FDA chief summons Altria and JUUL to Washington to discuss teen vaping – TechCrunch

The head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is calling Altria and Juul to meet in Washington to discuss their tie-up and how it impacts the companies’ plans to combat teen vaping. Earlier this year, Altria invested $12.8 billion investment in Juul.

“After Altria’s acquisition of a 35 percent ownership interest in JUUL Labs, Inc., your newly announced plans with JUUL contradict the commitments you made to the FDA,” Commissioner Scott Gottlieb wrote in a strongly worded letter addressed to Altria chairman and chief executive, Howard A. Willard III.

“When we meet, Altria should be prepared to explain how this acquisition affects the full range of representations you made to the FDA and the public regarding your plans to stop marketing e-cigarettes and to address the crisis of youth use of e-cigarettes,” Gottlieb wrote.

The commissioner sent a similarly worded message to Juul’s chief executive, Kevin Burns.

As part of that deal, Juul is getting access to Altria’s retail shelf space; the company is sending out direct communications pitching Juul to adult smokers through cigarette pack inserts and mailings to the company’s database of customers; and the two will combine the power of their respective sales and distribution backend which reaches roughly 230,000 retailers across America.

The recent deal comes only months after Juul released its plan to combat teen vaping — something the FDA had required of the company.

In the commitments it made last year, the vape manufacturer and retailer said it would expand its secret shopper program to make sure underage buyers weren’t getting access to its products; pull its campaigns from social media; and limit sales of non-traditional cigarette flavors (menthol, mint, Virginia tobacco, and “classic” tobacco) to the company’s website — which requires age verification.

Gottlieb isn’t the only one who has a problem with Juul. We’ve written about how the company has lowered the barrier to entry for nicotine addiction.

For Gottlieb, the addition of Altria’s marketing firepower and network of 230,000 retail locations likely isn’t an indicator of a company that’s willing to winnow down access to its products.

“I am aware of deeply concerning data showing that youth use of JUUL represents a significant proportion of the overall use of e-cigarette products by children. I have no reason to believe these youth patterns of use are abating in the near term, and they certainly do not appear to be reversing,” Gottlieb wrote. “Manufacturers have an independent responsibility to take action to address the epidemic of youth use of their products. My office will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss these issues. Pursuant to your request, we intend to schedule this as a joint meeting with both Altria and JUUL.”

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Blog :: Is e-cigarette suitable for you? What are the 15 guides for beginners

A questionnaire survey on the e-cigarette online forum showed hat there are nearly 90% smokers who have quit smoking and throw traditional cigarettes after using e-cigarettes successfully. Although this high proportion of numbers is doomed to controversy, it highlights that e-cigarettes can certainly help people quit smoking definitely.

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Since e-cigarettes are so attractive, then is it possible for us to enter this market casually? of course not,Next, just follow Buyecigkits.com which is one of the online ecig shop offering the electric cigarette products free shipping over the world to get the the 15 guides for vaper beginners that must be understood when getting started with e-cigarettes, here we go.

1. How should I start?

Before be a vaper, we recommend that you have a detailed understanding of e-cigarettes and various peripherals, and carefully read each line of this post. Many starters complain about buying those wrong or expensive or knockoffs etc, that is entirely because they didn’t learn about the relevant knowledge before.

2. How do the vapor starters choose the right one?

You would better switch to a pressure-regulated e-cigarette. This type of rod is the safest and has the function of short circuit protection. The mechanical rod does not have short-circuit protection and voltage regulation function for vaping beginners,not to mention the ones made by unauthorized ecig company.

3. How to distinguish the quality of electronic cigarettes?

A is not bad, B is good, which one is better? A large range of ecigarettes brands and models, flooding on the market, no one is sure to decide the final choice for you, just choose the brand electronic cigarettes manufacturers, because the one manufactured by brand factory is likely to be popular among the vapers, you could turn to them to ask for help.

4. Is there a difference between e-cigarettes and smoking?

Almost the same,in addition to traditional smoking methods,you could vape into your lung directly safely.

