Hong Kong fails to ban vapes in 2020

The Hong Kong Legislative Council has abandoned plans to ban the use of electronic atomization products.

Since the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s speech 19 months ago, e-cigarette and harm reduction advocates have been fighting the proposed ban.

The Legislative Council Bills Committee concluded discussions on bills banning e-cigarettes and heating tobacco products (HTP, also known as heat not burn products) last week. According to the Manila Standard, the committee has been studying the bill since March 2019, holding six meetings and three public hearings.

Some Legislative Council members of the committee strongly opposed the ban on the grounds that it was unfair to refuse to provide smokers with low-risk nicotine products.

Nancy Loucas, executive coordinator of the Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates Alliance, a regional consumer rights protection organization, and Hong Kong legislators such as Peter Shui, Raymond Chan, Cheng Chunt-tai, and others have also repeatedly argued that the ban is illogical.

The Director of Hong Kong Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department, Dr. Feng Ying, told the Hong Kong media that the government will propose another bill at the next legislative session to ban the use of electronic cigarettes.

Feng said that at this stage, our most urgent task is to educate the public on the risks of heated tobacco products and prevent misleading claims that they bring lower risks and observe trends.

The original bill would prohibit the sale, manufacture, import, distribution or promotion of vape and HTP products, and impose a maximum of six months in prison and a fine of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars. The draft even plans to detain tourists bringing electronic cigarettes into Hong Kong.

In a June statement, COSH said that if a product is on the market, it should be taxed in the same way as tobacco. Their selling price should not be lower than cigarettes, so as not to attract the public to use cigarettes because of the cheap price.

In Hong Kong, the average price of cigarettes is about 57 Hong Kong dollars.

Hong Kong E-cig Ban Committee Intends to Suspend Work

The Hong Kong Government submitted a draft amendment to the ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to the Legislative Council in February last year. So far, eight meetings have been held. The chairman of the Committee Guo Weiqiang sent a letter to the members through the secretary. The number of meetings that the committee can hold this month and next month is different from the goal of the original ten meetings. In addition, some members have indicated that they will submit a large number of amendments. It seems unrealistic to complete the deliberations during the session, so it is recommended to suspend the work of the legislation committee in the e-cig ban. The chairman hopes that the relevant members will reply whether they support their decision before next Wednesday.

The Liberal Party and the People ’s Power have expressed support for the suspension of the deliberations. Among them, the Liberal Party ’s catering industry member Zhang Yuren said that the amendments proposed by the members have not been processed and now the time is not enough to complete the deliberations. He also criticized the legislation official for their slow work.

Hong Kong customs seized 2.38 million yuan vaping products

Hong Kong Customs and the Department of Health took joint action on April 28th to crack down on the illegal sale of smoking alternative products in 15 upstairs and street shops in Wan Chai, Kwun Tong, Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long in Hong Kong. A total of 50,000 suspected nicotine products were seized. Those products have a market value of 2.38 million yuan. The customs arrested 20 people, including shop owners and employees, aged 20 to 41 years.

Earlier, the Hong Kong Customs and the Department of Health received reports that some retail outlets selling vaping products, carrying out illegal activities. There are some retail stores that sell legitimate products on the surface, such as atomizers and accessories, and secretly sell products with nicotine ingredients like e-liquid/vape juice. Although the products are not labeled with nicotine, some brands checked by the Department of Health have found it inside in the past. Those products are being tested.

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Electronic cigarette ban and Sino-US trade war bankrupt Hong Kong’s vape transit industry

Since February this year, the Hong Kong Government submitted a draft amendment to the Legislative Council of the Special Administrative Region to prohibit the import, manufacture, sale, distribution and promotion of new tobacco products like electronic cigarettes. Not only the China domestic electronic cigarette industry has been facing export problems, but also the distribution and re-export industry in Hong Kong has been affected a lot.

In recent years, many domestic e-cigarette manufacturers ship their products to the warehouse of Hong Kong Logistics Company, and then export them to foreign countries after separating and packaging. However, the problem is that the Hong Kong government’s proposed amendments do not allow the distribution process, and the public opinion has affected many domestic e-cigarette manufacturers. Therefore, many domestic vape companies hand the transit business over to Macau. Besides, it led to the loss of a large number of export-related enterprises in Hong Kong, many companies have laid off staff and terminated operations one after another.

