MOTI C pod vape new flavor review – DirtyCheck No.138

Moti C was previously called by Captain as the best pod in the first half of the year. Of course, it’s not enough to have an excellent taste, and it also needs a continuous update of the new flavors. So today they come, Moti C rolls out 4 new flavors. Let’s take a look at it together.

MOTI C pod vape new flavor review

MOTI C new flavor brief view

Sweet Zongzi, Blueberry Mouthful, Fragrant Durian, Tasty Guava.

2 pods in a box, 3% nicotine content

MOTI C new flavor experience

Sweet Zongzi

The strong smell of rice dumplings is very refreshing.
With the appropriate sweetness.
Suitable for everyday vaping.

MOTI C pod vape new flavor review

Blueberry Mouthful

A rather burnt flavor
Blueberries come out very burnt.
The overall taste is rather stuffy although it has mint.
The sweetness is high, Captain doesn’t like it personally

MOTI C pod vape new flavor review

Fragrant Durian

As soon as I opened the package, it slowly smelled of durian,
The whole room is durian,
Very dizzy and strong durian smell.
Friends who like durian just take a try.

MOTI C pod vape new flavor review

Tasty Guava

The overall taste is moist,
Quite comfortable to vape.
Sweet and pure,
Slightly acidic,
Captain likes this flavor very much.

MOTI C pod vape new flavor review


The taste of the MOTI C new flavors this time are generally very NICE,
Except for the blueberry flavor Captain doesn’t like.
Recommended to have a try.
The experience on this pod vape is very good.
With continuous innovation of new flavors,
It brings you a different experience.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

MOTI C pod vape new flavor review

MOTI C pod vape new flavor review

Where to buy MOTI C pod vape new flavors

MOTI·MEGA PRO review – DirtyCheck No.129

MOTI officially released the 2021 new product MOTI·MEGA PRO.
Different from the pods about anti-counterfeit new products released by the official in the early stage, the appearance and strength of real new products can be called the pinnacle of the industry.
And Moti realizes the direct-to-lung experience in the pod device for the first time.
The product strength is so strong that Moti’s ambition of subverting the vape industry is ready to emerge.
Let’s find out the new product with Captain.


MOTI·MEGA PRO introduction

The packaging still adopts a simple and atmospheric packaging style,
While the inside is actually a relatively simple three-piece suit, device, charging cable and instructions for use.


Total product size: 111mm*26.1mm*13.1mm
Atomizer shell material: PCTG material, food grade silicone
Device material: aluminum alloy
Device process: anodic oxidation, gradient color
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Mouth-to-lung power: 7-9w (curve power output)
Direct-to-lung power: 9-12.5w (curve power output)


Aurora, neon, galaxy, cosmic black hole


Product Highlights

Dual-mode vaping experience
Mode switching method, switch the direction of the cartridge inserted into the device
Soft mode mouth-to-lung vaping (dense taste enjoyment)
Inhale the smoke into your mouth first,
Inhale additional air to bring the vapor into the lungs.
Slowly enjoy the delicate and subtle taste experience.
Strong mode direct-to-lung vaping (full surging experience)
Like taking a deep breath,
Inhale smoke directly into the lungs
Instantly burst into a sense of refreshment.


Heating scheme, each flavor has a special adjustment
RC4 encryption chip accurately records the taste curve of each e-juice,
Paying more attention to the perfect taste experience.


On-screen display settings
Through the connection between the atomizing core chip and the device,
It can accurately analyze the unique settings except for the coolness and sweetness of the taste,
And reflect it on the screen.
And historically created the setting of the screen to display the remaining amount of e-liquid,
To avoid dry burning and other problems that affect the taste experience.

Cartridge information
Cartridge capacity: 3.0mL super large liquid tank
Compared with the conventional 1.8mL and 2.0mL, the increase is not small
Great satisfaction in battery life


There are 18 flavors in total
MOTI also made a breakdown
Recommended experience in Strong mode: grapefruit flavor, peach rose flavor, watermelon guava flavor, colorful fruit flavor
Recommended experience of soft mode: crispy cantaloupe flavor, latte coffee flavor, sweet blackcurrant flavor, osmanthus oolong flavor


User experience

The data on the panel is dazzling,
Let me talk about the configuration.
First of all, the size and shape of the device is relatively “advanced” and bold,
Choosing a value between a regular device and a regular pod.
Fortunately, the grip and the feeling of use are more reasonable, and there is nothing strange or uncomfortable.
The 800mAh battery is very scientific, basically satisfying an experience from morning to night.
Compared with general pods, it is superior to them. It beats them overwhelmingly.
The area that needs to be strengthened in quality control is the connectivity between the cartridge and the device
Sometimes there will be loose and unstable connections, feeling loose, affecting the experience.


