Highlights from the Vape Live Auditorium – Day 2

After many months of preparation, Vape Live is back, this time, from the USA (virtually)!

Education plays a huge role at Vape Live, so it’s been great to once again bring a host of speakers from both sides of the Atlantic to talk all things vaping and tobacco harm reduction.

Regulatory changes in the UK and EU post 2020.

The panel discussion included, John Dunne, Clive Bates, Lee Bryant, Damien Bove and Dustin Dahlman from the UKVIA. The panel started with a discussion on Brexit and what this could mean for the UK vaping industry. Clive Bates raised that the UK could see new regulations post Brexit if European regulations no longer apply such as lifting the ban on sales of snus, changing limits of 20ml and changing the warnings attached to smoking.

He also suggested cross promotion in cigarettes that smokers could find adverts or information about vaping in packs. The panel sounded optimistic about the opportunities that Brexit could provide the industry in terms of what could be done around tobacco or vaping. John Dunne highlighted this could be a quick win for the government.

Lee Bryan spoke about the challenges that US or European brands could face doing business with UK brands post Brexit in particular Northern Ireland. No changes in some respects such as packaging but it will take brands a while to get used to the new system.

The panel were asked to speak on COVID-19 by a viewer as to the danger of reform agenda on vaping being introduced by the government. Clive Bates highlighted the PR difficulties to handing new changes to the vaping and tobacco industries post Brexit. He stressed that getting involved in the public consultation and getting in good responses will be key. Engaging with local politicians, UKVIA and consumers is important. Bringing positive arguments to the fore such as budgets or health.

John asked Dustin Dahlman to speak on the TPD review which will affect businesses in Europe. Dustin highlighted that research is ongoing but there is dissatisfaction with how negative the scientists have been concerning vaping. The report is still in preliminary stages but he stated it is in a bad state currently. That scientists are going for hazard based approach rather than a risk based one which would favour vaping. There are some positives, Dustin said as a business owner that the regulations are clear although there are concerns with countries introducing flavour bans such as Denmark.

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