This Summer, Follow MOTI to Enjoy An Iced Vape Show At Stuttgart


What do you need most on hot summer days? It must be cool and refreshing ice cream or a bottle of ice-cold drink is also a good choice. If you want to have both, you need a MOTI POP!

Where to experience such an exciting thrill?

This weekend, bring your vape friends and go to the Stuttgart Vape Show! The exhibits inside are sure to make you linger!

As the most influential electronic cigarette exhibition in Europe and the world, The Hall of Vape is the most complete professional vape exhibition, including professional speeches, new technologies in the industry, and the development trend of electronic cigarettes. Of course, there are also the most advanced and hot electronic cigarettes in the world, waiting for you to experience!



E-cigarettes are seen as an effective and healthy alternative to cigarettes, attracting more and more people every day. Currently, there are about 2 million e-cigarette users in Germany. E-cigarettes offer many benefits to ex-smokers. It’s far less harmful, has a variety of flavors, and is less expensive. The rapid development of the German e-cigarette industry is enlarging due to smokers quitting traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, because they are safer and healthier than traditional cigarettes, have become the best solution for nicotine harm reduction. The variety, from the taste to the exquisite shape, attracts different vapers enthusiasts to use. It is understood that in Germany, which is known for its rigorous technology, this exhibition is a grand event for the technical inspection of major electronic cigarette brands.


The MOTI vape, which is going to participate in the exhibition, brings out the recent masterpiece MOTI X Mini. Its technological appearance and advanced technology are very suitable for the concept of the exhibition. This POD MOD system vape device with a large amount of cloud production has a built-in 1150mAh rechargeable battery, which can bring a power output of up to 29 watts. It has become the star product of many exhibitions and has been successfully listed in many markets, attracting the attention of global e-cigarette users.


Of course, on summer days in Germany, iced drinks are an indispensable summer heat-relief product.


This MOTI POP from MOTI looks like a popsicle, which is very appealing for e-cigarette users.


According to MOTI, MOTI will exhibit a variety of overseas new products at this show, including MOTI POP, MOTI BEAKER 5000, MOTI TUBE 3000, and other disposable atomization products, as well as the bomb-changing star products MOTI X MINI and MOTI K PRO, After many exhibitions, visitors were very satisfied with the taste restoration of MOTI products after the experience. The appearance of good taste + technological elements at the exhibition is inseparable from the cautious research and development of MOTI’s 2019 laboratory and the quality control of fully automated product production lines.


This exhibition will be held in Stuttgart, Germany on June 25 and 26. For more information, click here to learn about the latest and trendiest electronic cigarette information!

Smiling From the Customer is the Vape Brand’s Greatest Motivation


Another Europe’s largest e-cigarette exhibition came to an end in Stuttgart, Germany. Over the past 2 days(June 25-26, 2022), it is reported that more than 300+ brands were participating in this e-cigarette exhibition. Visitors from all over the world joined this Cloudy Event!

Visitors gave the show a new name: the Cloudy Event!


The biggest gain of each exhibition is to gain the recognition of users. Only strong product strength can bring more user recognition and orders. This is undoubtedly the direction of the efforts of all e-cigarette brands. Through the exhibition, major e-cigarette brands showed the latest products to the world, which deepened users’ recognition of the products, to achieve a win-win situation.

This popsicle-shaped vape pen received full praise from the visitors at the scene.


There are as many as 13 flavors to choose from so that the summer for vape users is no longer boring. Bringing such a cool accessory to travel is worth the name of the most fashionable young people. They are smooth and flavorsome without being too strong. On-site experience showed that some seemed quite sweet at times but all of them were very true to their flavor profile and enjoyable.

According to the person in charge of the booth, this disposable vape pen has received a large number of orders all over the world as well as fame on different shows.

In addition to meeting the diverse needs of users for travel, quality experience is another factor that big vape brands care about.

Another cloud is rising, customer is experiencing the MOTI X Mini


Another important segment of electronic cigarette products is rechargeable POD MOD products. This series of products can make it more convenient for users to maintain the device, vapers only need to buy their favorite flavor Pods.


This POD MOD system vape device with a large amount of cloud production has a built-in 1150mAh rechargeable battery, which can bring a power output of up to 29 watts. It has become the star product of many exhibitions and has been successfully launched in many markets, attracting the attention of global e-cigarette users.


