanical products to increase the protection of the chip’s function, is a minimalist ultimate design thinking.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

FLOWPRO TANK is soft on the taste, and the compound flavor of vape juice can be clearly communicated, but its intake is slightly over-excessed. It needs to be closed to 20% of intake air to get satisfactory suction resistance and concentration. The performance at the output of 50W is relatively ideal (The official 40-60W), but the heating area of the net atomizing core is relatively large, and even after sipping ten ports, the temperature of the atomizer body can be felt to soar.

The FLUX MOD, which retains only its power output, is a body of graduated smoke levels. Its output speed and smoothness are no missing. It is worth mentioning that there are three fever modes: standard, fierce, and hyper-fierce. The nebulizer with the original finished product is more suitable for the standard mode. In the big smoke and low resistance RDA, it can be switched to fierce or hyper-fierce, and the output of the body computer will completely go into the runaway status.

WOTOFO FLUX kit Rainbow Tower 200w

The title says FLUX KIT is MAN SHOW-type equipment, which is largely due to its gorgeous but humble industrial design. The simple and clear two color blocks mix and match with a line to create a product with full details. It is unassuming but pretty high-end . The nebulizer’s net atomization core brings soft, slightly warm smoke, the taste of the vape oil is effectively reduced, and a considerable amount of smoke is also brought through a large heat network.

With the performance of the entire package and the price announced by some e-commerce platforms, the phenomenon that the price of high-force products is unattainable no longer exist, and there are eight colors that suit your aesthetic…

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Amazing Achievements of Hands American Vape Juice Company On-site Activity

On June 15th, the second American original import vape juice free experience meeting of Hands American vape oil was held in the lobby of Langke Building (Shenzhen Nanshan Science Park) on the 1st floor. Compared with the previous activities, this event is even more popular. It may be because there are many “programmers” of Tencent and other companies who are working in this building.

The event was a great achievement and the results were amazing.

The gifts prepared by Hands American vape e-liquid company for the event, such as hats and men’s T-shirts, were all sent out. The mouse pad and the 10ml vape oil sample were also taken away. 60% off sales (exclusive on-site activities) of electronic cigarettes, imported vape juice are also very popular. Sales volume has doubled from the previous campaign.  The people who Paid attention to Hands group blog participated in the awards and draws is turned several times.


In the event, Hands American vape oil discovered that users who care about electronic cigarettes and imported vape juice are not only male programmers who often need to stay up late for work, but also female white-collar workers who want to help their husbands and fathers to quit smoking, and even the owners and employees of the nearby stores also heard the news and came to know more and try out the product.

Due to the popularity of the event and the effect beyond our expectation,people who come to experience and purchase Hands products have been in an endless stream.

The plan for the free trial of Hans American vape juice company, which was originally planned to finish at about 2 pm, was extended to after work hours, so that they can provide service to more people who need to stop smoking and replace cigarettes.

Hands American vape oil will continue to organize the free experience meeting of American original imported e-liquid in each office building of the Science and Technology Park.The on-site participants  will enjoy many great gifts!


At the same time, Hands group blog have more gifts to send !

Incredible! Yantai’s first suspect in the illegal operation of e-cigarette was arrested!

Recently, the first criminal in the illegal operation of e-cigarette in Yantai has been arrested according to law by the Zhifu District People’s Procuratorate of Yantai City, China.

On May 7, the Yantai Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau received a report from the public that it was reported that someone sold a famous brand vape cartridges and sold tobacco products without obtaining a tobacco monopoly license. The network security team of the public security organs quickly arrested the suspects Mr.Zhao, Mr.Zhu, and Mr.Pan.

After an investigation by the Zhifu District People’s Procuratorate of Yantai City, Mr.Zhao, Mr.Zhu, and Mr.Pan had violated the Criminal law by illegally selling at least RMB 140,000 in e-cigarettes without obtaining a tobacco sale permit. As a result of the crime of illegal business, the government decided to approve the arrest.

In October 2017, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued the “Notification on the Identification and Inspection of New-type Cigarette Products”. The IQOS, GLO, Ploom and REVO types of new cigarette products were judged to contain tobacco-specific components and belonged to tobacco products, included in the cigarette identification test list.
“Imported tobacco monopoly products can only be operated by companies that have obtained special licenses for specialty tobacco monopoly operations.” The case handling prosecutor said that criminal suspects obviously don’t have the qualification to import tobacco monopoly products, and they don’t have a tobacco retail license, and they don’t have the right to sell cigarettes and other tobacco monopoly products in China.

According to the law, illegal sales of cigarettes for sale amounted to 50,000 yuan, which means “serious circumstances” and constitute an offense of illegal business. The criminal suspects in this case illegally purchased cigarettes from abroad for sale in the country. The number of illegal business operations amounted to 140,000 yuan, which has been suspected of illegal business operations.