e-LiquiTech to Start Distribution of Synthetic (S)- Nicotine

E-liquiTech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tobacco Technology Inc. (TTI), will start distributing their patented SyNic synthetic (S)- nicotine in November.

SyNic USP/EP, SyNic nicotine bitartrate and SyNic polacrilex resin are manufactured in U.S. Food and Drug Administration-registered current good manufacturing practices facilities. These products have confirmed purity levels of more than 99.9 percent, (S)- levels of more than 99.7 percent and are free of tobacco-specific nitrosamines and carcinogens.

“Coupled with e-LiquiTech’s exclusive distribution, competitive pricing and carrying the eLiquiTech guarantee, these products will be available only to responsible partners operating within the regulatory guidelines of the global tobacco industry,” said e-LiquidTech CEO George Cassels- Smith.

For more information, please send an e-mail to sales@eLiquiTech.com.

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