The smile of customers is the ultimate pursuit of every e-cigarette brand

An on-site talk against exhibitors shows that The Hall of Vape in Stuttgart, Germany, has a certain status in the minds of buyers. Many buyers said that most of the company’s annual purchase list is found at the exhibition site, and at the same time visitors are also willing to recommend this exhibition to their friends and customers.



The development of the industry is inseparable from technological innovation, but also inseparable from the long-term love and persistence of practitioners. As the only brand in the industry with more than 10 years of industry experience, MOTI has always adhered to “long-term”. The founder once founded or co-founded the top three brands in the industry in the United States, and now he founded MOTI MOTI. When many brands are taking the route of light assets, MOTI MOTI has always continued to invest in independent products.

The Hall of Vape show has an increasing number of people and exhibition area each time and has a great influence on the Euro. The show offers an opportunity to experience a cutting new edge new vape products and accessories, and of course, get to know more development trends. Visitors can look forward to current trends, new and innovative products, and captivating designs, where exhibitors and people from all over the world gather here.

Satisfaction from the customer is the vape brand’s greatest motivation


As stated by MOTI, one of the exhibitors, customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Nowadays, the product forms are diversified, and most of the brands that focus on making products have been deeply involved in the industry for many years, providing users with continuous and better nicotine delivery products, and the experience of harm reduction is more profound. This is what every leading brand strives for.

We believe that all smiles deserve a better product. There in MOTI Planet, a place to Find Your Motivation.


New Honor Sets New Commitment: MOTI Will Bring More Better Products to Vapers

On the 19th, the 2022 Middle East & North Africa Vape Awards (MENA Awards) Ceremony was held in Dubai, UAE. The MENA Award is a global annual award in the industry presented by famous vape media, the most authoritative and influential media in the global electronic atomization industry. The MENA Awards celebrate the very best of the Middle East and North African vape industry. Recognizing all the incredible brands and innovators who keep pushing the vape industry forward in the Middle East and beyond. Companies around the world participate in the competition for the award, and the competition is very fierce.


MOTI Marketing staff said: “MOTI is honored to be recognized for innovation and advancement in vaping technology and design. Our technologies enable vape users to transition to e-cigarettes. A seamless transition with less harm. Customers continue to put their trust in our vaping products. We have currently deployed all components of disposable, pod systems, and advanced personal vaping products and are ready to provide users with more excellent products and services.”



The staff member added: “The company plans to develop different product matrices in different countries and regions, while there are products planned to be deployed locally or made according to customized customer requirements. Therefore, supporting multi-product operation and maintenance is important for most successful e-cigarette brands. Building a strong local market is critical. Multi-matrix product operations take our global product development strategy to a whole new level. Our solutions will seamlessly integrate with local realities for harm reduce solutions. The popularity of it provides greater flexibility.”


Bringing different vapers together is MOTI’s steady target in the industry development. Each of its products represents an attitude to life, allowing more people to join the MOTI family. They are the MOTIers. By presenting in different shows and exhibitions, MOTI reinforces its commitment to building a better vaping community. The concept of Vape smart and Vape Good is well-delivered to different vaper users all around the world.

We can see the brand philosophy from this Show, a legendary product that brings so many vape users together and forms a new vaping culture. Vape smart, and vape good. It is fair to say, that enjoy a DTL MOD vape experience with the cost of a POD MOD vape. MOTI X Mini, the most vaped-on device in the show has been popular since it was released.

If this vaping news interests you, visit here for more or follow MOTI to find out more first-hand information about the vaping industry.


MOTI Stunned in the World Vape Show, Unveiling its Plans for the MENA Market

During the past three days, not far from the tallest building in the world, thick fragrant vapor was rising. The World Vape Show 2022 has just come to an end in Dubai. MOTI, the renowned vaping brand, brought its brand new products to World Vape Show, with the team excited to interact with local partners, suppliers, and customers.


The World Vape Show is the first international vape expo in the UAE that provides manufacturers with a unique opportunity to showcase products in Dubai to a global audience of retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and vaping enthusiasts.



