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Here at and on our forum ECF we see this question a lot…

What is the best brand of vape?

It’s a good question and one that’s easy to answer. There is no best vape brand. Nearly all of the vape companies in this list have a vape that’s so good it features in our best compilations. When a game-changing vape gets released the big companies are quick to release a product that is very similar in appearance and functionality.

So which vape brand do you choose?

Our experts have picked their favorite vape brands for devices and vape juice, click the links below to find out why.

Here are the best brands for hardware:

  1. SMOK
  2. Vaporesso
  3. Suorin
  4. JoyeTech
  5. Voopoo
  6. GeekVape
  7. Freemax
  8. Lost Vape
  9. UWELL

These are the best vape juice and nicotine salt brands:

  2. Naked 100
  3. Air Factory
  4. Vapetasia
  5. Innevape
  6. Pachamama
  7. Dinner Lady
  8. Keep It 100
  9. Bad Drip Labs

Check out what thousands of vapers and the experts say is the best vape right now.

So let’s get to it and showcase the best vape brands and their best selling products.


SMOK Logo - Best Vape Brands

First up has to be SMOK, the biggest and most popular vape brand on the planet. Without doubt SMOK has the biggest output of all vape brands. But it’s not just about quantity, SMOK has some of the highest quality and most loved vape kits on the market today. When it comes to vape kits SMOK has to be one of the first vape brands to check out. Whether you’re looking for a small pod vape or a big box mod SMOK will have what you’re looking for.

SMOK changed vaping forever with the SMOK V8 Stick, and 2 years on it’s still one of the most popular vape pens available. In our round-up of the best pod vapes SMOK feature multiple times and it could have been lots more. SMOK RPM40 Kit was the first pod mod, a pod system with mod like performance.

Need a new vape tank? SMOK has the most innovative tanks going.

And if you need any further proof that SMOK is one of the best vape brands, this writer is vaping a SMOK Novo 2 as they write this.

Best Selling SMOK Products: 

SMOK Novo 2

The perfect little pod vape

SMOK Novo2 - Green & Red


The Powerful Pod Mod



SMOK V9 Stick Vape Pen

Vape pen perfection

SMOK V9 Stick In Gold

SMOK Morph 219 Kit

The ultimate box mod starter kit

SMOK Morph 219 Kit


2) Vaporesso

Vaporesso Logo - Best Vape Brands

When you’re talking about the best vape brands Vaporesso is always going to be part of the conversation. Vaporesso is kind of like a combination of SMOK and Suorin. They have a significant output but the build quality is always up to the highest of high standards. Unlike many vape brands which create lookalike versions of other products, Vaporesso tread their own path. With over 800 patents you can be sure your Vaporesso product is cutting edge vaping technology. One of the oldest vape brands in the industry having been founded 2006, Vaporesso continues to go from strength to strength.

When we’re talking about Vaporesso we need to mention their sub-brand Renova. Renova was formed specifically to build the perfect pod vape, designed to help smokers find a healthier alternative to smoking. Renova’s goal is to help people cross to a cleaner smoke-free life. An extremely noble goal and one they’ve taken very seriously. Also if you read any of our customer reviews of their very first pod system the Renova Zero you’ll find they’ve already achieved their goal.

The PTF (push to fill) system on the new Vaporesso Podstick and Vaporesso Degree pod systems childproofs your pod as well as providing a leakproof fill mechanism. Build quality on Vaporesso kits is quite unlike anything else on the market. The experts here at have been blown away by the innovative features and awesome designs of the Degree and Vaporesso Gen Kit specifically. Probably the best looking pod vape and kit on the market at the time of writing.

If you’re interested in the Vaporesso and Renova brands check out some of their stand out products below.

Best Selling Vaporesso Products:

Renova Zero Pod System

The best mini pod vape?

Vaporesso Renova Zero

Vaporesso Degree Pod System

Best pod vape of 2019?



Vaporesso Gen Kit

Stunning looks, great hand feel & insane technology in one super cool kit

Vaporesso Gen Kit

Vaporesso VM Solo 22 Kit

Perfect vape pen for beginner vapers

Vaporesso VM Solo 22 Vape Pen



Suorin Logo - Best Vape Brands

When it comes to being the best vape brand, you have to have a product which vapers across the world love. And the Suorin Drop is one of the most popular vape kits, ever. A super stealthy pod vape, lots of vapers have a Suorin Drop as a second back up device. In addition, Smokers looking to transition from smoking to vaping love the simplicity of Suorin kits. And so do we.

