Ghana FDA: There is No Proof That Vapes Are Safer Than Cigarettes

As reported by the Graphic Online, these comments came at the national commemoration of the 34th World No Tobacco Day at Nsawam in the Eastern Region earlier this year. On the day, the local FDA organised a variety of activities with the aim of educating the public about the risks of using tobacco and associated products, such as shisha and electronic cigarettes.

World No Tobacco Day which is held every year on May 31st, has sadly been used by the World Health Organisation (WHO) not only to highlight the harmful effects of smoking, but also to spread misinformation on safer nicotine alternative products that have helped millions of smokers quit.

In total contrast with other health entities such as Public Health England (PHE), the WHO has repeatedly claimed that ENDS and smokeless alternatives do not help smokers quit smoking; are more harmful than combustible tobacco; and that nicotine is equivalent to heroin in terms of addictiveness.

The WHO’s misguided stance

In a recent press release titled “Quit tobacco to be a winner,” the WHO has also said that the tobacco industry has “promoted e-cigarettes as cessation aids under the guises of contributing to global tobacco control.” The agency insists on referring to the vaping industry as the tobacco industry, adding that it has employed “strategic marketing tactics to hook children on this same portfolio of products, making them available in over 15,000 attractive flavors.”

Consumer Groups Urge WHO to Save Lives By Endorsing THR

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At Least 28 Vape Companies Have Challenged MDOs in Court

Although news about vaping industry legal actions against the FDA has focused mostly on Turning Point Brands’ successful challenge, at least 27 other manufacturers and distributors have also filed petitions asking federal circuit courts to review their Marketing Denial Orders (MDOs).

None of the companies on the list of MDO recipients received their denials after Sept. 17, which means those on the list that have not already filed a petition for review are beyond the 30-day window for appeal. However, several of the companies that have filed actions in court are not included on the FDA’s list, so it’s possible other unlisted companies are still within the 30-day time limit. (The FDA also hasn’t updated its official list since Sept. 23.)

We have created a list of manufacturers that have filed petitions for review of MDOs, and in some cases motions for a stay of FDA enforcement. They’re listed alphabetically, and next to the company name is the date of the legal action, the circuit court hearing the petition, and other applicable information. If we have covered the case in an article, the most recent coverage is linked. (For those companies whose names are known only from a list created by the Public Health Law Center we have no filing dates.)

This list will be updated if additional court filings become available.

7 Daze LLC Petition for review filed 10/7 – 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

AVAIL Vapor, LLC Petition for review filed 9/30 – 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

Bad Modder Fogger (BMF Labs) Petition for review filed 10/4 – 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

Bidi Vapor LLC Petition for review filed 9/29 – 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Bidi also filed a motion for expedited consideration by the court

Breeze Smoke, LLC Petition for review filed 10/4 – 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Breeze Smoke also filed an emergency motion for a stay on 10/13

Cloud House Petition for review filed 10/8 – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Cloud Nine Vapor Products Petition for review filed 10/8 – 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

Diamond Vapor LLC Petition for review filed 10/1 – 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

E-Liquid Brands, LLC Petition for review filed 10/7 – 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

ECS Global LLC Petition for review filed 10/12 – District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. ECS Global received MDOs for Phix pod-vape devices and prefilled Phix pods

Electric Clouds Petition for review filed 10/8 – 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

Fresh Farms E-Liquid Date of filing unknown – 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Public Health Law Center says this legal action challenges a Refuse to Accept (RTA) determination—not an MDO

Fumizer, LLC Petition for review filed 10/6 – 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Gripum Petition for review filed 10/8 – 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Gripum also filed an emergency motion for a stay on 10/17

Johnny Copper LLC Petition for review filed 10/7 – 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Liquid Labs LLC Petition for review filed 10/12 – 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals

Magellan Technology, Inc. Petition for review filed 9/24 – 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

My Vape Order, Inc. Petition for review filed 9/30 – 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

New World Wholesale, Inc. & Shenzhen Goldreams Technology Co., Ltd. Petition for review filed 10/11 – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Nude Nicotine, Inc. Petition for review filed 10/6 – 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Paradigm Distribution Petition for review filed 10/11 – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Prohibition Juice Co. Petition for review filed 10/13 – District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals

Simple Vapor Company Petition for review filed 10/12 – 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

SV Packaging Date of filing unknown – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

SWT Global Supply, Inc. Petition for review filed 10/1 – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Turning Point Brands, Inc. Petition for review filed 9/23 – 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Turning Point Brands withdrew its petition for review after the FDA reinstated to review the TPB products that had received MDOs. TPB was the first company to file a petition for review, and the first to ask the court for a stay preventing FDA enforcement while the company’s appeal was considered

Vapor Unlimited LLC Petition for review filed 10/8 – 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Vaporized, Inc. Petition for review filed 10/11 – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Wages and White Lion Investments (Triton Distribution) Petition for review filed 10/6 – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Triton also filed a motion for a stay and for expedited consideration

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US Health Groups Disappointed as FDA Delays PMTA Decision For Juul

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids says it intends to take the FDA to court if it does not “immediately clarify” the timeline and reason for these delays.

The US vape industry is growing concerned about the number of rejected PMTA applications. The first batch of rejections came in early August 2021, when the FDA announced that it would not even review the 4.5 million applications from the same company, JD Nova, on grounds that they did not include an adequate Environmental Assessment.

At the end of the same month, the agency issued marketing denial orders, or MDOs, for applications related to flavoured vaping products (55,000 from one company and 800 from another), saying that these failed to provide “product-specific scientific evidence to demonstrate enough of a benefit to adult smokers that would overcome the risk posed to youth.”

