P Busardo & Grimm Green On Vape Jam

The UK event was lucky enough to have vape advocates and bloggers Grimm Green, Phil Busardo and Dimitri attend to discuss many things including the TPD regulations in Europe.

Unfortunately (and embarrassingly) for the event, their talk didn’t happen. The reasoning, the event didn’t have time due to a cloud blowing competition, vape model comp and t-shirt/juice giveaway. Just.crazy.

Phil Busardo and Grimm Green have rightly expressed their disappointment that they didn’t get chance to talk, especially with so many vapers their waiting to see them and on the lack of TPD coverage at the event.

The P Busardo post on Facebook is a must read (also quoted below) and Grimm can be seen discussing this on his vlog, he talks about it 42 minutes in.

Do you not understand? Do you not fucking get it?

We’re not fighting for your right to have childish fucking labels (Blue Waffle, Fu:)k Jerry’s. – BTW – “Proudly made in the USA” on this brand made me SICK and embarrassed) We’re not fighting for your copyright infringement, lack of creativity bullshit (Quickie E-Juice) . We’re not fighting for your right to embarrass this industry, We’re not fighting for those who say “fuck you” to all of the advocates who fight for this industry and our right to vape.

WHY should those people not only fight our governments, but also the VERY industry we are fighting for?

What we ARE fighting for your is your RIGHT to NOT watch you mother, your father , your sister, your brother, your grandmother, your grandfather, or your best friend lay in bed dying of cancer.

Do you not understand?

Do you not get it?

This is NOT fun and games.

This is LIFE and DEATH.

This is not free shit and loud music.


This is not cloud comps and half naked women (which I very much enjoy BTW in the right circumstance)


Do me a favor and act like it.

Sorry gang. I’m bitter as fuck tonight, but I will get past it.

BTW – For all of you who throw sub-ohming, high wattage, tricking, cloud chasing, and a really fun time under the bus. You too do not get it.

We NEED this.

We need the cloud comps. We need events to be fun and exciting.

For the younger generation or those who need it, this keeps people interested, engaged, and passionate about vaping and OFF the cigarettes. Learn to live with it and deal with it. Learn to respect it as long as they respect back and do it respectfully.

Do I think it’ good for the industry? No.
Do I think it will win us any popularity contests? No.
Do I think it should done within reason and respectably? Yes
Do I have concerns about exposure? Yes.
Do I think it’s necessary? Yes.


Where there is sub-ohming and direct lunging , there must be high resistance and mouth to lung. Where there are giant clouds, there must be wisps of vapor. Where there is young and hip, there must be old and seasoned. Where there is the advanced vaper, there must be the noob (although I prefer rookie). Where there is advanced gear, there must be starter kits. Where there is someone who vapes differently than you, there must be respect

We need a mature and professional representation of this industry. Something we can be proud of, something we can ALL get behind.

This nonsense of “You don’t vape the way I do so you are less of a vaper than I am” Has GOT to stop. It’s high-school childish bullshit.

It’s not HOW you vape that’s most important, it’s THAT you vape that means the most. It’s that you don’t smoke anymore that’s most important. It’s the one thing that binds us no matter how we vape. Can’t you understand that?

AGAIN, There needs to be balance.

People need to see not only that trickster blowing o’s and jellyfish, but also the older woman who comes in for her liquid and coils. We need to be respectful of both. We need to appreciate both. We need to support both.

Events need to support and be inviting to both.

If you feel embarrassed by your equipment. If you feel less of a vapor than some others, if you don’t want to attend events with fear of being ridiculed, then walk beside me and we’ll tell those who belittle you because of your equipment or how you vape to go fuck themselves together.

Cancer does not discriminate.
Death does not discriminate.
WE should not discriminate.

This industry needs to grow up and understand just how important it is. This industry needs to understand how those who make a mockery of it affects those who are trying to do things correctly and respectively. This industry needs to underhand how short term money grabbing affects those who are concerned with sustainability and longevity.

This industry needs to wake the fuck up and many (but not all) vapers need to do the same.

Event coordinators need to be aware of who is on their floor and ban those who embarrass this industry and jeopardize it due to how they represent it and themselves.