5. What is MOD?

The full name of MOD is Modification, which comes from the enhanced program of computer games. There are many combinations of electronic cigarettes in the accessories, stainless steel tube acrylic tube, ceramic base and so on. Any behavior that can change the appearance or function of the atomizer is called MOD. Generally speaking, it’s similar to car modification. This is also part of the charm of e-cigarette development.

6. How many categories of e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes have experienced three major stages from birth to development. The first stage was the earliest battery-bar electronic cigarette. Due to low calorific value and unsuccessful ejuice, it has now withdrawn from the mainstream. The second stage is the EGO stage. The real ejuice-saving e-cigarette is born, which is an important change in the history of e-cigarettes. It makes it possible to replace traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. We are currently undergoing a third phase, the era of ecigs with cleaning Atomizer and rebuildable atomizers including rebuildable drip atomizer and rebuildable tank atomizer. And a variety of e-cigarette related phrases is enjoying a great popularity, such as mechanical rods, build wire, big smoke, leakage and firing ejuice etc. During this period, e-cigarettes are transforming from physical enjoyment into spiritual enjoyment

7. What is a cartridge?

The cartridge is equivalent to a disposable contact lens, and is an electronic cigarette consumable integrated with ejuice and atomizer. Once it is exhausted, it needs to be replaced. At present,it is withdrawing from the historical stage.

8. Does the electronic cigarette produce second-hand smoke? Is the smoke of the electronic cigarette the same as the smoke of the cigarette?

The smoke of e-cigarettes is completely different from the smoke of cigarettes. One is liquid and the other is solid. The smoke of electronic cigarettes is more similar to the state of water vapor, although the second-hand smoke of electronic cigarettes has never caused trouble to others, we also believe that it is impolite to cause trouble to others at any time yet.

9. Does e-cigarette have an unpleasant smell on the body?

Some vapers smell the smoke oil on their bodies, which is caused by incomplete atomization of ejuice or improper installation of other equipments, please choose the brand ejuice authorized.

10. Is e-cigarette cheap or traditional cigarette cheaper?

As far as the budget is concerned, e-cigarette is similar to a small-scale investment that continues after a one-time investment. If you are an heavy vaper and immersed in diy atomizer and mod etc; e-cigarettes are no more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes perhaps, but they are indeed more environmentally friendly than traditional cigarettes.

11. How does e-cigarette work?

The current in the battery shorts the heating wire instantaneously. The high temperature generated by the heating wire short-circuited vaporizes the eliquid and turns it into vape, which is sucked into the mouth.

12. Where can I use e-cigarettes? Is it possible in public places?

There is currently no law that stipulates that electronic cigarettes are not allowed in public places. However, public opinion is still unclear about e-cigarette guidance. In order not to add a psychological burden to the people around you, please try not to use e-cigarettes in public places. If you really want to show the spiritual needs of vape, please join the e-smoke party.

13. Is e-cigarette really helpful for quitting smoking?

The withdrawal of smoking addiction relies mainly on the willpower of the individual. If you have strong self-control, you can quit smoking completely without smoking. E-cigarette products are more like a substitute for smoking cessation, providing some help on the road to quitting smoking. Fortunately, more and more vapers have gotten rid of smoking. Frankly speaking, that’s just the result of your own efforts instead of ecigs.

14. Does the electronic cigarette contain nicotine?

A large selections of ejuice contain nicotine, if you swtich to use a nicotine product that does not contain nicotine at first, the withdrawal response may be very strong. However, all of the ejuice indicates the content of nicotine on the instructions. At the beginning of smoking cessation, you should choose those with a relatively high nicotine content, such as 18MG, and then slowly transition to 12MG, 6MG, 0MG,

15. Is the vaping flavor as the same as that of smoking a real cigarette?

The vaping flavor is completely different from the smoking real cigarettes flavor. E-cigarettes do not have the strong stimulating feeling of cigarettes, and have their own style. It may be softer. If you are a smoker who likes to smoke poor quality tobacco, the e-cigarette may disappoint you, because the flavor of ejuice of electronic cigarette is different from traditional tobacco.

