Need Relx Pods to be wholesaler in Philippines

  • Inquiring about relx pods wholesale price in Philippines. Do you ship here? Do you have minimum orders?  April 28, 2022
  • I am interested in buying relax pods at wholesale price in my country, Philippines. I am a relx user and I wish to also be a reseller. Could you direct me to one of your direct wholesale distributors.  January 2022
  • May i know the wholesale price of pods & devices?
  • interested in reselling relx here in the philippines. Could you please send me your pricelist and moq? Thank you!
  • would like to order minimum 100 boxes of relx classic cartridges & need more information for this product. Thank you!
Latest update note:
  • Suppliers found (Suppliers also ship to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia and so on), see it in the comment below
  • Contact suppliers in the comment or Contact us to buy RELX with a discount in the Philippines

26 Replies to “Need Relx Pods to be wholesaler in Philippines”

  1. View supplier contact details:
    Supplier 1: Wechat: nina-relx;
    Supplier 2: Wechat: amrostwani;
    Supplier 3: Email: [email protected];
    Supplier 4: Wechat:vapebro888
    Supplier 5: Wechat:bemyguest3
    Supplier 6: Wechat:qq1479591061
    Supplier 7: Wechat: relx2018
    Supplier 8: Email/skype: [email protected]; Whatsapp: +86 18173910315
    Supplier 9:; Whatsapp:+86 13880374287
    Supplier 10: Whatsapp: +852 7074 7874
    Supplier 11: Whatsapp: +852 5591 6744
    Supplier 12: Wechat: wxid_uy133koz6piu22

    Welcome other suppliers to leave your contact here.

  2. I want to be a reseller of Relx here in the Philippines but I am having a hard time finding a reseller with a wholesale price. Thank you if you will respond to this message.

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  5. Hi, this is connie. we used to operate few vape stores in China, including brand relx,yooz,etc.. and we know many manufacturers as well. and my wechat /whatsapp is 8615210265799. if you are interested in our products, pls contact me freely. sincerely.

  6. I am looking for a wholesale supplier that is willing to supply Relx Pods and Devices in Mindanao Philippines.

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