Please allow me to repeat this:

What we ARE fighting for your is your RIGHT to NOT watch you mother, your father , your sister, your brother, your grandmother, your grandfather, or your best friend lay in bed dying of cancer.

Let’s wake up.
Let’s grow up.
Let’s represent this industry in the best possible light, .
Let’s realize just how important it is.

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The EU Court of Justice Deems CBD Ban in France Illegal

Two CBD manufacturers had been sentenced by the Marseille criminal court, for using an oil legally made in the Czech Republic, because it extracted from the whole Cannabis sativa plant, when France allows the use of oil extracted solely from the plant’s seeds and fibers

CBD is one of the several many (around 113 according to the World Health Organization) cannabinoids found in hemp, and unlike the renowned psychoactive cannabinoid delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD, produces no psychotropic effects in users. Aside from this, highlighted the CJEU judgment, the substance is “legally produced in another member state of the European Union when it is extracted from the plant of Cannabis sativa in its entirety.”

The CJEU was first called to intervene on the matter in 2018, by the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal. The latter was dealing with the Kanavape case, a CBD e-cigarette which was marketed as “100% legal” by its manufacturer since it respected the maximum authorized rate of 0.2% THC.

The two makers of Kanavape had been sentenced by the Marseille criminal court, for using an oil legally made in the Czech Republic. The problem was that the CBD they used was extracted from the whole Cannabis sativa plant, when France only allows the use of CBD oil that has been extracted from the plant’s seeds and fibers. The court of appeal had considered the fact that the French CBD regulations were not in par with the less restrictive ones imposed by the EU.

The CJEU ruled in favour of “the free movement of goods” within the EU

Subsequently, last week’s CJEU judgment ruled in favour of “the free movement of goods” in the EU which “opposes national regulations” like that found in France, “since the CBD in question (…) cannot be considered a narcotic.”

The ruling added that the ban on this substance could, “be justified by an objective of protecting public health.” However, added the CJEU, “according to the current state of scientific knowledge, which it is necessary to take into account, unlike THC, another cannabinoid in hemp, the CBD in question does not appear to have any effect. psychotropic or harmful effect on human health.”

The ban could only be justified if the presence of health risks were confirmed

Moreover, added the European court, “the national court must assess the scientific data available in order to ensure that the real alleged risk to public health does not appear to be based on purely hypothetical considerations.” Ultimately, concluded the CJEU, the ban could only be justified if the presence of health risks is confirmed. “The ban on the commercialization of CBD (…) can only be adopted if this risk appears to be sufficiently established.”

Following Brexit the UK Will Still Not Allow CBD Foods and Beverages

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Loveland, Colorado Flavored Vape Ban Passes First Vote

After a 6-3 vote from its city council on Tuesday, Loveland, Colorado is on track to ban flavored vaping and other more traditional tobacco products, including e-juices, dip and smoking tobacco. Flavored marijuana vapes will not be subject to the ordinance, if passed.

lady vaping e-cigarette
Credit: Elsa Donald

While councilors Steve Olson, Dave Clark and Don Overcash voted “no,” calling the ban arbitrary and unfair to law-abiding businesses, supporters said restricting flavors was necessary to keep more children from getting addicted to nicotine, according to a story in the Loveland Herald-Reporter.

“I wrestled with this so much because I care about the businesses that will be affected, but I feel like the tobacco industry played a mean game here, and they’re hurting our kids,” councilor Kathi Wright said.

Tuesday night’s vote ended more than a year of debate on how best to curb a local spike in youth vaping, which was reflected in the number of citations issued for underage tobacco possession until the Thompson School District switched to remote learning earlier this year.

Last week, the council heard multiple hours of public comment on the issue. Speakers agreed on the need for more regulation to keep tobacco products out of the hands of children though some disagreed on implementation.

Council members were presented on Tuesday with five versions of an ordinance introducing various restrictions on the sale of tobacco and vaping products. Alternatives would have excluded menthol-flavored products from the flavor ban, introduced other age restrictions while leaving flavors alone or limited the sale of tobacco or vaping products to age-restricted stores.

Overcash said he would not support the flavor ban, and suggested supporters were only voting in favor only because they personally disliked vaping and smoking.

“What other products are we going to decide for whatever reasons are going to be allowed in our community or not?,” he said. “I have a problem when we mandate things because we don’t like something.”