Although the e-cigarette ban bill has not yet been passed by the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and the amendment motion put forward by the Hong Kong Member of Parliament on 25 June has been passed, the ban on e-cigarettes has been postponed. However, due to a large number of bankruptcies in the distribution and re-export industry in Hong Kong, the industry expects that the new amendment will exempt the distribution of e-cigarettes in order to save the vape industry.

ban on e-cigarettes has been postponed hong kong

In February, the Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau issued a constitutional amendment proposing to prohibit the import, manufacture, sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes and HNB products. Even though the draft is subject to consideration and vote by members of the Legislative Council, with the growth objection of public opinion and the advance enforcement of some customs, it has led to the electronic cigarettes transit relevant enterprises on the verge of extinction.

Chen, the head of a warehousing and logistics company in Hong Kong, once disclosed to the Hong Kong media, “Shenzhen is the main producer of electronic cigarette products in the world. If manufacturers export products, they can obtain a certain proportion of export tax rebates according to the total value of goods. However, due to the different quantity of foreign purchases, there are also many small orders. If the manufacturer declares the products for each order separately, they must pay more handling fees according to the number of orders.”

Therefore, it is the usual practice of these manufacturers to apply for a customs declaration form from the domestic customs, then transport a large number of products to the storage and logistics company of Hong Kong for storage, and entrust the packaged products to be separated according to the order, and then re-exported to foreign countries. “For domestic manufacturers, this method not only saves costs, but also earns export tax rebates. Moreover, Hong Kong has a relatively tight shipping schedule, which will lead to the prosperity of warehousing, separating and re-export business. But as soon as the “ban” comes out, the whole line is facing a crisis!”

Chen explained that although the draft allowed electronic cigarette products to be transshipped “intact”, it stated that it was intended to prohibit “distribution” in Hong Kong. Many domestic manufacturers have learned that Hong Kong will prohibit the relevant processes after passing the legislation, and they take precautions, terminate cooperation with Hong Kong companies, and transfer to Macao companies for distribution business, and then arrange trucks to transport the goods to Hong Kong via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. “The truck drive directly to the container terminal and board the goods on ship. We are not needed anymore.”

According to the data of the domestic electronic cigarette survey system “ecigku”, from January to April this year, the amount of re-export in Hong Kong has dropped from $206.16 million at the beginning of the year to $67.82 million. The lowest level of export data was in February when the Hong Kong government proposed a draft amendment.

hong kong vape export

Chen Minhui, chairman of the Hong Kong Electronic Cigarette Association, said that before the proposed amendments, the business of separating, packaging and re-exporting electronic cigarettes had flourished in Hong Kong, with three large and more than ten small companies with a total monthly turnover of more than 100 million yuan. But in recent months, many companies have closed down or contacted other businesses to struggle to survive. It is estimated that the monthly turnover has plunged to about 100 million yuan. “One of the companies had about 180 employees, but recently there have been many large layoffs. At present, only about 20 employees remain.”

He emphasized that all electronic cigarette products stored and separated will be exported and will not be sold in Hong Kong. The relevant processes should not be prohibited, which has affected many people’s unemployment. “It is better to regulate electronic cigarettes than to prohibit them by amendment.”

Zhang, who is also the head of the warehousing and logistics company, also said that he did not oppose the amendment to prohibit the import, manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes, but should exempt from the right to distribute, because the related products are not sold locally. “I hope the government will listen to the voice of the transit industry and protect the industry’s survival rights and workers’jobs!”

In response to the industry’s request for an exemption from “distribution before re-export”, a spokesman for the Food and Health Bureau said that if new tobacco products were allowed to be re-exported in Hong Kong, a comprehensive law enforcement system would be needed to monitor the entire supply chain. “However, the relevant law enforcement work needs to invest too much resources, which will put unnecessary pressure on the overall law enforcement work.”

hong kong vape export

On the other hand, although Hong Kong’s draft amendment has been postponed, the impact on transit business includes not only the ban on electronic cigarettes, but also the tariff issue of Sino-US trade frictions. So far, the United States has implemented three tariff adjustments on e-cigarettes.