During the World Vape Show, MOTI and its products received a lot of attention. the New POD MOD systems like MOTI X Mini, the latest released DTL max cloud product were especially popular during the exhibition.


MOTI products can meet the needs of different vapers

MOTI adheres to long-termism in the vape industry which brings in steady product quality and continuity. The team presented to global vape enthusiasts a better vaping world, with innovative products to bridge different needs. MOTI is simply deserving of this fame: the BEST CLOSED POD SYSTEM. Another Pod system from MOTI, the MOTI K Pro, is very popular with vapers because of its playability. Its original flip-the-fun switching design(switch the vaping modes between DTL&MTL) makes e-cigarette fans addicted to it and has been loved by vapers from all over the world as soon as it is launched.


MOTI launched the MOTI K Pro in Malaysia earlier this year


The awarded MOTI X Mini, which is considered the first POD system with the largest cloud production ever, is born for the cloud chasers.




MOTI X Mini comes with a 29w/1150mAn large battery, which tends to make a single charge last longer. And its 29W high power output caped with an optimized mesh coil, guarantee a bigger cloud production. The honeycomb mesh allows for even heating, maximizing the release of the rich flavor in every single drop. At the same time, users are gathering because of its affordable price, and what’s more, the fun of enjoying the reproduction of large clouds and pure taste.


MOTI is an e-cigarette brand founded in 2018 with a vision to help people quit smoking. The MOTI team has been active in this industry for years and has developed many innovative vape products. MOTI focuses on product development, and improvement based on user experience to continuously provide products that are innovative and user-friendly. MOTI owns a high-standard manufacturer team. It also works closely with reliable partners such as SMOORE and VAPORESSO to promote the industry moving forward.


“Looking forward to the future, MOTI will continue to introduce better products to the world,” a source from MOTI shows. “we will focus on the middle east and African areas such as Dubai, Iraq, Saudi Arabi, Kuwait, Nigeria, and Morocco, as well as neighboring countries and regions, and we will continue to fit in the local needs to ensure the interests of every partner and consumer.”

DUBAI IS CALLING: MOTI IS Brings new Major Hits Joining the World Vape Show

The coming World Vape Show Dubai 2022 is set to hold these days, as the largest vape show in the middle east, it offers global manufacturers and suppliers a unique opportunity to showcase thousands of products and bring together international retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and consumers in Dubai.

Banner from World Vape Show Dubai Official

E-cigarette consumption data collected from many of the world’s major e-cigarette markets shows that as e-cigarettes gain more widespread acceptance, disposable vape products will become mainstream and take a dominant position in the vaping community. What kind of disposable products is attracting vapers? Our perspective starts with MOTI, one of the exhibitors joining the SHOW, to explore more details for you.

Just looking at the exhibits officially announced by MOTI, the product range includes disposable, rechargeable disposable, and changeable POD vape products. Among them, are many epoch-making products that have attracted lots of vapers’ attention. It is reported that MOTI, the leading vape brand, will exhibit disposable MOIT PIIN series, as well as MOTI Vision and MOTI POP, and also the POD system like the MOTI X Mini and MOTI K Pro, both of which are becoming the major choice for the customers.

This popsicle-shaped vape pen, the MOTI POP designed by MOTI, took less than 3 months from the design to the launch and has already received orders from new and old customers all over the world. Its sincere work shows MOTI’s innovative ideas to the market in the Middle East. Allowing consumers to have more choices, this disposable vape, which looks like a popsicle, will surely gain more attention from users in such a hot area like Dubai.

It’s not hard to imagine what the scene will be like when walking on the streets of the Middle East with this popsicle-shaped vape pen.

It is the MOTI product launch plan that is so close to the market demand. Moti’s plan to go overseas in the new year started in March. A product launch conference with the theme of “LEVEL UP YOUR SENSE” was held in Malaysia. With the vigorous shop opening policy, the e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia has set off a MOTI trend, local customers can use differentiated products, bringing a more innovative e-cigarette experience to vapers in different regions.

In addition to the popular disposable e-cigarette products in recent years, cartridge-replaceable e-cigarettes still occupy an important position in the vaper community.

We can see that the refillable electronic cigarette is no longer the rigid impression of the past but can bring users a more interactive experience. Since its release, this MOTI K Pro has attracted the attention of many consumers, because of its novel design “flip the fun”, switching the front and back of the cartridge, you can switch the vaping modes.