Molloy and Overcash sparred briefly when Molloy started laughing during Overcash’s statements.

“No, councilor Molloy, I’m serious,” Overcash said. “You let me know what product you’d like to take off the market next, and I’ll champion that for you.”

“Medical marijuana,” Molloy replied.

Other parts of the ordinance introducing the ban would:

  • Reaffirm that the legal minimum age to purchase tobacco products is 21.
  • Introduce a licensing structure.
  • Set licensees back from schools and other “youth-populated areas.”
  • Prohibit self-service.

The ban will return for a second vote on Dec. 1. If it is approved, the ordinance will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2021.

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New Zealand bans vaping where smoking is not allowed- Vapouround

Vaping has been banned on public transport, at work and near schools as part of strict new regulations now in force in New Zealand.

Kiwis are being told that if they are in areas where smoking is not allowed then they should not vape there either.

This means that new vape-free areas include buses, trains, taxis and rideshare services, and entertainment venues including casinos, restaurants and enclosed areas of licensed premises.

Jonathan Devery, co-owner of Alt New Zealand said: “Vaping is the most effective smoking cessation tool the world has ever had. Yet its advertising is now banned in New Zealand, which will simply and sadly lead to fewer Kiwis giving up cigarettes.

“The vape industry would’ve happily adhered to heavily regulated advertising and message restrictions like the alcohol industry does.

“Restricted advertising works well in the UK, but unfortunately New Zealand vape businesses have now lost all opportunity to reach out to smokers.”

New Zealand vape advocate Nancy Loucas said she fears the new rules will lead to stigmatisation of the country’s 200,000 vapers by treating them like smokers.

The Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy director said: “People are being asked to think a little more before they vape. The general rule is if you wouldn’t smoke there, you shouldn’t vape there.”

Advertising also banned

The Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act also bans advertising and vape-related sponsorship deals and many local councils have also made their outdoor city centre areas and council parks vape-free.

However workers will still be able to vape in company vehicles and there will be dedicated vaping areas in hospitals and rest homes. Employers will also be encouraged to provide outside vaping areas for staff where possible.

Loucas said: “Vaping is now effectively banned where smoking is, but it’s by no means banned outright. Instead, it’s finally a totally legalised activity for New Zealand adults, albeit now more tightly regulated.

“We encourage non-vaping Kiwis to remember that vaping is stopping their colleagues, friends, and family from smoking.

“We ask that vapers respect the new legal framework, but we also ask that everyone else respect that vapers can still legitimately vape in plenty of places.”

Further restrictions under the new Act will be phased in over the next 15 months.

Key dates include:

November 11, 2020

  • vaping is prohibited in workplaces, schools, early childhood education and care centres
  • advertising and sponsorship relating to vaping products is prohibited
  • the sale of vaping products and toy vaping products to under-18s is prohibited

May 11, 2021

  • schools and early childhood education and care centres must display ‘no smoking or vaping’ notices
  • vaping and smokeless tobacco products must not contain colouring substances

From August 11, 2021

  • general retailers can sell vaping products and smokeless tobacco products only if they are tobacco, mint or menthol flavoured
  • retailers can apply to be specialist vape retailers

From November 28, 2021

  • vaping is prohibited in motor vehicles carrying children.

From February 11, 2022

  • only notified vaping and smokeless tobacco products can be sold
  • manufacturers and importers must renotify their products every 12 months
  • retailers must display prescribed health warning signs and R18 notices.

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Relx exits Shenzhen Ecig Expo 2020 in August

On June 22, it was confirmed from various channels that the domestic electronic cigarette end brand relx Yueke will not participate in the electronic cigarette exhibition held in Shenzhen from August 20 to 22 this year.

The Shenzhen e-cigarette exhibition was originally scheduled to be held in April, but it was postponed to August 20-22 due to the new crown epidemic. Compared with last year, the scale of the exhibition hall decreased by 2, and the current plan shows that there are 3 exhibition halls.

Blue hole in the previous exhibition hall plan, we can see that the mainstream small smoke and big smoke brands are concentrated in hall 1, hall 2 and hall 9, partial HNB, supply chain and some small smoke brands. Among them, the largest one is relx Yueke, with a special exhibition size of 18×30 and an area of 540 square meters, which is called the king of this exhibition.

