MOTI X Pod Mod review: an antivirus vape – DirtyCheck No.105

MOTI has always been a leading company in the pod vape industry,
Whether it is a breakthrough in the device or a leader in the core technology of the atomization core,
I believe everyone can see the difference.
Just at the end of the year,
MOTI once again launched a blockbuster product,
The first ModPod, Moti X.
How does it perform, let’s find it out.

MOTI X Podmod review

Moti X specifications/ parameters

Size: 42mm*27mm*112mm
Cartridge capacity: 5.1mL/2mL (TPD)
Atomizing core and recommended wattage:
0.2Ω/ Meta Mesh coil 40W-50W
0.4Ω/ Meta Mesh coil 25W-35W
Battery capacity: 1600mAh
Output power range: 5~50W
Charging current: DC 5V/1.6A, Type-C interface
Disinfection set: UV Light Disinfection Cap
Material: PC/TP/Zinc alloy

MOTI X Podmod review

Moti X package content

1 x body 1 x UV disinfection cap 1 x MOTI X cartridge
1 x 0.4Ω atomizing core (installed) 1 x 0.2Ω atomizing core
1 x USB charging cable, 1 x cigarette holder ,1 x warranty card, 1 x quality inspection card

Moti X user experience


Before the experience, it is necessary to talk about the instructions on the display panel,
After all, there are more knowledge points involved later.

MOTI X Podmod review

1. Battery level icon. Low battery level: the icon will turn red
Charging: The icon will turn green. Normal: the icon will turn white
2. Power curve. The power curve shows the visual data (power, duration, speed, volume) of the previous suction, which can be used in ML mode, SF mode and normal mode
Each new set of data will be used to polish and modify the curve, and it will become stable as the database accumulates.
3. Ignition/power lock. If power lock is switched, the screen will show on. Power lock: After opening the power lock, the power cannot be adjusted. Wattage lock: The device will be temporarily disabled when the wattage lock is on. Press the “Power button” 3 times to turn on/off the wattage lock. Press the “Power button” and “+” simultaneously to turn on/off the power lock.
4. Voltage. When in use, the voltage indicator will display the real-time voltage (V) of the device
5. Power. When in use, the wattage indicator will display the real-time wattage (W) of the device
6. Resistance. The resistance indicator will display the real-time resistance of the atomizing core (Ω)
7. The number of puffs. The puff indicator will display the number of puffs in your history of use.
8. Duration indicator reflects the duration of your last puff
9. The speed indicator will show the air speed (ml/s) you draw last time.
10. The airflow speed indicator will show the air speed (ml/s) you last inhaled in.
After all, there are more knowledge points involved later.

MOTI X Podmod review

Hand feel

Although the design is not the type that Captain likes,
It is ergonomic and not heavy in terms of weight.
I don’t know if it is due to some mistake,
Some places are still not enough.

MOTI X Podmod review

I particularly like the design of the package around the display
High-strength frosting is just right
Feels very comfortable.

MOTI X Podmod review

The air inlet of the cartridge is adjustable
For the device to better adapt to the user’s experience habits,
The design of the dust cover is a good point.
Hygiene and clean, giving the experience a most comfortable state

MOTI X Podmod review

MOTI X’s functions and performance are supported by sufficient technology reserves.
MOTI is doing its part in these aspects.
Some bionic and simulation technologies are used just right,
Not only can you monitor your habits in real time,
But also set up a scientific management for your own vaping habits.
The data on the panel is not gorgeous, but it is in the place where it is used.
Captain applauds here.

Talking about the highlights, have you noticed the accessories?
Disinfection kit UV Light Disinfection Cap, UV disinfection.
Go to the menu and select “UV DISINFECTION”
Press the “Power button” to turn on the UV disinfection mode.
When it is detected that the lid is covered, the UV disinfection process will start
The disinfection time for each operation is 10 seconds.
The user can check the remaining time on the screen.
But the response speed is average.
After over 2-3s, it switched the screen instructions.
You can set it to normally open, it will automatically kill virus every time the cover is closed.
In this COVID 19 time, I believe that such a design is what we need most.

