Hardware previews: SMOK Rigel, Ultroner Alieno and more

It’s been another busy week in the world of vaping hardware. This time around, we’re taking a look at the SMOK Rigel, Vandy Vape Requiem RDA and Ultroner Alieno.

SMOK Rigel – Raw Power and Simplicity

SMOK rigel
SMOK Rigel

SMOK Rigel Specs:

Dimensions: 88mm*44mm*28.8mm

Power output: 1W-230W

Battery capacity: 2x external 18650 cells

Charging: 2A USB-C charging

Weight: 103g

Price: TBC (pre-order notification)

Industry giants SMOK have been focusing much of their efforts on the AIO market in recent times, with a host of RPM and Nord compatible devices, ideal for vaping on the go. The new Rigel kit looks to be a return to their roots, boasting a massive 230W maximum power output, simple chipset and compact design.

The wedge form factor that’s been used here allows the Rigel to maintain the convenience of dual 18650 capacity, without becoming cumbersome on the go. SMOK has also rethought its chip design with a simple wattage only board, that should streamline the user experience for vapers who don’t need additional features like temperature control or power curves.

The SMOK Rigel is bundled with the TFV9 subohm tank, which has been a reliable choice since release and represents a significant turning point in the vape quality of SMOK’s stock coils.

All signs point to the SMOK Rigel being a solid choice for any would be subohm vaper who needs a slim device with all day battery life and coming in at just 103g before adding a tank and batteries, it’s rather portable, too.

Ultroner Alieno – An Elegant Ambidextrous Mod

Ultroner Alieno
Ultroner Alieno – DNA60 Natural Wood

Ultroner Alieno Specs:

Dimensions: 87mm*38mm*28mm

Power output: 1W-60W (DNA60 version), 1W-70W (SEVO version)

Battery capacity: 1x 18650 cell

Weight: 89g

Price: $139 (SEVO version), $169 (DNA60 version)

Ultroner has built a solid reputation over the last few years for producing stunning stabilised wood mods at relatively affordable prices.

The Ultroner Alieno is their latest release, taking clear inspiration from European mod makers, with an exposed battery tube and beautifully machined stabilised wood chassis. The Alieno’s USP is that it features two individual firing buttons. This allows the user to thumb fire the mod in either hand, without having to change the orientation of the device.

Some users might see this as a gimmick, but anyone who prioritises the ergonomics of their devices should understand the upside offered by this design.

The standard edition of the Ultroner Alieno features a 70W SEVO chipset, coming in at $139. If you’re a keen temperature control enthusiast, you can also find a DNA60 version for $169. In our view, it’s always worth having a top shelf chipset when you’re already paying a premium for luxury materials like stabilised wood, so if you’ve got the spare cash, that’s the version we recommend.

Vandy Vape Requiem RDA – A Versatile Single Coiler

Vandy Vape Requiem RDA
Vandy Vape Requiem RDA

Vandy Vape Requiem RDA specs:

Dimensions: 15mm*22mm (height excluding drip tip)

Materials: Stainless steel, Ultem

Deck style: Single coil

Price: £25-30 (available here)

Vandy Vape practically built their brand on reviewer collaborations. Their latest release, the Vandy Vape Requiem RDA, is co-designed by Youtuber El Mono Vapeador, who is one of the most influential voices in the Spanish speaking vape community.

The Requiem is a tiny 22mm RDA, with a simple single coil build deck, which can accommodate most coils up to 3mm inner diameter.

Where the Vandy Vape Requiem differentiates itself from the competition is its airflow design. Rather than a single airflow system, the Requiem is supplied with three airflow caps as standard. These caps cover a wide range of styles, including MTL, restricted DL and open DL.

The implementation of this system has been done thoughtfully, with each airflow cap appropriately condensing the deck to achieve a better combination of warmth and flavour.

The sloped nature of the deck and airflow caps also greatly reduces the risk of leakage when squonking, which is how most vapers will likely be using the atomiser, since it has such a small deck.

We were sent a pre-production sample for review and while we’re not quite ready to give it our full review just yet, we can confirm that the Vandy Vape Requiem RDA produces excellent flavour and is extremely versatile. If you’re looking for a regulated squonker to pair with this RDA, check our review of the Vandy Vape Pulse 2.

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