The earliest tax increase on electronic cigarettes in the United States can be traced back to August 23, 2018, when the tariff on electronic cigarette packages increased by 25% from 2.6%.

On September 24, 2018, the tax on electronic cigarette accessories increased from 0.6% to 10.6%.

On May 10, 2019, electronic cigarette accessories increased from 10.6% to 25.6%.

Before the new tax increase in August last year, many e-tobacco exporters were looking for a more stable way to deal with it. At that time, because there was no tax increase on electronic cigarette accessories, the common way was to declare through the form of accessories, then to the United States to process, assemble, heat shrinkage film, and finally to the hands of end-users, the price did not increase much.

However, with the latest round of tariff adjustment covering electronic cigarette accessories, and the United States began to strictly check the origin of goods and declared product names and other acts that do not conform to reality, so that domestic electronic cigarette enterprises must face the problem of how to re-export.

What’s the tax rate change of vapes in the trade war between China and the United States?

So, even if e-cigarette enterprises set up factories in other countries or declare them as stopped exporters to evade tariffs, as long as the e-cigarette still uses Chinese battery core, the origin of e-cigarette can hardly be identified as other countries, because the main value of e-cigarette comes from the core.

In addition, the United States has a very sound trade law, if the false declaration is checked, in addition to seriously affecting the sale of the product in the United States, there is a risk that enterprises will be prosecuted by the United States Government. You know, the U.S. Customs has a five-year retrospective period. If there is a record of violations, the Customs is bound to conduct a strict inspection of the goods.

hong kong vape export

Overall, Hong Kong’s distribution and re-export industry related to e-cigarettes is facing a huge crisis. On the one hand, with the growing dissatisfaction of public opinion on the ban on electronic cigarettes, most of Hong Kong’s electronic cigarette re-export and transit business declined sharply; on the other hand, because the largest domestic export market of electronic cigarettes is still the United States, the tariff issue of China US trade war has also led many domestic manufacturing industries to begin to shift to more advantageous logistics plans.

Although Hong Kong’s e-cigarette ban has been postponed and not been passed yet, and Trump has recently announced that he will stop raising tariffs on China, the chances of manufacturers returning to Hong Kong for separating and re-export are still rare when there is no clear regulation in Hong Kong carried out, regardless of any factor above.
After all, bans and trade war are only temporary.

Is Juul legal in Hong Kong

Juul is not legal in Hong Kong. The thing matters is the nicotine contained e-liquid.

Because Juul pods contain freebase nicotine salt, it’s illegal in Hong Kong.

However, if you are not carrying the pods but only the vape device, it’s legal.

Please do not vape in public places like restaurant, library, airport, etc. which are not allowed. And don’t take nicotine contained e juice when you are entering the Hong Kong by air or ship through a customs checking in case of getting into trouble.

Nicotine is the a Part 1 poison in Hong Kong, which can only be sold at pharmacies under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. The illegal sale and possession of Part 1 poisons and unregistered pharmaceutical products are criminal offences. The maximum penalty for each offence is a fine of $100,000 and two years’ imprisonment.

Besides, pod vapes like RELX, MOTI are also illegal in Hong Kong for containing nicotine in pods. That’s why you cannot see them in Hong Kong.

Can I Vape in Hong Kong – 2019 Latest & Briefest Answer from the Authority

Another question asked by some fan from Vape hk,”What age can you buy vape in hong kong?” Well, any age is allowed once the vape doesn’t contain nicotine. Vape pen is just an ordinary kind of electronics device. Besides, some vape e-liquid is just made of wheatmeal or starch which belongs to the food category. They are safe though some lead kids to nicotine contained e juice vaping or cigarette smoking like the Juul in USA.

Hong Kong E Cigarette Law – Read Before Vaping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong vape laws:

Under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance (Chapter 138, Laws of Hong Kong), nicotine is a Part I poison. E-cigarette and e-liquid containing nicotine is regarded as pharmaceutical product and must be registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board before sale or distribution. Possession or sale of unregistered pharmaceutical product, and the possession or sale without authority of Part I poison, are both offences. Each offence shall be liable on conviction to maximum penalty of $100,000 fine and 2 years’ imprisonment.

vape hk

Can I vape in Hong Kong 2020

Vape is the same as the cigarette. Cigarette smoking (including e-cigarette) is banned in no smoking areas under the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (Chapter 371, Laws of Hong Kong). No smoking areas include all indoor public areas and some outdoor areas such as school campus, public parks and beaches. Offenders are subject to a fixed penalty of fine $1,500. Outdoor areas and private space are free to vape.

vape hk

Can I take my e cigarette to Hong Kong airport?