One of the issues that everyone is most concerned about is the difference between soft and strong modes.
To be honest, there is no obvious difference between the two.
It means that there is no intuitive feeling on the taste,
It’s only limited to vapor size difference.

MOTI·MEGA PRO reviewAnd there is a problem with the adjustment of the cartridge.
Although it uses a more technological and intelligent function,
But the taste in mouth is not particularly good.
It’s mainly reflected in the adjustment of the airway and the fineness of the e-liquid,
I feel that the feedback is not as good as other Moti pod products.


The battery life problem

The official gave is a cartridge capacity of 3.0mL,
Because it is cotton core pod, there is actually a capacity of 3.7mL,
While the number of puffs is relatively discounted,
The actual test basically looks like 300-400 puffs.
There are often situations where it is difficult to hold up for a day.
Very embarrassing, there is left power, while there is no e-juice left in the cartridge.


To sum up

Although this product has a lot of points that can be regarded as milestones in the history of pod vapes, some internal details are kind of anticlimactic.

There should be a qualitative change in the later stage, so as to make it more popular.

However, the taste and flavors are already excellent in the industry.

Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MOTI·MEGA PRO

MOTI·C Titanium review: Real titanium inside – DirtyCheck120

MOTI·C Titanium review

Recently, MOTI vape officially announced:
The MOTI·C Titanium series made of pure titanium is officially on sale worldwide.
Captain as an old friend of MOTI received the industry’s first “titanium” device for the first time, is very excited.
Next, let’s share this MOTI·C Titanium.

MOTI·C Titanium review

MOTI·C Titanium brief view

In the vape industry, the use of titanium is actually not much.
It’s not necessary to explain knowledge points in chemical elements.
Older vapers will naturally know that as long as the device or atomizer is associated with “titanium”, it must be an excellent product.

MOTI·C Titanium review

MOTI·C Titanium packaging

For me who is very sensitive to packaging,
I picked out nothing wrong this time.
The design of the space arc pod directly captures the theme and the vaper,
The overall style is very “cosmic” and very “galactic”,
In terms of visible text,
There is a relatively detailed diagram for titanium.
Very good design in chemistry academics aspect.

MOTI·C Titanium review

The packaging and accessories part is relatively intuitive.
Manual, charging cable and device body.

MOTI·C Titanium review

As colors, “the bright sky of the moon, the blue galaxy, the brilliant nebula, the dreamy sea of stars, and the dazzling stars” were launched,
A total of five colors.

MOTI·C Titanium review

This titanium material has many outstanding features: lightweight, corrosion resistance, and not easy to deform. Although it has been in the atmosphere for several years, the surface does not undergo any changes. However, due to the difficulty of processing pure titanium, it was mainly used in aerospace, aviation, medical and other fields before, and few manufacturers in the vape industry challenge this material. This time, MOTI successfully applied pure titanium into the MOTI·C series device, which is light and stylish, with a warm touch, and has the potential to subvert the tradition with technology.

MOTI·C Titanium review

In terms of appearance, the new MOTI·C Titanium series is absolutely eye-catching and heart-warming at a glance. The difference visible to the naked eye is the dazzling color impact at first sight, and the exquisite crystal ice flower under closer inspection. Under the double process of high-temperature crystallization and anodizing, the natural snowflake-like crystals lightly fall down the shaft with a dazzling color that is perfectly gradual, just like being in the universe and galaxy. According to reports, since the ice flowers are all physically evolved, the crystal ice flowers presented by each device are unique. This one-of-a-kind product adds a bit of romance to the MOTI·C Titanium series and makes every device unique.

MOTI·C Titanium review

What’s more worth mentioning is that the gorgeous colors of the device are all natural, formed by physical changes, rather than traditional spray paint, which undoubtedly enhances the aesthetics of the vape body. The device is a product that is used daily and in close contact with you. While satisfying the visual sense and pleasing to the eye, the safety of use should be given more consideration by the brand. The color of the MOTI·C Titanium is natural, and it refuses to spray paint, which will bring the ultimate experience of “human and device” integration!