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TruTag raises $7.5 million Series C for tiny, edible barcodes that can be placed on pills, food and vaping systems – TechCrunch

TruTag Technologies, a company that creates microscopic, edible barcodes to authenticate medications, food, vaping pods and other products, has raised a $7.5 million Series C. The funding, led by Pangaea Ventures and Happiness Capital, will be used to further commercialize its technology and develop new solutions.

Along with earlier rounds, this brings TruTag’s total funding to $25 million. Its clients include PwC, which uses the company’s technology in its Food Trust Platform quality assurance program for Australian beef exports.

A high magnification of TruTag particles, each of is an edible “chip” that authenticates the product it is applied to.

A high magnification of TruTag particles, each of is an edible “chip” that authenticates the product it is applied to.

Called TruTags, the company’s tiny barcodes are made out of nano-porous silica, a material that has received GRAS (generally recognized as safe) notice from the U.S Food and Drug Administration, and can be placed directly on products or in packaging to track it through the supply and logistics chain.

TruTags are used with hyperspectral imaging technology, which is able to process much more wavelengths than other imaging methods, so it can collect more precise and detailed data from an image. When scanned, the barcodes provide information about where a product was manufactured, lot numbers, authorized distributors and safe use.

In email, TruTag chief executive officer Michael Bartholomeusz, who holds a PhD in materials engineering from the University of Virginia, told TechCrunch that the company sees the most growth opportunities in industries, such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical foods and cannabis, that deal with counterfeit products from the black market or the “grey market,” including products from unauthorized suppliers.

A conceptual photo of TruTags' technology.

A conceptual photo of TruTags’ technology.

“TruTags material is an already approved excipient in pills by the FDA. Pharmaceuticals and food comprise a very large portion of the global counterfeiting problem, and given the very unique edible feature of TruTag’s solution, this is a core area of focus for the company,” he says.

For example, the technology can be used to lock vaping systems so they only work with authentic vaping pods, helping reduce the number of counterfeit pods on the market. Bartholomeusz adds that TruTags is close to coming to market in the CBD space.

TruTags’ ability to be placed directly on products, its edibility and instant authentication in one to five seconds differentiates it from other solutions. Bartholomeusz notes that other quality assurance tech include specialized symbols, inks and holograms, though many of those products have the disadvantages of being replicable by high-quality printers or relying on consumers’ ability to recognize them.

In a press statement, Matthew Cohen, director of technology at Pangaea, which focuses on investing in advanced materials technology, said “Pangaea is excited to partner with TruTag and help the company expand its team and product portfolio. We believe TruTag’s edible barcode technology will help increase consumer confidence and ultimately save lives. TruTag is making our world better by utilizing compelling advanced materials and advanced material process innovations to combat rising problems such as drug counterfeiting.”

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Blog :: What are five resolve details on RDA with bottom filling ejuice

The rebuildable drip atomizer is a part of the backbone of e-cigarettes. It is not an exaggeration to describe the type of device run with the best VAPE experience. However, some vapers switch to RTA, the designer have struggled to design a new RDA with bottom filling e-juice,then Buyecigkits.com will explain what the five resolve details on RDA with bottom filling e-juice.

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Since the beginning of the bottom filling, a variety of RDAs have been flooding on the market,some of which come with screw for bottom filling in the original factory package so that the traditional RDAs could fill e-juice at bottom.The traditional RDA uses a direct drip method to add the e-liquid to the cotton at the most savage and fastest speed. Thanks to the full storage of the cotton, the vapers could enjoy the pure vaping experience. The bottom filling RDA is equivalent to changing the traditional top drip to the bottom fil. The e-liquid contacts the cotton foot after the base oozes to reach the vicinity of the coil, which includes the length of the e-liquid guiding line,

1, how long should i set the e-liquid guiding line

how long the e-liquid guiding line is based on how long the cotton foot caused by the reasonable height of the RDA coil, and the length of the cotton foot is also attributed to the original structural design of the RDA, which is a relationship of mutual constraints. For example, COILART’s DPRO RDA, the e-liquid guiding line is shorter, but please do not overfill, because its deck is also shallow due to the structure.