At this time, it is only 2 months from Shenzhen electronic cigarette exhibition, Yueke suddenly does not participate in the exhibition, which may bring some chain reactions to the entire electronic cigarette industry.

According to the current industry development and the actual situation, the new consumption of Landong boldly speculates on several reasons for Yueke’s move out. The reasons have not been officially confirmed and are only for reference.

First, because the new crown epidemic is still out of control overseas, overseas e-cigarette buyers and industry practitioners will not be able to enter the domestic conference, while Shenzhen e-cigarette exhibition in August is known for connecting domestic and foreign buyers and sellers.

According to media reports, there were 8.8 million confirmed cases and 460000 deaths in the world, including more than 2.2 million confirmed cases in the United States and 120000 pick-up dead cases, an increase of 27000 yesterday. Yesterday’s data showed that 65 countries in the world have diagnosed 10000 cases and 13 countries have diagnosed 1000 cases a day.

From these data, the overseas new crown epidemic situation is still in an uncertain state, and the overseas e-cigarette practitioners are basically unable to enter China.

Second, because of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Beijing, the manufacturers are worried that they will not be able to participate in the exhibition smoothly?

The outbreak of Beijing epidemic began last week in the new wholesale market, and has now dropped to the daily single digit. However, the relevant transmission chain and source are still under investigation. Many provinces and cities in other places require that people from Beijing hold nucleic acid detection and landing isolation policies, which may affect the travel of Shenzhen exhibition.

Third, Yueke may think it is unnecessary to participate in domestic exhibitions. This reason is not impossible.

Last week, Yueke cited Nielsen’s data, showing that Yueke’s market share in 19 new first tier cities reached 69%.

In blue hole’s quarterly brand mind ranking, Yueke Q1 ranked first, accounting for 63%.

From the above two data, Yueke is indeed the head brand. Whether it is necessary to participate in the exhibition can be considered.

Reason 4: Yueke has no new products released this year, so it is unnecessary to participate in the exhibition?

At present, Yueke has launched four products, one classic, two alpha, three smart smart smart points and four infinite. There is no special new release this year, and only all products will be displayed in the exhibition. It seems that it is not necessary to release new products without new releases?

The above reason is only for blue hole speculation, which has not been confirmed by the official. It is only for your reference.

Analysis: what is the impact of Yueke not participating in the exhibition?

1. The 540 square meter booth vacancy, who will be responsible for the vacancy, will be a problem for the organizers. It can’t be empty.

2. It is unknown whether the head top flow will affect the quality of the exhibition if it does not participate in the exhibition. Judging from last year’s exhibitions in Shenzhen and Shanghai, Yueke’s booths are indeed the most visited.

3. Other brands may be happy. For example, the top five brands will get more attention. It’s not a bad thing for Yueke not to participate in the exhibition.

4. Some brands may go back with the trend. If the head does not participate in the exhibition, the industry will panic. Some brands may cancel the exhibition.

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California Flavor Ban Will Go On Hold Until Nov. 2022

The California flavored vape ban scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2021, will probably be suspended for two years until voters decide whether to keep or overturn the law. Opponents of the ban, which also includes menthol cigarettes and flavored smokeless tobacco and small cigars, have collected what they believe are enough signatures to give voters the choice to reject the tobacco and vape ban in a November 2022 referendum.

The California Coalition for Fairness, a group funded by major tobacco companies, says it has collected more than a million signatures from registered voters in the state opposed to the ban. According to the Los Angeles Times, 623,312 valid signatures are required. Typically, groups like the coalition collect more signatures than required, because many are discarded by state auditors.

The ban covers products sold in physical retail stores only (it does not ban online sales). The bill originally banned all tobacco and vaping products in flavors other than tobacco, but lobbyists were successful in obtaining exemptions in the final version for hookah products, pipe tobacco and premium cigars. It was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on Aug. 28.

The Coalition for Fairness was funded in large part by cigarette manufacturers Altria (Marlboro) and BAT/RJ Reynolds (Newport, Camel), which spent more than $21 million in the effort to stop the ban. According to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the 22-month delay of the ban will mean an additional $1.1 billion in sales for the cigarette manufacturers.