MOTI X Mini is the so-called largest cloud producer ever in the POD MOD product.

With the acceleration of the global e-cigarette compliance process, the efficient allocation of resources, and the orderly development of the industry, technology research and development have become the key to a brand’s success.

According to MOTI, the MOTI overseas product matrix can fully meet the consumer needs of different markets and different groups of people.

In recent years, many vape brands including MOTI have increased their research and development efforts, especially for users in different countries and regions. They rely on product differentiation and cost-effective advantages to expand brand coverage and accelerate the layout of the overseas e-cigarette market.

Since its launch, the World Vape Show Dubai is the UAE’s first international e-cigarette expo and conference and has been a huge success in the Middle East. This year, new awards for e-cigarette brands that have contributed to different aspects of the vaping industry will also be announced for the first time, as well as the latest industry speeches. Don’t miss out on all these gorgeous moments!

If you like the brand new vape product ideas, click here, or visit here for more World Vape Show information.

MOTI New Product Stuns at the Vaper Expo 2022 in Birmingham UK

From May 27th to 29th, 2022, MOTI showed up with the latest new vape products at the Vaper Expo 2022, the most influential professional electronic cigarette exhibition in Europe. The exhibition attracted more than 300 e-cigarette suppliers and brands from around the world.

MOTI has always been a top player in the vape industry. We can see from its exhibits, including POD MOD systems, disposable vape pens, and personal advanced products.

What attracts people is not just the stunning appearance, but also its performance.

MOTI X Mini is the first MASSIVE CLOUD prefilled POD system, a cross vape product that brings different vapers together to form a new vaping community. Regarded as a pod vape product, but its performance is as strong as a mod vape product, the MOTI X Mini goes further in bringing different vapers together.

Also joining the Vaper Expo are the MOTI K Pro and MOTI C Arise. Both of which include the essentials for vaping, the MOTI C Arise creates an affordable option for vapers seeking both playful recreation and a great vaping experience. The MOTI K Pro offers more playability, such as flip the fun(flip the pod to change the vaping modes), visible vaping information on the LED screen, and a rechargeable port.

Last but not least is the disposable series. This time we can see MOTI has brought different disposable vape pens, the MOTI POP, the MOTI PIIN 2, and other new disposable products.


MOTI PIIN series include the light-weighted pocket-size MOTI PIIN and double-sized PIIN Plus, which give customers different choices to cater to their different preferences. This time MOTI brings its new PIIN product, the PIIN 2, which has already gained large repute and orders from customers worldwide.

MOTI is an e-cigarette brand founded in 2018 and the team was established in 2013 with a vision to help people quit smoking. The MOTI team has been active in this industry for years and has developed many innovative vape products. Honored as one of the TOP 10 E-Cig brands in IECIE EXPO many times, MOTI focuses on product development, and improvement based on user experience to continuously provide products that are innovative and user friendly. MOTI owns a high-standard manufacturer team. It also works closely with reliable partners such as SMOORE and VAPORESSO to promote the industry’s move forward.

Bringing different vapers together is MOTI’s steady target in the industry development. Each of its products represents an attitude to life, allowing more people to join the MOTI family. They are the MOTIers. Through this exhibition, MOTI reinforces its commitment to building a better vaping community. The concept of Vape smart and Vape Good is well-delivered to different vaper users.

Stay Cool and Stylish with MOTI’s New Disposable Vape Pen, The MOTI POP

On March 29th, MOTI’s new product launch conference LEVEL UP YOUR SENSE was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A number of industry experts, media, and distributors gathered on the spot to witness the great significance of MOTI’s new differentiated products.

At the new product launch, MOTI’s new disposable vape product, the MOTI POP, was first introduced to the public. The first shipment products have been snapped up. Why so many people are seeking this ordinary disposable so eagerly? Let’s explore the charm of this new product.

Check the MOTI Official Website for more details.


MOTI POP Disposable Vape Pen First Impression


The size of MOTI POP is 106*38*15mm, a pocket-friendly vape device, good fit for young people to travel around every day. Its plastic shell covered with transparent materials is quite dazzling. Ergonomics mouthpiece, considerate silicon hanger, airflow sensor, shiny appearance, etc. This compact POP has everything that a disposable vape needs. The very important thing is, its 650mAh battery is large enough to power up to 1200 puffs, ensuring this disposable vape pen can serve till the last drip.