2. Is the cotton foot covered with the bottom of the deck?

This problem is similar to the traditional top-drip method. Although the bottom of deck is covered with cotton, it can store more e-juice in a single time so that vapers do not need to fill the e-liquid frequently. However, it may cause the e-juice returning to the bottom if the cotton is not handled loosely. On the contrary,as long as the cotton foot is reserved with an appropriate length, the e-liquid which is oozing out from the bottom deck can be smoothly guided to the vicinity of the coil under non-strict conditions.

3. Can an ordinary RDA turn into a bottom filling?

In fact, many of the RDA currently being introduced will be delivered with the bottom filling replacement screws for the user to modify. Even if the RDA does not come with the original primer screw, you can purchase the corresponding under-the-counter screws from the accessory shop to DIY. The most common type of retrofit is the double-column side-intake RDA, which has been selected for use by many of the original bottom-filled RDAs.

4. What is the difference between RDA and RTA?

We often say that the rebuildabe tank atomizer (RTA) is mostly a sealed atomization tank, and the e-liquid is stored outside the tank and is closely attached. It is inevitable that it will be affected by the heat of the atomized tank, which will result in a discount on the experience of the e-liquid. It is often said that the flavor is always faded after half of the e-juice left,for those vapor kits with the bottom filling RDA, you could enjoy the purer flavor of the e-liquid stored in the storage bottle in box mod and isolated from the tank.

5. What is the difference between the bottom filling and the traditional RDA?

To a lesser extent, the atomization effect between the two is the same. However, the rate of direct dripping the e-liquid onto the cotton will inevitably be faster than that of the absorption of cotton from the bottom. The base filling rda is enjoying a great popularity because of the extremely portable and convenient carrying,it would be the perfect option to you taking out.

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Pax launches desktop app, bypassing Apple’s vaping ban – TechCrunch

Pax today is announcing a new app for its cannabis vaporizers. The service offers access to device controls, cannabis strain information and safety features. The company previously launched an Android and iPhone app with similar features, but Apple later removed the version on the App Store, stripping iPhone users of features and information.

Pax is not coy about the motivations behind this desktop app. “Built in response to Apple’s removal of vaporization-related apps from the App Store,” the press release reads. This desktop app has been in the works for some time. Apple removed vaping apps in late 2019, and Pax representatives told me in January 2020 they had been working toward a new solution.

“We’re thrilled to be able to restore functionality to Apple users,” said Jesse Silver, SVP of Product at PAX Labs . “While we build our devices to work beautifully even without the app, the magic truly happens when you have precision control over things like temperature and dose, not to mention the confidence that comes with this level of information and transparency around what’s in the pod. Because so many of our features are developed through the lens of delivering a predictable, high-quality experience, it was really important to us that all of our customers could access them—regardless of whether they use iPhones or Androids.”

This web app features the same functionality of the smartphone app, but it’s unfortunately tied to a desktop computer. The web app does not work on smartphones. Because of this, some of the magic is lost as users are still unable to fine-tune control of the vapes while away from their desks.

Other companies have made similar moves, most notably, Canopy Growth Corp.’s Storz & Bickel. In March 2020, the vaping device maker launched its web app to bypass Apple’s ban. In its solution, users have to use a specific mobile browser due to Bluetooth. If willing to jump through a few hoops, the web app restores features of Storz & Bickel’s vaporizers for Apple users.

I use the company’s Android app with a Pax Era Pro and enjoy the wealth of information available through the portal. Not sure what’s in a Pax pod? Snap it into the Era Pro to see where the strain was developed and cultivated, as well as the results from testing reports. But as an iPhone user, it would be great to have this information on my primary device.

Pax’s new desktop app requires Chrome for macOS users. For those on Windows, functionality is only available with the Pax Era Pro. After several setup steps, the desktop web app works as advertised and features a slick interface and rich functionality.