It depends on whether your vape contains nicotine or not. No nicotine vapes are free to go when taking vapes with nicotine will be arrested and fined HK$100,000. That’s just the law. However, I can tell you that any enforcement (if it exists at all) is very light-on. My friends have been through HK to SZ with E-Cigs many times without any problem.

RedStarVapor oil

Is there vape shops in Hong Kong including Mongkok and Sai Ying Pun area?

Yes. There are over 20 big or small vape shops in Hong Kong in total. Here are the selected top 10 vape pen shops in Hong Kong for reference:  https://vape.hk/top-10-vape-shops-in-hong-kong

vape hk

What’s the price of vape pens in Hong Kong?

The vape price in Hong Kong varies from 10 dollars to 400 dollars. Most vapes are at 50-70 dollars.  Shopping online is also a convenient and cost-effective way. Most Hong Kongers buy vapes on this website.

Hong Kong failed to ban vape in 2019

Significant success in the vape industry! Hong Kong has failed to ban vape in 2019. Vape shops in Hong Kong and Hong Kong vapers are finally saved.

The following news titles are misleading people which makes people thought the vapes are banned in Hong Kong:

War on e-cigarettes: Hong Kong intends to jail vaping offenders. But will it make people quit?

Above title says Hong Kong intends to jail the vaping offenders. However, the news in CNN is about the draft law by Chief Executive Carrie Lam that the Hong Kong government announced plans to push ahead with a controversial blanket ban on all e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products. And this law hasn’t passed by the authorities.


Hong Kong pushes ahead with blanket ban on e-cigarettes, with maximum penalty of six months in jail and HK$50,000 fine

Above title expresses Hong Kong pushes ahead the overall ban on vapes, however, the legislative council failed in banning the vape. It’s only a “proposed ban” rejected by the legislative council according to the South Morning Post.


Hong Kong is Set to Ban Vapes Completely

Above title denotes that Hong Kong is about to ban vapes. However, it failed when it’s just an idea according to Vaping360,”Cigarettes and other combustible products will remain legal to buy and sell.

Vaping in HK – Hong Kong Forum – TripAdvisor

And according to TripAdvisor true vape user in Hong Kong, it’s OK to use vape privately. “I’m in Hongkong international airport right now. And it is legal to vape in the smoking lounge. I am doing so right now as I am typing. As for vaping outside, a dude sitting next to me said no you cannot electronic cigarettes outside.” “You can smoke IQOS, but they don’t sell the heet sticks in hk. you can bring your own but customs limited to 19 sticks.”


Vape is not banned in Hong Kong in 2019.


VS Legislative Council of the HKSAR Government: What’s the future of Hong Kong’s e-cigarette?

On February 20, the Hong Kong SAR Government submitted a draft bill to the Legislative Council on the overall prohibition of electronic cigarettes. But Shao Jiahui, a member of the Legislative Council of the Liberal Party who opposed the government’s ban on electronic cigarettes, demanded a fixed number of points at the beginning of the second reading, which was suspended and the legislation was not passed yet.

According to the proposed law of the Hong Kong Government, the import, production, distribution and promotion of electronic cigarette products will be prohibited. Anyone who violates the relevant provisions will be convicted and sentenced to up to six months’ imprisonment and a fine of HK$50,000. Distribution in the form of prizes or gifts will also be prohibited. The use of electronic cigarettes in non-smoking areas is subject to a fixed administrative fine of $1500 or a fine of up to HK$5,000 imposed by the court.

It is reported that if the Legislative Council passes the proposal, the new comprehensive ban on electronic cigarettes will take effect six months after the date of publication in the gazette.

Best Vaping Girls 2019 Vape Hk

War on e-cigarettes: Hong Kong intends to jail vaping offenders. But will it make people quit?