Stay Cool and Stylish with MOTI’s New Disposable Vape Pen, The MOTI POP


Long-last battery, every single puff counts.

As known in the vaping community that the batteries for disposable products vary in many grades. Different battery grades provide different service life, this is what user concern about. According to MOTI POP team, its battery lasts a decent and appropriate time. Holding this tiny but powerful vaping gadget, you can love it tender and taste it longer. Every batch of MOTI POP is tested multiple times during production to ensure quality.



Well Selected Quality Pop Flavors  

Stay Cool and Stylish with MOTI’s New Disposable Vape Pen, The MOTI POP

MOTI POP Disposable Vape pen comes with 10+ flavors to satisfy your greedy tongue, they are Fresh Mint, Exotic Fusion, Lemon Tart, Crispy Apple, Sweet Berries, Red Storm, Vanilla Sundae, Green Lime, Lychee Ice, Blueberry, Strawberry Ice Cream, Juicy Grape, Peach Ice, Lush Ice, Arabic Apple, Strawberry, Cola Fizz, Tropical Mango, Rich Tobacco. If you are looking for some refreshing, smooth, pure and clean flavors, MOTI POP won’t disappoint you, there are 3 flavors you must take a try among all flavors of MOTI POP. Don’t ever tell them when people think you’re eating some kind of fruits, you’re actually vaping with an e-cigarette.


Red Storm

Red Storm is like an energy drink, it reminds you when you get tired and just want to take a cup of coffee, this will pump up your energy and bring more refreshment after your vaping. Whether you are working or traveling, just take and go!


Strawberry Ice Cream

Eating strawberry ice cream has been a hobby when we were a child, until now we see this Strawberry Ice Cream flavor. If the Strawberry was frozen beneath the earth due to terrible weather, you can’t eat, but you can vape with this sweet and comfortable ejuice. MOTI POP is your new choice.


Tropical Mango

There is a mango popsicle recipe with just 3 ingredients for homemade ice cream – ripe mango, yogurt and honey! Now there you have a popsicle vape pen, which is an absolute treat for a hot summer afternoon, a refreshing dessert after a meal, and the perfect guilt-free snack for you.

Stay Cool and Stylish with MOTI’s New Disposable Vape Pen, The MOTI POP

With its double injection appearance, and covers with a transparent silicone, now you can see, serving up frozen treats on a hot day no longer means you have to grab a sugar-laden pint of ice cream or an artificially colored popsicle from the freezer. All you need to do is to take MOTI POP and go! This coming summer, fall in love with MOTI POP, a New Disposable Vape Pen designed to make you remind the good times.


Satisfying the differentiated needs of users is the key to win the market

With its brand-new design, MOTI POP stands out from the crowd — its outstanding design that can always draw attention from all angles. MOTI as the top 2 e-cigarette brand in China, has been known for its strong product development and independent production capabilities. The products cover closed, open and disposable. It can provide a complete product line and service for the Malaysian market to meet the needs of local customers.




MOTI POP Disposable Vape Pen specifications

E-liquid capacity: 5mL

Battery: 650mAh

Wattage: 8W

Product Size: 106*38*15mm

Weight: 40g

Flavor: 10+

MOTI Launched the Flagship Product MOTI K Pro and More in Malaysia

MOTI’s latest official launch event with a theme’ level up your sense’, was just held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on March 29, 2022.


The newly released MOTI K Pro will be widely available across the Malaysia market in the following flavors: Tropical Mango, Lime Grape, Lychee lce, Sarsi lce, Lemon lce, Roasted Coffee, Oolong Tea, Passionfruit Breeze.

MOTI Launched the Flagship Product MOTI K Pro and More in Malaysia MOTI Launched the Flagship Product MOTI K Pro and More in Malaysia

MOTI Launched the Flagship Product MOTI K Pro and More in Malaysia

According to the event, MOTI K Pro selling price starts from RM119, very competitive price in local market. This Spark Design Award-winning model has gone viral due to its innovative function: flip the POD to change the vaping modes between DTL and MTL; Also, the upgraded version of MOTI’s self-developed technology MCU is also equipped in this flagship product, which made the exclusive heating program for each flavor come true. Launching a major hit product like MOTI K Pro in Malaysia, and its market importance is self-evident.