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Blog :: What are the detailed solution on common questions on using IQOS

Mnay starters are troubled by how to use the iqos,Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the electronic cigarette products free shipping over the world would like to share some qa(questions and answers) and detaliled solutions on how to us it

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First of all,we shall get to know what the iqos system is and how to use it,pls check out the detailed graphic description below

After figuring out the basic components of iqos and instruction, now we are getting into the qa, here we go

1. What is the difference between IQOS2.4 (second generation) and IQOS 2.4Plus (three generations)?

A: There are several improvements: heating improvement, charging shortening, high-brightness light, vibration notification

Appearance: IQOS 2.0 button come with the gold polished case, IQOS 2.4plus button come with a matte case

2. How does the IQOS cigarette nicotine content compare with ordinary cigarettes?

A: At present, the IQOS heat stick does not indicate the nicotine content.

3, IOQS holder, IQOS accessories problem

A: The IQOS holder can be purchased and used separately if broken.

But 2.4, 2.4plus holders are not universal

4. Why does the light on the top of the pocket charger battery status LED  turn green when the new IQOS is connected to the charger?

A: First, is the plug used for IQOS exclusively? the lights  turn green when using non-conforming charging plug

Second, you should first connect the power cord to the IQOS host, then plug the power cord into the charging. On the contrary, it will also  turn orange

5. If the holder/charger indicator lights turn red, what should I do?

A: Put the holder into the charger, cover the hatch, and press the power button and reset button on the charger for 10 seconds. Then release your hand and the machine will restart, the red light will disappear at this time.

6, how to charge iqos electronic cigarette

A: This e-cigarette charger is pretty similar to the charging treasure, both of which is connected by the Android mobile phone via micro USB interface, as well as four battery indicator lights connecting the charging head, the electronic pocket charger  is similar to a normal cigarette case, and the electronic cigarette is inserted into the pocket charger for charging. After vaping, it is required to be charged for 4 minutes to be smoked again to avoid addiction to smoking addiction.

7. How long does the iqos e-cigarette change the heat stick?

A: The light prompt when the iqos heat sticks is exhausted.

8. What kind of flavor

A: Just one flavor, unfortunately,the iqos heat sticks is specially configured with the iqos heater. Changing the heatstick can cause damage to the mainframe. Similarly, the iqos heat sticks can not be extinguished like a cigarette.

9. How long can an electronic cigarette heat stick be used?

A: Ordinary cigarettes can pump about 150 months,how long it takes is based on how often you use.

10. How many e-cigarettes in a pack?

A: twenty

11. What should I do with iqos e-cigarette once?

A: Each set of iQos products contains a pocket charger and a holder. The steps are as follows:

(1)Put the heating rod into the charger to charge, the green light on the pocket charger starts to flash, and the charging is displayed at this time.

(2)About 40 minutes or so, the green light is no longer flashing, and the light is automatically turned off later. At this time, IQOS is charged fully.

(3)Press the metal key at the top of the pocket charger, take out the holder, insert a heat stick into the holder, and do not stop inserting until the heat stick filter aligned with the top of the IQOS holder cap.

(4)Press the heater switch and the green light flashes. About 2-3 seconds, release your finger, the heating rod starts to flash and heat. After about 20 seconds, the heat stick is always lit green, and it can be used normally.

(5)It takes about 1 minute to smoke a cigarette normally. When the light of the heating rod shows red, it can also suck 1-2, then extinguish.

(6) Pull the heating rod up and down or left and right to remove the waste cartridge.

12. What is the difference between the Japanese and European versions?

First, IQOS is produced by Philip Morris (Philip Morris International), one of the world’s largest tobacco companies. Its Marlboro and Paramount are independent brands of the company.

The IQOS is designed by a Swiss company whose heating rods are made in Germany, the outer boxes are made in Italy, the power cords and plugs are in Shenzhen, China, and finally assembled in Malaysia. So the lineage is European.

Secondly, when selling in each region, the language of the IQOS is different, and the power plugs in Europe are different from those in Asia and Japan (the round head in Europe and the flathead in Japan). The machines themselves are exactly the same.

