New Chinese Vape Rules Sees All E-Liquid Flavours Banned

China is to regulate vaping products under existing tobacco laws in a move which will see flavoured e-liquids banned.

From May 1, only tobacco flavours will be legal but the law only applies to the home market so Chinese companies can still produce flavoured products for export.

Vaping will be regulated by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA), under new measures which will cover everything from production and marketing to sales.

Manufacturers must obtain an operating licence and will be subject to regular inspections to ensure that they are complying with the law.

E-cigarette vending machines will be banned, there will be limits on the amount of product that can be sent through the post and vape shops must not be located near schools.

A new ‘unified national e-cigarette transaction management platform’ will also be set up which all manufacturers, producers, wholesalers and retailers must use.

Companies which fail to comply with the new measures face a range of penalties including being ordered to cease all production and business operations.

Wang Shenyi, chairman of Chinese vape manufacturer Shenzhen Shikai Technology welcomed the regulations.

He said:

“We can look at the national standards in a way that won’t restrict the industry’s development, but in a way that better supervises and regulates the market to make it healthier and better in the long run.”

Wang Shenyi, Chairman of Shenzhen Shikai Technology

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