RHBVE 6th vape expo will be held in October 2020 on time

On October 20-23, 2020, the 6th China (Shenzhen) International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (abbreviation: RHBVE) will move to Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Exhibition Hall) as scheduled. With 300 exhibiting brands, 800 booths, and an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, the exponentially increasing scale, RHBVE will become the largest e-cigarette exhibition in autumn in Shenzhen, the global production base. This vape show is expected to attract more than 30,000 domestic and foreign visitors.

China's oldest autumn e-cigarette exhibition
China’s oldest autumn e-cigarette exhibition

RHBVE has entered its sixth year since it was held in 2015. From the first three years as the “e-cigarette theme pavilion” of the Shenzhen Autumn Gift Show, to 2018 held with the Shenzhen International Auto Show at the same time, and then ushered in development in 2019 as its peak, RHBVE will be transformed and upgraded in 2020. In addition to sticking to the end-of-the-year procurement season, the double-scale growth also guarantees the development trend of the entire category, industry and global exhibition. Tens of thousands of e-cigarette kits, e-cigarette gifts, pod vapes, heat not burn products, CBD atomizers and other tens of thousands of exhibits will welcome buyers from 34 countries and regions around the world.

The 6th China (Shenzhen) International Electronic Cigarette Show will be held at the same time as the 28th Shenzhen Gift & Home Show (Autumn), with a total area of 220,000 square meters. Buyer resource sharing will be a highlight of this exhibition. As the first organizer to put forward the concept of “e-cigarette gift show”, RHBVE has successfully helped e-cigarettes enter the gift channel in 2019. Many gift companies have cooperated with e-cigarette manufacturers to launch e-cigarette gift kits. In 2020, RHBVE will further promote e-cigarettes, in addition to using existing buyer data and WeChat group docking resources. RHBVE will also customize exclusive electronic cigarette enterprise docking solutions for large buyers such as household appliances, cultural and creative tourism, and chain supermarkets, which will inevitably create a trend of domestic electronic cigarette gifts.

RHBVE 6th vape expo will be held on October 2020 on time RHBVE 6th vape expo will be held on October 2020 on time

Professional buyers from 23 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia, rush to the RHBVE Electronic Cigarette Show to prepare for the peak sales in the second half of the consumer season.

Buyer type:

* E-cigarette trader * sales channel dealer * offline store

* E-commerce * Tobacco Group * Gift Company * Chain Supermarket

* Pharmacy * Daily use department store * Gift mall

As a global production base, RHBVE’s 6th exhibition held in Bao’an New Exhibition Hall has a unique geographical advantage. After experiencing the e-cigarette policy changes in various countries and the suspension period during epidemic periods, e-cigarettes may usher in a new round of growth. RHBVE, as an international platform held for many years, will continue to promote the industry’s recovery and development.

Bao'an New Exhibition Hall, Shenzhen, China

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RHBVE & 30 e-cigarette enterprises cheer on China

1.4 billion people in China are fighting the coronavirus, everyone counts! As the snow melted, work resumed, RHBVE together with 30 e-cigarette companies cheers on the front line, China, and you who are fighting the epidemic!

RHBVE Reed Huabo – Organzier of China International Vape Expo
Hubei Yunsen

2020 China Vape Expo will be held in October in Shenzhen

The 6th China Shenzhen International Vape Expo (RHBVE) is going to held in October 2020.

Fair date: October 20-23, 2020
Fair venue: Shenzhen World Convention & Exhibition Center
Fair organizer: RHBVE
Fair size: 20,000 sqm
Booth quantity: 800
Exhibitor quantity: 300

Shenzhen International Vape Expo, known as “RHBVE”, is organized by Reed Huabo, who has been holding vape shows in china for 5 years – the most influential exhibition company in China. It’s the first stop for you entering Chinese market.

Best buying season for Worldwide exhibitors and buyers gathering here meeting with distributors, wholesalers, store owners, suppliers and public channel buyers in Vape manufacturing base.

With around 300 exhibitors, more than 20,000 B2B and B2C buyers from E-cigarette industry, the organizer will also invite 20,000 cross-channel buyers from Public/gift channels cause they have holding China gifts show for over 28 years in Shenzhen.

The best choice for entering Chinese market.

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Reed Huabo Exhibitions

Tel: +86 755 3398 9300

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +86 15986601347

Web: www.reedhuabo.com


RHBVE 2019 vape show attracts over 10 thousand visitors and exhibitors

On August 29, the RHBVE Electronic Cigarette Exhibition held by RHBVE Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. opened grandly in the 4th hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, ushering in the fifth-anniversary celebration!

The scale and popularity of the exhibition are beyond imagination, attracting thousands of people from different countries and regions. There are thousands of new best selling vape products. And it attracted hundreds of well-known enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, the exhibitors keep shuttling. This over popular scene makes the participants exulted much.

Global vape production base ushers in new success

RHBVE 2019

RHBVE 2019

RHBVE 2019

This exhibition refreshes the 5-year record of RHBVE electronic cigarette exhibition, and achieves the peak of the year-end Flagship Exhibition of the global base. People from the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, electronic tobacco traders, wholesalers, channel providers, traditional tobacco groups, electronic tobacco physical stores, investment and financing institutions come together to celebrate the electronic cigarette industry festival!

RHBVE plays to a full house – Warm atmosphere

High quality business negotiation with professional vape buyers

Vape girl show

China Electronic Cigarette Industry Head Summit 2019

China Electronic Cigarette Industry Head Summit 2019 China Electronic Cigarette Industry Head Summit 2019 China Electronic Cigarette Industry Head Summit 2019 China Electronic Cigarette Industry Head Summit 2019

New vape products

RHBVE vape expo will be held in Shenzhen from 29th- 31st August

RHBVE vape expo will open on August 29!