However, there are still a large number of people who are still strongly opposed to it. It can be seen that the legislative process will not be particularly smooth.

“Either continue to smoke cigarettes to destroy their bodies; or become government criminals”

Mr. Chen, a Hong Kong citizen, said, “The government’s legislation has forced a large number of smokers to choose one of the two wrong options: to continue to smoke traditional cigarettes to destroy their bodies or to become government criminals. And neither of them is the choice I want.

Nav Lalji, chairman of the Asian Electronic Tobacco Association, said that Hong Kong is close to Shenzhen, a city that produces more than 90% of the world’s electronic cigarettes, and is a transit point for Shenzhen’s electronic cigarettes exports worldwide. Hong Kong citizens can easily buy e-cigarettes across borders and online. Therefore, once this legislation is passed, a large number of people will be driven into the underground black market.

When cigarettes, which kill more than 7 million people worldwide each year, are still on convenience store shelves, is it not the incompetence of some regional governments to impose a comprehensive ban on a safer alternative?

Hongkong is Becoming the Terrible Thailand!

We know that on Dec. 10, 2017, the influencer Fluke of Thailand was arrested in his car because an electronic cigarette was found in his car. Thailand has become an electronic cigarette lover’s hell on earth since then. Now, Hongkong is also becoming terrible Thailand like before.

Ban e-cigarettes, Hong Kong medical experts say after ‘shocking’ 55 per cent rise in primary schoolchildren trying vaping

A 26-year-old man in Hong Kong was arrested recently for carrying several electronic cigarettes and multiple boxes of cigarettes. He was fined HK$5,000 and required to pay more than HK$10,000 in a West Kowloon Court on the 7th, the Hong Kong Wen Reporting reported.

This incident, known as the first conviction in Hong Kong since the new policy address announced that electronic cigarettes would be banned completely!

According to reports, the defendant surnamed Xu is believed to be an vaper himself. According to the case, the defendant was intercepted by the police when he claimed that he had been entrusted by a friend to a store selling electronic cigarettes in Mongkok to collect several and many boxes of electronic cigarettes for delivery to another person.


On the morning of October 10, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yue-e, issued a policy address for 2018, saying that the sale of electronic cigarettes would be banned completely, but that was only a proposal, and no legislation had been passed yet.

Moreover, in proposing a total ban on e-cigarettes, only mention the prohibition of import, manufacture, sale, distribution and promotion of e-cigarettes and other new smoking products, and did not respond to the question whether it would be illegal for citizens to bring in and use e-cigarettes for their own use.

No legislation has been passed, and it has not been said that it can not be carried, but only that the smoke contains “trace nicotine”, which is safe, not carrying nicotine alone. The West Kowloon Court of Hong Kong has convicted the court of “selling unregistered pharmaceutical products”, “illegal sale” and “possessing the first poison”.

Little girl caught on camera smoking e-cigarette claims “it’s just a toy” as parents watch

Hong Kong is famous for its rule of law society. The rule of law is also known as one of the core values of Hong Kong society. But what kind of “rule of law society” is it now?

After cracking down on electronic cigarettes severely, Thailand finally realized that this counter-trend has brought about a huge negative impact. In October this year, Thailand began to consider legalizing the import of electronic cigarettes and lifting the ban on import of electronic cigarettes ban with tax payment according to China. com.

The Hongkong government, instead of reflecting on Thailand’s practice, has stepped ahead of Thailand’s erroneous practices.

Where is the Hong Kong, which used to have an open, inclusive and rational attitude towards the development of new things?

Hong Kong Medical Groups Call for Vaping Ban

Can I Vape in Hong Kong – 2019 Latest & Briefest Answer from the Authority

Yes, you can vape with the e-liquid without nicotine.

Something matters are the e-juice nicotine.

  1. You can take any vape or e-cigarette. 
  2. You can take any e-liquid without nicotine.
  3. You cannot take nicotine contained e-liquid.

Source: Hongkong Official Vape File

Always Remember:

Nicotine is a Part I poison in Hong Kong. Do not play fire with Nicotine contained items. Hong Kong is a smoking free area. Even traditional cigarettes are forbidden.

To know more about the details, please click below article:

Hong Kong E Cigarette Law – Read Before Vaping in Hong Kong