A recent blog on Competitive Enterprise Institute’s website highlighted that these rejections came as a shock to say the least. The reason being, that over the last six years the FDA has approved new tobacco products from three companies for which it was happy to accept more general evidence about the product category’s appeal to adults and youth, as well as their general risks to public health. These approvals included eight varieties of Swedish Match North America’s snus, the heated tobacco product, IQOS, made by Philip Morris, and combustible cigarettes with reduced nicotine made by 22nd Century Group.

The FDA is pressured to banish Juul

Naturally, this mass denial of PMTAs has been welcomed by certain anti-vaping politicians and groups, some of whom have been pressuring the FDA to flat out reject any applications by Juul. To this effect, such entities such as the American Lung Association (ALA) and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said they are “deeply disappointed” that the FDA was still studying a percentage of the applications, including Juul’s. ECigIntelligence revealed that the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has gone as far as saying that it intends to take the agency to court if it did not “immediately clarify” the timeline and reason for these delays.

ECigIntelligence: The Vape Brands Submitting The Highest Numbers of PMTAs

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The Firefly 2 offers a smooth, cool draw for your vaping pleasure – TechCrunch

It’s getting nigh on Holiday Season and how better to celebrate the old Yule log than with a nice herbal vaporizer. The Firefly 2 is a very clever and very well-built convection vape that creates a smooth, flavorful draw and can extract the maximum in herbal pleasure out of a little bit of material.

Like Pax the Firefly 2 is foremost about function. The system heats herbs to 400 degrees Fahrenheit inside a small chamber that is visible through a window on the top panel. The whole thing is four inches long and about an inch thick and the glass top panel sticks to the body with magnets. To activate the vape you simple hold your fingers over two little pads on either side of the Firefly. Finer control is achieve via the app that connects seamlessly to the Firefly and allows you to set the temperature and manage the activation method.

Users of older vapes definitely won’t miss the arcane button press combinations and timing requirements of earlier systems. The Firefly activates and begins heating when you touch the side buttons and is ready when the light turns green. Once green you simply inhale for 10 seconds. I estimate you can get about 15-20 hits off of one charge and you can swap out batteries as needed. You can also add concentrates after sticking in a little aluminum disk into the heating chamber.

The thing you’ll notice is that the Firefly 2 does not get hot – it’s nicely insulated and the glass top remains cool to the touch – and it’s very well built. My only concern would be that the magnetic top could slide off in transit but even energetic pushing couldn’t dislodge it so, while care is must be taken, it should survive a ride in a back pocket.

The vapor is cool and flavorful and very effective. I’m not a regular smoker by any stretch but I had no trouble inhaling and enjoying the experience. The smell is also reduced with the Firefly 2 as the material is carefully and fully heated.

It’s interesting to note that the Firefly is so cool because its creators, Sasha Robinson and Mark Williams, came from Flip, the once ascendant camcorder company, and Apple. This dream team of product design and software creation led to what can only be described as a perfect storm for heshers.

Now for the potentially bad news. The Firefly 2 costs $329 but includes an extra battery, USB charger, and a cleaning kit. You also get three concentrate discs in the package. Still, a little over $300 is a small price to pay for what amounts to one of the most perfect vaping machines. It’s compact, easy to use, and simple – just the treat for folks who want a puff or two now and again without the fuss of rolling papers or pipes. I, for one, welcome our streamlined convection vaping overlords.



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Pax launches desktop app, bypassing Apple’s vaping ban – TechCrunch

Pax today is announcing a new app for its cannabis vaporizers. The service offers access to device controls, cannabis strain information and safety features. The company previously launched an Android and iPhone app with similar features, but Apple later removed the version on the App Store, stripping iPhone users of features and information.

Pax is not coy about the motivations behind this desktop app. “Built in response to Apple’s removal of vaporization-related apps from the App Store,” the press release reads. This desktop app has been in the works for some time. Apple removed vaping apps in late 2019, and Pax representatives told me in January 2020 they had been working toward a new solution.

“We’re thrilled to be able to restore functionality to Apple users,” said Jesse Silver, SVP of Product at PAX Labs. “While we build our devices to work beautifully even without the app, the magic truly happens when you have precision control over things like temperature and dose, not to mention the confidence that comes with this level of information and transparency around what’s in the pod. Because so many of our features are developed through the lens of delivering a predictable, high-quality experience, it was really important to us that all of our customers could access them—regardless of whether they use iPhones or Androids.”

This web app features the same functionality of the smartphone app, but it’s unfortunately tied to a desktop computer. The web app does not work on smartphones. Because of this, some of the magic is lost as users are still unable to fine-tune control of the vapes while away from their desks.

Other companies have made similar moves, most notably, Canopy Growth Corp.’s Storz & Bickel. In March 2020, the vaping device maker launched its web app to bypass Apple’s ban. In its solution, users have to use a specific mobile browser due to Bluetooth. If willing to jump through a few hoops, the web app restores features of Storz & Bickel’s vaporizers for Apple users.

I use the company’s Android app with a Pax Era Pro and enjoy the wealth of information available through the portal. Not sure what’s in a Pax pod? Snap it into the Era Pro to see where the strain was developed and cultivated, as well as the results from testing reports. But as an iPhone user, it would be great to have this information on my primary device.

Pax’s new desktop app requires Chrome for macOS users. For those on Windows, functionality is only available with the Pax Era Pro. After several setup steps, the desktop web app works as advertised and features a slick interface and rich functionality.

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