MOTI X Podmod review

It’s a pity that the design is relatively cheap, and it should be possible to avoid such a naked design.
But the benevolent see the benevolent, the wise see the wisdom, some friends may like this sense of design.

MOTI X Podmod review

In terms of taste experience
The machine is equipped with 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm atomizing cores
To sum up, the details of vaping are in place and the restoration is accurate.
In the overall processing details, the taste is restored and softer.
If you want violent output, MOTI X really can’t give that.
But it can give you the most exquisite experience, which is still very nice

MOTI X Podmod review


In terms of design, the design of MOTIX is not the same as conventional MOD POD.
The whole shape is heterogeneous, buy it if you like it.
In terms of hygiene, don’t worry about it. Antivirus function is really strong.
At this special point in time, this is simply benefiting thousands of fans.
As to the tastes, it gives you the ultimate comfortable experience.
Finally, there is a very special easter egg, although I know how to make it,
Due to personal reasons, I didn’t get it out, so I look forward to your sharing.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time​.

MOTI X Podmod review

Where to buy Moti X (Not on sale, contact Moti official to pre-order) 

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

MOTI’s long-termism in the vaping industry

MOTI team aways hold the long-termism in the vaping industry. The entire team has been doing this for 10 years. From the beginning of 21st Century Smoke, to Vaporesso and Geekvape in the era of mod, to PHIX and MT in the era of pod, and finally to the present MOTI. In the entire 10 years, especially From 2010 to 2012, someone will ask: How long can you earn fast money in the trending vaping industry? In 2010, no one knew how long this industry could be. From 2014 to 2015, no one asked this question again, and the trend of the entire e-cigarette industry appeared in an irreversible form. Modern tobacco has a history of more than 200 years. No one will question whether electronic cigarettes will become a trend in the future. From 2010 to now, many old colleagues may have switched careers, and there are also many old friends who have grown stronger in this industry. These peers who have done very well have a very common characteristic: showing the characteristics of long-termism.

MOTI itself is also a beneficiary of long-termism. The projects in the past 10 years have mainly come from overseas. It was because of ten years of persistence that at the end of 2018, MOTI was very lucky to get on board this big ship when the Chinese market opened up. Long-termism has brought capital recognition to MOTI and enjoyed the benefits of rapid market growth.

In the MOTI team, product development is divided into two teams: MOTI Design and MOTI Inside. MOTI Design pays attention to appearance, and MOTI Inside pursues more of the research and development of the underlying technology. The two teams have been in a state of competition for a long time, and finally obtained products that can meet market changes.

The Chinese market is the most important market for e-cigarettes in the world. Many friends used to be from the e-cigarette trade. The advantages of a trade background are high-speed circulation, good company structure, and low investment in business models. While China can only develop offline sales channels, the growth of offline channels has become the only main battlefield in this market. Therefore, considerable investment is required. Many brands have to build their own brand stores, which is completely different from the brand practices of the previous trade patterns. MOTI will be very determined to invest and believe in this industry and market.

The MOTI brand’s Chinese specialty stores have increased from 100 new stores every month to more than 300 stores, and the number has exceeded 1,500. This shows MOTI’s confidence in itself, its customers and the industry. At the same time, MOTI has entered 90% of the domestic S-level business circles, and all investment reflects MOTI’s views on the vigorous development of the entire market.


MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing vape show

On the 19th, it was reported that the 2020 e-cigarette offline channel city matchmaking meeting in six provinces in East China was grandly opened in Nanjing. MOTI was invited to participate in the exhibition, and launched the “MOTI 2020 Latest Store Support Policy” on the spot, as well as the on-site signing benefits. The investment scene was very popular, and 53 specialty store customers were signed on the spot, with the intention to open 200 stores in China.

MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing Vape Show

MOTI·X won the DNA Paris Design Award before it was officially launched, and it was also the first e-cigarette product to win the award. At the Shenzhen IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in August this year, MOTI·X debuted for the first time. MOTI·X has a machine learning mode, which can explore the user’s smoking habits. It can repeatedly learn the use of e-cigarettes through real-time monitoring of the user’s smoking time, output power, changes in the instantaneous rate of smoking, and changes in the volume of inhalation. Habits, recording a number of data, is a long-awaited product for pro users, and it is expected to start global sales in December.

At present, MOTI has established a comprehensive multi-directional multi-channel three-dimensional marketing system in China. As of October 2020, many branches have been opened nationwide, and the number of direct and franchised stores has reached more than 1,000. The company’s overseas business territory covers North America, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and Southeast Asia, covering dozens of countries around the world.

MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing Vape Show

At the investment promotion conference of cities in the offline channels of electronic cigarettes in the six provinces of East China, MOTI launched the latest support policy for exclusive stores in 2020, and at the same time increased the triple gift of signing on-site. Solve all-round problems such as large investment in shop decoration and high rent pressure. In response to the different types of franchise stores, MOTI provides real support policies such as subsidies for goods, cash subsidies for rent, and all-inclusive decoration to help shopkeepers open stores with zero risk, and are highly praised by customers who come to discuss cooperation on the spot.

MOTI C pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.92

MOTI’s development speed and the reputation in the industry belongs to the best in the industry.
Today I bring you the latest series of MOTI family,
MOTI C. It’s also called “super big cup”.
Let’s take a look together.

Moti C packaging

Moti C changed its packaging design again.
It’s pretty good, clean, and simple.
All the content is well shown on the surface.

MOTI C pod vape review

Moti C parameters

Open the package then you see the device,
User manual and Type-C charging cable inside.

MOTI C pod vape review

In terms of color, a total of 7 colors have been launched this time.
There are still more mainstream gradient colors with a variety of styles.
Suitable for different people from all walks of life.
Unfortunately, what I received is black, hahaha.

MOTI C pod vape review

400mAh battery capacity,
Enough for daily use.
The official charging time is 50min.

The material is made of aviation aluminum and anodizing process
It’s still so silky and good in texture.
This process makes the device look high end.
And it’s very delicate, with a great improvement in the hand feel.
Won’t slip off easily.

MOTI C pod vape review

The breathing light on the device is good looking,
LOGO led indicator:
White light is 50% battery
The yellow light is 30%
The red light is 20%.
Excessive inhalation vibration reminder,
It will vibrate after 20 puffs in 10 minutes.

Moti C pod details

There are 8 flavors in total this time.

MOTI C pod vape review

As everybody knows,
Many of MOTI’s products use exclusive customized FEELM atomizing cores,
Of course, MOTI C is no exception.
Market-leading Y-type air intake,
In order to match such an excellent configuration,
It is said that the e-liquid has been specially remixed.
Don’t worry about oil spills and condensation,
The brand power of quality and experience of use is the best explanation.

MOTI C pod vape review

2mL e-liquid capacity is reasonable.
Not as weak as 1.5mL,
Neither will it be overloaded like 2.5mL,
It’s a scientific capacity.

MOTI C pod vape review

Moti C user experience

Passion Mango

The mango ice made by MOTI is the best.
This is also a success with the pod and the re-adjustment of the e-liquid.
The mango feels very good,
Not as impatient as some pod,
Very delicate, gentle and soothing.
Friends who are familiar with Captain know that
Captain rarely touch mango or lemon flavor.
But this one is really good, recommended

Ice sweet kiwi

The taste of kiwi is a bit disappointing,
The sweet and sour of Kiwi is not enough ,
There is a fragrance,
But I don’t think this taste will work.
Astringency of kiwi, bad.

Mellow coffee

The coffee smell is very clear,
No extra compound flavor blending
A bit of pure coffee,
No sweetness nor bitterness.
This kind of taste is interesting.

Frozen blueberries

The fruity taste of berries is sweet and delicious,
The taste of blueberries is also very recognizable,
Moderate cooling, just right sweetness ratio.
Thumb up to this one.