But it will also mean a reprieve for small vape businesses in the state. For many vape shops and e-liquid manufacturers, the law could have been a death sentence. Although it allowed online sales to continue, most California vape shops depend on face-to-face sales of flavored e-liquid.

Unlike some other flavor bans, the California law made no exception even for products approved through the FDA’s premarket review process. In other words, submitting a PMTA to the agency and being approved would still not allow a manufacturer to sell products in the country’s largest state.

Although consumer group CASAA issued calls to action for its California members, there was no visible opposition to the flavor ban organized by independent vaping businesses in the state or national industry advocates, and no participation by industry groups in the signature-gathering effort.

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NZ Party Leader Wants to Remove Taxes on Safer Tobacco Alternatives

New Zealand’s First Part has announced that they would lower tobacco excise so that the average pack of cigarettes would cost no more than $20. Party leader Winston Peters said that the aim is to stop punishing smokers with high excise taxes as a strategy  to help them quit.

The AVCA believes that education and the availability of safer alternatives, not higher tobacco taxes, is the way forward in decreasing smoking rates.

The party leader added that they support the ASH’s surge strategy, making alternatives to smoking affordable and widely available. On the other hand, he added, the government’s current Smokefree 2025 approach isn’t working. “We don’t think that young and, particularly, poor people should be screwed any longer on this matter,” he says.

“The reality is this country has been involved in a serious deception for some time, they say they want to be smokefree by 2025 and meanwhile the excise tax is going up. Mainly poor people who can’t afford it, are paying outrageous excise tax for something that they could be persuaded to go from with the right policy, to other products which are far more safe as ASH says and in the meantime not sacrificing grocery bills to persist with a habit that they can be taken from with a sound strategy.”

High taxes have just fuelled a black market expansion

Peters pointed out that this decision has not been influenced by entities with vested interests. “I haven’t seen a cigarette company, no … I’ve never met a vaping company in my life. Don’t challenge my good faith and integrity.”

He also added that this approach would help reduce contraband activities. “High tobacco excise has fuelled a huge black market for tobacco, with sophisticated criminal operations avoiding tax by buying and importing cigarettes from parts of the world where tobacco excise is low. Less sophisticated criminals target dairies and service stations which are too often victims of violent crime. Lowering excise will reduce the value of stolen cigarettes to petty criminals.”

The 2020 Budget Did Not Raise Taxes

Meanwhile, for the first time after four years, New Zealand’s Government did not announce any further tobacco tax increases as part of this year’s budget.

“It’s good news the Minister of Finance didn’t use this Budget to hike tobacco tax, as has been the case for the past four years,” said Nancy Loucas, Director of Aotearoa Vapers Community Advocacy (AVCA). In line with the arguments made by Peters, Loucas believes that while tobacco tax is used as a way of gaining revenue, it has a negative impact on vulnerable groups and does little to motivate the public to quit smoking.

The AVCA believes that education and the availability of safer alternatives is the way forward in decreasing smoking rates, added Loucas. “We support the Government investing in campaigns via its own Health Promotion Agency to encourage smokers to switch to vaping. However, we don’t support the Government effectively taxing our poorest households more. Thank goodness that has stopped.”

Read Further: RNZ

New Zealand’s Cigarettes Sales Rates Dropping Thanks to Vaping 

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Nearly 40% of smokers reduce smoking during the UAE epidemic

Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the Middle East have been rebounded, while new cases of new crown pneumonia in the United Arab Emirates have decreased.

One reason may be that people generally follow the epidemic prevention rules, according to a survey. The survey was conducted by the health promotion department (HPD) of the Supreme Council for family affairs of Sharjah in collaboration with the University of Sharjah. It aims to investigate the impact of epidemic prevention restrictions on people’s eating behavior, lifestyle and health habits.

△ temperature detectors are set at the entrance of the UAE shopping mall (pictures are from local media) △ temperature detectors are set at the entrance of the UAE shopping mall (pictures are from local media)

The survey found that 98% of the respondents believed that isolation measures were an effective way to protect their families and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. During the outbreak, 83% of residents in the UAE consciously wore masks and gloves when they went out, and 39% of smokers reduced smoking. On the other hand, the population structure of the United Arab Emirates is different from that of most countries in the Middle East. Nearly 90% of its residents are foreigners. Some analysts believe that this is the reason why its residents are highly obedient to the regulatory policy.