Malaysia is one of the most important markets in MOTI’s overseas strategy, and it undertakes the remarkable task of building a benchmark for branding and channel building.

MOTI Launched the Flagship Product MOTI K Pro and More in Malaysia

MOTI as the top 2 e-cigarette brand in China, has been known for its strong product development and independent production capabilities. The products cover closed, open and disposable. It can provide a complete product line and service for the Malaysian market to meet the needs of local customers.


The entire Malaysian e-cigarette market is too homogeneous and lacks new ideas and highlights. MOTI currently has differentiated products that can bring a new experience to Malaysian e-cigarette consumers. As the theme of this event is: level up your sense.


As the largest, most competitive market for e-cigarettes in Southeast Asia, the Malaysian market is also the brand highland of e-cigarette products. As we all know, the vaping industry is struggling this year due to the influence of COVID-19. Despite obstacles, the MOTI team has achieved outstanding results.

MOTI Launched the Flagship Product MOTI K Pro and More in Malaysia

On the event, MOTI team also introduced another two new products, the MOTI POP and the MOTI X Mini. MOTI POP is a popsicle-shaped disposable vape pen and MOTI X Mini is a powerful lite version of POD MOD system product; born to level up your sense and attract more customers who are willing to try different vaping products.


MOTI K Pro and MOTI POP is now available at Shopee Malaysia platform:

Sales link:

Leading E-Cig Brand MOTI Won the Spark Design Award 2021

Recently, one of the most influential international awards in the field of global creative design, the world’s Top Design Award Spark Design Award announced the 2021 winners list, MOTI won the honor of “FINALIST” in PRODUCT DESIGN CATEGORY.
(Click [here to read the original text])
Spark Design Award is one of the world’s top design award, an international design award with a wide range, high level of specialization and far-reaching influence. The world’s top designers, design firms, and major corporations such as Philips, Google, HP, Fitbit, IBM, Samsung, Dell, HP, BMW, Nest, and more, are competing for the top honor bestowed by Spark.
Winning this honor is inseparable from MOTI’s core product-driven philosophy. MOTI has three core independent innovation capabilities, and has established an international R&D innovation center, dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality product experience.
In product design and research and development, MOTI emphasizes unique aesthetics. Up to now, MOTI has won 15 top international design awards, and applied for nearly 200 patents in various dimensions such as appearance design, structural design, and practical technology, among which the design awards include: German Green Product Award, American MUSE Design Award, French DNA Design Award, etc.
According to reliable sources, MOTI will soon launch an international version of this award-winning design, the K Pro, in 2022. As a leading electronic cigarette brand, MOTI insists on being responsible to consumers, insists on independent innovation, and will continue to exert its strengths in the future to provide consumers with more and better product experience.

MOTI vape takes the lead in constructing an urban service provider system

On December 8, the Shenzhen station of the 2021 IECIE Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo closed successfully. As a professional e-cigarette exhibition with global influence and large-scale, this year’s IECIE exhibited a total of 2500+ brands. In the past half month, e-cigarette regulation has been continuously issued, which means that while e-cigarettes have officially obtained legal compliance status, they will also obtain more scientific development opportunities. e-cigarette brands with legal compliance, high technical barriers, and strong core competitiveness will be better developed.
At the exhibition site, the China vape head brand MOTI still maintained its high popularity, and the on-site passenger flow of the booth accounted for more than 20% of the total passenger flow of the exhibition.
During the exhibition, MOTI, as the industry’s leading brand, was invited to participate in the summit forum jointly organized by 36Kr and IECIE. At the forum, Zeng Huabin, deputy general manager of Moti’s China business group, proposed: Under new opportunities, e-cigarette brands need to build the core competitiveness of e-cigarette brands from product innovation and sales service terminals. From the perspective of service terminal capabilities, MOTI is the first to build an urban service provider system to help terminals achieve their mission of business growth and compliance operations.