Suorin devices are made by Foxconn, the company the manufactures iPhones, PS4 and Xbox One. You can really feel the quality with a Suorin. Unlike SMOK, Suorin has only released a few products. Their focus is clearly quality over quantity. So if you want a vape kit that’s going to consistently deliver an awesome vape experience time after time, shop Suorin today.

UPDATE: You can now buy the brand new Suorin Air Plus pod system in our online vape shop.

Best Selling Suorin Products:

Suorin Drop

Super stealthy vape pod

Suorin Drop

Suorin Edge

Cutting edge portable pod system

Suorin Edge Pod Vape Color Range

Suorin Air Plus

Next-gen vaping

Suorin Air Plus




4) JoyeTech

JoyeTech Logo - Best Vape Brands

At the time of writing JoyeTech currently have the hottest product on the market, the stunning Exceed Grip kit. Absolutely the most versatile pod vape currently available it has two different pods, one for regular vape juice and one for nic salts. Designed for easy use, you can swap and change pods in seconds, fancy a new flavor? Just pop in another pod.

One of the oldest vape brands, having been founded in 2007, JoyeTech continues to release super innovative vapes. And when we talk about innovation we aren’t kidding. The JoyeTech ULTEX T80 kit features a super innovative NCFilm coil. Instead of replacing the whole vape coil when flavor dissipates, you simply wipe it clean and it’s as good as new. It should be noted that JoyeTech claim their NCFilm coils can last up to 3 months longer than traditional coils! A real favorite vape brand here at, check out our top JoyeTech product picks below.

Best Selling JoyeTech Products:

JoyeTech Exceed Grip Kit

The ultimate versatile pod vape

Joyetech Exceed Grip Pod System


JoyeTech Ultex T80 Vape Pen

The cost-saving vape pen, coils can last up to 3 months

JoyeTech Ultex T80


JoyeTech ESPION Infinite Kit

The disco box mod kit

JoyeTech Espion Infinite Kit



5) Voopoo

Voopoo Logo - Best Vape Brands

Voopoo masters of the mod. When Voopoo released the original Drag they set a new high bar for mods. They continue to redefine vaping with a stream of new innovations in not only mods but vape pens and pod vapes too. One of the youngest vape brands on this list but certainly one of the best.

It’s no surprise that Voopoo has built on the success of the original Drag, now they have released a new improved version the awesome Voopoo Drag 2 platinum kit. Not bling enough for you? Check out the Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum kit, put simply it’s the shiniest vape on the market. Need a small vape, the Drag Nano kit is one of the smallest pod vapes going. Indeed when it comes to mini-mods it doesn’t get much smaller than the super cute Voopoo Drag Baby Kit.

The latest release is the brand new Voopoo Vinci kit. A 40W pod system which acts like a box mod. Featuring an awesome screen and an adjustable airflow, all you need to do is rotate the pod. Simple but innovative thinking from Voopoo.

Best Selling Voopoo Products:

Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit

Super shiny box mod

Voopoo Drag 2 Hand Shot


Voopoo Vinci

Powerful box mod performance in a pod system with an awesome screen

Voopoo Vinci Mod Pod



6) GeekVape

Geek Vape Logo - Best Vape Brands

It’s taken GeekVape no time at all to become one of the best vape brands. Loved by vapers worldwide thanks to their super innovative take on vaping. In 2015 GeekVape released the first mass-produced rebuildable tank and vapers rejoiced. At the time RTAs cost well over $50 and then the Griffin RTA appeared, costing only $35. Since then GeekVape has continued to release vapes quite unlike any others. Not only do they continue to create awesome vape tanks, now they make mods, vape pens, and pod systems.

You can’t talk about the GeekVape brand without mentioning the Aegis Legend mod. Practically indestructible the Aegis Legend mod can take anything you can throw at it. The most rugged mod on the market today its waterproof, shock resistant and dustproof. The latest version, the amazing Geekvape Aegis X kit has a massive screen with multiple themes and colors to choose from in its impressively easy to use User Interface.

Check out our favorite GeekVape products below.