MOTI C pod vape review

Sweet Cantaloupe

The fruity taste of cantaloupe is very obvious,
Although this flavor is melon and fruity.
But overall there is no greasy feeling.
The mix of coolness is great.

Summer watermelon ice

Watermelon is the same as cantaloupe,
The sweetness and cooling are excellent.
It will let you know what flavor you are experiencing,
And it’s not too sweet.

Energy time

The taste of energy drinks
This one is a relatively an ordinary and plain taste.
Everyone can feel the special taste of energy drinks,
The coolness is slightly high,
Covers the feeling of the original energy drink.

Passion fruit

The unique fragrance of passion fruit comes out better,
Low sweetness, insufficient fruit sourness.
Overall it is relatively suitable for daily vaping.

MOTI C pod vape review

The most worth mentioning in the experience is this technology,
It is also a new and highly functional design.
Protection against e-liquid running back.
That is, when e-liquid go backwards, the e-liquid cannot contact the atomizing core,
Which which will cause the atomization core to dry burn and produce a burnt smell and taste.
MOTI C built-in horizontal direction sensor put an end to the trouble of burnt core through software cut-in.
When the e-liquid going back exceeds the horizontal section,
The atomizer core will immediately recognize it,
And stop vaporizing and show a purple light reminder.
This is undoubtedly a great new design.

MOTI C pod vape review

Finally, I was curious and also use the surging mode of MOTIS,
The result is really good.
Quickly plug and insert the pod three times,
The taste will be stronger and the amount of vapor will go bigger.


MOTI C this time really makes my eyes shine.
Whether it is user experience or appearance,
MOTI C device inherits the tradition and continued the original style.
This is what a sentimental person would like to see.
Moti C pod vape taste and performance are competive on market,
With FEELM exclusive custom atomizing core,
It operates like a god.
Taste improvement is significant.
Currently, MOTI C is my best MOTI product.
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MOTI C

MOTI C pod vape review
MOTI C pod vape review

MOTI new product MOTI·C will be launched at IECIE

The 2020 Shenzhen IECIE exhibition will be held as scheduled at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 20th to 23rd. As one of the leading brands in the vape industry, MOTI will bring a variety of new products such as the “super-large cup” pod system MOTI·C and smart POD MOD products MOTI·X to the exhibition. In addition, MOTI has also prepared exclusive investment promotion activities, rich gifts and a 200-square-meter super cool booth, waiting for you to visit and experience.


As a product-driven company, MOTI has released two new products, MOTI·MOJO and MOTI·S LITE this year, and the market feedback is very good. At this exhibition, MOTI’s new upgraded product “Super Big Cup” MOTI·C will make its debut at this exhibition. This product will greatly enhance the user experience in multiple dimensions.


It is worth mentioning that the AI smart POD MOD product MOTI·X, which will be released globally, will also be unveiled at the exhibition. This innovative product has many “black technologies”, machine learning, smart output, and increased air intake. The induction module, let the device “know you better than you”, wait and see.

In addition, the full series of products that have been on the market will also be present for users to enjoy the experience at close range, including MOTI, a full-core pod system MOTI·S LITE, and a disposable atomizer MOTI ·PIIN, a new generation of MOTI·MOJO.

Learn more about MOTI

MOTI new taste review – Apple & Lemon flavor – DirtyCheck No.67

MOTI’s new taste has arrived,
The update of MOTI new flavors is getting faster and faster.
What kind of taste is this in the hot summer?
Is it worth vaping?
Here we go.