Take the lead in the industry to build a city service provider system to help terminals achieve business growth and compliance operations

As the first brand in the industry to put forward the concept of “urban service provider”, MOTI answered the proposition of “As the industry’s leading brand, how to help the terminal do a good job in compliance management and business development”. Zeng Huabin pointed out that in the retail scene of vaping e-cigarettes, brands have the responsibility and mission to build their own service terminal capabilities and help the terminal complete the mission of compliance.
At present, there are mainly three types of terminals in the vaping industry: single-category and single-brand specialty stores, single-category and multi-brand collection stores, and multi-category and multi-brand sales points (grocery stores, tobacco hotels, convenience stores), etc. , The format is complex and the information is limited, their first priority is to operate in compliance.
MOTI vape takes the lead in constructing an urban service provider system
MOTI took the lead in gaining insight into the terminal development dilemma, and actively constructing an urban service provider system. At present, the MOTI city service provider team has been established, and the dealers are gradually undergoing transformation and upgrading. At the same time, the brand will continue to recruit competent and high-quality city service providers, and provide terminal operation tools for the service provider team. Digital tools such as “APP” and member CRM system help terminal operation management and member operation data intelligence, and promote terminal refined and compliant operation and continuous growth.
Driven by new opportunities, both compliance and efficient operations place higher requirements on the terminal. I believe that the forward-looking layout and planning of MOTI will better fulfill its mission.

Sustained product competitiveness is an important prerequisite for terminal business growth and brand building core competitiveness

Moti, who has always been driven by products and has expertise in scientific research and innovation, deeply understands that product strength is the prerequisite for the growth of the terminal business and the inexhaustible power of the service team. It is precisely because of MOTI’s investment and attention regardless of cost in technology research and development, that it can always maintain the industry-leading product upgrade and iteration capabilities, and have the confidence to continue to lead in the future.
The cartridge-changing atomizing device MOTI·S launched by MOTI has achieved data uploading to the cloud and intelligent control. The large vapor device MOTI·X has introduced automatic machine learning, and every puff can be recorded in the device, and provide customized atomization program.
This year, MOTI·MEGA PRO, known as the “big devil”, has innovatively realized the dual functions of mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung, opening the era of pod system atomizer 2.0, and has been highly praised by industry professionals and consumers.
MOTI’s scientific research investment far exceeds the industry average level. It has established its own international R&D and innovation center and “2019 laboratory” that meets the CANS standard, and has established research projects with many well-known university laboratories.
MOTI adheres to the continuous investment in the production and development of core basic materials and the basic science of atomization health. Up to now, it has nearly 200 invention patents, covering product appearance, structure and other aspects, and they are all applied to the MOTI products, realizing the upgrade and iteration of product functions.
MOTI builds an entire industry value chain and strictly controls product quality.
First of all, MOTI has established in-depth cooperation with the world’s top supply chains; secondly, MOTI 2019 laboratory implements the world’s top product quality management system to maximize the stability of product performance.
At the same time, MOTI’s own factory has also established a production workshop that meets the 100,000-level GMP standard and an ISO9001 international quality management standard management system. It has a 14000 environmental system and a 45001 occupational health and safety management system. MOTI integrates the internal and external high-quality resources of the entire industry chain to carry out more effective quality control of products, continuously bringing the ultimate product experience to consumers, and bringing inexhaustible impetus to the growth of store terminal business.
MOTI vape takes the lead in constructing an urban service provider system
In the new development period, compliance has put forward higher requirements for the brand of vaping product and MOTI is ready to meet new opportunities and challenges.
Relying on the solid foundation accumulated in the industry experience and technical reserves for more than ten years of deep cultivation in the industry, MOTI continues to grow and grow through scientific research and innovation, and always maintains the second leading position in the industry in the China market.
At the same time, MOTI has deployed global business and accelerated its overseas development. It currently covers 35 countries and regions around the world, has 100k+ global outlets of various types, and has established an independent platform for leading e-commerce in North America.
Under new opportunities, MOTI is the first to build an urban service provider system under the premise of product innovation and service terminal capabilities.
I believe that MOTI will live up to its original intention, continue to maintain its brand’s core competitiveness and market advantages, and make greater contributions to the technological innovation and overseas trade of China’s vaping industry. It also calls on all industry practitioners to jointly promote the development of the industry.