Best Selling GeekVape Products:

Geekvape Aegis X Kit

Dustproof, waterproof & shockproof with a huge screen

Geekvape Aegis X Kit


Geekvape Digiflavor Helix Vape Pen

An excellent vape pen with disposable tank

Geekvape Digiflavor Helix Vape Pen Hand Shot


Geekvape Ageis Legend Mod

The almost indestructible vape mod

GeekVape Ageis Legend Mod


Geekvape Ageis Mini Mod

All the awesome indestructibility of the Legend in a mini-mod

GeekVape Aegis Mini Mod


7) Freemax


Freemax simply had to make it into our list of the best vape brands. Despite having only released a handful of products Freemax has already made a massive impression with the vaping community. Back in 2014 Freemax released the first sub-Ohm tank the Starre. Then in 2015 a new star was born, the Freemax Starre Pure was the first sub-Ohm vape tank released with top airflow.

Freemax has continually delivered world-first products into the market place and strives to continue releasing innovative vapes. Right now one of the most popular vape pens in the industry is the Freemax Twister. A super simple to use vape pen, vapers love the immense flavor generated by the awesome Freemax Fireluke 2 tank. Battery life is excellent but the standout feature has to be the simple wattage adjustment. Simply twist the base to adjust the wattage to your liking. Simple but super effective.

Best Selling FreeMax Products:

Freemax Twister

Dial-in your power with a simple twist

Freemax Twister


Freemax Fireluke M Pro

Vape tank that vapes like a pro


Freemax Fireluke 2

Awesome sequel

Freemax Fireluke 2




8) Lost Vape

Lost Vape Logo - Best Vape Brands

When deciding on which brands to feature in our best vape brands compilation Lost Vape was one of the first on the list. Their focus is on creating vapes for the high end of the market. Lost Vapes brand goal is to create vape kits which deliver unmatched user experience and they’ve achieved it.

The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go was a game-changing pod vape. It uses the super-advanced Evolv DNA Go chipset, possibly the most advanced chipset in vaping. It has a multitude of settings to allow for the ultimate in vaping customization. The Orion DNA Go also features the now infamous Replay mode. Once you have customized your vape to perfection you can hit replay and get that same perfect vape time after time. The Orion DNA Go was recently upgraded, effectively replaced by the Lost Vape Orion Plus Kit. All the same cool features of the original Orion DNA Go but now you can just change the coils instead of having to through away the pod.

Lost Vape listened when some vapers wanted an Orion but couldn’t afford it. So the Lost Vape Orion Q was born. A paired back version of the original Orion DNA Go the Q (or Quest) has the same awesome build quality but at half the cost.


Best Selling Lost Vape Products:

Lost Vape Orion Plus Kit

The most technologically advanced pod vape

Lost Vape Orion Plus Kit


Lost Vape Orion Q

Paired back and significantly cheaper version of the Orion

Lost Vape Orion Q


Lost Vape Lyra Pod Vape

Brand new super smooth pod vape

Lost Vape Lyra Pod System



UWell Logo - Best Vape Brands

Another vape brand that changed the industry forever. UWELL were a relatively unknown brand when they released the UWELL Crown vape tank. At the time no other vape tank could produce such flavor. Nonetheless UWELL hasn’t stood still. The Crown IV or 4 is the latest version and has ensured that UWELL remains vaping royalty. Unquestionably another game-changing vape tank, it has patented self-cleaning technology. A vape tank that cleans itself! Importantly Crown 4’s coils have a unique design where a condensation holder captures unvaped juice and feeds it back into the coil. It also features UWELLs amazing Pro-FOCS technology. This recycles air twice through the coil so you get twice the flavor!

Nevertheless UWELL didn’t just make it onto our best vape brands list for their tank and coil technology (although that’s a big reason why they did). UWELL has recently released the astonishing UWELL Caliburn pod vape, their first pod system. And with it, they have raised the bar for all future pod systems and vape pens. As well as that UWELL has been famous for flavor and the Caliburn doesn’t fail to disappoint. Thanks to the Pro-FOCS technology the Caliburn produces such immense flavor you’ll feel like your vaping a huge box mod kit. And it doesn’t stop there, the pods last a very long time, the battery life is great and it’s super-efficient at vaping your juice.

If you prefer a box mod kit but still want the excellent flavor that UWell produce then pick up the excellent Evdilo Kit. It has, in the Valyrian 2, one of the best vape tanks money can buy.