MOTI·C Titanium review

MOTI·C Titanium quality

MOTI·C is one of the hit products created by MOTI brand in 2020. The main feature is “Super big cup, super satisfying”. It is the flagship product of MOTI vape. The MOTI·C titanium series also retains the advantages of MOTI·C. It adopts a number of latest patented technologies and is equipped with industry-leading MCU frequency conversion chips. It can identify cold starts, form transient shocks, and realize the concept of “instant vaping” of large cloud. , The atomization temperature instantly changes from normal temperature to the appropriate working temperature. The frequency conversion power output makes the vaping experience more layered; the advanced customized FEELM atomization core, the ceramic honeycomb structure forms an ultra-wide heating surface, the heating temperature is uniform, and the vapor particles are atomized tiny, the vapor is delicate and moist, the taste is highly restored, and the leakage rate is low. Every puff is the ultimate experience. At the same time, the “surging mode”, “anti-spitback” and other functions are still the wonderful easter eggs of the MOTI·C Titanium series. The e-liquid capacity is 2.0ml, satisfying a longer vaping experience! The MOTI·C Titanium series, which integrates a number of industry-leading technologies, will be a guarantee of high quality and ultra-satisfaction.

MOTI·C Titanium review


MOTI is once again a milestone in the history of the electronic cigarette industry,
Taking the lead in using titanium material to provide a next-level user experience.

The beating of physics and the integration of technology, make it unique in the current market that is flooded with similar pods.

While there is no change in the function, and it can’t bring any change to your taste experience, this is what friends need to pay attention to.
Of course, if you want to pursue psychological material satisfaction, just buy it.

I’m a Captain Dirty, see you next time.

MOTI·C Titanium review

Where to buy MOTI·C Titanium

AIR FACTORY nicotine salt e-liquid review

NewVaping: MOTI PIIN Disposable Vape Is On Sale At the Leading Online UK Vape Shop

NewVaping is a leading online UK vape shop that offers the latest vaping hardware, vape accessories across the most recognizable brand with the best price without sacrificing taste or quality. NewVaping also carries a large variety of high-quality vape juices from classic flavours to the hottest new e-liquids in a range of strengths and sizes on the market. Among a huge range of vaping products, MOTI PIIN is well presented on the shelf.

MOTI PIIN is an elegant pre-filled disposable vape with pocketable size and crayon-style design. Integrated with a 320mAh built-in battery, it holds 1.6 ml of pre-filled e-juice with a 1.6-ohm coil. MOTI PIIN boasts a classic mouthpiece with a glossy rounded whistle-tip to deliver a comfortable and smooth draw. It comes with either 2% or 5% nicotine-salt strength and offers 28 awesome flavour options. All flavour options feature a unique and fresh colour scheme with a glossy or rubberized finish.

MOTI PIIN works well with the higher nicotine strengths and delivers a nice MTL draw. It produces astounding flavour and vapour. The 2% nicotine-salt strength option provides a fairly soft and smooth throat hit. The 5% nicotine-salt strength option offers an intense flavour that satisfies the most fastidious taste buds.

MOTI is recognizable vaping manufacture that known for developing luxury and exquisite e-cigarettes. MOTI PIIN is a tiny device that is perfect for smokers and new vapers thanks to its easy operation. It approximately equals 380 puffs that can last a few days to a week of heavy vaping. MOTI PIIN is currently available on NewVaping for a modest asking price.

The mission of NewVaping is to provide an unrivalled service to our customers. NewVaping offers the best selection of vapes at competitive prices to make sure customers get more than their money’s worth. You can check out fabulous vape and e-liquid items at limited-time pricing on the UK vape deal section. NewVaping is full of confidence to offer users an enjoyable vaping journey with excellent service.

MOTI GO pod system review: Amazing 2 USD pod on sale – DirtyCheck No.116

In the current saturated pod vape market, all kinds of brands are dazzling,
Which one should we choose, and what is the price/performance ratio between products?
This can’t help giving beginners’ a headache.
While other brands use low-price strategies to occupy the market,
Finally, Moti took the shot, and the small device, known as the lowest price in history, was born!
It is today’s protagonist, Moti go, you can experience it for only 8.8 yuan (2 USD)!