13. Why does the outer box display orange when just connected to the power supply?

A: First check, is the plug used for IQOS? If it is a power plug of another brand, the light will be orange. Secondly, you should first connect the power cord to the IQOS host, then plug the power plug into the charging. On the contrary, it will also appear orange.

14. When the heating rod is placed in the charging box, the light at the top of the outer box will turn red.

A: Your heating rod is broken. Go and buy an accessory. If the seller promises to return to the factory,

15. Should I put it in the box for charging after used?

Yes, otherwise there is no full charge. The light of the heat stick turns red when it is taken out and cannot be used normally.

16. Why the light turns off after vaping a cigarette?

A: The iQOS designed needs to be put back into the charging compartment for charging every time after it is used. The charging is completed in about 5 minutes.

17. How long can a heat stick be used, can the heat stick be used repeatedly?

A: No, it cannot be used repeatedly. How long a heat stick can be used depends on how often you vape.

18. Can I insert the heat stick to charge the heater?

A: No, you can’t charge it, it will damage the heating chip.

19. How to use it for the first time, do you need to charge?

A: It can be used directly. There will be pre-stored power at the factory, and all the batteries can be charged for 3-5 hours after use.

20. Do I need to remove the holder when charging the charging compartment?

A: No, no need to take it out. The heating holder can be charged without being placed in a charging compartment.

21. How long is the iQOS lifespan?

A: The iQOS charging bin can be charged about 7300 times. After charging, it will need to be charged more frequently.

22. Can I use conventional cigarettes as a heater stick?

A: No. The iQOS heater stick is specially designed so that regular smoke cannot be used as a heat stick.

23. Why does it display a red light when used for the second time?

A: The iQOS holder can only be used once every time after it is charged, please put it back in the charging compartment for 5 minutes.

24. Why can’t I load a heat stick in the second time?

A: Check if the used heat stick is blocked inside, and please clean it up in time.

25. Can I take my plane with me?

A: Similar charging treasures vary according to airline regulations.



About the IQOS status indicator description

1 IQOS body charging status indicator

● Greenlight is off: Charging ● Green light on Charging

● The yellow light does not light up: Charging (may not be in good contact with the portable charger)

● Red light does not light: Charging (maybe faulty)

2 pocket charger charging status indicator

● Greenlight is off: Charging

● All green lights are on: Charging is complete

● A green light is on at the bottom: To be charged

3 automatic heating cleaning status indicator

● The yellow light is on: After the IQOS is charged, it automatically starts cleaning.

● The green light is off: the IQOS  is cleaning.

● The IQOS main body charging status indicator and the automatic heating cleaning status indicator is not lit. The IQOS pocket charger may have a fault and no light: standby or stop. The charging is completely broken.

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VCs bet on cannabis vaping, ED meds and mobile fertility clinics – TechCrunch

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

This week was a bit of a reunion with Kate and Alex on as usual, with the addition of Extra Crunch denizen extraordinaire Danny Crichton. Danny, you may recall, has been a semi-regular Equity co-host over the past year.

As Kate explains up front, Equity is out a day early this week due to the Big TechCrunch Robotics Affair in Berkeley today. We’ll be back on Friday with IPO news regarding Zoom and Pinterest, and we can’t wait.

OK, all that sorted, what did we talk about? Alex wanted to talk about some market signals that he reads as bullish. Whatever went wrong at the end of 2018 has healed over, he thinks, because there have been a whole lot of supergiant venture capital rounds and some other stuff.

Next, we gave an example of one of those supergiant rounds in the works. The reported Pax round, which could put $400 million into the cannabis vaping company, intrigues us, especially because Pax is the corporate sibling of JUUL, the now-famous e-cigarette company what sold just over a third of itself for nearly $13 billion last year. A truly staggering deal.

Then we turned to Brex, the fintech startup that was back in the news this week. Why? Because it raised a $100 million debt round as startups of that sort do. Brex provides a credit card made specifically for startups that require no personal-guarantee. Yeah, risky, we know. We talked about that risk and Brex’s plan to target Fortune 500 business in the future.