MOTI apple flavor user experience

The two flavors this time are,
Green apple and ice lemon,
Is there such a taste of summer?
Green apple (2% nicotine salt content, three pods in a pack),
It feels very sweet, and the taste of clear apple feels right,
With a hint of coolness, the whole taste is in line with summer,
But the overall sweetness and sourness dropped slightly,
Increasing acidity will make the whole taste more three-dimensional and intuitive

MOTI new taste review

MOTI lemon flavor user experience

Ice lemon (2% nicotine salt content, three pods),
The lemon taste is handled well,
It reduced the excessive acidity of lemon,
Increased a little sweetness,
The overall ratio feels better than green apples



These 2 new flavors are more suitable for summer,
The 2% nicotine salt ratio is not excessive nor empty in the summer
As to taste,
The experience of lemon is better than that of apple,
Of course, folks who like apple flavor can also try.
Different vapers have different preferences,
Looking forward to the follow-up MOTI delicious flavors
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy MOTI apple & Lemon flavor

MOTI new taste review MOTI new taste review MOTI new taste review

MOTI new flavor Watermelon Bubble Gum/ Valley Rose review – DirtyCheck No.64

Since I said that besides taste, flavor choices is also the core competitiveness,
MOTI’s update speed is fast that any 2 flavors come up very soon.
Now let’s talk about MOTI’s new flavors today:
Watermelon Bubble Gum and Valley Rose

MOTI new flavor Watermelon Bubble/ Gum Valley Rose review

User experience

The packaging is all in a box of 3 regular packaging.

Watermelon Bubble Gum

Nicotine salt content: 2%
I think most post-90s have some impressions on it.
When I was a kid, I had to chew a watermelon bubble gum after school all the way back home.
Of course, this watermelon bubble gum is still different
It added cool taste.

The overall feeling is not sweet nor greasy.
The clear fragrance of watermelon is very comfortable.
Cool feeling.
It’s a summer heat-relief artifact.

MOTI new flavor Watermelon Bubble/ Gum Valley Rose review

Valley Rose

Nicotine salt content: 0%

0mg things have never been favored by Captain,
After all, I’m an old smoker.
But this taste does have a unique adjustment,
First of all, 0mg doesn’t cause any buzz,
But the vaping resistance is very tight.
This is very delicate,
The scent of roses is really good.
It removed part of the greasy smell of roses.
Highly recommended, especially for girls

MOTI new flavor Watermelon Bubble/ Gum Valley Rose review


Whether it’s the sweetness of watermelon bubble gum,
Or the delicate and fragrant taste of valley rose, it’s quite good.
There is no discomfort on the palate.
MOTI really does better and better.
That’s all, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MOTI new flavors

MOTI new flavor Watermelon Bubble/ Gum Valley Rose reviewMOTI new flavor Watermelon Bubble/ Gum Valley Rose reviewMOTI new flavor Watermelon Bubble/ Gum Valley Rose reviewMOTI new flavor Watermelon Bubble/ Gum Valley Rose review

MOTI S Lite review – New data-powered pod vape – DirtyCheck No.54


As everyone knows, Moti has released an S version before. However, the previous S version is actually quite different from the current MOTI-S Lite. The previous S version can be called the trial version, hahaha, because the S version had an APP at that time, the APP gave back some data to the official, and the comprehensive sorting of the vaping curve data exceeding 2 million users achieve the current MOTI S Lite, so this could be the strongest MOTI product at present. Now let’s continue.

MOTI S Lite Packaging

The packaging is a drawer box design, and the inner packaging is a double door design

After opening, you can see the device, cable, cartridges/pods at a glance

It’s minimalist style, without too many fancy designs.

MOTI S Lite review

MOTI S Lite Specifications

TYPE-C interface charging cable*1
Pods*3 (Coke Time, Mango Style, Mung Bean Ice)
Cartridge capacity 1.2mL
2% nicotine salt

MOTI S Lite review

MOTI S Lite Color

Golden, Pink, Green, Black

MOTI S Lite review


The device adopts the aluminum alloy anodizing process that everyone is familiar with, and is also my favorite color.

The gradient color looks very smooth and comfortable.

Overall it is very beautiful and upscale.

It is said that the cost is much higher than before.

It shortens the charging time by TYPE-C port.

MOTI S Lite review


All seals are done in place, no leakage.

Customized FEELM atomizing core – Other cores of FEELM on the market is the same, MOTI S Lite is the only one customized.