MOTI GO pod system review

MOTI GO pod system brief

In terms of material technology, a metal shell plus anodizing process is used,
Friends may be aware that this is almost the flagship configuration of the pod product.
The appearance and texture are definitely super cool.
8.8 yuan (2USD) Moti makes everyone’s jaw drop.

MOTI GO pod system review

As to battery capacity,
Moti Go is equipped with 400mAh capacity plus TYPE-C interface,
It ensures stable output and efficient battery life during daily working hours

MOTI GO pod system review

As to the device chip this time, Moti has developed a purely Chinese chip reasonably developed by many big guys.
Many technologies and algorithms are injected into it,
It can be said to be a uniquely ingenuity, and a powerful pod at the same price level.

MOTI GO pod system review

The packaging is extremely simple, and the use of the device is efficient and fast.
There isn’t too much sense of ceremony, start vaping in a second after opening the box.

MOTI GO pod system review

MOTI GO pod system review

As to colors,
4 colors are launched this time, all of which are conventional colors.
No special edition,
While the color names are Lively Spring, Silent Deep Sea, Quiet Nebula, and Leisurely Night.
Obviously, the names took a lot of brain effort.

MOTI GO pod system review

There is no difference in size from its own Moti C, but the only thing is that the chamfer of Moti C should be smoother.
The air intake is slightly smaller and there is no surging mode.
Yes, it’s all like this, what kind of surging do I want?

MOTI GO pod system review

In terms of taste, it’s compatible with “super big cup“, and no unique cartridge has been developed.
It can be seen that Moti is serious about the flavor and taste.

MOTI GO pod system review


I have to say that Moti Go this time, regardless of the process or technology,
It’s comparable with the flagship products of many brands.
In terms of price, it’s almost unrivaled.
Many other competitors have also released a lot of so-called “low-price versions”, or it is just free or “half sold, half free”,
But they’re not as good as Moti Go.
The devices are just like a lighter to cigarettes, it’s hard not to get a cigarette while you’re holding a lighter in hand.
Moti’s action this time is undoubtedly another reform for the market, and we believe Moti vape will be more and more popular.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MOTI GO @2USD: Contact MOTI official

Wotofo Manik Mini Pod Kit review

MOTI to launch $2 pod vape device MOIT GO

It was recently learned that the head brand of vapes, MOTI, is about to release the ultra-low-priced pod device in history, and the retail price is only 8.8 yuan (about 2 USD).

8.8 yuan, which has undoubtedly penetrated the market’s lowest price line, which is better than the 9.9 yuan Mini pod vape released by YOOZ last year. It’s a MOTI’s a gimmick or a sincere move depends on whether this low-cost entry-level product is good enough.

This pod vape device is named MOTI GO, and the basic parameters are shown below:

Shell material: metal shell
Surface technology: anodizing
Charging method: TYPE-C interface
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Output power: 7W

From this point of view, MOTI GO uses anodizing technology, a metal shell, and a large 400mAh battery. It has long battery life. It is the flagship parameter of many mainstream vape products.

Related information also revealed that MOTI united with a number of leading China chip companies to jointly develop atomization control components, using China 180-nanometer-level process semiconductors to customize core technology for this MOTI GO. This parameter is really luxurious.

In terms of pods, MOTI GO is still equipped with the industry’s top FEELM atomizer core, which highly reduces the various components of the e-liquid and provides protection for the ultimate taste.

In terms of color matching, MOTI GO first released four classic colors, including the spring light, the quiet deep sea, the quiet nebula, and the quiet night. The value and quality of the color are all fascinating.

MOTI X Pod Mod review: an antivirus vape – DirtyCheck No.105

MOTI has always been a leading company in the pod vape industry,
Whether it is a breakthrough in the device or a leader in the core technology of the atomization core,
I believe everyone can see the difference.
Just at the end of the year,
MOTI once again launched a blockbuster product,
The first ModPod, Moti X.
How does it perform, let’s find it out.

MOTI X Podmod review

Moti X specifications/ parameters

Size: 42mm*27mm*112mm
Cartridge capacity: 5.1mL/2mL (TPD)
Atomizing core and recommended wattage:
0.2Ω/ Meta Mesh coil 40W-50W
0.4Ω/ Meta Mesh coil 25W-35W
Battery capacity: 1600mAh
Output power range: 5~50W
Charging current: DC 5V/1.6A, Type-C interface
Disinfection set: UV Light Disinfection Cap
Material: PC/TP/Zinc alloy

MOTI X Podmod review

Moti X package content

1 x body 1 x UV disinfection cap 1 x MOTI X cartridge
1 x 0.4Ω atomizing core (installed) 1 x 0.2Ω atomizing core
1 x USB charging cable, 1 x cigarette holder ,1 x warranty card, 1 x quality inspection card

Moti X user experience


Before the experience, it is necessary to talk about the instructions on the display panel,
After all, there are more knowledge points involved later.