So if you’re looking for a new vape pen, box mod or a pod system, do yourself a favor and buy a UWELL Caliburn. You can thank us later.

Best Selling UWell Products:

UWELL Caliburn

Best flavor of any pod system

UWELL Caliburn Pod Vape


UWELL Crown 4 Tank

One of the best flavor producing vape tanks

UWELL Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank Color Range


UWELL Evdilo Kit

UWELL Evdilo with Valyrian 2 Tank = The Ultimate kit for flavor

UWell Evdilo Kit



What are the best Vapes to buy?

Luckily for you, our vaping experts test all the vapes that come on the market. In our online vape shop, we only stock the best vapes so you won’t find any cheap counterfeits or knockoffs. Because vapers are always looking for the best new vapes we regularly update our best compilations.

To help you find the best vape we’ve created the following best compilations for the following product types:



What is the best brand for vape juice?

So you’ve established what the best vape is, now you need to match it with the best vape juice. Obviously with so many vape juice brands it can be daunting to try and find the best. But don’t fear we’ve created a list of the 9 best vape juice brands below.


We’ve been the voice of vaping since 2007 when we created the world’s largest e-cigarette website, ECF. We’ve used all our vaping experience to create the finest flavors for our customers. But you don’t need to take our word for it, we’ve got hundreds of good reviews for our vape juice flavors in our online vape shop.

Not sure which one to pick? Check out our Watermelon & Strawberry vape juice. Not too sweet, taste great and smells amazing!

Best Selling Vape Juice:

Watermelon, Strawberry & Mint - Watermelon, Strawberry & Mint Vape Juice

Pineapple - Pineapple

Watermelon, Strawberry & Mint - Watermelon, Strawberry & Mint Vape Juice



2) Naked 100 eJuice

Naked 100 - Best Vape Brands

Naked 100 ejuice has been one of the most popular vape juice brands since we opened our online vape shop. For example customers love the clean, super smooth and fresh flavors Naked 100 create. If your looking for a cool vape for summer then check out the Naked 100 ice range.

Need a new nic salt? Naked 100 nic salts are some of the smoothest and freshest flavors on the market.

Best Selling Naked 100 Vape Juice:

Naked 100 Lava Flow – Salts 30ml

Naked 100 - Naked 100 Salts Lava Flow

Naked 100 Naked Unicorn 60ml

Naked 100 - Naked 100 Naked Unicorn

Naked 100 Brain Freeze – Salts 30ml

Naked 100 - Naked 100 Salts Brain Freeze




3) Air Factory

Air Factory Logo - Best Vape Brands

Air Factory e-liquids juices are some of the most well-known flavors in the industry. For instance customer satisfaction a company priority Air Factory was one of the first vape juice brands to put their e-liquids in a 100mL bottle, to save you money!

Not sure which flavor to choose? Read our guide on the best Air Factory vape juice or our top picks below.

Best Selling Air Factory Vape Juice:

Air Factory Wild Apple 100ml

Air Factory - Air Factory Wild Apple

Air Factory Blue Razz 100ml

Air Factory - Air Factory Blue Razz



4) Vapetasia E-Juice

Vapetasia - Best Vape Brands

If you like dessert flavored vape juice you can’t go wrong with Vapetasia. With a focus on creamy flavors, Vapetasia has won many hearts and taste buds. For instance if you’re a fan of custard then you have to try their killer custard flavor. Vapers love the smooth creamy flavor and how you can mix it with other flavors to create their own unique combinations.

Best Selling Vapetasia Vape Juice:

Vapetasia Killer Kustard 100ml

Vapetasia - Vapetasia Killer Kustard

Vapetasia Rainbow Road 100ml

Vapetasia - Vapetasia Rainbow Road

Vapetasia Killer Kustard Blueberry 100ml

Vapetasia - killer_kustard_blueberry_100ml



5) Innevape

Innevape Logo - Best Vape Brands

Innevape created the original Blue Squishee vape juice flavor, the Heisenburg. Therefore you shouldn’t settle for second best, make sure your vaping with the original and best blue squishee flavor. No need to go the Kwik-E-Mart store to satisfy your squishee craving, just browse our site for Innevape flavors in our online vape store. Once you’ve bought some we’ll happily say ‘Thank you, come again’. Cool vapes your vibe, well they don’t come much cooler than the Innevape Heisenberg Menthol vape juice.