Annual Industry Event of Global Production Base;

E-cigarette year-end purchase and order meeting;

Summit of Electronic Cigarette Industry in 2019;

High-quality exhibitors, the whole industry chain exhibition scope, more consumers. Every year, Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition uses its strength to create communication, trade, experience and distribution platform for the industry. What’s the surprise of the electronic cigarette industry this year? Come and see in the 4th Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Shenzhen International E-cigarette Exhibition Will Be Held Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Shenzhen International E-cigarette Show will be held in Hall 7 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

The exhibition will be hosted by Reed Huabo, the domestic e-cigarette association of China, under the guidance of e-cigarette industry committee of China electronic chamber of commerce, and it won the support of many first-line manufacturers such as Sigre, Hengxin, Green Rhyme, Aspire, Bodi, IJoy, VGOD, etc. .

These brands will meet you

In the exhibition, it will bring the latest high-quality e-cigarettes, smoke oil, heating and non-combustion, e-cigarette sets and accessories. The international influence is radiated to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.

Summit Forum Interprets International Market Quotes

The exhibition held the China e-cigarette Industry Summit Forum in the same period, and invited guests from four countries: Daniel David, President of the Canadian e-cigarette Association (ECTA), Edy Suprijadi, Secretary General of the Indonesian e-cigarette Association, THOMAS VIELL, organizer of the German e-cigarette Show, Global e-cigarette Michael Lee, and representatives of the Electronic Commerce Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce. They shared the new product trends in Canada, the legalization of e-cigarettes in Indonesia, and the user experience of e-cigarettes in Europe and America. Analyzing the e-cigarette policies of countries around the world is to help Chinese entrepreneurs explore overseas markets.

RHBVE&ECCC E-cigarette Industry Summit Forum

National guests arrived in Shenzhen

The first JD e-cigarette Festival

As the leading B2C platform in China, JD has been in 3C electronics, and all kinds of standard products are far ahead of other platforms. As a quasi-3C standard, e-cigarettes have a large amount of content output and topics, and they have a trillion dollars of future tobacco market.

In May 2018, JD cooperated with Reed Huabo to launch the Reed Exhibition Huabo-JD Electronic Tobacco Museum. At this exhibition, JD will release the industry standard in the China Electronic Tobacco Industry Summit Forum. The JD e-cigarette Zone is also set up at the exhibition site, which is broadcast live online, sharing the quality products of the exhibition and realizing the consumer electronics carnival.

World Steam Race

In 2017, the Asian Five Steam Turbine Competition, sponsored by Reed Huabo and co-organized by Steam State, was a great success. The 2018 World Steam Fighting Competition is fully upgraded and the competition area expanded to Europe and the United States. On October 2nd, Reed Exhibitions will hold the Asian Regional Finals. Players from more than 10 Asian countries including China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand will compete on the same stage, puffing smoke, competing for the representation of players from all countries, and continuing to fight in the world.

In the same period as Shenzhen International Auto Show, it is located in the global e-cigarette production base. With 26 years of experience in holding exhibitions, and this exhibition is in the right place at the right time, Reed huabo is bound to be a year-end celebration for people in the e-cigarette industry and help the e-cigarette industry upgrade and develop.


RHBVE launches a heat but not burn special zone seriously

Recent days, we have been told that the RHBVE will launch a heating but not burning special zone in Shenzhen, China, October 1st-3nd, which arouses many people’s attention.

Some professionals seen this news and said: ‘This special zone is well-setup, and will continue to remain the cornerstone. Since IQQS first introduced in Japan and brought out the heat but not burned products, it would soon spread to the world. The reason why IQQS is so popular is the demand of replacing cigarettes in the public area is increasingly boosting. Under the rigid demand of market environment, many heat but not burned products come into being. But we still have no business special exhibition zone.

Recently, the sponsor visited many companies such as Bodie, Kamry, Saensi, Smoking-frog Technology and IUOC. It is reported that the great smog products is gradually confined to players market in China. The existing 300,000-400,000 professional players is far more enough to support the development of e-cigarette in China. Two years ago, the entity shops which were focused on players market are hard to survive now.

500 million cigarette citizen markets are the key to China’s development in the e-cigarette industry. Now the technology becomes ripe, the market has the strong rigid demand, it is the excellent opportunity to make our efforts to introduce the products.  The sponsor RHBVE follows the market trend and introduces the ‘heating but not burning special zone’.

It is known that the heating but not burning special zone is set up in the No.7 Exhibition in Shenzhen, China, October 1st-3nd.

The sponsor has reported that, for the special zone, we will recruit the buyers by RHBVE international platforms, including: Japan-Korean business channels, ISG international buyers pairing and present channels introducing.

How to do it? The sponsor has shared the specific three methods as follows.

In the most popular IQOS market region, such as Japan and Korea, through the help of the group buyer data, the accurate launch of the promotion, recommended heating non burning products, in order to exploit the business super channel of Japan and South Korea.

Through the ISG Department of Reed group, the international buyers of international demand for tobacco products are invited to match at the exhibition site.

Through the call center, short message and email group, the buyers who are interested in the vape product are selected from the database of 500 thousand gift buyers to promote the non burning products.


We’ll see that this multidimensional buyers introduction creates opportunities for cigarette replacing markets in China!

Electronic cigarette? Heat not burning cigarette? Traditional tobacco? How Japanese deal with IQOS