MOTI X Podmod review

1. Battery level icon. Low battery level: the icon will turn red
Charging: The icon will turn green. Normal: the icon will turn white
2. Power curve. The power curve shows the visual data (power, duration, speed, volume) of the previous suction, which can be used in ML mode, SF mode and normal mode
Each new set of data will be used to polish and modify the curve, and it will become stable as the database accumulates.
3. Ignition/power lock. If power lock is switched, the screen will show on. Power lock: After opening the power lock, the power cannot be adjusted. Wattage lock: The device will be temporarily disabled when the wattage lock is on. Press the “Power button” 3 times to turn on/off the wattage lock. Press the “Power button” and “+” simultaneously to turn on/off the power lock.
4. Voltage. When in use, the voltage indicator will display the real-time voltage (V) of the device
5. Power. When in use, the wattage indicator will display the real-time wattage (W) of the device
6. Resistance. The resistance indicator will display the real-time resistance of the atomizing core (Ω)
7. The number of puffs. The puff indicator will display the number of puffs in your history of use.
8. Duration indicator reflects the duration of your last puff
9. The speed indicator will show the air speed (ml/s) you draw last time.
10. The airflow speed indicator will show the air speed (ml/s) you last inhaled in.
After all, there are more knowledge points involved later.

MOTI X Podmod review

Hand feel

Although the design is not the type that Captain likes,
It is ergonomic and not heavy in terms of weight.
I don’t know if it is due to some mistake,
Some places are still not enough.

MOTI X Podmod review

I particularly like the design of the package around the display
High-strength frosting is just right
Feels very comfortable.

MOTI X Podmod review

The air inlet of the cartridge is adjustable
For the device to better adapt to the user’s experience habits,
The design of the dust cover is a good point.
Hygiene and clean, giving the experience a most comfortable state

MOTI X Podmod review

MOTI X’s functions and performance are supported by sufficient technology reserves.
MOTI is doing its part in these aspects.
Some bionic and simulation technologies are used just right,
Not only can you monitor your habits in real time,
But also set up a scientific management for your own vaping habits.
The data on the panel is not gorgeous, but it is in the place where it is used.
Captain applauds here.

Talking about the highlights, have you noticed the accessories?
Disinfection kit UV Light Disinfection Cap, UV disinfection.
Go to the menu and select “UV DISINFECTION”
Press the “Power button” to turn on the UV disinfection mode.
When it is detected that the lid is covered, the UV disinfection process will start
The disinfection time for each operation is 10 seconds.
The user can check the remaining time on the screen.
But the response speed is average.
After over 2-3s, it switched the screen instructions.
You can set it to normally open, it will automatically kill virus every time the cover is closed.
In this COVID 19 time, I believe that such a design is what we need most.

MOTI X Podmod review

It’s a pity that the design is relatively cheap, and it should be possible to avoid such a naked design.
But the benevolent see the benevolent, the wise see the wisdom, some friends may like this sense of design.

MOTI X Podmod review

In terms of taste experience
The machine is equipped with 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm atomizing cores
To sum up, the details of vaping are in place and the restoration is accurate.
In the overall processing details, the taste is restored and softer.
If you want violent output, MOTI X really can’t give that.
But it can give you the most exquisite experience, which is still very nice

MOTI X Podmod review


In terms of design, the design of MOTIX is not the same as conventional MOD POD.
The whole shape is heterogeneous, buy it if you like it.
In terms of hygiene, don’t worry about it. Antivirus function is really strong.
At this special point in time, this is simply benefiting thousands of fans.
As to the tastes, it gives you the ultimate comfortable experience.
Finally, there is a very special easter egg, although I know how to make it,
Due to personal reasons, I didn’t get it out, so I look forward to your sharing.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time​.