Rounds for Ro, Kindbody and Carrot Fertility made it a busy week for healthtech, too. Ro is raising at a $500 million valuation to support its three digital health brands: Roman, Rory and Zero. Meanwhile, a pair of fertility startups, Kindbody and Carrot, brought in $15 million and $11 million, respectively.

With Danny back on the show, we extended our reach and discussed the latest in the chip and sensor world. NXP, fresh off a failed, multi-billion-dollar exit to Qualcomm, put money into Hawkeye Technology, a China-based company working in the car sensor space. Equity’s regular hosts mostly nodded as Danny dropped a lot of knowledge.

All that and we had some fun. We’ll be back before you know it.

Equity drops every Friday at 6:00 am PT, so subscribe to us on Apple PodcastsOvercast, Pocket Casts, Downcast and all the casts.

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Blog :: How to use electronic cigarettes correctly to prolong service lifespan for vapor starter


by Martin Smith

Those particularly vapor starter would be confused how to use electronic cigarettes correctly to prolong service lifespan,buyecigkits.com summarize how to use electronic cigarettes correctly to prolong service lifespan ,here we go

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1. First of all, keep the e-cigarette battery with enough power. If the battery is low, the e-liquid will not be fully atomized and suck into the mouth. Vapers will mistake it for quality problems.

2. When vaping, be careful not to suck too hard, but not too hard,otherwise,the e-liquid which has not been atomized by the atomizer would be easily sucked into your mouth if the e-juice is leakage.

3. Each cigarette has its own maximum voltage limit and the number of mouths that can be sucked. It is recommended that vapers pay attention to keep breathing for a long time, because the e-liquid in the cartridge can be fully atomized by the atomizer, resulting in more vape.

4. Pay attention to the angle of use when vaping. Always keep the driptip up and the device tilts downwards. If the drip tip is upward, the vape will naturally flow down into your mouth due to gravity.

5. When the e-juice is sucked into the mouth, please turn off the battery switch, then remove the electronic cigarette atomizer, remove the atomizing core, and wipe the excess e-juice from the inside of the drip tip and the atomizer. Clean and use again.

6. Regularly clean the electronic cigarette. It is recommended to clean it once a week. The style of the atomizer is different. Therefore, the parts used are different. If you only need to remove the glass tube, you can use the running tap water. Rinse and wipe clean with a clean paper towel or a rag.

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CDC says stop vaping as mystery lung condition spreads – TechCrunch

Vape lung is spreading and the CDC is warning people not to use vaping products while they are investigating the cause. In a media briefing, the public health agency said that some 450 people are now thought to be affected, and as many as five have died.

The CDC’s incident manager for this issue, Dana Meaney Delman, summed up the situation as follows:

CDC, states, and other partners are actively investigating, but so far, no definitive cause has been established. No specific e-cigarette device or substance has been linked to all cases, and e-cigarette include a variety of chemical and additives; consumers may not know what these products contain.

Based on the clinical and laboratory evidence to date, we believe that a chemical exposure is likely associated with these illnesses. However, and I really want to stress this, more information is needed to determine which specific products or substances are involved

Reports earlier this week suggested that Vitamin E acetate, a byproduct of the vitamin complex formed during the vaporization process, may be to blame. Delman downplayed this, saying that although they are working with the labs that made that connection, nothing has been established as yet.

One trend worth noting, however, is that very few of the cases involve only nicotine products; most of the afflicted users reported using THC exclusively or as well as nicotine. This could be the result of many factors, however, so take it with a grain of salt.

The first death was reported in late August in Indiana, but other suspected cases have turned fatal in Illinois, Minnesota, California and Oregon — as reported by The Washington Post, though the CDC said three are confirmed and one is under investigation. The number of reported cases has skyrocketed, though this is likely a consequence of better information coming from state health authorities and hospitals, rather than a sudden epidemic.

