Need vape manufacturers or brands cooperation in Indonesia

A buyer from Indonesia is looking for vape manufacturers or brands who would like to expand to markets like Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.


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2 Replies to “Need vape manufacturers or brands cooperation in Indonesia”

  1. Hello,this is Chloe from China.We are a leading disposable vape manufacture in Shenzhen.If you‘d like to cooperate with us,not only competitive factory price ,other service and sales strategies will be provided accordingly.If you are looking for a reliable factory to work with, pls DM for more info. 

  2. My name is Chen, I am helping grow Smiss Technology’s business development efforts.

    Founded in 2012, Smiss Technology is a top 3 vapes OEM/ODM company in the world, we work with top vape brands around the globe. We also cater for small and medium-sized Enterprises. We have a wide product range, Disposables, Pod Systems, CBD/THC, HNB, Dry Burning, etc. 

    We pride on helping clients to build their own vaping brands by offering superior OEM/ODM services. My Email address is [email protected], please send me an email for potential business opportunities.

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