MOTI S Lite review

MOTI S Lite user experience

According to the introduction, we learn that every puff of MOTI-S Lite is output according to the best data curve.

In other words, every puff is customized to be ultimate & best.

I feel this deeper, the taste of each puff is soft and even,

This is something that is difficult for other brands on the market to achieve.

MOTI-S LITE did it, and a good experience is all this device brings to me.

MOTI-S LITE also pioneers the cold start concept.

To put it simply, it is the first draw that raises the curve, avoiding differences between each draw so as to bring consumers best vaping experience.

MOTI S Lite review

The capacity of 1.2ml is kind of small, which I think is not so perfect.

But if the cost of the cartridge is well controlled, it is cheap.

And this is a win-win situation.

Consumer cartridge replacement frequency is high, promoting the sale of cartridges.

More choices of pod flavors give consumers a comprehensive experience.

The small amount of capacity is also the best configuration to avoid condensation and carbon deposition.

So the question is coming, although such an approach is scientific, will consumers buy it? This has to be proved with time.

MOTI S Lite review

The cartridges don’t apply the conventional magnetic connection. After the magnetic connection, you need to push it deeper to get in. It’s a magnetic connection plus version.

This is done well to avoid accidental ejection of cartridges during daily activities

Finally, I learned that there is a hidden function, which is quite interesting.

That is the rage mode.

Insert and pull out three times, pay attention, every time the electrode must be in contact, that is, the indicator light should be on.

Insert the clasp firmly the last time.

MOTI-S LITE will continue to vibrate. The LED turns purple, which lasts about 2-3 seconds.

At this time, the so-called rage mode was turned on.

Simply put, the curve will keep a balanced output at 9W. It increases the vapor amount to make the taste better and richer. That is, the cartridge reaches an optimal maximum output value.

At the same time, it will increase power consumption and e-liquid consumption.

MOTI S Lite review


The dual-hole air intake design is great, and the size of the air hole is also very particular.

Whether it is technology or configuration, MOTI S Lite is a pinnacle product.

Excellent craftsmanship of MOTI S Lite brings the best vaping experience.

MOTI S Lite brings a brand new era of data-powered pod vape.

Although the ability of MOTI to develop new products is unquestionable and its taste is at the top level, the flavors are not rich enough at present.

It’s necessary to make more unique and popular flavors because different people have different preferences.

We hope MOTI S Lite rocks again this time.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MOTI S Lite Starter Kit

MOTI S Lite reviewMOTI S Lite reviewMOTI S Lite reviewMOTI S Lite review

MOTI vape new flavor reivew – Passion Fruit & Drunk Mojito – DirtyCheck No.51


Speaking of MOTI, Captain Dirty has reviewed it not long ago, not to call it a review. It should be called experience precisely.

So let’s go and find out how are these two new flavors

MOTI vape new flavor reivew


This time we received MOTI “passion fruit” and “drunken mojito” flavor

MOTI vape new flavor reivew

Passion Fruit flavor

This flavor comes with tropical sunshine

The rich fruit aroma makes you seem to jump into a fruit carnival in no time

Captain Dirty experience:

I have vaped all kinds of pod vape passion fruit flavor before, and MOTI’s performance is actually average

The degree of coolness is above average, and the degree of passion fruit flavor reduction is still good.

Throat hit is OK.

The downside is that the fruit acidity of passion fruit is not shown well
While the fruit fragrance has been done very well.

MOTI vape new flavor reivew

Drunk Mojito

With a little faint rum,

There is also a bit of a clear Caribbean breeze

Captain Dirty experience:

The light wine aroma is very well prepared

The fresh feeling is also done just right, the overall feeling is indeed very fresh

I personally feel very disappointed with the degree of sweetness. I didn’t find any sweetness in it


The two flavors from MOTI this time are remarkable,

It’s not the best, nor the worst,

The overall experience is up to my satisfaction, suitable for daily vaping,

Not to the extent of long-term vaping,

Suitable for friends who need some daily episodes in vaping.