MOTI X Podmod review

Where to buy Moti X (Not on sale, contact Moti official to pre-order) 

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

MOTI’s long-termism in the vaping industry

MOTI team aways hold the long-termism in the vaping industry. The entire team has been doing this for 10 years. From the beginning of 21st Century Smoke, to Vaporesso and Geekvape in the era of mod, to PHIX and MT in the era of pod, and finally to the present MOTI. In the entire 10 years, especially From 2010 to 2012, someone will ask: How long can you earn fast money in the trending vaping industry? In 2010, no one knew how long this industry could be. From 2014 to 2015, no one asked this question again, and the trend of the entire e-cigarette industry appeared in an irreversible form. Modern tobacco has a history of more than 200 years. No one will question whether electronic cigarettes will become a trend in the future. From 2010 to now, many old colleagues may have switched careers, and there are also many old friends who have grown stronger in this industry. These peers who have done very well have a very common characteristic: showing the characteristics of long-termism.

MOTI itself is also a beneficiary of long-termism. The projects in the past 10 years have mainly come from overseas. It was because of ten years of persistence that at the end of 2018, MOTI was very lucky to get on board this big ship when the Chinese market opened up. Long-termism has brought capital recognition to MOTI and enjoyed the benefits of rapid market growth.

In the MOTI team, product development is divided into two teams: MOTI Design and MOTI Inside. MOTI Design pays attention to appearance, and MOTI Inside pursues more of the research and development of the underlying technology. The two teams have been in a state of competition for a long time, and finally obtained products that can meet market changes.

The Chinese market is the most important market for e-cigarettes in the world. Many friends used to be from the e-cigarette trade. The advantages of a trade background are high-speed circulation, good company structure, and low investment in business models. While China can only develop offline sales channels, the growth of offline channels has become the only main battlefield in this market. Therefore, considerable investment is required. Many brands have to build their own brand stores, which is completely different from the brand practices of the previous trade patterns. MOTI will be very determined to invest and believe in this industry and market.

The MOTI brand’s Chinese specialty stores have increased from 100 new stores every month to more than 300 stores, and the number has exceeded 1,500. This shows MOTI’s confidence in itself, its customers and the industry. At the same time, MOTI has entered 90% of the domestic S-level business circles, and all investment reflects MOTI’s views on the vigorous development of the entire market.


MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing vape show

On the 19th, it was reported that the 2020 e-cigarette offline channel city matchmaking meeting in six provinces in East China was grandly opened in Nanjing. MOTI was invited to participate in the exhibition, and launched the “MOTI 2020 Latest Store Support Policy” on the spot, as well as the on-site signing benefits. The investment scene was very popular, and 53 specialty store customers were signed on the spot, with the intention to open 200 stores in China.

MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing Vape Show

MOTI·X won the DNA Paris Design Award before it was officially launched, and it was also the first e-cigarette product to win the award. At the Shenzhen IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in August this year, MOTI·X debuted for the first time. MOTI·X has a machine learning mode, which can explore the user’s smoking habits. It can repeatedly learn the use of e-cigarettes through real-time monitoring of the user’s smoking time, output power, changes in the instantaneous rate of smoking, and changes in the volume of inhalation. Habits, recording a number of data, is a long-awaited product for pro users, and it is expected to start global sales in December.

At present, MOTI has established a comprehensive multi-directional multi-channel three-dimensional marketing system in China. As of October 2020, many branches have been opened nationwide, and the number of direct and franchised stores has reached more than 1,000. The company’s overseas business territory covers North America, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and Southeast Asia, covering dozens of countries around the world.

MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing Vape Show

At the investment promotion conference of cities in the offline channels of electronic cigarettes in the six provinces of East China, MOTI launched the latest support policy for exclusive stores in 2020, and at the same time increased the triple gift of signing on-site. Solve all-round problems such as large investment in shop decoration and high rent pressure. In response to the different types of franchise stores, MOTI provides real support policies such as subsidies for goods, cash subsidies for rent, and all-inclusive decoration to help shopkeepers open stores with zero risk, and are highly praised by customers who come to discuss cooperation on the spot.

MOTI C pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.92

MOTI’s development speed and the reputation in the industry belongs to the best in the industry.
Today I bring you the latest series of MOTI family,
MOTI C. It’s also called “super big cup”.
Let’s take a look together.

Moti C packaging

Moti C changed its packaging design again.
It’s pretty good, clean, and simple.
All the content is well shown on the surface.