Undoubtedly Innevape liquids have the bluest of the blue flavors. So if you like the color blue and blue flavors put an Innevape vape juice in your cart today. You can thank us later.

Best Selling Innevape Vape Juice:

Innevape Heisenberg 75ml

Innevape - Heisenberg 75ml

Innevape Heisenberg Menthol 75ml

Innevape - Heisenberg Menthol

Innevape TNT Menthol 75ml

Innevape - Innevape TNT Menthol Vape Juice



6) Pachamama

Pachamama e-Juice Logo - Best Vape Brands

A premium brand of vape juice created under the wise guidance of parent brand Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Named after a goddess from the Andes, Pachamama vape juice blends the exotic flavors of the fruits of mother earth. As a result, if you want to find a new fruity vape flavor you need to check out the whole Pachamama range of eliquids. Find out for yourself why Pachamama continues to collect awards for their stunning flavors.

Best Selling Pachamama Vape Juice:

Pachamama Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine 60ml

Pachamama - Pachamama Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

Pachamama Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry 60ml

Pachamama - Pachamama Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry 60ml



7) Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Vape Juice Log - Best Vape Brands

In the UK dinner ladies are a part of every kid’s childhood. For instance these wonderful ladies would make sure they gave you your favorite pudding after you’d finished your lunch at school. Dinner lady vape juice is an hommage to these wonderful women. The UK is famed for its love of puddings and now you can experience all your favorite classic pudding flavors in a vape juice. Consequently here in the office you’ll find us happily vaping away the day with a Dinner Lady vape juice.

Best Selling Dinner Lady Vape Juice:

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Salts 30ml

Dinner Lady - Lemon Tart 30ml

Dinner Lady Tuck Shop Apple Sours 60ml

Dinner Lady - Dinner Lady Tuck Shop 60ml Apple Sours

Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble Salts 30ml

Dinner Lady - Blackberry Crumble 30ml



8) Keep It 100

Keep It 100 Vape Juice - Best Vape Brands

One of the biggest vape juice manufacturers in the world, Liquid Labs have created in Keep It 100 one of the very best vape juice brands. Although the name might mean keeping it real, it might also relate to the 100mL bottles that the majority of Keep It 100 juice is in. Nic salts do however come in a 30mL bottle, it would take the average vaper years to vape their way through 100mL of salt nic. Unlike most of the vape brands on this list Keep it 100 keep their flavors simple. You won’t find crazy combinations here, just super simple flavors like Mango or Mint. As the saying goes, KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Don’t be stupid, buy a Keep It 100 vape juice today.

Best Selling Keep It 100 Vape Juice:

Keep It 100 Tropical Blue Slushie 100ml

Keep It 100 - keep_it_100_100ml_blue_slushie tropical

Keep It 100 Blue Slushie ICE 100ml

Keep It 100 - keep_it_100_100ml_blue_slushie ICE

Keep It 100 Blue Slushie Lemonade 100mlKeep It 100 - keep_it_100_100ml_blue_slushie_lemonade



9) Bad Drip Labs e-Juice

Bad Drip Labs Vape Juice - Best Vape Brands

From New York the self-proclaimed baddest vape juice on the planet. Bad Drip e-juice is a vape brand with serious personality. The artwork on the bottles is so good it’s worth buying a bottle just for that alone. Furthermore we particularly liked their ingenious Geeked Out range of vape juice. With names like Dork Breath, Snot Shot and Brace Face what’s not to like. The flavors themselves don’t pull any punches either. So if you want a vape juice that’s a little bit different, add a bottle of Bad Drips vape juice to your cart today.

Best Selling Bad Drip Vape Juice:

Bad Drip Bad Blood 120ml

Bad Drip - Bad Drip Bad Blood - 120ML Vape Juice

Bad Drip Geeked Out – Block Head 60ml

Bad Drip - Geeked Out Collection 60ml - Block Head

Bad Drip Bad Apple Salts 30ml

Bad Drip - Bad Drip Bad Apple Salts 30ml




We hope you enjoyed reading our choices for the best vape brands.

Is there a brand you think should be included?

Think our vaping experts are completely wrong?

Maybe we’ve helped you decide on a brand or product and you love it. Whatever your feedback we want to hear from you in the comments below.

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