Where to buy MOTI vape new flavors

MOTI MOJO disposable vape review – flavors work as good as appearance

Appearance: The appearance is the biggest highlight of this product. According to the official description, the design inspiration of this product is OLOID, which can be “rolled” and the most beautiful face. This product won the German Green Product Award, which is an annual award for green creative products initiated by companies in Germany. It is also an international competition for creative and sustainable design products and concepts. At first glance, the appearance of the inside device gave me the impression that the shape is quite unusual. Probably this is the beauty of the irregular arc. Having said that, everything has two sides, and the unusual beauty always brings people some weird associations. As for “shoehorns” and “shoe lasts”, what is the relationship between the traditional working people’s products and MOTI MOJO, please find more fun somewhere else. 10/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Leakage: Disposable vapes basically do not have this problem, and this disposable one does not have this problem 10/10

Condensate: Personal vaping has not encountered the situation of condensation. 10/10

Burnt core: Normal frequency vaping doesn’t cause this. 10/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Spit back: No spit back found. 10/10

Taste reduction and throat satisfaction: This one-off pod uses an independent e-liquid tank, and the oil-coated cotton is enclosed in the enclosed cabin, which is relatively cleaner and hygienic.

Coke: The nicotine content is 50mg / ml, and the sense of satisfaction of the throat is moderate. Compared with the reloading type, this new product emphasizes the original taste of cola soda at once, and no longer emphasizes the floral fragrance. The unique carbonated taste of Coke has converged and behaved properly. The air bubble feeling is relatively inferior to the ceramic core in this respect because it is a cotton core. This taste is still the consistent style of MOTI, with a high degree of sweetness, supplemented by a weak cooling, thereby expressing the taste of iced cola. The direction of the fragrance is generally consistent with the taste of the cool cola of MOTI pod system. 7.5 / 10

Popsicle: The nicotine content is 50mg / ml, and the throat satisfaction is moderate. The entrance is the perfect old sugar popsicle, the direction is accurate. Continuous smoking of the fragrance is similar to the feeling of banana smoothie, it is the satisfaction of eating old popsicles when I was a child, and the memories of the old days. The sweetness is high and the setting is perfect for this taste, full and rich. The only shortcoming is that the coolness accumulates along with the sweetness and it is greasy. It is recommended to reduce the coolness a bit. 8/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance

Iced pineapple: Nicotine content 50mg / ml, moderate throat hit and satisfaction. The emphasis is on the sweet fragrance of pineapple pulp juice, natural fragrance, the first bite into the lungs is like a full bite of pineapple juice exploded in the mouth. The coolness is low, and the highlight is the sweetness of the pineapple. Great flavor! 9/10

Mung bean smoothie: nicotine content 50mg / ml, moderate throat satisfaction. The direction of sweet mung bean ice dessert is very good. The coolness is above average, and the fragrance stays in the mouth for a long time. 7.5 / 10

Classic tobacco: nicotine content 50mg / ml, strong throat hit. The typical nut tobacco, roasted bean flavor with flue-cured tobacco, does not have an unpleasant tar smell, overall nut aroma is very rich and dominating. I’ m personally not very used to tobacco, but this taste of tobacco does not make me feel unable to vape. 7/10

Endurance: The official data is 1.6ml of e-liquid, 250 mAh battery, can produce about 200 puffs. This item is related to the vaping intensity and frequency and is for reference only. 7/10MOTI MOJO disposable vape review - flavors work as good as appearance


At present, the appearance of homogenization in the pod vape market is serious, either U disk or stylus shape, there is really nothing new. The appearance of the new one-off pod vape of the MOTI is really different. This device has a fascinating and differentiated experience. It is ergonomic in its hand and looks like a spaceship in a science fiction movie. It’s bright. The taste is consistent with the fragrance style route of MOTI’s own starter kit products, and there is not much difference in vaping. I am very interested in consumer feedback after this product is put on the market. I feel that a lot of customers will be gained from this unique appearance. People have strange psychology, and the new MOTI MOJO is worth enjoying. 9/10

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