In the meantime, the only advice they have is to avoid e-cigarette and vape device usage, especially modified devices or homebrew material. The fact is no one really knows what chemicals are formed in the conditions created by these devices, and some of them could be toxic.

While the investigation is ongoing, CDC has advised that individuals consider not using e-cigarettes because as of now, this is the primary means of preventing this type of severe lung disease. And of course e-cigarette use is never safe for youth, young adults, or pregnant women.

People who do use e-cigarette products should monitor themselves for symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, or others) and promptly seek medical attention for any health concerns. Regardless of the ongoing investigation, people who use e-cigarette products should not buy these products off the street and should not modify e-cigarette products or add any substances that are not intended by the manufacturer.

The CDC is working with numerous state authorities and the FDA to identify the cause of this malady, and will soon publish a report in The New England Journal of Medicine detailing the first 53 cases identified. This should help doctors and other health workers tell if they are dealing with a case of vape lung or something else.

Daniel Fox from WakeMed Hospitals in North Carolina characterized the condition as they had encountered it, with a preliminary diagnosis of “lipoid pneumonia”:

What we wanted to report and what we have seen has been a cluster of five cases that will be reported later today. Each of these cases featured a pulmonary illness in a relatively young person. Ranging in age from 18-35 from what we saw here in North Carolina. The symptoms that these patients were experiencing were being short of breath, having some GI or gastrointestinal symptoms of nausea and vomiting and fevers.

One of the things that was found in common with all of these cases is that all patients were using vaped substances in e-cigarettes. They all had abnormal chest x-rays and developed a need for a lot of oxygen.

All of our patients underwent evaluation, and after the clinical evaluation we found a certain type of pneumonia that was noninfectious. It’s called lipoid pneumonia. Basically, can be, it can occur when either oils or lipid-containing substances enter the lungs.

That is consistent with the Vitamin E acetate hypothesis, as that substance is oily and could enter the lungs mixed with the vapor and then stay there. But none of the doctors or experts on the call made that connection officially.

Some patients are being misdiagnosed as having bronchitis or a viral infection. If you are or anyone you know is getting sick and uses vaping products a lot, it’s worth mentioning this if you get checked out.

Delman concluded her briefing with an assurance that everything that can be done is being done:

Please know that CDC, FDA, state, and clinical partners are working hard to understand why people are getting sick. We will continue to share what we know and what we don’t know to help health departments, clinicians, and the public respond to this outbreak.

If you are concerned about your health or the health of a loved one who is using an e-cigarette product, contact your healthcare provider, or your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

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Blog :: E-cigarettes have begun to receive official support in places such as the UK and Australia.


by Martin Smith

As we all know,Electronic cigarettes have developed rapidly in the global market in recent years especially in developed countries. Of course, its development process is full of hardships and variables. Although there are many scientific evidences that e-cigarettes are much healthier than real cigarettes, there are still many countries that impose strict restrictions on them. However, more and more organizations have begun to support e-cigarettes in recent times. Buyecigkits.com got some good news that  the official institutions supporting e-cigarettes are gradually emerging and some regions are also gradually realizing the practical benefits brought by e-cigarettes.

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Anglo-Australian official agencies began to support e-cigarettes

According to the Australian newspaper, although the laws of the Australian states are different, the sales of nicotine-containing e-juice are prohibited or strictly restricted, but now e-cigarettes have begun to receive “strong support from official and political organizatio”. For example, the Western Australian Liberal Party, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research).

In addition to Australia, the British House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has recently approved the use of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool. Because the data proves that the emergence of e-cigarettes effectively reduces the smoking rate, greatly reducing the number of deaths caused by smoking in the UK, and e-cigarettes are undoubtedly much healthier than real cigarettes.

Anglo-Australian official agencies began to support e-cigarettes

The UK has reported a proposal to relax e-cigarette licensing and advertising regulation, cut e-cigarette taxes, relax rules for use in public places, and so on. It can be seen from these that the understanding of e-cigarettes in developed countries is becoming more objective and comprehensive, which will promote the development of the global e-cigarette industry.

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