North Korean guard thinks vape is a bomb, you won’t believe what happens next!

A border guard in the secretive country of North Korea was amazed by the sight of the vape pen being carried by British tourist Del Dinsdale, at first thinking that the device was a bomb.

Mr Dinsdale, 34, was travelling from China into the communist country when his bags were searched by the security services, the Daily Mail reports. When he told the guard that the device was actually a cigarette, his fear turned to amazement and he asked to try it out.

‘He thought it was an illegal item being taken into his country but I showed him what it was and he was delighted’, Dinsdale told the British newspaper. Strict laws in the reclusive dictatorship means tourists are usually forbidden from taking photos of officials – especially in a relaxed setting. But in this case, the guard made an exception and is seen vaping on the device with a smile on his face.

‘He began to smoke it with such delight as he had never seen an electric cigarette in his life’, Dinsdale continued. ‘He then began to show all the other border guards and asked if I could give him it. I explained he would not be able to buy the liquids in his country so he gave it back and presented me with some North Korean cigarettes’.

‘It’s highly illegal taking photos of army guards and for him to allow me to do this is very strange. I believe it’s the only photo of its kind’.

The secretive country is led by Kim-Jong-Un, the third generation of the Nation’s Communist dynasty, who is known to be a heavy smoker despite urging the nation to quit. If Kim Jong-Un wants a great alternative, we advise him to use the code WELCOME on for 10% off his order. We have a great selection of starter kits and well priced vape juice.

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