In addition, the overall population of the United Arab Emirates is relatively young, which is one of the important reasons for the low mortality rate in the United Arab Emirates since the outbreak.

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Glantzing At Scientists Going Too Farsalinos

With both pro and anti electronic cigarette groups applying pressure on the World Health Organisation (WHO) the tweets, Facebook posts and open letters demonstrate how prissy leading scientists can be.

1. Size is important (to some people)

Firstly, begin by ensuring you have the longest possible number of letters and credentials after your name. Stanton Glantz is a past master at this.Stanton Glantz credentialsHe’s not the only one. When trying to ensure that what you are saying has credence everyone rolls out the letters. Check out Sharon, you go girl!Sharon Fonn Credentials

Of course, some would say that there’s an over-compensation thing going on, like middle-aged men driving sports cars.

Compare the above anti-ecig campaigners with the scientists calling for the WHO to base decisions on good science. Notice how all of them have chosen to leave qualifications out of the equation and use the understated approach of just saying what they currently do rather than a potted life history, the middle-aged man driving a functional family hatchback approach.Stimson & Umberto

2. Anti-social media

Flame wars are nothing new to the Internet. I remember having a heated exchange about the Thatcherite policies of the 80s where the third post had invoked Godwin’s Law and I’d been called a paedophile by the fifth: Attack the man, not the idea.Farsalinos Tweet To Glantz

No one trolls the social media as well as a scientist – and the way they do it is to question either the intelligence or, worse, the abuse of the scientific process the other scientist has invoked.

“A science-based response” is a slap across Glantz’ face, implying his is anything but based on science.

Of course, it’s possible to be less subtle: Clive Bates goes for the all-out assault on Glantz’ ideas by calling them “half-baked”.Clive Bates Tweet To Glantz
Now, any one who has watched The Big Bang Theory will appreciate, this is like calling Sheldon Cooper dim-witted. For those who like their string of credentials to be on public display nothing cuts deeper than the allegation that they can’t think properly.Glantz Tweet in response to Clive BatesWatching Scientists bicker in the public domain has to rank as one of my favourite hobbies not listed on my CV!

3. Question what drives their science

intellectual-freedomPeople automatically assume that intelligent people do intelligent things. Wrong. People are humans and do human things; without this there would be no use for the word schadenfreude and Harry Hill would have no videos of fat ladies falling off tables to show us.Glantz - Clive Bates

Scientists are humans, they do a job and get paid…but by who? The ‘who’ is important as it dictates what they are expected to say. So when someone makes a statement or releases e cig research it would be a brave or stupid person to put burning bag of dog poo on his or her own doorstep.

4. Insult their intelligence again

By now, you ought to understand that people at the top of their profession are proud people. They have become adept at covering up their mistakes and blaming it on other people (Glantz blaming his “source” for telling him Clive Bates was in the Philippines).

Dr Farsalinos is an expert in many things but the one thing not on his curriculum vitae is his ability to use 180 characters to blast into other people’s lack of insight.Farsalins Tweet Farsalinos / Glantz Tweet

Just make sure you’re fast though, Glantz has a habit of being quick to delete his more inappropriate tweets – it’s probably because he’s too stupid to think before he acts.

See how easy it is!


The letter to WHO from West and colleagues

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The UK’s largest retailer of steam products said sales of e-cigarettes increased by 1150% during the outbreak

Demand for steam products and e-cigarettes has surged more than 11 times since covid-19 and the ban on menthol cigarettes in the UK, according to one of the UK’s largest retailers of steam products.

Each cloud vape store said sales of steam products, e-cigarettes and oil jumped 1150% in the three months (March to May) during the closure compared with the first three months.

Cloud Vape

In addition, sales of menthol e-cigarettes and cigarette oil rose 69% month on month in May.

“While the ban on menthol cigarettes is an overwhelming positive development, it’s important to recognize that there are thousands of smokers there who have only used menthol cigarettes and that they may now find quitting smoking an unexpected challenge,” said Jon Humphrey, operations manager at every cloud vape store

Cloud vape store is one of the largest e-cigarette retailers in the UK, with 27 branches in southern England and plans to open more than 100 stores in the UK by the end of 2022.

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