New Vapers Wanted for Dual Use Study

Researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and London South Bank University are looking for people who started vaping in the last 3 months to get involved in a new study.

The team is hoping to understand more about how vaping habits are associated with mood and the environment.

The researchers aim to learn more about smoking and vaping behaviour to inform policy makers on how best to promote e-cigarettes as a way to stop people smoking.

Participants will be asked to track their vape use by using a small personal device attached to an e-cigarette and to complete a brief daily questionnaire.

At the end of the study, vapers will be given a personalised report detailing their usage patterns. 

As a thank you for taking part, vapers will have the opportunity to receive a £20 shopping voucher or donate £20 to Cancer Research UK each time they are interviewed by a researcher.

UK vapers can register to take part here.

US Research

Meanwhile, researchers in the US have published a study exploring the emotional triggers that lead people to relapse when quitting smoking or dual using tobacco and e-cigarettes.

The researchers discovered that dual users experienced more intense bad moods along with shorter bad-mood duration and higher positive mood swings associated with higher cigarette dependency. 

The results could help smoking cessation practitioners tailor stop-smoking programs to fit the individual needs of smokers.

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