MOTI C pod vape review

Moti C parameters

Open the package then you see the device,
User manual and Type-C charging cable inside.

MOTI C pod vape review

In terms of color, a total of 7 colors have been launched this time.
There are still more mainstream gradient colors with a variety of styles.
Suitable for different people from all walks of life.
Unfortunately, what I received is black, hahaha.

MOTI C pod vape review

400mAh battery capacity,
Enough for daily use.
The official charging time is 50min.

The material is made of aviation aluminum and anodizing process
It’s still so silky and good in texture.
This process makes the device look high end.
And it’s very delicate, with a great improvement in the hand feel.
Won’t slip off easily.

MOTI C pod vape review

The breathing light on the device is good looking,
LOGO led indicator:
White light is 50% battery
The yellow light is 30%
The red light is 20%.
Excessive inhalation vibration reminder,
It will vibrate after 20 puffs in 10 minutes.

Moti C pod details

There are 8 flavors in total this time.

MOTI C pod vape review

As everybody knows,
Many of MOTI’s products use exclusive customized FEELM atomizing cores,
Of course, MOTI C is no exception.
Market-leading Y-type air intake,
In order to match such an excellent configuration,
It is said that the e-liquid has been specially remixed.
Don’t worry about oil spills and condensation,
The brand power of quality and experience of use is the best explanation.

MOTI C pod vape review

2mL e-liquid capacity is reasonable.
Not as weak as 1.5mL,
Neither will it be overloaded like 2.5mL,
It’s a scientific capacity.

MOTI C pod vape review

Moti C user experience

Passion Mango

The mango ice made by MOTI is the best.
This is also a success with the pod and the re-adjustment of the e-liquid.
The mango feels very good,
Not as impatient as some pod,
Very delicate, gentle and soothing.
Friends who are familiar with Captain know that
Captain rarely touch mango or lemon flavor.
But this one is really good, recommended

Ice sweet kiwi

The taste of kiwi is a bit disappointing,
The sweet and sour of Kiwi is not enough ,
There is a fragrance,
But I don’t think this taste will work.
Astringency of kiwi, bad.

Mellow coffee

The coffee smell is very clear,
No extra compound flavor blending
A bit of pure coffee,
No sweetness nor bitterness.
This kind of taste is interesting.

Frozen blueberries

The fruity taste of berries is sweet and delicious,
The taste of blueberries is also very recognizable,
Moderate cooling, just right sweetness ratio.
Thumb up to this one.

MOTI C pod vape review

Sweet Cantaloupe

The fruity taste of cantaloupe is very obvious,
Although this flavor is melon and fruity.
But overall there is no greasy feeling.
The mix of coolness is great.

Summer watermelon ice

Watermelon is the same as cantaloupe,
The sweetness and cooling are excellent.
It will let you know what flavor you are experiencing,
And it’s not too sweet.

Energy time

The taste of energy drinks
This one is a relatively an ordinary and plain taste.
Everyone can feel the special taste of energy drinks,
The coolness is slightly high,
Covers the feeling of the original energy drink.

Passion fruit

The unique fragrance of passion fruit comes out better,
Low sweetness, insufficient fruit sourness.
Overall it is relatively suitable for daily vaping.

MOTI C pod vape review

The most worth mentioning in the experience is this technology,
It is also a new and highly functional design.
Protection against e-liquid running back.
That is, when e-liquid go backwards, the e-liquid cannot contact the atomizing core,
Which which will cause the atomization core to dry burn and produce a burnt smell and taste.
MOTI C built-in horizontal direction sensor put an end to the trouble of burnt core through software cut-in.
When the e-liquid going back exceeds the horizontal section,
The atomizer core will immediately recognize it,
And stop vaporizing and show a purple light reminder.
This is undoubtedly a great new design.

MOTI C pod vape review

Finally, I was curious and also use the surging mode of MOTIS,
The result is really good.
Quickly plug and insert the pod three times,
The taste will be stronger and the amount of vapor will go bigger.


MOTI C this time really makes my eyes shine.
Whether it is user experience or appearance,
MOTI C device inherits the tradition and continued the original style.
This is what a sentimental person would like to see.
Moti C pod vape taste and performance are competive on market,
With FEELM exclusive custom atomizing core,
It operates like a god.
Taste improvement is significant.
Currently, MOTI C is my best MOTI product.
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MOTI C

MOTI C pod vape review
MOTI C pod vape review